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  1. Catch up on the progress of the Steaua Bucuresti save... Now into the second season!
  2. Episode 16: Episode 17: Episode 18: Episode 19:
  3. Hope you enjoy it, the link to the save is also in the description down below on the video.
  4. Thanks man! Much appreciated.
  5. Episode 13 Episode 14: Episode 15: Featuring one of the best goals you'll ever see in FM.
  6. I've done an episode for my YouTube channel which looks to bringing mythical CM 01/02 legend To Madeira into FM17, with the same stats and very similar abilities seeing if he can perform as well as he did in the previous version. How well will he turn out?
  7. Episode 10: Episode 11: Episode 12:
  8. Episode 7: Episode 8: Episode 9: Hope you enjoy them!
  9. Afternoon guys. Started a new series over on my YouTube channel where I'm trying to lead Steaua Bucharest back to Champions League glory, to relive the 1986 victory over Barcelona in the Final. Join me on my journey today:
  10. Eggestein turns out better in the saves I've run but it depends on how much money you have, and the value for it in terms of return.