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  1. I just can't get a tune out of him ever! I have had a few different saves in the past using him and just doesn't do the business for me. So i thought better to have the money than an under performing player. Thats exactly it, when the big clubs are offering good money for some of these players as they are wanted all the time its hard to say no. Especially if you are playing a certain way.
  2. This is what he looks like for me at the start of season 2 and this is his stats for season 1. I'm trying to keep signings as 'realistic' to real life as possible if that makes sense. So I think the likes of Foden wouldn't happen and that if Aarons was available larger clubs would get him. Tbf Justin is really solid for me and Matheson the same.
  3. So I signed alot of English younsters in my first season and sold some key players like Pereira, Ndidi and Soyuncu in January to balance the books. I managed to get Braintwaite from Everton and Harwood-Bellis on loan from City. Who are both good ball playing centre backs and are good back ups for Evans and Soyuncu. Braintwaite in particular is great for me and is developing great. I know he doesn't look up to much but have a look at Luke Thomas, the young left back already at Leicester. His stats are really good for the position and with Chilwell being the main man, Thomas provides good cover and actually develops really well. My squad looks like this at the start of season 2. Gk - Schmeichel, Butland, Dewhurst, Boyce-Clarke Rb - Justin, Matheson Cb - Evans, Harwood-Bellis, Wood Cb - Brainthwaite, Panzo Lb - Chilwell, Thomas, Fevrier Cm - Choudury, Kenneh Cm - Bellingham, Doyle Amr - Gray, Dembele, Pennent Amc - Maddison, Ramsey (villa youngster) Aml - Barnes, Loader St - Vardy, Gelhardt, Barry Obviously I have gone one way about it signing lots of youngsters. I managed to finish 5th first season and had decent cup runs. I played mainly the older lads in the prem and filled the bench with the younsters and just played the kids in the cups. Will be a similar story this year with the Europa league. The finances at the club are now amazing. Having sold 'key players' like Ndidi, Perreira, Soyuncu, Tielemens plus the likes of Amartey, Iheanacho and all the returning loans I have nearly £180mill in the bank. All facilities are being upgraded whenever possible. The hope is the club becomes self sufficient now. I have a team that can develop together and if I get a good youngster or 2 every year through the intake, then I should have no reason to spend in the future.
  4. Fair enough. Who else have you signed? I have my own Leicester save atm have gone on an English youth route tho.
  5. I think loaning Barnes our would be a mistake. Really good player already with good potential. Can also play anywhere across the front line. Who else are you signing? Wouldn’t Barnes be your best right sided option also?
  6. From playing with Leicester, I have found that Harvey Barnes is an excellent inside forward who you already have. What about moving maddison to centre midfield and playing Grealish at AMC?
  7. IMO if you are in a big football country like england Spain France Italy. You are competing with other big clubs for top young players coming through. It’s only natural that you may only get 1 or 2 potential first teams. it’s very rare irl that you have multiple come through at once even if you have amazing facilities. even the best clubs poach youngster from other clubs because there’s aren’t up to standard. I think we expect too much from youth intake and if we get a superstar once every five years that’s pretty accurate. Obviously if your super lucky and get multiple at one or a golden generation then be please with that.
  8. Thank you! I can’t stand the faces and it puts me off singing them and therefore getting very far in game. You have saved me 👍
  9. Is there a way that I can turn off regen/newgen faces in a save?
  10. It can happen in real life tho. The video itself references the transfer of Benik afobe where he transferred to a club then to a new one days later for increased value. Am I still right in saying that irl in theory you can transfer multiple times but only play competitively for 2 teams? im sure if a club signed a player for £10million and another club desperately wanted him for £15m then it would happen.
  11. I’m looking for a new save within England with a team that has youth prospects who are good enough to develop and stay at the club long term. I did give this a go with Bolton but was getting annoyed with losing my best youngsters who I developed for peanuts to balance the books. Having read the Derby team guide posts I’m inclined to go with them, are there any other suggestions or obvious ones I’m missing?
  12. If you want a youngster to develop maybe Luke Matheson from Wolves. Has good stats for the position and develops well.
