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  1. What I normally do is disable the first transfer window if I start a save using the winter update
  2. I’ve always said (to myself) that it would be a cool feature if you could also create an AssMan that you attach to your manager that you can take with you wherever you go. You always see managers taking jobs and their assistant following them. I know you can create one in the database but it would be good to do this in the front end when setting up your manager.
  3. So if I have a save with masked attributes on, meaning I have to spends weeks/months scouting a player before being able to see if they’re any good - does this also apply to the AI managers? Or do they know what each player is like without scouting?
  4. Please let me know if there is a thread on how to do this already but basically what I would like to do is once I sign a player i want to put his player pic into the game if he doesn’t have one. I don’t want to install a whole facepack as I’m happy for players to remain ‘faceless’ until they are playing for me. i know how to create the image etc it’s just where do I need to put this (on Mac) and what do I write in the config file? Appreciate the help guys, thanking you in advance.
  5. So the AI doesn’t look at how you’re playing mid-game and adapt to counter it? They just look at your league position?? Thats pretty disappointing tbh
  6. I am, yes. I wanted to make my already comfortable LW train as an inside forward
  7. Say I change my tactics for a game, for example I focus play down the right hand side. Will the AI cotton on to this mid-game and adapt?
  8. On some players when I select a position to train them in it let’s me press the position but when pressing confirm it reverts back to what it was before. I am on IOS and using create a club mode.
  9. Sorry for the thick question but what does it mean by penetration/solidity/support and what number should we be aiming for?
  10. In a 5-3-2/3-5-2 formation - what are the best roles for the midfield 3 and the front 2? (in that i would plan to buy players to suit)
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