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  1. Not knowing how the engine is built that's difficult to say, but it seems that changes are being made to the way roles operate when there could be a more fundamental issue with how players interpret space and select options. If that's baked into the core of the ME and is not alterable without a rewrite then maybe that is what needs to be considered. Trying to balance within the current framework has been attempted for a long time now - it's often different in some aspects, but rarely better overall.
  2. Perhaps because we can see that every 'fix' to the ME just shifts the problem elsewhere. That isn't just a balancing issue - that suggests underlying flaws at a more fundamental level.
  3. This is what's so annoying about FM - while it pushes forward in some areas it seem to needlessly go backwards in totally unrelated areas. And SI seem to have Theresa May levels of stubbornness when it comes to adopting simple solutions like letting the player override the game's choice, which has been floating around as a suggestion for dealing with wrong kit/clashing kit problems for years.
  4. The vast majority of motor racing simulators - but then, those are true simulations based on physics engines. The big problem with FM has always been that it is simulating outcomes; it doesn't start from a model of a player's physical behaviour so it has huge constraints around handling people trying odd formations. This is why I have previously suggested that SI could do with thinking more in terms of 'Inverting the Pyramid' than an engine that just aims to follow what current football trends are.
  5. One that every wide player seems to have: Likes to win corner Coupled with every defender having: Likes to concede corner - Lets ball run for throw-in - Likes to ignore cutback - Dribbles slowly towards own goal to invite foul - Parries ball to opposition (GK ppm)
  6. The ME is a separate issue, that comment wasn't really about tactics, although you are right about the value of player attributes. If you look at the issue I made that comment in response to - it was about managers who have had success that can only move backwards or can't get another job at all, managers who have had rapid success who are treated like nobodies (hype just isn't a thing) ,players who refuse to move to get playing time or fail to recognise a club that's on the rise, it also leaves top flight players and managers homeless - Jose Mourinho leaves Man Utd and unable to get another job ever, young players who retire rather than playing for lesser clubs,. Some of these things have been reported over and over in the bugs threads and the common denominator is the reputation system. It's fine applied to long term upward reputation gains, but ignore managers on a hot streak (short term reputation/hype) which allows some managers IRL to get big jobs. It doesn't cope at all well with players and manager who need to drop a level to continue their career - reputation stops them taking a job even if the wage level can be met (often it can't be, so they get doubly blocked). It also doesn't fairly represent the value those steady managers who can keep mediocre sides slightly over-achieving season after season without winning everything. This leads to managers who mybe challenge the board for more resources, can't get it and leave, but then can only get job offers from two leagues below the level they were previously managing. And on it goes ... I'm sure you've seen all the issues I'm referring to.
  7. All to do with the fact that the reputation system is thoroughly broken - it's the black hole at the heart of FM sucking all the enjoyment away. .
  8. Maybe - depends on how many decision points there are during the sequence. Animations should only affect the depicted actions of players, not positional and directional information of the players and ball on the pitch.
  9. That's an interesting one - the initial bad kick-out and subsequent miscontrol is just an ordinary 'keeper screws up' moment. But after that it looks like wrong priorities in the GK's decision-making - he's chosen to get back into position rather than get control of the ball. This kind of thing happens a lot to outfield players at corners when play turns over.
  10. Another problem to lay at the door of reputation - nice idea, but so many unfortunate unintended effects.
  11. Haven't seen enough of VAR to agree or disagree, but I have had a goal that was given by goal line technology - although it's a rare enough occurrence that I was shocked to see the goal stood rather than be disallowed.
  12. Not necessarily up the system reqs, just scale the detail level to the processing power available. I can understand restricting the 'AI' processing for lower specs so that everyone is getting the same level of competition from the computer managers, but for graphics there is literally no excuse. It should scale all the way from the minimum level the game can run at all the way to proper gaming rigs.
  13. If true, that sounds unfortunate for your team, but good news for the game as a whole. It's been a long time complaint that since roles were introduced they often negated the difference in player attribute levels - tactics trumped everything. If SI have rebalanced a bit in favour of player quality that would be very good news - as long as it is player quality as measured by attributes and not reputation. (FMT player, so still waiting for the latest update)
  14. Look, I didn't spend 20 years managing Kaizer Chiefs just to have my winter update come late - joking obviously, but it's a bit irritating when the update hits PC for the full version and us PC FMT players are stuck waiting on the tablet version. Still, on the plus side, if the new ME starts getting loads of negative comments FMT players will have had the chance to read the comments and stop the update depending on their preference for a more playable ME or the winter db update.
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