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  1. Firstly, his career milestones looks odd, as he seems to have been hired 5 times as Derby manager in a short space of time: Then he released/sacked himself after 2 weeks: I've uploaded my save to the SI cloud as 'Rooney Bug'
  2. Really sorry Tony, I thought I'd made a save of it, but I appear to have overwritten it beyond the player having the issue.
  3. Weirdly, Odd were actually one of the teams. I sold him in the end as I'd managed to get Eddie Nketiah on loan, didn't want to risk losing him on a free. Hope he enjoys the arse-end of the division!
  4. To set the scene, at the start of last season, I picked up a random Brazilian striker on a free transfer and gave him a 2-year deal. Now, at the end of the season (where he was a revelation) he has signalled his intentions to not sign a new contract due to the interest in him. I'd just won the league, and the interest came from 2 promoted teams. Logically, you'd ask him if he was on crack to want to swop a starring role in the Champions League for a relegation battle, but there is no such option. In the end, I sold him for £4m and cursed his family for a generation. In general, I'd l
  5. At the end of the season, I suddenly have 2 players who are unhappy about sales from months ago: Sold 10 months earlier: I've got another player unhappy on the same day about a similar issue.
  6. I'm at the end of 3rd season and the dates seem all jumbled. This is the current timeline I'm facing: 24th October 2022: Final game of the season 26th October 2022: Squad go on end of season break 31st October 2022: Squad return for pre-season 5th November 2022: Cup Final for 2022 season 6th March 2023: 2023 Season Starts A couple of issues: 1. A 5-day end of season break, which is placed during a season that is still active (I'm in the cup final) 2. A 5-month pre-season seems very steep, surely players are going to end up injured
  7. 97:03 Score Kick off 97:52 Concede Kick Off 98:35 Score 3 goals, celebrations and kick offs in the space of 92 seconds.
  8. I see this quote often too. Opposition keeper will launch the ball long, my centre half will watch the ball float over his head and then decide to chase once the opposition striker is 5 yards clear of him.
  9. Finally found time to get to the end of my first season with Tromso, clinching the title on the last day of the season: Curious to see how the real life team were faring with the same players, I was pretty shocked to see how they currently stand: If they lose their final game then they will finish on the exact same wins, draws, losses and points. If they somehow manage to lost 4-0 then they'll finish on the exact same goal difference too. Maybe I'm just tired, but stuff like this tickles me.
  10. I like this, and all makes perfect sense, develop in-house to a certain level. I suppose me farming out 17 year olds on loan to teams who don't have as good a youth setup is counter intuitive to their development. I really appreciate the detailed response, thanks.
  11. Intrigued to know how people control their youth systems on each game? I'm at a club (Tromso) with an excellent youth setup, but not sure how to get the best out of it to make sure potential is reached. Do I pack the U19 squad with high potential players or do I loan them out? Just wondering what others do as their go-to with youth at the start of a new save.
  12. All is going well with Tromso, halfway through the first season and I'm 4 points clear at the top of the 2nd tier. I'm getting all the results I'd expect from a Tika Taka formation, I lead the league in pass completion, average possession.. etc, just wondering if there is anything that stands out in the positions and instructions that is counter-intuitive to the style?
  13. Just as a general wondering. Started with Tromso, with the intent of implementing 4231 Tiki Taka, and whilst I'm dominating possession, I've had a very poor start to the season (6 points from first 6 games). How long do you guys normally wait before abandoning? I don't want to pull the emergency Gegenpress cord on this save.
  14. Palermo didn't grab me when I started, I've now finally started a save I like with Tromso, going to make the northernmost team on the game the Kings of Europe. Great youth setup too.
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