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  1. Thank you for the responses. All make a lot of sense. I've always been a player that likes to make their own tactic with guidance from the forums when things go wrong. But can understand those players that want that exploit tactic that's there and easy to use. Weaknesses in the match engine? Is there that many? Is the AI not good/high enough to exploit straight back? Going a little over my head now. Getting that balance I suppose. Thank you again.
  2. I dont understand how plug and play tactics work. "This tactic is the best there is"."It will work for every team". How can one tactic for every game of the season, home and away, give you the success to win trophies and be at the top end of the table. Am I missing something??? Ive been playing as Sunderland. Ive managed to get them to 5th and 6th in the last 2 seasons in the premier league, struggling this season though tinkering away with my 352 wing backs that's got me a little frustrated of late. Do I stick with my high defensive line at Anfield? Do I make my wing backs more attacking
  3. Any update SI? Is this issue getting fixed or not? I am playing a beta save. Do I have to restart????
  4. I have the same issue. Playing a club twice away from home in a season. I started my game in the beta. ?????
  5. Half way through my first season. Enjoying the game so far. Match engine I feel has a had a big improvement. VAR working better than last year. I feel the Dugout with the picture of thousands of little circles for passing completely useless, and should have the option to replace it on your screen with something else you personally find more productive and beneficial to myself. Its about customising the game for the individual player right??? Im warming to the player condition and sharpness icons. Better than the percentages. I liked the press conference's at first but already
  6. Thought I would try 3 at the back with wingbacks. Training Tierney up as a DC and also plays as my WB when I dont play Saka. Laca out for 3 months so playing Auba as a pressing forward with Pepe or Eddie as the AF. Willian in the middle and Partey is a beast BTB.
  7. Arsenal researcher give us any info on FM 21 squad/updates? Players familiarity with roles? Auba more fluent on the left, Saka on the left, Ozil been given a drop etc ?????
  8. Can we make it either now or Monday? The bird is coming round this weekend. She might only see the back of the laptop at this rate..
  9. Blog was a good read. Looking forward to see the match engine now. Quick question. Any news on this years licencing? Any changes?
  10. I dont use Twitter. How do I get to see these clips and anything Miles is showing? Should be put on the forum before social media sources no!!
  11. Apologies its not quite roles and duties based. But more about your full tactic in general. Over the last few seasons, ive noticed a lot more managers in the premier league are tinkering and changing their tactics to suit that next individual game. I mean swapping between a back 3 or 4, 2 centre backs or 3. Im asking, is it more built into the game now were you can rotate your tactics more often? Can you have 3 tactics were your team can be familiar with a 4231 and a 352 say? Being an Arsenal fan, over the last few seasons, including the last season or so with Arsene, Arsenal would
  12. The match engine isn't perfect. But you have so many options available to you, on how you want to play the game. Either playing the full 90 minutes, or just old school 2D. I would like to see more controversy in the game. More off the field issues that are happening every other week. Like Foden and Greenwood getting into trouble. Having a player like Ozil in your squad and having to deal with that. VAR issues that will drive you mad. Clear penalties not given. Red cards. Your player losing their cool at the end of a game and having to manage the situation at full time and in the press the fol
  13. It will be interesting if you keep Ozil out of squad and with no playing time, will it disrupt the players and make them unhappy with the way he's been treated. Will his attributes be drastically reduced?
  14. Yeah good reply Steve. Think your right with Tierney. Normally start the game with no transfers until the January window. Next summer you should be able to raise some good cash through sales and people off the wage bill. Sokritis. Mustafi, Chambers, Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi, Ozil, Elneny, maybe Xhaka. Your talking nearly a million a week there.....
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