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  1. As has been pointed out loads of times before - that is not a relevant supposed trade-off. The ME is independent of the match visualisation. Whether the visualisation is dots on a green background or full FIFA style 3d graphics, or even just a text description, has no bearing whatsoever on the gameplay generated by the ME. ME problems are ME problems only. ME determines what happens on the pitch, the visualisation code just shows us what happened. 2D (or top-down 3D camera) is great for showing positions across the whole pitch and analysing the positional play of your team, but the 3D needs to look as good as it possibly can - even if all you want to look at is the goal highlights. Personally, once my tactics are sorted, I want games to look as close to TV presentation as possible in line with current PC technology - I'm going to be spending a lot time looking at those graphics.
  2. The ME and the graphical representation of matches are two separate things. If the problem is with the positional play, pass selection, AI tactics, lack of finishing etc - that is all the ME and 2D or 3D make zero difference. The graphics engine takes the match events and provides you with a visual representation. The graphics could be just dots on a green background or full 3D FIFA/PES style - neither has any bearing on the ME itself.
  3. Check the dates on the FM19 videos - if they're not recent it's probably that you watched a couple of FM19 videos and so YouTube's algorithm has decided you want more. If they aren't recent videos it says nothing about FM20.
  4. Interesting. I'm currently playing in the Swiss League and most games seem to be a goal either way. Though the games just after the winter break were higher scoring. Looked at EPL and. yes, there were quite a few games with >4 goals including Palace beating Southampton 5-0 - looked at the goals and predictably 4 of them were headers. The Zaha goal was a quite nice open-play cut inside and shoot goal, though. The other high scoring game in the most recent set of games was Villa 2 Watford 4 - 2 DFKs, 2 full pitch dribble wonder goals, 1 GK palm out mistake, 1 winger to winger cross and volley. Looking back through the season and margins in the EPL definitely seem to be bigger - teams can score goals, how they do it may be another matter.
  5. The Scotland thing is ludicrous (Celtic in my save) and needs testing by someone with the editor by swapping out to low attribute players. Is it the teams' reputation driving those overpowered results for Scottish teams, or is it the players that have overpowered attributes due to being over-rated by the researcher and uncorrected by SI in relation to other players in the database? If it's reputation driving results in the ME. what are we actually doing by changing players and tactics? Reputation shouldn't affect results; only things like recruitment and sponsorship- it's a measure of past performance; not the team's current ability on the pitch (see Man Utd for details).
  6. I've seen things like this before, to the extent that I think there should be a mechanism to delay an update taking effect until the closed season. I'm not sure what it could be, but something does often get affected when a non-ME update is applied. It's almost as if something related to a team's momentum gets reset - some cached data for the save perhaps. It's really difficult to nail down, but it happens.
  7. Pretty dreadful set of games (especially for Fantasy Football players) - lots of competition for last game on MOTD. Not typical though.
  8. This pretty much mirrors my feelings about scorelines. The outcome of any game should be entirely an emergent phenomenon, but it often feels that there are artificial constraints in place to stop outcomes getting too far from RL averages rather than being true to what has happened on the pitch. The trouble is SI are trying to satisfy two conflicting audiences - those who focus on how the individual game plays, who want what they are seeing as good chances to be scored at a rate commensurate with the quality of those chances, and those who look at the overall stats and complain whenever it starts getting a few %age points away from points or goal tallies of the RL league they are comparing with. Personally, I think the stats obsessives are going to end up killing the game. The moment you press continue for the very first time in a game you enter an alternative football universe. You literally cannot play a season in FM that matches the teams in the real world because even if you set no transfers in the first window it still allows loans, and most AI teams will take advantage. That's before probability has its way with match results, injuries and manager sackings. The expectation should be for 'pretty close to IRL' in the first season, and increasing drift thereafter. Ultimately it comes down to how realistically did each individual game play out and that is where we have a problem at the moment, because there is a disconnect between quality of chances and chances taken. Where that is coming from is where the forum goes round in circles of speculation. But statistical averages and comparisons with the real world will only allow you a 'ballpark' guide to whether you're getting things right. Averages and league level stats can hide a lot of anomalous behaviour in the ME for the individual games that make up those higher level stats.
