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  1. Great to hear. I'll stick with the tactic how it is and see how my recruitment goes over the summer with a view to getting in players of a suitable standard for League One. Lets just hope my club reputation doesn't tie my hands too much with regards to recruitment.
  2. @Mr U Rosler Sounds very much like my current experience in League Two after back-to-back promotions. We are still set to be promoted to League One despite the higher than usual discipline issues. I guess it could be something in the match engine due to the rapid rise through the leagues and the lower quality of the players at my disposal compared to the rest of the league. Lets hope that next season I can actually attract some players that match the league's standard.
  3. I'm not quite sure what happened this season, but the discipline record has gone crazy. Yellow cards had been a slight problem in previous seasons, but we weren't seeing many reds, and often they would be from a second yellow if we did. This season however, we've seen 8 Reds and 96 yellows and we're still only in March! Many of the reds have also been straight reds! The tactic doesnt have get stuck in enabled, so I'm not quite sure how you would go about managing this? Is is a case of the players being too aggressive, or the fact we are massive underdogs and pushing too hard? Edit: Finally finished the season with 125 Yellows and 10 Reds.
  4. @Mr U Rosler Would you recommend your training schedules to go along with this tactic? Just been promoted as champions from Vanarama National South with my Salisbury side despite being predicted to finish 20th. Hoping the board may allow me to go professional now we have been promoted.
  5. Thanks, I was pleased with how negotiations went. They wouldn't match his £16M buy-out clause, but if he plays well for them I should see the rewards from the appearance clauses and possibly even a few England caps along the way! Whilst I was disappointed to loose him, I wished him the best of luck with the next step of his career. He responded positively, stating he had loved his time at the club, but was pleased I had given him the opportunity to further his career as it was too good an opportunity to turn down. I'm sure it had nothing to do with almost tripling his wages to £42K/week! Next order of business is to decide whether I need to use some of the money to buy a replacement? I have Barrett and Kelly, but I fear Kelly is a little lightweight for this league and the style of play. I've accepted a loan offer from Hibs for him, but am yet to confirm the deal until I decide whether I will use him. I've been monitoring a young Portuguese player for a few months who is similar to John Swift. He would probably be available for £1.8-2.6M according to my scouts, and his wage demands should come in below £10K/week. The main disadvantages I can see are his lack of any PPMs (Swift was very strong in this area: Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Tries Killer Balls, and Arrives Late In Opponents' Area), and much weaker tackling, marking, and physical stats. I think I might let Kelly go out on loan as Hibs have great facilities and it should not harm his progression if he can get first team football. I can then bring in Guzzo to fight for a first team spot with Josh Barrett who is a little more capable defensively but weaker technically.
  6. Mendes was in and around my first team, however his return of 3 goals and 2 assists in 8(13) wasn't enough to warrant more first team action. I will give him another chance this upcoming season, as in theory his stats look good with pace and power. After some negotiation, I finally decided what to do with Stoke's offer for John Swift...
  7. I've given Brian responsibility of dealing with contracts and he has Williams on £22k/week until 2020. Josh Barrett played as cover for Swift during last season, so he would be a viable option. Coaches think he is a good player at this level. Kelly didn't get much time and I'm looking to loan him out with Hibs a possible destination. I think this is one to think over and decide tomorrow. I can't easily turn down a club record fee though. That would bankroll me for a couple of seasons or allow for a real promotion push this year. If I can haggle it up a little more and include a better sell on than 40% of profit then I think he will be going.
  8. Moore and McShane were rotated for the second central defender position, with McShane taking a slight advantage due to being captain. Moore and McShane aren't too dissimilar and neither really shone throughout the season. Initially Yann and Rakels were first choice strikers, but Yann was too immobile and Rakels got injured so Samuel took his chance. Rakels then started throwing his toys out the pram despite us being on an unbeaten run, so I decided he isn't someone I want around and I'll be looking to offload him over the summer. With regards to the youth rating, I hadn't yet received the TV and prize money. The owner also gave a nice £9M injection of cash to help cover losses, so my balance is looking a bit more healthy at £11M. I may try going back to them and asking to improve the youth rating once more, as youth will be a large part of my philosophy. Edit: My request was granted and £4M has been deducted to cover the improvement costs for the youth facilities. Phew...
