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  1. Does your striker have any PPM/traits? Places shots or likes to round the keeper?
  2. Exactly... There's no feedback at all. He's in the feedback thread complaining about other people's feedback on the game And somehow he feels he's in the right here.
  3. No, it was edited out. Check the screenshots in this website https://store.footballmanager.com/eu/en/arsenal-edition You can see it's still there plus another icon, which I guess was supposed to be hidden.
  4. orlyzao

    Nuu Skin

  5. Valverde just got sacked in my save right after winning the Champions League and getting 3rd place with 92 points (same as 2nd place) in the league.
  6. This is not true though. If an update breaks the game it's always possible to rollback/downgrade the game version. Even right now I can just downgrade my own game and play an older version. See: That's what lan tournaments will do if something messes up the game.
  7. This skin is so simple, nice and smooth. And steel logos really fit nicely imo
  8. Loving the new UI. FM18 had the worst UI ever, and im not just talking about the skin, I hated when you just wanted to see match stats during a game and had to make so many clicks to get there... FM19 is so much nicer in this aspect
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/3fioa1/the_millenial_sim_is_here_1000_years_of_simming/ I remember someone did something similar to this in FM13 and Bayern had won every single bundesliga title since the start of the save.
  10. Was having the same issue, but it's fine now
  11. You have to remove every back left and right folder, not just the ones from comps folder... At least that's how I got it to work as the preview screenshots show iirc.
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