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  1. Anyone know if I am doing something wrong in my Tactics, when my player shoots or kicks the ball at another of my players ?, ie gets in the way? thx
  2. herne79, interesting, keep going tbh most should know your players - most are seem good
  3. herne 79, should be interesting, maybe start without the `be more expresssive` ? to see the difference?
  4. Braganca would have been good, but is on season loan ! Got Melegoni, trying to get Atakan / Pepulu Capezzi is expensive - just signed for AC I think thx
  5. Thx - hopefully just got Soler - had him on loan last Season, & will try Capezzi Trying to get Afonso Sousa or Havertz Kai, but both Wonderkids & expensive ??
  6. Thx guys, marcMCFC1986 - Garcia has signed for Brentford & is not interested !, I will try Klassen
  7. Hire scouts to improve world knowledge
  8. End of Season 3 We finished 13th this season, which initially I was a little disappointed with, especially losing at home to Liverpool 0-3, away to Chelsea 1-0, and 2-0 to Man City ; with my last 3 matches. However, we have improved !, from 14th, scoring 4 more goals etc. What do we need to do to finish in the top half next Season ? ( as I have promised a few of last season signings ! ), and don`t say just buy world class players`. I did chop & change with Tactics last Season, and also we had a lot of new players` to gel etc. So my plan for Season 4, is to probably keep all my Wonderkids, don`t buy any players`, offload some original dross ; and keep the 2 Tactics , add a third and keep them all season - sound boring enough ?. QPR Best 11 Not sure about this - mostly Championship players` ??. End of Season Awards Fans probably like Robinson - did well for me, good average rating. Simeone though ?? New Stadium The best news ?, oh wait the name !, yes !! I know I`m a moaner but 25000 capacity ?, from 19000, cautious. Anyway speak soon for S4 ..........
  9. I have done in the past, thx I will look up
  10. herne79, welcome back, I enjoyed it as well. I think alot of players` would go attacking , very fluid, crush the bottom team ; but as IRL they are fighting for their lives. I must admit I am comtemplating going Standard, Flexible / structured with no instructions! to start with next season [ maybe in friendlies first ] , just need the courage ! Got to sort out my squad depth first I guess? [ lowest in Prem for most things! ] GL
  11. Anyone know of a good CM for QPR to start my 3rd Prem Season ?. Apparently I am lowest for Passing , Workrate & Teamwork, especially in midfield : Passing, Long shots would be good to improve, Stamina, Teamwork, Tackling, Technique & decisions - so not much !!. I feel with the youngest Squad in the Prem, maybe I need more experience ?. I will have probably up to £20M, but I am stingy. Please help?
  12. herne79, fantastic post, lots I need to learn. I must admit, I would have picked Magno Alves as ST & Joao Marcos as CM [ instead of Lucas ]. Also, why don`t you change to counter when winning vs a bigger team?, sorry with the questions, but do you find altering your mentality depending upon who you are playing works?, eg. Counter for me [ QPR ] vs top 10-12 teams works generally, but not so much vs bottom 6?. Do you think starting with basic tactics would work in Prem? ps. I notice you don`t use shouts?. Thx & GL
  13. Delvey, thanks, I did all the above & still conceded late in a 1-1 draw. I then changed after 30 mins at home where Newcastle were dominating to Counter flexible, then changed all instructions at half time - won 2-1 [ Newcastle scoring the late goal, albeit a consolation ].
  14. Herne79, HUNT3R & borivoje213, thank you for all your help - I will take on board. ps. I often reduce the FB`s to support / defend, esp if opposition are attacking flanks. Interesting & frustrating this game.
  15. Thank you for your replies HUNT3R & borivoje213. This is the tactic - the one I have had a little success with : Instructions : My changes have been : More time wasting, retain possession, sometimes more direct passing. & I agree that some players were getting frustrated / nervous in matches, so at half time I said `good effort` & that went away & I shouted calm concentrate / tighten up. Any help please? Thanking you