  9. Seems the same as last couple of versions - quite a lot of minor 1-3 day injuries that can be frequent for certain players, a few mid-term injuries 1week-1 month and the occasional long term (usually cruciate) that keeps a player out for the bulk of the season. Injury rates feel pretty realistic.
  10. Because whilst we've built a world where money is a necessary evil - it's still an evil. Money corrupts everything it touches - especially when that something is art. As an obvious example (and clearly a rhetorical question) - how much of SI's financial resources get poured into the black hole of licensing fees?
  11. The well known ME issues are making things a bit weird this year, but with a better balanced ME the games' 'difficulty levels' are all in the choice of team. Want an easy ride? Pick a dominant side in a league, mid-table mediocrities with a forgiving board, or a newly-promoted side with 'just survive' as its aim. Want things difficult? Find a really competitive league; pick a team with high expectations and a demanding board or pick a relegation candidate. If that's not enough there's plenty of lower league struggles to be had that make any win feel like you've won the Champions League final. I think it's Italy's Serie C that has an especially cruel playoff system - give that one a go! It can be a little off-putting if all you want to do is play your favourite team and they are in the 'easy to manage' category, but step away from that mentality and try other leagues and there's lots of challenges to be had. And, of course, there's nothing to stop you having more than one manager in the save so you can continue to keep Liverpool dominant whilst a second manager has a journeyman career around the less well known leagues of the world. Edited to add: Even with a Liverpool, Man City or Barcelona, you can run into trouble over the longer term - winning a league is easy - building total domination over a decade or so when the board starts expecting you win everything can result in a challenge even with the easier top clubs.
  12. The thing that is really disappointing about those screenshots is that it suggests that all teams are taking virtually the same approach. So, as with player attributes, does that mean manager attributes are being smothered by a bias in the ME towards roles? We all know in IRL there are plenty of managers who have an ethos of always trying to play an attacking game - even when it's not in their interest (hello Eddie Howe!) - it's Ok for the game's code to decide that this kind of approach is going to be effective against your formation, but manager's preferred tactics, the type of player available or fan pressure at home matches should be causing at least some teams to take a more positive approach even when they are not the favourites.
  13. I'm not sure it's about new attacking options, but it is noticeable that in FM17 in the attacking third the ME is very willing to play little triangles in and around the box even with a close defensive presence - those super-creative forwards get a chance to work their magic. In FM20 in the same situations the ball goes to someone in much more space - usually out wide, but sometimes one of the deeper lying central midfielders - that normally means you get a long shot, cross or the ball going out for a corner which leads to it feeling like everything is a set piece or long shot. It's been mentioned a lot, but I think the work done on pressing has affected how space is perceived and exploited in a way that doesn't help creative forwards at all. Remember the early version of this ME where the ball would get constantly pinged from wing to wing (may have been in the beta) - that looked to me like the algorithm seeking the player in most space (presumably with other conditions). It rightly got toned down so that build-up play in FM20 is now pretty convincing, but I think the calculation for the final third needs to be a lot more risk tolerant - especially at higher levels of the game. Players in top leagues are able to operate with very little space and I don't think the ME currently reflects that.
  14. You are right to an extent, but the point about the FM17 comparison was about balance - that even though the defence doesn't simulate things as well as FM20 with its pressing and LOE/LOD options, it is far better balanced between attack and defence - teams come out and give you a game which makes for a much better gaming experience. You can't seriously improve the defensive side of a football game without also balancing that with attacking changes in the same ME version, otherwise you get what we have this year - a one dimensional unbalanced mess, where virtually every game is played like a Mourinho-about-to-be-sacked bus-parking horror show unless the teams are of matching reputation and form.
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