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  1. I have `just` been promoted via the Play-Offs from League 1 to The Championship, with Bolton. The thing is, I know lots of "good" Staff & many, many "good" Players` do not want to come to League 1 Bolton [ who incidentally are leaking money daily ]. It is 30th May - what to do?, I can try & ask The Board again to increase wages for Staff say OR do I wait until 1st July - when our Rep may have gone up, Players` have gone ( 30th June Contracts up ) & the finances are all sorted?. The danger obviously is that within that month, I lose out on all the good signings. I am sure I remember in FM17, I signed all the freebies / cheapies, then the better stuff came later!. Please help?, thanking you in advance.
  2. Is it just me / my save or have other players` noticed, that many American Clubs are swooping for / buying many of our L1 / Champ Players` ?
  3. Anyone used Joonas Tamm ?, I need a BPD, but probably not. Ive seen him mentioned a few times, thanks.
  4. Hi, Can someone please explain the differences ? / any advantages ?, thank you
  5. Hi, playing as Bolton, I have `just` scraped into the League 1 Play-Offs, in my first Season. Have you guys / gals, had any Play-Off experience, and could give me a few tips?. eg. start with older players`?, bring on pace, play with best average rating players` ; mentality etc. ? thanks for any replies in advance.
  6. Thank you for quick reply. I tried to sign him but he locked in only 1 year ! - I don`t really want to be a stepping stone
  7. Is Harletun Championship quality eg for my Promoted Bolton?, thx
  8. Yeah I think I would have to try this tactic with a mid-top team, because you need the players`. Bolton atm is not gonna cut it. I am interested to see if this tactic is successful in winning things?, thanks
  9. A great thread - I am very interested in this. I tried to replicate the great Ajax Team 1970-73 on Fifa 20, with no luck ; but on FM20 there is hope. How do I go about finding the right players [ most difficult / expensive one is surely Cruyff ]? , can I download tactics from your original post straight into my game?, thanks.
  10. One thing I have struggled with a bit with Bolton is Staff. I brought in David Platt & Geraldo, then Tony? Colbert for fitness, which is all good ; but my HOYD Phillips is rubbish I think. Because money is tight, should I replace asap [ in Jan 20 atm ] but may have to pay off ; & with who?. Any good staff who will come to Bolton?, thanks
  11. I have started FM20 as Bolton. Only in January and I think bringing in say 5-7 free Prem / Championship loans, is the way to go [ atm?? ]. I brought in 1 free transfer, but he takes wages and alot of time, to maybe make it. Probably the only way to clear the debt, is to get to the Prem & stay there - just surviving. GL to all.
  12. Hi, anyone know how to stop older players going on £600 coaching courses without my say so?, thanks
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