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  1. Honestly couldn't figure out where to ask this, so making a best guess. I'm back on FM08 as Stenhousemuir and I've put together a shortlist of current world stars who are very young youth players on the game. I have the likes of Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller, Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne & Romelu Lukaku, just wondering who else might be lurking out there as a 16/17 year old for 100k in someone's youth team?
  2. Hiring an assistant manager fixed it. Learn something new everyday.
  3. Actually, it might be the lack of Assistant... Will report back.
  4. A few seasons in and I've traded Crystal Palace for Nantwich Town, with a squad of 6 whole players. When I go to player search, I get 4947 players: When I click 'interested', it only takes 4 players off the total: Now, unless Mbappe fancies swapping Man City for the team predicted to finish 24th in the league, something isn't right here. I've signed 2 fairly poor scouts, is this failure to narrow down due to them, or is this a bug? Anyone know and anyone know how to sort?
  5. I love the dedication to a single club, I've become such a journeyman in recent years.
  6. Hi, I have the PKM but not the save. It's come up a few times, so I'll get both next time it happens and upload them.
  7. I've noticed that the position and goal information for the furthermost player on the right at the bottom will occasionally not show in matches. In the example below, Nketiah has scored.
  8. When you're out of a job, you get weekly updates on job vacancies, is there any way to get there whilst you're still employed? I've built my reputation as Molde boss to the point where teams like Brighton and Crystal Palace are offering me interviews without applying, but I'm running a very large database so it's hard to keep up. I know in job security you can view vacancies by club reputation and that's perfect, but is there a way to get this information sent to you, rather than having to check this screen all the time?
  9. Also, just spotted that you've signed Magnus Mattsson, he also followed me from Tromso to Molde, great player.
  10. An interesting read, I started my FM21 save as Tromso too. After winning the title in the first season, I struggled in the Eliteserien before taking the Molde job after the Tromso board failed to back me. Interesting to see that we both signed Erlien and Lyngbo in our first seasons too. I built my team around Yttergard Jenssen, he and Kent-Are Antonsen have followed me to Molde. Peter Bjerke in the U19s is worth keeping around and Ousseynou Cavin Diagne from Kristiansund was a great CM partner for Yttergard Jenssen. Good luck
  11. Firstly, his career milestones looks odd, as he seems to have been hired 5 times as Derby manager in a short space of time: Then he released/sacked himself after 2 weeks: I've uploaded my save to the SI cloud as 'Rooney Bug'
  12. Really sorry Tony, I thought I'd made a save of it, but I appear to have overwritten it beyond the player having the issue.
  13. Weirdly, Odd were actually one of the teams. I sold him in the end as I'd managed to get Eddie Nketiah on loan, didn't want to risk losing him on a free. Hope he enjoys the arse-end of the division!
  14. To set the scene, at the start of last season, I picked up a random Brazilian striker on a free transfer and gave him a 2-year deal. Now, at the end of the season (where he was a revelation) he has signalled his intentions to not sign a new contract due to the interest in him. I'd just won the league, and the interest came from 2 promoted teams. Logically, you'd ask him if he was on crack to want to swop a starring role in the Champions League for a relegation battle, but there is no such option. In the end, I sold him for £4m and cursed his family for a generation. In general, I'd l
  15. At the end of the season, I suddenly have 2 players who are unhappy about sales from months ago: Sold 10 months earlier: I've got another player unhappy on the same day about a similar issue.
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