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  1. The way I see it, the more people playing the Alpha version, from SI staff, researchers, youtubers, the better. Potentially making the release version of the game better and more bug free. These youtubers put a lot of work into their videos and are very experienced in playing the game and what they do. In a way, SI are rewarding these guys with bringing more gamers, new gamers to the brand. More people playing the gaming, brings more money and a better game. I will buy the game every year. Why? Value for money. Best game out there. No questions asked. Quick sum. The hours I've put into this years game comes to 4p an hour. If SI want to hand out an Alpha version of the game to some youtubers, go ahead, I dont have a problem with it.
  2. I think a lot of players might use Tierney as a wide centre back if playing with 3 at the back. I think Arsenals first 11 is good. Young and should have potential, Saka, Smith Rowe both leading that. I think buying a striker at the the start of the second second will be top of the list. Laca's contract has only 1 year left and Auba getting older and starting to decline. I think finding a partner in the middle of the field next to Partey will be important. Xhaka im not a fan of and Sambi is still very young. Still to get a lot of dead wood out of the club to free up wages a priority also.
  3. I've mentioned this earlier in the thread. I'm totally against plug and play tactics but understand fully the reasons why people use them and for people that don't have as much spare time to come up with their own. For me, the possibility to bring an option for an AI difficulty level of some kind? Playing one tactic, a super tactic that wins most games no matter the situation and opponent, shouldn't happen. Adaptability over plug and play please.
  4. Kieran Tierney at Arsenal. Played on the left of a 3 at times last season. Would be a good player to try it with.
  5. For me this is music to my ears. I have a big issue with plug and play tactics. Dominating a league campaign with one tactic. Not adapting and making changes mid game. One tactic wins all. I get it, some players dont have much free time and want to plug in a tactic and away they go. Win with ease, fair play. Maybe there should be an option at the start of a save, ticking a box for a casual gamer to be successful with one tactic?? AI difficulty level?? (if you know what I mean) Who knows. Personally, countering the gegenpress, switching and changing your tactics to face different oppositions every week, home and away, starting with a low block, different mentality, managing a football team on a game by game basis, yes thats what I want. Good video SI. Im in for FM22. Would be lost without it.
  6. Take this with a pinch of salt mate because I am no genius, but what I've learnt reading the forums and watching youtube videos, is that keeping your tactics as simple as you can to start with and only tinker and add more team instructions when you really know how they work. So many have loads of team instructions ticked to begin a game, then try to tinker mid game, but maybe doing the opposite effect and making the situation worse. These guides are so beneficial to the community. Less is more. A guide on each team instruction, when to use, before, during and late on. Back to basics. Understanding what your team DNA, your philosophy you want to build and bring to your team. A guide that doesn't over complicate things foe the average player like myself. I would like to see a guide about a low, split and high block and what each really is and how to use this in certain games. Something I do get a little lost with.
  7. Struggling with the right starting mentality for each game and dealing with home and away. Is it better to change set up game to game to deal with how strong the opposition are? Mentality, higher defensive line, line of engagement.
  8. Thank you for the responses. All make a lot of sense. I've always been a player that likes to make their own tactic with guidance from the forums when things go wrong. But can understand those players that want that exploit tactic that's there and easy to use. Weaknesses in the match engine? Is there that many? Is the AI not good/high enough to exploit straight back? Going a little over my head now. Getting that balance I suppose. Thank you again.
  9. I dont understand how plug and play tactics work. "This tactic is the best there is"."It will work for every team". How can one tactic for every game of the season, home and away, give you the success to win trophies and be at the top end of the table. Am I missing something??? Ive been playing as Sunderland. Ive managed to get them to 5th and 6th in the last 2 seasons in the premier league, struggling this season though tinkering away with my 352 wing backs that's got me a little frustrated of late. Do I stick with my high defensive line at Anfield? Do I make my wing backs more attacking at home against a potentially weaker side than mine? Do I go balanced or more positive? Decisions a manager needs to make on a game to game basis right? Some of these tactics that come up on the forum (dont get me wrong, look good tactics in there own right) work for every game? And more importantly work for other peoples teams that have completely different players to theirs? I know a lot are put on the forum as a guide or to help others who may be struggling but do these players stick rigid to these, never adjust between games? Would love to know. Thank you.
  10. Half way through my first season. Enjoying the game so far. Match engine I feel has a had a big improvement. VAR working better than last year. I feel the Dugout with the picture of thousands of little circles for passing completely useless, and should have the option to replace it on your screen with something else you personally find more productive and beneficial to myself. Its about customising the game for the individual player right??? Im warming to the player condition and sharpness icons. Better than the percentages. I liked the press conference's at first but already they seem very repetitive and the questions are very similar and boring. Big negative.
  11. Thought I would try 3 at the back with wingbacks. Training Tierney up as a DC and also plays as my WB when I dont play Saka. Laca out for 3 months so playing Auba as a pressing forward with Pepe or Eddie as the AF. Willian in the middle and Partey is a beast BTB.
  12. Arsenal researcher give us any info on FM 21 squad/updates? Players familiarity with roles? Auba more fluent on the left, Saka on the left, Ozil been given a drop etc ?????
  13. Can we make it either now or Monday? The bird is coming round this weekend. She might only see the back of the laptop at this rate..
  14. Blog was a good read. Looking forward to see the match engine now. Quick question. Any news on this years licencing? Any changes?
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