  9. Well this wasn't in the script... Is going to make my role a bit more challenging, and due to the financial situation of the club, they aren't currently willing to invest the necessary funds to increase the rating.
  10. Reading FC - Sky Bet Championship - 2016/17 I took over with the club predicted to finish 17th in the league, with the boarding wanting a mid-table finish and to reach the Third Round of the League Cup and Fourth Round of FA Cup as a minimum. Despite the expectations set out prior to the start of the season, I knew that the team had a lot more quality than the media and board were giving credit for. They just needed to be motivated and rediscover their self belief. Pre-Season - Things started extremely well, managing to go unbeaten during pre-season and conceding only two goals. Sky Bet Championship - We came so close this season. At points we were 2nd in the table, but once we conceded a goal our team took a huge hit in form. Fixtures #1 #2 EFL Cup - A first round tie with arch rivals Oxford proved more difficult than I would have liked. Finally knocked out by Premier League champions Leicester City. FA Cup - Tale of two East Midlands clubs, but never really got started. Transfers - No signings, but I did loan out a few players that weren't in or around the first team. Finances - Not in a great situation, and will need to reduce the wage bill where I can. Key Player Profiles: Jake Cooper - Cleaned up at end of season awards, receiving both Young Player and Fans Player of the Season. Jordan Obita - Avg. rating of 7.33 in the league, and second highest scorer from attacking fullback Roy Beerens - Had two injuries during the season, which coincided with our dips in form. Dominic Samuel - Top scorer with 14 goals in all competitions. John Swift - Playmaker of the team, and 5 MoM awards. Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Sky Bet Championship 7th Next Season: Our dips in form really affected us this year and ultimately cost us promotion. Next season if we can maintain our form, promotion should be confirmed. (template shamelessly stolen from dafuge)
  11. So after an extremely promising start to the season, I was feeling very confident of a good season. However, after saying how well everything was going, the curse of the forum hit and I went on a horrendous run of form that saw me plummet down the table from a top 2 position down to barely mid table in 10th. I'm hopeful that with this win, I can turn thing around and restore our initial season form and reignite out early season form.
  12. I've been using a combination or Rakels (I still think he should have been ruled out in the data), Yann, and Samuel once he returned from injury. Cardwell has also got a look in during cup games as he seems highly rated in my game. The striker position is a real struggle, as in real life, and I think it may take another year or so to find the right player to really get the best out of this formation. Saying that, most my goals have come from midfield (much like real life). The wingers and central midfielders are the main goal scorers currently for me. I'm top 3 after 13 games, so still keeping the run going, although I have started drawing and conceding a few more. Have now conceded 3 in my last 5 games and that has resulted in me drawing my previous 3 games. Man management is huge in recent editions, and its down to me to turn this slide around and keep them performing! Edit: Just realised that turning off all tactic match training reduces familiarity despite playing the same sty,le week in week out. This may explain my dip, and subsequent first loss in 12 games. Lesson learnt.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I see the logic, I just found it very strange after years of having the same layout, despite how illogical it was (I had never actually noticed). I'm gradually getting used to it, so maybe something they might consider in the default skin as I realise now it does make more sense.
  14. Great start to the season Jogo. Good to see that we are no longer a relegation threatened club under your management! I am using a similar philosophy with no signings made and instead making use of the squad that exists. I seem to have managed to find a successful tactic that mirrors the real world tactics of Stam (or at least so I think). I am playing a very fluid 4-1-4-1. After just 8 games, we top the possession stats with 57% average and a pass completion rate of 80%, are top of the form table having won our last 6 games, and have conceded only 3 goals so far and 6 clean sheets. I will update once I get a little further into the season, but we currently sit 4th in the table, just 4 points off top. Lets hope I haven't jinxed myself... Edit: And with that, I just lost 3-2 against Leicester, conceding as many in one game as I had so far all season. I hate this forum...
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