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  1. Will do, thanks mate 👍🏻 I’ll admit though that although I’d know what to do in real life how would I, say, make sure someone is open for a pass when he does gets the ball? - what instruction(s) would I use (and on who) to make sure a wide player offers him support and are not marked/too far forward? I’m keen to learn more about how FM works so apologies for the noob questions 😁
  2. His role already has shoot more often ticked though and I can’t untick it. Thing is everything else he’s doing is fine just when it comes to him whacking one 30 yards wide 10 times a game...
  3. Any idea how to get my Volante from taking so many long range shots? I think on average i'm having 30+ shots a game (as a team) and only 5 or 6 are going on target....i notice that its my Volante that is taking most of these long shots.
  4. Hiya - am switching to a 4-2-3-1 formation for my new season now I am established in the prem my issue is the wide players I have are both left footed - so would I swap the roles so IF is on the right and the winger is on the left? what bout the midfield 2 - swap them too?
  5. He’s gone now but will bear that in mind should it happen again. Thank you i liked that bloke too 😔
  6. So playing as Reading and in the Premier League, sitting in 5th place half way through the season my assistant manager gets approached by Burton in the league below to become their assistant manager. I have a conversation with him to convince him to stay but he says he has his own mind etc etc He then leaves me and joins Burton, sitting in 22nd in the Championship. First off, is there (was there) anything I can do to convince staff into not leaving? Also, what reason would he drop down a division to a smaller rep club?
  7. Yeah will upgrade the RAM to 16GB but just wasn't sure on the graphics card...obviously would like to play in 3D Yeah in the UK
  8. Yeah i've got a decent PC for gaming but i also run a design agency so use a Mac whilst in the office - being the boss I can't get sacked for a bit of FM'ing during working hours It's this model: 2017 Apple iMac 27" Retina 5K Display, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB Fusion, Radeon Pro 570 thanks for the help, buddy
  9. Might as well whack this here instead of starting a new thread. I am getting an iMac next week and wondered if it's easy enough to transfer FM18 over? (i'm guessing FM can run ok on a mac?) - do i simply install and log in to Steam and the game will download or is there something more technical required? Thanks in advance
  10. The 3pm games could be selected for foreign TV viewing??!
  11. I don't have a CD/DVD drive though - that's the only issue
  12. Hmm good spot with the Cloud Activation thing - thanks. Will avoid Anyone know a reliable place that is selling FM18 for a good price?
  13. So i'm finally buying FM18, in time for Christmas. Looking around at the best place to purchase, i've seen this site for £19 https://www.gamesdeal.com/football-manager-2018-steam-cloud-activation.html Has anyone used them before, are they safe/reliable and is the game ok for me (ie will it run here [England]) Thanks in advance guys
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