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  1. Awesome! Companies definitely need to start thinking more of environment and social responsibility than on the bottom line.
  2. Interesting how Miles says on Twitter that the release date is on the 19th because they want to get some complicated features ready. Maybe, but it is probably because of Google Stadia.
  3. Roma FC St. Pauli Not necessarily in that order, or maybe both at the same time.
  4. I would like to see this feature as well. Just make the old save "adapt" to the new save, by changing what needs to be changed. There is not doubt in my mind it is possible.
  5. If they are worth it keep them in the senior squad and mentor them, but make them available for youth team/reserves/u20s/etc.
  6. FM12 - 642 hrs FM13 - 1479 hrs FM14 - 634 hrs FM15 - 410 hrs FM16 - 1036 hrs FM17 - 1231 hrs That is bat **** crazy... man I need to get a life
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