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  1. Yeah I'm enjoying it mate. If poss could you also include monthly player stats, so we can see how your players are doing?
  2. That worked - thanks matey
  3. I keep getting a pop up asking me if i want the forum to send me Push Notifications (Firefox) - i select "not now" and it will pop up again whenever i navigate to another thread/topic/page Only happens on this forum - other sites i visit ask me once and then never again.
  4. Yeah fair point, guess it was more a hopeful plea than a question that needed answering - least I posted it in the right thread
  5. So will this be in FM17? "The format of the 2016-17 EFL Trophy, which will include 15 Premier League academy sides, has been confirmed. Clubs from both League One and League Two will play alongside the Category One academies, with Championship side Newcastle's academy team also included." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36725310
  6. So what benefit does listing the "player value" offer if its just to be ignored? - surely it would be better to mask it until you have scouted the player or made an enquiry.
  7. My bad I'm Real Madrid....so i guess its like a real life
  8. LVG has said he's not worried about the situation, then he's said he would listen to offers and DDG has twice publicly said he's unhappy at not being allowed to join me. Do i keep unsettling him until Utd accept my offer - or am i wasting my time? FWIT i would happily pay £50m for him - but not £70m+ as i also need a centre half
  9. Yep understand that, however it is in season 2 now, i'm trying to sign him (he is unhappy they won't sell him to me) - when was the last time you saw a goalkeeper move for anything over £30m - i get that strikers are more valuable and demand a higher fee but does the game work like that? (ie, will keepers cost less than a forward etc or is it simple done on their PA/CA?!)
  10. That's fair enough but 9/10 other targets are always 10x what the player value is listed at too...it seems I can't sign anyone decent unless I put my club in debt
  11. So I've tried signing De Gea and UTD wont settle for anything less than £89m - in real life he's off for £30m (more or less a record fee for a keeper) Tried signing Sterling - Liverpool want £92m Went for De Bruyne..... £81m Why are prices on FM far too inflated compared to what these players actually go for in real life?!
  12. Yeah that i could....just wondered if there was a way of applying a nickname, similar to how you do with players, so i don't have to remember what's what each time
  13. So, playing as Real Madrid, the first season has just ended and a fair few of my players have won awards.....however all the award names are in Spanish, so i've no idea what they actually are. Is there any way of converting the names into English? - or at least giving them all "nicknames" so i know going forward?
  14. He's selling, not buying
  15. On a similar note, i am Real Madrid and i've sent scouts out to find me a new central defender in our scouting range [the world]. I've tried all sorts of filters (even dropping the 'at least' stars to 'good') and in a whole season none have been recommended. Am i doing something wrong?