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  1. Hi @bere23, I will be doing an update post on this on my blog either tomorrow or Wednesday which covers what I look for, and more about my defensive line. I'll also talk through calculating the TFR (or ER (Energieball Rating) as it is now known)). I'll post a link on here once it's done.
  2. I get them from Chilled Moose who does fantastic work. I pay for the silver membership and get a new batch of faces every month. Transforms the game for me and well worth it.
  3. Couple of screenshots from the latest two seasons running the Energieball philosophy which was developed on my Energie Cottbus save.
  4. New post on my website covered the backend of the season with Eastleigh in the lower-league Energieball experiment. Read it here.
  5. For those of you who were wondering how this philosophy would fare in lower-league football, I have just released a blog post on my Eastleigh Experiment. Head across and check out how I've done things and see if you can implement it into your lower league saves.
  6. Can we just confirm you are trying to load the view from within the Scouting area of your FM save and not the Squad area?
  7. Absolutely don't mind at all. Thank you! I am also working on a slight variation myself which will be going through the testing phase next week. I covered the line-up I used for Chelsea in my Chelsea Experiment blog which I linked to in the first post. In terms of players to look for if you download the player search filter you will pull be able to see the players which do/don't fit the philosophy. You are essentially looking for total footballers or the closest thing to.
  8. Place the view files in the following location... C:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\views Hope this helps!
  9. I started with them in the German lower-leagues but Energieball wasn't introduced until we were already an established winning team. I'm not sure how it would work further down the pyramid, although if you keep the same principles in theory it should work as you'd be up against lesser opposition anyway. I will give it an experiment in the future but I have already done one with Chelsea which you can read here.
  10. I have edited the first post to include a link to the first season experiment I ran with Chelsea.
  11. Valid point. I've been running an experiment with Chelsea last night, will be posting the results at some point today during breaks at work. Will then look to implement it into a lesser ability team and see how it goes.
  12. The inspiration behind this tactic was I wanted to create a new brand of Total Football within Football Manager 2020, or the best I could possibly manage using the tools available. Those who have been following me on Twitter (shameless plug), will have seen me messing around with a new philosophy for my FC Energie Cottbus team which has already had a massive amount of success. You can also read this post on my website by clicking here. The framework behind the tactic focused on the following attributes, which I have broken down into the three main areas. Technical – Dribbling, Finish
  13. Did what you said again @keysi, closed down the game and started it up again and it seems to be working ok now. Can finally use your skin!
  14. Have tried this but it hasn't worked.
  15. Does anyone know how to fix this black text to return to normal? I have it on the team profile screen and also on my staff screen? No idea whats happened nor how to fix it but it appears on several different skins? https://gyazo.com/a79614670c8256d0e9051c9b84fd40d6 Thanks in advance!
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