  13. I always try to develop young english players as I think there are some really good players who just need to be developed and given game time. I did a lot of business in the first window and signed a lot of young players. My thinking was that the first team squad was very strong already and I could essentially have a bench of kids who could come off the bench and get the cup games. As well as this I always like the idea of utilising the 3 teams within the club as best as possible. So I essentially made signings so that I would have 3 players in each position. 1st, Under 23's and Under 18's. All of whom I thought could develop. So these first my transfers 1st window. I didn't see Praet getting much of a chance in the team ahead of Maddison or Tielemens so I tried to sell him but no one wanted him full time so I loan him to Utd who paid all of his wages. Again I didn't see Iheanacho, Amartey or Mendy playing much, so being able to get £33million really freed up some funds to build my young squad. As you can see I got a lot of the youngsters very quickly and for compensation, I knew who I wanted to sign so I was able to go and get them, the only one I nearly lost out on was Nohan Kenneh, but when I saw Newcastle wanted him I improved the contract offer and he accepted straight away. Bellingham was an obvious choice as he develops really well and quite quickly with game time.Nathan Wood and Joe Gelhardt weren't interested in signing so I got them on loan and once they were at the club they wanted to join, so it allowed me to sign Harwood-Bellis on loan with a future £20mill fee included. The other signings of Ferguson, Lewis-Potter, Vokins and Loader finished my transfers and gave me good young options throughout the squad. So with these transfers made, this is what my different teams looked like. Senior Squad Gk - Schmeichel Rb - Perreira Cb - Evans Cb - Soyuncu Lb - Chilwell Cm - Ndid Cm - Tielemens Amr - Gray Amc - Maddison Aml - Barnes St - Vardy Sub - Justin Sub - Ferguson Sub - Vokins Sub - Choudury Sub - Loader Sub - Lewis-Potter Sub - Gelhardt Under 23's Gk - Ward Rb - Justin Cb - Ferguson Cb - Harwood - Bellis Lb - Vokins Cm - Choudury Cm - Bellingham Amr - Lewis - Potter Amc - Ramsey Aml - Loader St - Gelhardt Under 18's Gk - Boyce - Clarke Rb - Fevrier Cb - Senior Cb - Wood Lb - Samuels Cm - Kenneh Cm - Bellingham Amr - Rowe Amc - Ramsey Aml - Dobbin St - Barry So this is how the teams looked during the first half of the season. I kept all players within the first team squad and made them available for all the different games. Essentially the under23's played in the league cup and FA cup and some of the under18's made the bench for cup games. With January coming up I had a few big decisions to make. Perreira and Ndid were both pushing for moves away and if i'm honest they weren't particularly playing well and I liked the idea of more money and a chance develop some more youngsters. So I got £60 million for the pair. I wanted more but they were moaning so it made sense. I managed to arrange both transfers at early December so I was able to try and scout some players. I called Benkovic back from his loan and got a bit of money for him too. Perez never played and I had no interest in doing so, I was happy to get £7.5mill for him. A few big deals going on here but I still had lots of money from the summer and with the sales in January I had a surplus of cash and was able to really complete my squad. Harwood - Bellis had done well and enjoyed being at the club and was part of an exciting looking youth team/under23's so I decided to make it permanent. With Ndidi already planned to leave I thought I would sign a young replacement. I really liked the look of Doyle, very technical and great all round stats and someone who I could mould into what I wanted. It was quite a lot of money (£12mill upfront and £20mill over instalments), but I loved the idea of Doyle and Bellingham in midfield in a couple of years for both club and country. (In case you can't see the pattern happening, Tielemens and Soyuncu may not be here for long). So, something happened which I didn't know was possible. I made a bid for Luke Matheson who was on loan at Rochdale from Wolves, thinking it would go through in the summer, next thing I knew he was with me. So as far as i'm aware Wolves called him back from loan to complete the deal now? Once I saw that happen, I made my move for Dewhurst who I had always planned to bring in as my number 2 and was happy to pay the £22mill, half up front other half