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  1. Good point, I just "translated" it to 4 wins so the question poped up. We'll see
  2. At the winter break, I was warned by my board for underachieving. They said to me “make 11 points in the next 5 games”. I am facing 4 friendlies untill the second half of the season. What did they meant, 5 seasonal matches or 4 friendlies and one seasonal?! i know what would be logical, but anyway...
  3. It's known bug, when you create or change hair color - they get bold
  4. Playing lower league team. The board demanded winning the league and after half season I am underachieving (I agree to that) at 4th place. All of my 12(!) defenders from 36 man squad are super unhappy with one reason "squad is starting to lack depth in defense). I have 6 games run without loosing and without conceding a single goal! So I've bought another 2 average skill defenders. They still unhappy! 1. What's wrong, 15 of 38 defenders is NOT enough?! 2. Do they understand, that another defender will take their minutes on the pitch? I really don't know what to do, cause it makes locker room down and everybody hates me in the club for letting down some of influential defenders.
  5. drajen

    edit hair colour

    and when I am already playing? Also, it seems that any changes you make to hair color, in any third part editor, make your player bold. And then you can't change it. I am playing with 6 bold ones, that look pretty the same. Awful
  6. It cannot be changed even with third part editors, like FM**E. It seems to be a bug, that when you change hair color, it makes the player bald. No solution by now...
  7. Can I change hair color or it's length? I have many bold players, but in real life they do have hair...
  8. drajen

    My (manager) face

    I know how to generate. I just love the work I've done in 2018:) So, no chance?
  9. drajen

    My (manager) face

    Where is "my face"'s profile located? i wanted to transfer "my" generated face from FM18 to FM19. Is it a thing?
  10. Ok, my dilemma was simple - who's gonna run my tactics: Assistant Manager with good Man Managing or experienced coach with good tactical knowledge? And I wanted to know if there is any specific attribute (I know that it's not just attributes) I should seek. As I said before, I ended with only two kind of trainings: Overall and Outfield from my "wise" Assistant:)
  11. That what I meant' WHAT attributes? Man management is enough? Along with tendencies? Or may be Tactical coaching? In my game I have the same philosophy with Assistant, but in round 11 he still sticks with Overall and Outfield all day!!I have semi-pro and 2-3 days of training. Just Overall and Outfield....
  12. After I've read The Guide to Training, I still have a question. What attributes should I search for the coach/Assistant manager to fully rely on him to make perfect Training plan?
  13. This discussion rises every year and from while to while there is a solution. I hope this year too
  14. Is it possible to load/import shortlist from previous FMs? I have .FMF files of FM2018 shortlists, but although they in shortlist directory, the game cant see them, can't load them and can't import them.