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  1. Thank you for this thread! What would you recommend för a 10900KF and 32 GB RAM setup? I will be playing in Italy, serie A. Would like some decent speed, but also as much realism as I can get without having to wait for too long on things.
  2. Would a TQ be feasible in such a system too? I am thinking he would be a little more attacking than AM-S but still drop deep (and roam).
  3. Probably not. I'd go with FM Touch if you are pressed for playing time.
  4. I am using Pequogenio88 skin and there is an instant result button in the skin but it is not working correctly. From what I have gathered, the author of the skin does not use that particulat function so is not going to get it fixed. Can anyone help me how to fix this myself?
  5. Is there a way to support your work? Stunning stuff.
  6. I think Roma as usual. However I will be continuing the save from beta to full release. Other, less likely options, are Sunderland, Olympique Marseilles, AEK, and Anderlecht.
  7. Look at how Crusader Kings 3 model faces. They evolve over time and you can change (with mods) haircuts and beards. Injuries, age etc show on faces. Just license that thing from Paradox!
  8. Don't know really. FM 20 has been the least enjoyable FM for me since, well since I started playing I think. I will wait for some features reveal and see. Otherwise I think I will play FM 2019.
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