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  1. Probably related to the invisible kits bug - some of my players have acquired black kits ...
  2. Using the winter update database, so started with Tuchel at Chelsea. I'm in the 2024/25 season and Chelsea have been burning through managers: Tuchel, Roger Schmidt, Espirito Santo. Matias Almeyda and now Luis Castro. Spurs also burning their way through managers: After Mourinho, Ancelotti, Chris Hughton and currently Gareth Southgate. Frank Lampard got a job at relegated Burnley job in Nov 2021 where he got them promoted back to the EPL and is still there. Other clubs have been pretty stable - Klopp, Arteta and Solskjaer all still at current clubs. At Man City Pep left for the Spain job and Zidane is now in charge, As seems to be a consistent feature of this year's FM Ancelotti was sacked in the first season, went to Spurs for half a season and was sacked again and is now at AC Milan
  3. Looks like something is a bit out of balance, probably too many overrated players in the EPL allowing Scotland and Wales to get that far. Semi final line-up for 2024 Euros:
  4. Yes. Because a set piece or goal kick is the logical place to start a highlight. (That's not to say that the game isn't generating too many corners and throw ins, but from the perspective of presenting a highlights package, starting each highlight at a set piece works better from a continuity perspective).
  5. Yes, but the point is that often the simple pass is not the short pass; it is the (safety first) hoof.
  6. You've reversed what is safe and risky - there's a reason playing out from the back is something adopted by better teams. Short passes around the box are deemed risky for defenders - especially if the other team is pressing. Losing the ball on the edge of the area is a very high risk. So for defenders kicking it long is deemed less risky because even if possession turns over there is less risk of an immediate threat on goal. I think the game is a little over-sensitive to the opposition playing a high press, especially when top flight BPDs are involved, but as far as FM goes defender+short pass around the box = high risk. Defender with short pass instruction + opposition high press or prevent short GK = hoof it long.
  7. Often you are left with no choice but to let them go. One of the best options can be to negotiate to let them go at the end of the season - sometimes the approaching club will want someone immediately and withdraw; if not, you'll have a pot of money at the start of the inter-season transfer window and pretty much any player is replaceable.
  8. Even if the board does decide to build a new stadium, the decision-making routine is badly flawed as it takes a pessimistic view of the future of the club and often makes the new ground capacity too small. By the time it is built, you've already outgrown it. This is particularly problematic if you are being promoted through divisions with increasing minimum stadium capacities.
  9. Obviously the game needs to be recalibrated in how it handles older players - just suggesting a possible workaround until they do.
  10. Does the in-game editor's 'Freeze Attributes' work? Then unfreeze at, say, 35.
  11. The only facepack that makes sense if you are using fake players is Zealand's GAN images. In theory that should be possible, but I haven't tried it yet.
  12. The player is more than happy to do a leg-breaking tackle, but would apologise to the opponent as they are stretchered off
  13. Is dirtiness just about fouls or does it cover other 'dark arts' like diving to get a penalty?
  14. Nothing wrong with 'Instant result' - no different to playing the match on any other highlight level, but not making any changes throughout the game. Comes in useful for skipping through the friendlies at the start of the season or 'dead rubber' games in Europe or two-legged games where you've already done enough to win. As someone who has a save going in both versions - other than dealing with tons of talky interludes in full fat - there's really not much difference if you are concentrating on the first team. FM comes into its own when you want to get involved in the other squads to develop players rather than rely on transfers for squad-building. The biggest disadvantage for FMT is lack of editor - a wonderfully ironic thing as the faster play of FMT makes it much more suitable for running longer-term saves in experimental league structures than the full game.
  15. That's a practice feedback loop to my mind - game experience at a higher level improves CA more than game experience at the same or lower level. The calculation may use performance ratings as part of generating the level of CA increase, but that's just the mathematical equivalent of "The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent". In any case it still doesn't relate to changes in PA only CA increasing towards PA.
