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  1. The game is free right now on Epic game store if you want to play it.
  2. Ajax went unbeaten and almost broke the record in my save. This is in 20/21
  3. I saved these two tactics a couple years ago but I don't even know if they're any good because I'm not sure I ended up using them at all https://www.mediafire.com/file/ec20v59zjlwvabl/FuSStidious_V3_FINAL.tac/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/0su3v9t7c9k3u1m/fm-grid-system-tactics_1.zip/file
  4. As stated by the title, crashes appear to happen at random times. Computer freezes for a couple of seconds and then reboots automatically. No error or bluescreen. Other games are running without any problems. I've let the game idling on main menu for quite some time and nothing happened, but when I actually load a save and start playing it eventually crashes. Things I've done: -Delete cache and preferences folders -Remove all graphics and other files that do not come with the game itself No crash dumps files are originated and it happens in different saves. These are my specs I'll also attach dxdiag EDIT: It's been working fine for the past hour or two. Hopefully it stays this way. What I did: uninstalled nvidia GPU drivers using DDU and installed a slightly older version (442.5) DxDiag.txt
  5. Does your striker have any PPM/traits? Places shots or likes to round the keeper?
  6. Exactly... There's no feedback at all. He's in the feedback thread complaining about other people's feedback on the game And somehow he feels he's in the right here.
  7. No, it was edited out. Check the screenshots in this website https://store.footballmanager.com/eu/en/arsenal-edition You can see it's still there plus another icon, which I guess was supposed to be hidden.
  8. orlyzao

    Nuu Skin

  9. Valverde just got sacked in my save right after winning the Champions League and getting 3rd place with 92 points (same as 2nd place) in the league.
  10. This is not true though. If an update breaks the game it's always possible to rollback/downgrade the game version. Even right now I can just downgrade my own game and play an older version. See: That's what lan tournaments will do if something messes up the game.
  11. This skin is so simple, nice and smooth. And steel logos really fit nicely imo
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