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  1. I think the problem is someone has got the idea that the UI should try to emulate some of the physical reality around the manager (the team talks and press conference layouts are the perfect example; the 'tablet' another). But it will never do that; we're not in a world of photorealistic animations or VR here - it's text on a screen. If you are noticing the UI beyond observations of 'it looks nice' or 'it looks ugly' it's not doing it's job. In the game like FM the UI should be as easy to navigate and transparent to the experience as possible. Outside the matchday the FM experience is
  2. The schedule not defaulting to the current fixture is getting more irritating the further through the season I go. Especially as for many, many versions of the game it worked fine.
  3. Unfortunately IP law always has numerous vaguely worded exemptions that open the door to litigious organisations massively overreaching the spirit of the law - licensing in one such area. A company like SI (or even Sega) cannot fight this alone. The fight for artistic representation of the real world in video games is something that the video games industry as a whole needs to take up. Given the ever increasing importance of video games (bigger than film, now) concerted lobbying could yield more clarity and more proportionate laws.
  4. The main things that seem to be having an effect are the changes to ME to better cope with 3 striker formations. If you are using three strikers, you will see a difference. I suspect this may also get triggered by narrow IF-ST-IF type formations. I know I saw better play by widening my attack (I mostly play a 4-3-3 DM Wide variant). The other big thing is dynamics and morale which played less of a role in beta. Again in my game, I started playing some players who still had good morale and performances started to pick up to the point where some of those with low morale improved and I cou
  5. Knowing it is morale related should mean that once you get your team properly cohesive and playing well, morale will rise and the good football of the beta should be possible to recapture - I guess we'll see. My only comment for now in relation to the change is maybe it's a bit overcooked and should have been applied with a little more subtlety.
  6. Not currently because despite the backward step from FM21 beta to FM21 release in terms of the ME, I still have high hopes that it will be the best ME we've ever had. But last year when FM20 turned into such an awful ME experience I went back to FM17 which is the best of the more recent games until FM21 beta.
  7. In the beta it was a bit weird - I added World Cup and Euros and was getting results from whichever one was active through the group stages and then they just stopped. In full release I've enabled champions league and not seen any match results. There's something very inconsistent about added competitions in screen flow - sometime it takes and sometimes it doesn't. I've never been able to see a pattern.
  8. From my observations, there's a lot more wide players running down to the byline and kicking the ball against a defender and out for a corner rather than recycling possession - part of the re-emergence of a few FM20isms post beta.
  9. On the tactics page - can we please get a fix so that it stops collapsing the pitch formation view. Either remember the last setting or give us a pin button.
  10. Logos and facepacks work. Not sure about the Brexit fix - it may work.
  11. No problem - it is what it is. It's just a bit disappointing after playing the beta.
  12. I'm not one of those asking for a full change list - I just want to understand why the glorious football of the beta has vanished and more importantly if it is something we can get back through managing our way around whatever it is that is different between beta and release. What factors have changed the on-pitch performance - in general terms - that's all. FM21 beta was giving us the greatest football in FM for years - possibly ever, and now, on release, it's all a bit FM20 + central play and a bit of a let down after the beta.
  13. I think anyone answering questions about changes in the ME needs to take it that 'changes in the ME' should not be taken literally - most of the time it means the on pitch behaviour of the team has changed, Obviously that can come from factors within the ME or data about the team that is fed into the ME on matchday. We need some real transparency about what has changed between the beta and the full release - because what we have now is not producing the kind of football seen in the beta and all we are hearing is ME hasn't changed. Fine we understand that other factors affect what we see
  14. This would need a proper editor experiment to see what might be going on. Taking these comments at face value it would suggest that team reputation is overpowering all other factors - including the actual strength of the team on the pitch. The same effect should also be present for any other high reputation club if that were the case. But, as I say, without a proper test via a controlled editor set up of Man Utd (or Liverpool or Man City etc.) it's difficult to make a judgement. It is also likely that such tests were done in the past - reputation has always been an point of de
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