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  1. I'm still waiting for SI's brilliant marketing plot, rebranding FM as eManager 22 and having the game as free to play.
  2. I also buy the boxed version every year for the same reason. There is a physical version, yes, it's already up for pre-order in some stores.
  3. I never use notes or nicknames, I prefer having more panels with the info I need.
  4. The difference is an official release would be tested for bugs, whereas a user database can't guarantee the same stability.
  5. I agree but I'm pretty sure that was never the justification for not adding other leagues. I know SI turns to some users for things like tactics, they could use the lads that do those great databases for help.
  6. Mora than any other feature SI may announce, I think the game is very much in need of adding new playable leagues. African leagues can't be that costly to license, plus leagues as UAE and Qatar are now an interesting project for many people and would be a great new feature.
  7. I'm glad I played FMT last year, otherwise I would have regretted not trying it out. I really enjoyed but it was clear the devs didn't pay it enough attention because there were several bugs that were never addressed and were fixed in the full version.
  8. Do you receive more than one intake preview before the day of the intake arrives? I played FMT this year so I'm not aware.
  9. I don't think the CL performance is disappointing, because it's incredible how you reached the CL with this squad.
  10. That was unexpected, I thought you were staying until winning Ligue 1. Anyway good luck and the best way to wrap up the save would be a top 3 in the league with your 3 clubs.
  11. I think you're doing an even better job at Auxerre than at Dijon
  12. This is a huge challenge, but Auxerre are known for their ability to develop good young players, so it's a good fit.
  13. amazing i guess you stay for the uefa super cup and the cwc
  14. If you can, keep monitoring the attributes for corners/free kicks/set pieces for your newgens. I'm not entirely sure this is not a bug, because I find it really hard to find newgens with high attributes in the mentioned areas.
  15. Excellent season. You're getting closer to the CL, who knows if the current generation can get the job done or you will need to wait for a new crop. Having a complete XI of youth players from a State of the Art system will be stronger.
  16. Excellent season. After seeing that screen of penalty takers I now understand why you lose so often! Do you have anyone who is good at penalties??
  17. Just caught up with this thread, great progress. I'm sure you'll get some silverware in the near future
  18. Like this? It is absolutely possible to create a good tactic without TI or PI. For the record I never use any PI in my tactics. And TI are only a set of instructions of how you want the team to specifically do something. But if you have a general idea of what you want, often enough setting the appropriate roles to your desired effect is just enough. A simple example: I want to play deep, breaking out in quick transitions. I can set a cautious mentality and then use roles like BBM, W, IW, and AF to have those players attack the space left behind at full speed.
  19. 10 of my 15 players are eliminated and I used both chips during the group stage
  20. I have 3 Dutch, 2 Portuguese and 3 French players at least Benzema was my captain today
  21. I almost had my captain sorted for the matchday, but Turkey eventually scored. I'm not confident at all for the upcoming days, almost every match is unpredictable and the more 'predictable' ones have teams already qualified.
  22. This matchday is a wildcard in itself, who knows who'll start for the already qualified teams. @GunmaN1905 the CL fantasy awards points for balls recovered which I thought this would include too since they're both managed by UEFA, but it's not the case. Still, these are a lot better IMO than the EPL fantasy which can be very hard to get right due to all the matches played out of calendar.
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