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  1. No, it's not possible and we know it's not possible to have every prior database be importable into the current game because of licensing. I don't even know what you were trying to reach here. Having one single older build available for testing and/or just for safety in case a newer build introduces any kind of gamebreaking bug should be possible though.
  2. It is entirely possible. Some other games I play allow this, such as CSGO (for competitive reasons) and Workers and Resources (for the reason you're pointing out). Basically they just leave the option for Steam users to choose between different game versions. In W&R case they even added this description to the older build:
  3. I think his point is more about the fact that they managed to get only 1 shot in a whole match? IRL they're 8th in La Liga but when it comes to shots per game they're actually first.
  4. I hadn't read the OP and just installed the skin and I was like this when I saw the dynamic background. So cool.
  5. Guys if anyone misses looking at match stats and analysis during a match, user @Mikal found a way to get there: 2020-12-04 13-00-07.mp4
  6. I think it works regardless of which skin you're using. Good to know it was all there in the end, just hiding behind a lot of clicks.
  7. You can tell by that fact that he's obsessed over people calling FM a spreadsheet simulator, even if it's nothing more than just a lighthearted joke. [1][2][3][4][5] They also revamped the preferences tab last year for no good reason and called it a feature. It looks worse now imo, a popout with huge waste of lateral space, although I should add that the search function definitely came in handy. But if we look at the preferences tab in FM14 can you guys honestly tell me it did not look cleaner than what we have now? Obviously not a big issue, but why change something that was perfectly fine?
  8. I don't find it weird that some people might enjoy the new UI, but I don't understand how you can be against having more customization options. That was the point of widgets, you could do whatever you wanted. Also the reason for these changes are yet to be revealed and mostly likely (and rightfully maybe) won't ever be. But ever since another user told me how the same UI was gonna be used in the console version I can't help but feel that that was the reason.
  9. Anyone who can't still get editor try using this command in your browser: steam://install/1436120 It should ask for permission to start downloading the Editor
  10. Restart Steam if Editor is not showing for you. I can guarantee you it's out for most people including me. https://steamdb.info/app/1436120/
  11. The new UI reminds me of something we would see in a console game... Oh wait.
  12. Oh you didn't like a feature that was introduced in a poorly state 10 years ago but now that it's been refined year upon year you actually do enjoy it? That just proves you don't like change. Also, crazy that some people are against having more options and customization. You don't enjoy having stats and information in your face? Just hide them. Has SI even made a statement on why these changes were made? Loads of people think it's for the sake of realism but I've yet to see an actual answer from SI staff.
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