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  1. Dong21 - good luck there, you are building really well with more realistic transfers, some very good. Ewan0404 - you`re doing great, maybe go up to Prem?. I survived in 1st Prem in 15th [ 17th position with 2 Matches to go! ]. Top 6 now in 2nd Prem Season. I`ve still got Gilmour. I`ve got 4 LB`s incl. Armini who is a better CB ( injured again ) but the other 3 are not taking their chance!.
  2. Agreed - it is [ sadly ] human nature to not advertise your failings - most on Forums etc. will gloat. As said above, this game is more complex than previous years` but once you have a good Tactic & the rightish players`, then Seasons will become easier BUT if you are on the wrong track, in debt etc. ; it can be hard.
  3. You can`t trust Canadians - just look at Fifa 20. I said months back, it was strange there were loads of offers from Canada & USA - alot fall through probably. In anycase, you`re doing a great job, in difficult circumstances.
  4. I had Garner with Bolton in League 1 - is he good in Prem? I just survived my first prem Season with Bolton in 15th [ was 17th - with 2 Matches to go! ]. I`m now 6th after 10 Matches 2nd Season, playing youngsters [ some wonderkids ].
  5. Since from playing the first original Championship Manager game [ yes I`m old ish - young at heart! ], on and off over the years ; playing FM20 following a few years gap, my views : lots of things are the same eg morale, determination, but what is different, which I am struggling with are Tactics. Due to time, ( I only play a few hours week day evenings ), I have tended to download Tactics eg Knap`s, but I cannot understand in this FM20 for example same Tactic, almost identical players vs Fulham I win 7-0, then draw 1-1 then lose on pens ???. I think Rep has a greater impact and dynamics, which were not so important / in previous FM`s. Overall, it is more complex. I would not say it is easy. Sometimes unrealistic, esp getting in superstars etc. ; but then again the Transfers are fun.
  6. Ronaldo Beckham, what went so wrong in your 2nd Prem Season?, when it went so well in your 1st?. It`s weird, but confidence is a big thing just like IRL ; maybe the oppositions improved alot?. GL I`m so inconsistant with Bolton.
  7. You`re making this look easy! - must be your Tactic, whose Martin Terrier?
  8. It is difficult when there is instability from the top of the Club. I know what you mean about The Prem. My 1st Season in Prem with Bolton I finished 15th from 17th on the last day! ; but I can see during our Summer Transfer window that the big boys` will take some catching looking at their Squads, so many of us `minnows` take 3-5 Seasons to climb. I am not sure if I am brave enough to be unemployed? & look for a new project. I would like to start again with a larger database??. GL to all on here.
  9. Very good 1st Prem Season, just out of interest, why are you mainly building up funds?
  10. I personally think it is set, just like real life, sadly GK`s dont` command no where near what ST`s command.
  11. Thank you for reply. So these players have not played for their Club but have played or Championship Teams ; so WP is a doubt?
  12. Apologies if this has been posted loads of times before, but I have Claudio Gomes & Hoever on trial requiring a WP - both at Prem Teams already, why? Surely this is a risk not worth taking? thanks
  13. Good luck, I think I went a bit wrong buying / loaning random wonderkids?
  14. Ronaldo Beckham Be interesting what players` make the step up in The Prem?, I`m finding it tough.
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