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  1. Following on from this - this is the code i have which makes it look like the first image. I want it to be like the second image but in the center... I can't work out what to do? <!-- Transfer Value--> <container> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize" vertical_gap="2" /> <widget class="label" id="vall" auto_size="vertical" style="semi_bold" alignment="centre"> <translation id="text" translation_id="227806" type="use" value="Value"/> </widget> <widget class="transfer_value_label" id="TrVa" auto_size="vertical" alignment="centre_y" appearance=""> <record id="object_property" get_property="Pdva"/> </widget> </container>
  2. Apologies if this has been asked before but do you assign any opposition instructions using these great tactics?
  3. Hi Knap Just started an Ajax save - what tactic would you say suits them best?
  4. Does anyone know how i would get this to be centred still but the shopping tag "image?" to not fill the full width of the container (ie just sits to the width of the value with a little padding) So basically it will look like this but centred:
  5. Does anyone have the latest Tato24 skin extracted (or able to extract it for me please). I wanted to do some skinning in my break but don't have FM (or Steam) installed here...
  6. Why did they remove that? - seems an odd thing to do especially now those less technical won't know how to do it
  7. As easy as that - it works.... thank you, i've found a decent middle ground now
  8. Ah ok cool - If you do remember let me know I'll do some digging around in the meantime
  9. Is there any way of adding your own scaling option in? I find 110% too small but 120% too big... i'm wanting to try a 115%
  10. look in /graphics/icons/custom/role rating and just remove that folder... it will then revert to default
  11. I want to employ a new assistant manager - do I have to release my current one first or will the game automatically replace him with the new man when he accepts the contract? What’s the process with replacing staff members?
  12. Maybe its just me being thick but what is the difference between continental and nation reputation when adding in the players from that menu?
  13. Is it not this file you just need to remove? WTCS Gold v1.2/panels/competition/competition news panel.xml
  14. Does anyone know what controls the font size of the players name on the tactics screen (on the pitch view) - just wanted to reduce it down a couple of px's
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