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  1. Same thing happening in my save, also with a Portuguese lower league team. Uploaded save game "gafanha.fm".
  2. Ran into the same issue. Seems easy to replicate: 1. Pick a team in one of the lower leagues (I've used one in the Portuguese third division) 2. Enter into contract negotiations with a player that requires a promise 3. Promise him promotion 4. Hire him 5. The moment he's signed, he'll get unhappy at the promise being broken
  3. Noticed that this player is banned for 125 league matches at the start of the game, for being sent off. I can't find any information about this on-line, and he wasn't banned in the beta. Seems to be a bug introduced in the game release, since 125 games for being sent off is a tad too much.
  4. An annoying side effect of this is that, since the team doesn't exist and doesn't have a training screen, I can't access its training assignments. However, every week I still get an "assignment missing" message, which I can't prevent.
  5. Trials are counting as regular contract, both in "Last Club" on the scouting screen, as well as in news reports if facing a player that was on trial at the club. I don't recall it being this way in earlier games, so this seems to be a bug... doesn't make much sense either.
  6. I'm managing a club that has a U19 and B team, but doesn't have an U23 one. However, I still get prompts related to the U23 team, to check my coaching assignments for that team ("Ask assistant" and "Coaching assignments" buttons have no effect). I'm also able to send players to the U23 squad, even though I don't have it. Since I don't have a U23 squad tab or U23 option in the filter, the only way to access them afterwards is to search their name. The squad link in their profile isn't clickable. This seems to occur for clubs which have a B team, but not a U23 team.
  7. I tried that too, but no luck (at least in the half-time screen).
  8. The button to undo tactical changes seems to have disappeared with yesterday's update. I've noticed this when doing changes during the half-time break... there isn't an undo option after I do a change, and the confirm/cancel buttons are also unavailable. The options seem to be available during the match, so it looks like it's something that only affects the half-time tactics screen.
  9. Happens to me as well. Initially I thought it might be an issue with connecting with Youtube, so I tried exporting just the highlight to upload it manually, but that doesn't work either. The game simply stops responding.
  10. I asked my captain to intervene between you two. He now hates me.
  11. Haven't heard about'em before. Are they an official reseller or one of those shady key sites?
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