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  1. That's exactly what I think to myself, slightly apprehensively, as I wade through every tedious series of identical questions. "There will be an effect somewhere". It's just in no way clear what that'll be. To restate, there is an option in the 'responsibilities' menu to hand press conferences over to your assistant manager. At no point is it even hinted at that you'll get fired if you do so! I might expect my squad motivation or reputation not to be all it could be, same as if I'd abdicated responsibility for team talks. But not to be suddenly, summarily fired. What is the point of that? Of course there are people willing to defend the game on here no matter - I've spent enough time watching bong-eyed fanboys try to explain blatant bugs away as user tactical errors to know to expect that. Balls to that though. It's an atrocious, badly explained, badly implemented non-feature and it's a travesty that player, media and board interaction basically hasn't evolved beyond this state in years and years @ £35 a year. Same bizarre, illogical scripts, word for word every year. Seems slightly contemptuous to be honest.
  2. I hate doing press conferences. They are a dull, random, opaque, poorly coded waste of time so at the point I took my second job in the career, having sent my assistant to all of my press conferences so far, I was told in the interview that my media handling could use work. I said something along the lines of "well I'm sure I can learn how to do it better on the job". Not a promise as such, just a fob-off of the question (anything to get through the dull, random, opaque poorly coded waste of time conversation and crack on with the job) and I don't recall any sign that the game had interpreted it as one. Anyway, that is why, a few months later, with no warning at all and despite some decent form, the board decided I had to go. It's not a bug because within the game's borked internal logic, in keeping with every other aspect of player, board and media interaction, it just about makes sense. It's just a pointless, unhelpful, unenjoyable aspect of the game. For future reference guys, the option (there's even a f***** option there ffs) to make your assistant manager responsible for all press conferences might just end up trashing your save out of the blue. Undeniably dreadful gameplay. Don't even try and defend it. "Yeah well, you obviously missed something because in real life, if you sent your assistant manager to all your press conferences having made an offhand remark about media handling in your interview, the board would suddenly fire you at great expense 8 months in without even a murmur of discontent beforehand from anybody."
  3. Turns out that if you persistently send your assistant along what you've actually done is select the 'probably get sacked despite doing pretty well' feature. Is that really necessary? Does that improve the game in any way at all?
  4. Sorry, I've abandoned the game until the ME is updated and can't be bothered to invest any more time in it for now. It might have been 'patronising' not 'condescending', I can't remember anymore. Either way, illogical player interactions are so common in the game that you shouldn't need a specific example. Every conversation-based module in the game is extremely limited and often produces conversations with little relation to their context. It just seems like vague guesswork and random chance and gives no feeling of actually making informed decisions to guide the team, turning it into a pointless chore you have to get out of the way to get to the next match.
  5. A lot of users seem to think the update was itself an astonishing backwards step
  6. I don't understand why they didn't roll the ME back to the (very popular) beta within hours of updating it, as the complaints came in and it became clear there were some awful bugs. Did I miss something and there were actually enormous bugs in the beta ME?
  7. Hmm now then, I have literally said at least twice that I don't necessarily think it's a bug haven't I Strikers not moving properly is a bug, as with a car whose cup holder doesn't pop out. Player interaction is just inadequately done, like a car whose cup holder is a saucer sellotaped to the gear stick. It's not malfunctioning per se but it is fundamentally not very good or fun to use and it would probably be just as well if it weren't there at all.
  8. The logic is beside the point and it doesn't have to be a bug to be bad. I dare say you're correct about the reason my players got offended, and that the module is functioning as it was designed to. I'm saying that the lack of options, the vagueness / innocuousness of the interaction and the fact there are very limited clues as to what your player's opinion of you really is make it a rubbish, unrewarding feature that amounts to a combination of vague guesswork and random chance. [BUY VALDIVIA GROCERIES?] *ok, what's the harm* [SELECT ITEM] - Cookies *cookies it is then...* VALDIVIA: I can't believe you dared to buy me cookies. You haven't heard the last of this
  9. I can't decide as manager what to say because there's one option and it annoys them. You're clearly pretty determined to bat for FM on this one so I'll leave it there. Everyone knows player interaction is pish though - identical pish every year too! Toodle-oo for now.
  10. So your advice to the FM player is simply not to interact with your squad if you have a low reputation? I bet that's what real managers do! Awesome gameplay
  11. My reputation is low so the idea of me supporting them while injured angers them? You honestly can't see that that makes very little sense? You think that a 'talk to player about injury' button with 1 or 2 options - both supportive - and one possible (negative) outcome makes for satisfying gameplay?
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