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  1. Is there a way to load or view a tactic you did during a match? i made some changes to positions on my last match and it worked well but now I can’t remember what I did. Is there any way for me to see the changes I made?
  2. I see that the Arsenal Edition of the game has 33% off until midnight tonight. Now on this years FM i have only played the demo and then the free to play period we had last month. If i was to now purchase the Arsenal edition (via steam) will it update the game i already have installed or what will happen? I'm guessing i can continue my save (which funny enough was with Arsenal) from the free to play period?
  3. I go and watch Hungerford in real life. I can safely say the issue is probably the players 😂
  4. I too was going to purchase after this free to play trial It was £17.99, digital download on CD Keys, now they've bumped it up to £35 If anyone knows of a digital download of the game for £20 then please let me know
  5. I am trying to loan out Mustafi to clubs but when i go into the offer to clubs (loan) page the button at the bottom "offer to clubs" is inactive and i am unable to click it. Am i missing something as to why i can't offer him out to clubs on loan?
  6. What I normally do is disable the first transfer window if I start a save using the winter update
  7. I’ve always said (to myself) that it would be a cool feature if you could also create an AssMan that you attach to your manager that you can take with you wherever you go. You always see managers taking jobs and their assistant following them. I know you can create one in the database but it would be good to do this in the front end when setting up your manager.
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