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  1. Should you always fine a player for a sending off? What are the advantages/disadvantages of doing it/not doing it?
  2. On this note - does watching it in 2D or 3D change the outcome of the game or will the result be the same no matter which view you use?!
  3. Cool - i guess as you say its a case of trial and error but like the idea of a middle ground option Thank you
  4. So i have a settled starting XI and i don't need to switch things up much - however when i do, if i am to bring in a replacement player (either as a sub or to cover injury/fitness issues) - should i amend the role to what suits the player coming in or do i stick with the successful tactic and hope he can adjust his game For example i have a complete forward, he gets injured and his replacement is suited to a target man - change tactic to target man (and risk unbalancing the way i play) or try and shoehorn the new striker as a complete forward? Thanks in advance guys
  5. Any joy? - i am just about to start a RFC save
  6. Why can't they just play where they are until the new one is built? Or is it being built on top of the where the old one was?
  7. Ah cool - i'm waiting until the new update is out before purchasing Apologies and thank you
  8. Do you reckon it could ever be possible to assemble a "team" of coaches, assistant manager etc etc that you can take with you job to job and make it part of the deal before you accept a job? - i know you can fire and hire when you take over a new club but could we maybe just have it so we take the backroom staff with us?
  9. LOL - you have to be ahead of the whole ball though - the arc the ball sits in will make it almost impossible to be, unless you're stood sideways on the goal-line But anyway, you can't be offside from a restart of play when the ball leaves the field (ie, throw-in, goal kick and corner). You're only offside when the ball is actively "in-play"
  10. How can you be offside from a corner when its impossible to be ahead of the ball?
  11. Yeah was going say this - maybe he did want to go to a bigger club but when he realised none were coming in for him when you put him on show he thought "eeek i'm now not wanted at Liverpool, i'll rot in the reserves and then won't get that move to a bigger club - maybe if i join Watford i'll play every week and then Madrid will finally come back for me"
  12. So i downloaded the massive facepack and installed it - works fine, so no issue there. However i go back into my team (Reading) and the faces are terrible as they are years out of date so my team now look like spotty teens. Question is, i would like to install images for those that don't have one but to keep the one's that have come with the game too? Possible? (if so, easy way?) - or at least let me know where the default pics are stored and i'll take them out and replace in my graphics folder etc.
  13. I use it to update issues with players having incorrect positions etc... I don't change stats unless its obvious that somebody has something they should/shouldn't
  14. Thats really handy to know, thanks. I'm happy to retain all my staff too so that's not an issue. So i can still loan my youngsters out (as long as there is no fee involved)?
  15. So i've not had the game in a few years but thought i'd take the plunge and sign my social life away I want to make it as close to real life as possible, to start with, so was thinking about disabling the first transfer window (can you still do that?) - if i do it, how does it work and will it kick back in, in the January window? (playing English league). Also, will players wanting to leave get upset cos nobody can buy them?