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  1. I have a save at the closure of the previous season (28th June). Should be reasonably close. It's condeixa1_2019.fm
  2. The wage budget being displayed in the scouting screen is the total wage budget. In previous versions, this would show the remaining wage budget. I'm not sure if it's related but, due to the amateur contracts bug, the only players to whom I'm paying wages are those sent on loan from other teams. Is this an intended change or a bug?
  3. In the Home screen, the league table is empty and the team stats are showing 0 matches played, even though we're already on the second half of the season. Relevant save file: condeixa2.fm
  4. @Ben Kenney Yes, please check condeixa2.fm (I had already uploaded it some minutes ago due to another bug report).
  5. I've added two assignments to a scout. In the meantime, I got another scout and I was able to give him one of those assignments. I wanted to remove the original assignment from the first scout, but there is no way to do so.
  6. My board decided to create a B team, but it seems there are several bugs with it: - Staff responsibilities for the B team are not available - The staff link for the B-team in the Dev Centre leads to the actual squad - One of my U19 coaches was moved automatically to the B team (I can only reach him now by searching his name) - All the links under B-Team show the actual squad Relevant save file uploaded: condeixa2.fm
  7. This is a nasty one in terms of impact. I'm having a difficult time getting and retaining players. Curiously enough, the staff isn't affected by this, I can offer them regular part-time contracts.
  8. This is a change with severe impact on the gameplay, compared to previous years and specially when going with a smaller team. Is this being balanced by something else, like sponsourship money?
  9. Same thing happening to me in the Portuguese lower leagues. My team turned semi-professional after the first season, but I can still only offer amateur contracts.
  10. Happens to me as well. Initially I thought it might be an issue with connecting with Youtube, so I tried exporting just the highlight to upload it manually, but that doesn't work either. The game simply stops responding.
  11. I asked my captain to intervene between you two. He now hates me.
  12. Haven't heard about'em before. Are they an official reseller or one of those shady key sites?
  13. It's not showing at that price here. Was it a flash promotion?
  14. I've uploaded the .fmf to Mediafire. You can download it here: https://www.mediafire.com/?b25ocediaqfl1dq
  15. I've finished a season with what's my most successful tactic in FM2015 so far. My previous attempts at tactics in FM2015 relied on the defensive triangle in midfield, aiming at winning matches by controlling posession and having a reliable defense. It ended up costing me the title a few times, as my team would draw against weaker opponents. So I've decided to drop that triangle and go for a tactic that would allow me to outscore the opponent, while playing some attractive football. And that's how Pedro's Tactic was born. I'm placing it here, feel free to provide any feedback you might have on it - especially if you improve it, as it still has some issues. Tactic download The Steam workshop download is here. If you prefer an image, here it is: Tactic information This tactic requires a decent forward, as he'll be your main goalscoring threat. Having decent wingers is also good, since they will score a lot - and provide a fair amount of assists. If you have a player with high flair in the AMC position, expect to see some dashing through balls. For the defense, having a pacey defender will help quite a bit, since he'll provide cover. However, if you have slow defenders, remember to adjust the covering centre-back to a defend duty. The standard mentality worked fine most of the time. However, in games where I'm supposed to win, I sometimes started with the attacking mentality until I was ahead by a goal or two. If you're still not winning by the 60 minute mark, switch to attacking. If you're still not ahead by the 80th minute mark, go for overload. If you want to play more defensively, I recommend using the standard mentality, but playing narrower and not pushing up. If the opponent is using a wide diamond, play narrower and exploit the middle. If the opponent is using a really narrow formation, try exploiting the flanks. Season description You can see how my season went on this image. The first 7 friendlies were spent tinkering with tactics, until I reached this formation for the 8th friendly. I've used it in all the remaining games, except against Bayern (where I tried a more defensive variation that failed miserably in both games). Montero was my striker, scoring 45 goals in 49 appearances, along with making 12 assists. He was mostly injury-free, so his backups spent most of the time warming up the bench. Nani and Capel were my key wingers, until both got knocked out with season-ending injuries around February/March. Nani had been simply brilliant up until that point: 26 goals, 19 assists and he had been voted in third place on World Player of the Year (next only to Ronaldo and Messi). Capel was also doing alright, with 14 goals and 15 assists. They had been doing so well, that I got cocky and sent their main backups on loan, as they were always complaining about lack of first team play. That almost messed up my season, since I wasn't expecting to lose two key players for such a large amount of time. Luckily, the kids who were backups to the backups did reasonably well: Gauld, Odengaard and Matheus Pereira (who started out in the under-19's and thankfully had refused going on loan earlier). You can see the full stats (minus the players that were sent on loan) here: . Problems - muddy pitches: the team struggles a bit when the weather conditions are crap, try exploiting the flanks - strong defensive midfielders: if the opponent has a strong player man-marking your attacking playmaker, the team will struggle. I recommend changing him to an attacking midfielder or playing a false-9 instead of him, but both solutions aren't perfect. - players sent off: if one of your players is sent off, remove the AMC and change your striker to a false-9. If two players are sent off, give the striker up to keep the MC and DMC. If three players are sent off... pray. Feedback If you try this tactic, let me know how it went. If you find ways to improve it, let me know as well!
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