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  1. ceefax the cat

    Won every league game. 38-0-0

    I just thought the game was more nuanced than telling your team to play the most intense possible style of football and watching them win every game. Winning all 38 ought to require a hell of a lot of tactical skill even if you have the best team in the universe
  2. ceefax the cat

    Won every league game. 38-0-0

    bit disheartening that those results were achieved with such maxed-out tactical settings
  3. ceefax the cat

    ME1922 central striker movement

    Some would say it's absurd to buy a game in October expecting that it won't be polished until February.
  4. ceefax the cat

    Striker issues

    AM / FC combinations don't particularly work at the moment. Even if your striker is a F9, he'll spend most of his time glued to a centre back, won't make many (if any) good runs and the AM will almost never pick him out unless you're playing on the break.
  5. ceefax the cat

    My guide to hoofball

    Turns out goals are pretty evenly split between the strikers. They're both good in the air and the fullbacks put quite a lot of crosses in, plus they assist each other. It's quite hard to get the DLP to be the one pumping it long - he just ends up passing it forwards normally even if I tell him to go direct. It's the fullbacks who do all my hoofing.
  6. ceefax the cat

    Getting the forward line to defend deep

    I guess this comes back to 'mentality' not being a very satisfying label. Eg, see the thread linked above. In order to get nice quick counterattacks going, westy8chimp uses 'positive' for his team. He has to do that because otherwise his team won't use the ball as well, but a knock-on effect is that his forwards don't involve themselves as much in defending. I guess in future versions of the game we might see 'mentality' go the way of 'shape' and end up more of a token of other instructions than in instruction in itself. Just as 'shape' accounting for both compactness and discipline was weirdly restrictive, so 'mentality' accounting for both use of the ball and defensive positioning seems to be.
  7. I haven't fully sussed out the AI's comebacks either. At the moment it feels like a choice between trying to keep increasing my lead but being pegged back, or going defensive and being pegged back.
  8. ceefax the cat

    Getting the forward line to defend deep

    Not a very accurate one as it turns out!
  9. ceefax the cat

    A quick reflection on Shape and Space

    Hmm well it seems you've broken / completed FM! Well done
  10. ceefax the cat

    Getting the forward line to defend deep

    ....and I've explained how it would work if it were to relate properly to real life / the visual representation in the TC. My point being they've cocked it up.
  11. ceefax the cat

    Getting the forward line to defend deep

    I've told them to defend in the AM and ST positions relative to the rest of the team. The LoE is supposed to tell them where the team starts closing down. If I play with a very deep defensive line and a very deep LoE then I would expect my forwards to retreat behind the ball and be ready to close attacks down when they cross the halfway line, as per the visual representation in the TC and as per lots of defensive RL sides. If a low LoE instead simply stops advanced players from bothering to do any defending then it has failed - we could do that before. The whole purpose of it is to more accurately represent modern vertically compact tactics, where the entire team starts defending from a certain point in a block. Happily, it seems we can more or less achieved the desired effect using support duties, but that doesn't quite cut it if we want to play, for example, the much-desired Atletico 4-4-2, in which a striker can both be happy to drop back onto the opponent's defensive midfielders and desperate to run in behind / take on defenders when the ball is won. It should be possible to bring advanced forwards etc back behind the ball too.
  12. ceefax the cat

    My guide to hoofball

    I like a bit of hoofball. I've been farting around with an old fashioned 5-3-2 recently but I find the wingbacks don't quite offer the number of crosses I'd like, so will come back to that. In the meantime I've moved over to a Leipzigish 4-4-2, all about lumping it long to the big man at every opportunity and getting the other 3 members of the forward line gathered around.
  13. ceefax the cat

    A quick reflection on Shape and Space

    Wait, what You are playing a flat back 1
  14. ceefax the cat

    Getting the forward line to defend deep

    Hmmm got it looking OK. I suppose this could end up becoming the Leipzig 4-4-2 thread unless there is one already
  15. ceefax the cat

    Getting the forward line to defend deep

    Starting to think attack duties might be the cause - i.e; if they have an attack duty they frequently don't bother to track back. Slightly problematic for some roles but maybe workable