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  1. Gunner86, thx for reply, but I should be able to `swap` them shouldn`t I? Because If I get rid, then the Staff I want don`t come - I`m stuffed
  2. Southgate has been sacked July 2020 - I get the Job = wey hay Why can`t I change the Staff ?, they let me employ a Physio !! It says that they have a Coach already ?? Hopwfully I can get at least an Assistant of my choice !
  3. Dong21, well done [ in a non patronising way ]. I think Grujic is free in my game 2020, but I did not go for him because of lots say he doesnt get a WP?. Nice to see you did it mainly without NewGens ! I take it Hervieu & Buisson are though?
  4. It is 1st July in Prem, I am bidding to loan a player but is blocked out [ say i orange? ] , with the message I have 6 HG players`, I need 8. I have at least 8. Is this a case of moving some players` from U23`s to Main Squad? OR the fact that they are on holiday until 6th? OR future Transfers away , that I am unaware of atm ?, Thx in Adv
  5. ilkork, I have sympathy I just wanted to play the game as IRL, no multiple saves etc., but I do research and it is frustrating ; which is why I`m only in 2020 !, when FM 18 is on the horizon ....ho hum
  6. Seb Wassell, Thank you for your comments - so Youth up to 18 years old, it does not matter having say 40 players`, since my Training & Facilities are very good ? ; so I should just sift out 18 y o + ?
  7. ilkork, Thank you for your reply. So taking your example, Retsos is 2.5* at 17 - if like me I have some players not even 1* for the main Team or 3* for the Youth team , after 2 years at the club = get rid? What`s the lowest star rating you keep ? & do you always just keep intakes for a year or 2 years to see ?. Thx
  8. End of Season 4 2020 Although the Season was transitional , finishing 13th [ again I think ] ; a few Job Offers e.g. Stoke, Watford & Arsenal !!, this one made me smile ......... As an update here are the Awards, to show you what players have been performing : and Now I think I have the Tactics sorted for next Season, I have to sort the Squads - any help / advice will be gratefully received, Thanks for reading.
  9. BMNJohn, yes I know, but sometimes if you don`t make promises, you don`t get the player - if he didn`t get injured and the squad didnt react to his wanting to leave - we probably would have made top half !! I know - Im learning, 4 other players` came to me & I played hard ball - theyre fine !!
  10. I need help with my Youth intake please ? I struggle to weed out / let go of these youngsters, I feel they`re only young, give them time and keep giving them new contracts. Should I release all `casual` personalities / low mental stats on a 17 y o ?, just keep only Professional with good determination ?? - one problem is with 3 intakes, Coaches are stretched. Is there a guide / help on how to identify the wheat from the chaff ? Thanks in advance
  11. michaelmurrayuk, thank you for reply ps. did Bustthenet say that you made a `skin` or useful layout thx in adv
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