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  1. Which version of TCS should I use to get the light version working?
  2. I love it!! But I am missing the Instant Result button!
  3. This is amazing. Inspired me to try something similar with Roma.
  4. I har similar problems. I just bought the ingame editor and edited myself unsackable.
  5. This happened to me too, in Europa League with Roma. Similar situation, overachieving in the league and got knocked out of EL in the knockout stages by a good team (can't remember which now). I just reloaded the EL game, since I wanted to play with Roma. I think club vision needs some love :-)
  6. Awesome! Companies definitely need to start thinking more of environment and social responsibility than on the bottom line.
  7. Interesting how Miles says on Twitter that the release date is on the 19th because they want to get some complicated features ready. Maybe, but it is probably because of Google Stadia.
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