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  1. Yau, I`ve got Villalibre, not great so far - how do you play him pls ?
  2. Dirty looks from dirty hands eh
  3. mikenevo, how did you shift players out easier?
  4. SvenC, thanks for that Work the Space Video - I am not alone. The fact that this youtuber is still going, is proof that we all feel, we won`t be beaten and return, so SI don`t have to do anything. My two-penneth - I like Loki Doki, watched him / spoke when he stated FM videos. I am slightly uncomfortable on him calling out SI, when basically it is his decision to make videos containing their game ; then he wants them to `help` him ??. Its their business, they can do what they like. I did say months ago, which fell on death [ Youtubers` ] ears, that I quite like the `underground` feel of FM, where is relies on word of mouth, rather than advertising - think Shawshank Redemption.
  5. Grant Hall my average CB, age 26-27 in last year of contract, 3* 3* wont get any better. I want to replace him, but he is apparently a Favoured Personnel as current player He feels forced out of Club by me, as I tried to part-exchange him in the summer Obviously he has very low morale ; I have even played him twice, had both Captains speak to him etc. Any advice what to do please ?
  6. Dong21, top progress !
  7. Season 3 - start 2018-19 Title odds first .... 1000-1 to finish 19th ! I think I am too cheap - another job offer from Watford ! TRANSFER OUTS AND INS I mainly signed youngsters / wonderkids, but I did try to get experience, but most did not want to come / wanted far too much money. The philosophy is to have a young squad - plan / build for the future, gain loyalty, and in the process the wages will hopefully be lower. Odd one - Defoe retires after me paying £425k for him buying him !! Would have been good to get Lemos - wonderkid CB, but alas not to be. Tisserand - I think Reputation is against us !! TACTICS I changed from my favoured 5-2-3 last season formation to a 4-3-1-2. I thought that my young 3 strikers were not taking their chances, and there was too much of a big gap in midfield where the 2 midfielders were struggling a little. I lost the first 2 Prem matches messing a little , but hopefully now after 2 wins, we should have a good season. STAFF I have replaced the staff who left / out of contract, with better more professional staff. U23 and U18 results have improved I think. onward & upward Speak soon .....
  8. Thx guys, I`ll see if they work
  9. tbh, Chery was my top goal scorer, Polter just behind. Yes sadly there is not much talent at QPR - I feel bad for replacing everyone , player by player. btw - know any good set pieces?
  10. I have a young captain who cant resolve `player feels forced out` ! Is best way to offer him a new contract, for stability, even though he is not the future ?
  11. You`re probably doing the right thing going with experience. I went for youth and now I am struggling. ps. Not sure about ex Chelsea Essien though
  12. herne79, thanks for reply. First match of Season lost 2-1 away to Man Utd : our goal a penalty [ unlucky ] Next Home loss 0-1 to Burnley : my GK makes a mistake = headed goal ( just before I was going defensive to get a point ). Then I changed formation in League Cup , giving squad members a chance : lost 0-3 to Portsmouth !! In the background though Grant Hall has 1 year left - 3*, not going to improve. I try to sell / swap him. He is unhappy & telling everyone.
  13. Hi, what`s the best / easiest way to build morale / confidence ?, after 3 opening losses & don`t just say win ! thx
  14. Westy8chimp, good luck, you`ll probably do better than me !
  15. OneUnited - I did not know that you could record via the game - always learning. michaelmurrayuk, are you saying that it takes less processing / memory etc. to record match highlights after the game has finished , rather than as you play it?. ps. do you produce youtube videos?, if so what is your set-up?, thx sorry for hijack, but just interested.