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  1. forums acting up

    Was having the same issue, but it's fine now
  2. [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    You have to remove every back left and right folder, not just the ones from comps folder... At least that's how I got it to work as the preview screenshots show iirc.
  3. [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    You're using Metallic logos, right? You have to remove the Back left and Back right logos from your FM17 graphics folder.
  4. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Yes, you are right! I had the caching option on for some reason and didn't realise that. Thank you. I absolutely love this skin. Thanks man.
  5. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    v1.2.0 is making my game crash Wonder if anyone else is getting the same problem?
  6. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Really nice. Looking forward to its release.
  7. That's lineupbuilder.com. There are other similar websites such as footballuser.com and this11.com
  8. [FM2015 MOD] Regens Hair Pack

    Looks awesome! Great job.