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  1. OneUnited - I did not know that you could record via the game - always learning. michaelmurrayuk, are you saying that it takes less processing / memory etc. to record match highlights after the game has finished , rather than as you play it?. ps. do you produce youtube videos?, if so what is your set-up?, thx sorry for hijack, but just interested.
  2. `Our rep currently ranks below 13 teams in the National League despite being a division above them.` You maybe need to get your Club Rep up in other ways - Facilities / Staff etc.
  3. What Ive noticed personally is that it is easier to get your signings done asap early, if you leave it late, it is diff
  4. Maybe a silly Q, but have you checked your Club Rep now & then?
  5. Hootieleece, oh I see thx. I have ticked the U21`s as I only have 2-3 U 21`s who I would put in the 25 man squad in any case. What i don`t understand is that I have taken out my 3rd GK who is a 24-25 yo , but is still ticked - must be home grown then?
  6. No I will cancel him, & stick with Grant Hall [ who I was swapping for Kyria ] for at least Jan , I have Verissimo who is good , Holding & 3 improving wonderkid youngster CB`s, thx
  7. Thx yes I have read the CB thread at least twice. btw Tisserand turned me down - he wanted European football. I have bids in for Lucas, Kimpembe, Klostermann ; Mammana may be coming in on loan?, Kyriakos Papadopoulos has agreed terms but I will probably reject. News of Transfers coming soon ............
  8. Although the rules state U21`s are additional, they are ticked in my 25 total ?
  9. Soninho, thx, I was thinking he was a risk esp at £16M - I need a 1st choice Prem starter CB I have 3 wonderkid CB`s, but are a little inconsistant atm
  10. Has anyone had / bought this CB? / any good? for Prem? Since I am spending £8.5m + player value £7.5m [ July 2018 ], thx in adv
  11. Melegoni, Pinamonti & Pellegrini & Conti [rb] are good for me
  12. I have 3 goal-keepers in my 25 man Premier League Squad, but only want 2. FM does not seem to let me ? I move any of the 3 GK`s out & it still says 25 - any ideas please ?
  13. JDeeguain, Thank you for your post & you are welcome. Yes I totally understand your frustrations. It will be interesting to look at another save. Sadly, probably because I am an oldy returning to the game, I have played safe and tried to bring in new talent ; but if I was more experienced, maybe I could have used more of the existing squad in the prem, but sadly i don`t think they are up to it. Good luck with your game!.
  14. I manage QPR because I love the Club and believe I could do a better job than any real-life Manager.
  15. Is there a way to stop / not confirm this? because I have already arranged my Friendlies !, but I don`t know how to overide this message thx