in instalments. So from January, this is what my squads looked like. Senior Squad Gk - Schmeichel Rb - Justin Cb - Evans Cb - Soyuncu Lb - Chilwell Cm - Choudury Cm - Tielemens Amr - Gray Amc - Maddison Aml - Barnes St - Vardy Sub - Doyle Sub - Ferguson Sub - Vokins Sub - Bellingham Sub - Loader Sub - Lewis-Potter Sub - Gelhardt Under 23's Gk - Ward Rb - Matheson Cb - Ferguson Cb - Harwood - Bellis Lb - Vokins Cm - Doyle Cm - Bellingham Amr - Lewis - Potter Amc - Ramsey Aml - Loader St - Gelhardt Under 18's Gk - Boyce - Clarke Rb - Fevrier Cb - Senior Cb - Wood Lb - Samuels Cm - Kenneh Cm - Bellingham Amr - Rowe Amc - Ramsey Aml - Dobbin St - Barry With the squad looking pretty strong and complete I was able to finish off the season. We managed to finish 6th in the league, we didn't do anything of note in either cup, but with Europa League football next season the board and players were all very happy. I did have a lot of interest in Maddison and Chilwell but I managed to get them both on new deals that weren't ridiculous. As the season progressed I found that Evans was getting slower and was get caught out a lot so I began phasing him out and bringing Ferguson in more. With the second season starting soon, Tielemens and Soyuncu were both wanted by numerous clubs and with my english theme, I made the decision to let both go. I know they were both important players in the first season but I thought that it would allow some of my young centre backs, and Bellingham/Doyle more game time. I managed to recoup a lot of money from players who were out on loan, and managed to get £50mill for Tielemens and £25mill for Soyuncu. Again, I could have got more, but they both complained. Panzo is a player I have liked for a few years on FM and his move to Monaco irl made it easier to sign him. He came in as the replacement for Soyuncu. I wasn't sure whether to sign Dembele or not, but I thought he is another option and if Gray does not improve the way I hope he does, I will need another option at Amr. So with the second season starting and with Europa League football now at the club. I essentially started to put together a mix of different teams/squad. A Premier League Team, Europa League Team, FA Cup Team and League Cup Team. All the while making players available for the age group games, under23's/18's. Premier League Gk - Schmeichel Rb - Justin Cb - Ferguson Cb - Panzo Lb - Chilwell Cm - Choudury/Doyle Cm - Bellingham/Doyle Amr - Gray Amc - Maddison Aml - Barnes St - Vardy/Gelhardt Europa League Gk - Dewhurst Rb - Matheson Cb - Harwood - Bellis Cb - Senior Lb - Vokins Cm - Choudury/Doyle Cm - Bellingham/Doyle Amr - Lewis - Potter Amc - Maddison/Ramsey Aml - Loader St - Gelhardt League Cup Gk - Dewhurst Rb - Matheson Cb - Harwood - Bellis/Wood Cb - Senior/Wood Lb - Vokins Cm - Doyle/Kenneh Cm - Bellingham/Doyle Amr - Lewis - Potter/Dembele Amc - Ramsey Aml - Loader St - Gelhardt/Barry FA Cup Gk - Boyce - Clarke Rb - Fevrier Cb - Wood Cb - Senior Lb - Samuels Cm - Kenneh Cm - Bellingham/Doyle Amr - Dembele/Rowe Amc - Ramsey Aml - Dobbin St - Barry At this current stage I have a squad which I think has enough quality to do well now and potential to grow in the future. The squad looks like this. Gk - Schmeichel Gk - Dewhurst Gk - Boyce-Clarke Rb - Justin Rb - Matheson Rb - Fevrier Cb - Ferguson Cb - Panzo Cb - Harwood-Bellis Cb - Senior Cb - Wood Cb - Evans (does not play, contract up in the summer) Lb - Chilwell Lb - Vokins Lb - Samuels Cm - Choudury Cm - Bellingham Cm - Doyle Cm - Kenneh (can also play CB) Amc - Maddison Amc - Ramsey Amrl - Gray Amrl - Lewis-Potter Amrl - Dembele Amrl - Rowe Amlr - Barnes Amlr - Loader Amlr - Dobbin St - Vardy St - Gelhardt St - Barry The only signings I can potentially see happening are to replace Schmeichel (who is currently complaining about lack of depth), Evans once he leaves and Vardy who is losing pace. I have began scouting Dean Henderson as a potentially replacement for Schmeichel, and I see 5 options plus Kenneh as enough for Evans and i think as I only play 1 up front that Gelhardt and Barry will be enough, while Loader can play there too. With all this going on, I have upgraded all my facilities and youth recruitment. Ground is currently being upgraded too.
  14. Is anyone else currently playing as Leicester? Would be interesting to see how others have gone about it. I will upload some screenshots of my progress a bit later.
  15. Anyone else still playing as Leicester or starting a new save?
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