  16. I think there has been a strong element of that ever since roles came along. However, I think it has improved. This year, more than any recently, I am seeing players' attributes making a noticeable difference to how a tactic plays. To give an example from my current save - I have a good left winger who is my top player for assists, but he rarely scores anything. Due to injuries I've had to move an attacking midfielder who can also play out wide into that role and he is less likely to release the ball and has chipped in with some goals. The role is the same, but it is played differently depending on the player. I'm sure there is still scope for roles to be less of a straightjacket, but attributes definitely seem to be differentiating players enough to give them a personality. Maybe it's a bit different when you have the real player in mind. In my case I am dealing with newgens, so I have no preconceptions about how they should be playing.
  17. I don't understand that view from the dynamic PA advocates at all. Playing better is a function of the player's CA increasing into the space between CA and PA. That playing time, along with training will shape the direction of the improvement in terms of attribute changes. If I have passing of 10 and game time and training improves it to 12, it doesn't expand my potential it means that I have fulfilled some of my potential. Better performances are the output of improving CA not an input to PA. Practice is the input to improving CA.
  18. It definitely is - look at how often teams that are on a winning streak IRL trip up against relegation fodder - think Liverpool against West Brom this season or Fulham's recent string of draws upsetting better teams. Read through HUNT3R's response. It's very much about space - both in the final third and behind you team when you are attacking. Normally what happens in those games is the poor team just sits behind the ball; you throw more and more at it to break them down - sometimes you'll get a breakthrough and a narrow win, more often they'll stifle you and catch some luck on the break. Often in those games you need, counter-intuitively, to play much more conservatively and draw them out. But that's better discussed in the tactics forum and if this is a common pattern in your games it may be worthwhile asking about it in there.
  19. Doing really well against top sides and then failing against struggling sides is usually a sign of relatively low reputation in the league and use of a counter-attacking tactic. Other than differences around morale and match cohesion FM and FMT play the same.
  20. A bit of a politician's statement, that. No, the ME cannot distinguish which is the human and which is the AI controlled team, but the parameters passed to the ME to define the match parameters can. This was proved by the beta to full release change to rebalance the morale levels fed to the ME. Now, I'm not going to side with OP and say that's what is causing their issues - in that case I favour cock-up rather than conspiracy. The big game pressure effect is probably overcooked making draws much too likely - certainly seems to be the case that games that can go to penalties do so rather too often. I do think there are some areas where probabilities have been biased to create narrative - particularly cup draws (see the preponderance of draws selecting your next league opponent for details)
  21. Don't get me started on what I think they're doing in what should be random cup draws ...
  22. When the new database is released and I start a new save that's what I'll do. I think (and I may be wrong) that if I use fake names and then use Zealand's NewGAN I can have photo faces for everyone by replacing all the doll heads with GAN photos. the difficulty in the default setup is being able to target the silhouettes for the GAN faces. It would certainly be nice to start the save, replace all non-photos with GANs and then generate GANs for each new youth intake as they arrive. Would be even better if SI admitted defeat on the doll-heads and went down the GAN route themselves (yes, I've changed my mind on that).
  23. The way FM works players must have a PA set. In the real world people do not have infinite capacity for improvement - that is what PA represents - given the best training in the world, the player can get this good and no more. That is realistic. You need to distinguish between Dolan IRL and Dolan in game. Next year he might, IRL, show reason to have his PA increased in game, but for now in the game he's the player the researcher has assessed him as being. PA may be just an educated guess, but there is no good way to avoid PA limits and still get a good spread of player abilities. Maybe you should play with fake names so you don't carry opinions of real players into the game.
  24. Can't say I've had problems with loan position conditions. The one that bugs me is when you are in the transfer window and you bring in a midfielder, say, and then you bring in a second midfielder, so a complete revamp and the second transfer says 'strengthen the midfield' - it either needs to stop players asking for the squad to be strengthened in the position they are being brought in to strengthen or needs to recognise the other transfers that you have already made.
  25. Even with the fact that over multiple versions SI have failed to generate convincing newgen faces with their 3D generator, I've always supported that approach because if it is done right, like in Crusader Kings 3, it can give you players that can age right through to a coaching or managerial career. However, having now used Zealand's NewGAN generated photos, I've changed my mind - this is the approach SI should follow. One of the worst things about newgens (ignoring attribute generation issues) is that the jarring contrast in visuals between them and players that have photos makes it painfully obvious when newgens are taking over the game. With the Zealand facepack the visual distinction vanishes - they aren't newgens any more - just players you don't know. It makes such a huge difference.
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