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  1. Harrison has been great for me. Costa on the right. Bought Eze from QPR to go through the middle, or left. I think my best buy of season 1 has been Luke Matheson from Rochdale for 1.5m. And just bought Bella-Kotchap from Germany in January. Currently in the playofffs after 27 games. Still tinkering with tactics, but mostly been playing the 4231.
  2. Currently into my 2nd season. Finished last season 2nd in the league and winners of the Euro Cup. Not bought much, Tah (Bayer Levekusen) Fernandes (Sporting Lisbon) and Pulisic (Dortmund). Getting so much from my attacking 3. Ozil. Laca and Auba doing the business. Playing them in their own preferred roles works for me. Mix it up between these 2 tactics. Good and enjoyable save. Hope it continues.
  3. Been playing the series for longer than I can remember and have to say on first impressions, Im really impressed. The layout of the game is fantastic and really easy to navigate through the screens. The match engine is the best yet and the new tactics system is really good and enjoyable. More to think about from game to game. The only negative maybe is the training. Seems a little to complex at the moment and will take some getting used to. Had to show a little screenshot of my last game away to Man Utd. Sanchez controversially sent off early on and a great comeback with a last minute winner. Very enjoyable.
  4. Something that has really started to grind on me is the Assistant Manger advise report for your next game. Every game he recommends a different formation, a different mentality and shape. Tells me to reduce closing down to prevent the risk of injuries. Home or away, always wanting to change it up. Does anyone listen to him and go with his advise every time?? I stick with roughly the same formation most games. I play with 3 centre backs, 2 wing backs and 2 strikers. The midfield 3 I quite frequently change, with either a DM or AM to complement the 2 MCs, depending on opposition and playing at home or away. I like to stick with fluid and don't normally play with many team instructions. But every game the Assistant wants to change it up to flexible or structured and to remove or add different team instructions to help get the right result. Surely this goes against your team building an understanding together and by changing it up every time hinders your team from gelling. Any thoughts?
  5. Hey pr0. Great work. Ive downloaded your updates for some time now and have to say I treat them like a new version of the game. Just looking to see when you think you might have the update up after the transfer deadline? Also being an Arsenal fan and looking forward to a new save, what have you changed on the player front regarding there attribute? Maybe updating Iwobi as one of the main young talents coming through for instance??
  6. Straight away you need at least one wing back on Attack to get some width in the team up front. The midfield and forwards have to much space between them. One Cm needs an attacking duty and one forward needs a support duty. Players would start to link up better. Also a advanced forward/poacher is not a good combination. An advanced forward(a) and deep lying forward(s) would be much better.
  7. Im in my 5th season with Leeds, stuck in and round mid table in the prem. My formation is not far from yourself. P(a)------DLF(s) AP(a) DLP(s) BWM(s) HB(d) WB(a/s) CD(d) CD(d) CWB(a) Rigid Defensive Standard Control (depending on who im playing) Retain possession Short passing Play out of defence Get stuck in Sometimes use work ball into box, stick to postition if away, be more disiplined if up against a big team, hassle opponents if losing and needing a goal. Finding I can really punish teams. Most games I have better possession, more shots but at times lack consistent performances to get me higher up the table. Any advice on this setup would be appreciated also.
  8. Think I might have too. Never cheated in years of playing this game. If this feature is in the game because SI want the game as close to real life football so be it. I just wished then they got the media/off the field closer to real life.
  9. What did Sean Dyche achieve at Watford? Was he successful?
  10. Would do but cant get another in the premier league. Will have to drop back down to the championship.
  11. Who's idea was it to put this idea into the game? Manager of Leeds Utd. Finish 4th in first season and miss out in the play offs. Second season win the Championship and promoted to the top league. Go through pre season spending a good day building a team capable of staying up. Then message comes up saying a possible takeover. After a couple of weeks the takeover is complete and the new owner sacks me after only one game in the league. Does this happen in real life? So soon after a takeover? Straight after a promotion? Im left after enjoying a good save, 2 good seasons building a team ready for the prem. Get there sacked after 1 game. Bit s***? Played on for 6 months looking for another premier league job but was only getting offered championship teams. Save game over. Point in starting another. Poor feature for me
  12. Totally agree with this. Hopefully SI can reply to this and give us a reason why there is no/lack of emotion and referee mistakes in this game.
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