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  1. With all the announcements and with a bit of hype being created I have begun to make my plans for my first 'long term' save and wanted to see/hear others plans they have. My long term save is going to be Leicester. I enjoyed playing with them last year with the core group of young Englishmen and plan on a similar approach this year, with the benefit of Europa League for some squad players. Every year I try to plan my ideal squad and what they would look like and cover my ins and outs. These are the players I plan on shipping out of the club. I have tried to gauge how much I will
  2. With the transfer windows in England now shut and players can no longer move within the country. Are there any players that people are happy didn’t move as it will make them easier to sign in game? Secondly, any players you are annoyed they have moved as it makes it more difficult? Personally I am happy that Todd Cantwell never went to Leeds and Dwight McNeil has stayed at Burnley as they are 2 players I want to sign in my Leicester save. Disappointed that Joe Gelhardt joined Leeds as he was my go to young striker last year.
  3. Looking forward to another Leicester save this year. Especially as it is looking like fm have a licence for them. Great youngsters throughout the team with some experienced heads and should have a decent budget.
  4. I just can't get a tune out of him ever! I have had a few different saves in the past using him and just doesn't do the business for me. So i thought better to have the money than an under performing player. Thats exactly it, when the big clubs are offering good money for some of these players as they are wanted all the time its hard to say no. Especially if you are playing a certain way.
  5. This is what he looks like for me at the start of season 2 and this is his stats for season 1. I'm trying to keep signings as 'realistic' to real life as possible if that makes sense. So I think the likes of Foden wouldn't happen and that if Aarons was available larger clubs would get him. Tbf Justin is really solid for me and Matheson the same.
  6. So I signed alot of English younsters in my first season and sold some key players like Pereira, Ndidi and Soyuncu in January to balance the books. I managed to get Braintwaite from Everton and Harwood-Bellis on loan from City. Who are both good ball playing centre backs and are good back ups for Evans and Soyuncu. Braintwaite in particular is great for me and is developing great. I know he doesn't look up to much but have a look at Luke Thomas, the young left back already at Leicester. His stats are really good for the position and with Chilwell being the main man, Thomas provides g
  7. Fair enough. Who else have you signed? I have my own Leicester save atm have gone on an English youth route tho.
  8. I think loaning Barnes our would be a mistake. Really good player already with good potential. Can also play anywhere across the front line. Who else are you signing? Wouldn’t Barnes be your best right sided option also?
  9. From playing with Leicester, I have found that Harvey Barnes is an excellent inside forward who you already have. What about moving maddison to centre midfield and playing Grealish at AMC?
  10. IMO if you are in a big football country like england Spain France Italy. You are competing with other big clubs for top young players coming through. It’s only natural that you may only get 1 or 2 potential first teams. it’s very rare irl that you have multiple come through at once even if you have amazing facilities. even the best clubs poach youngster from other clubs because there’s aren’t up to standard. I think we expect too much from youth intake and if we get a superstar once every five years that’s pretty accurate. Obviously if your super lucky and get multip
  11. Thank you! I can’t stand the faces and it puts me off singing them and therefore getting very far in game. You have saved me 👍
  12. Is there a way that I can turn off regen/newgen faces in a save?
  13. It can happen in real life tho. The video itself references the transfer of Benik afobe where he transferred to a club then to a new one days later for increased value. Am I still right in saying that irl in theory you can transfer multiple times but only play competitively for 2 teams? im sure if a club signed a player for £10million and another club desperately wanted him for £15m then it would happen.
  14. I’m looking for a new save within England with a team that has youth prospects who are good enough to develop and stay at the club long term. I did give this a go with Bolton but was getting annoyed with losing my best youngsters who I developed for peanuts to balance the books. Having read the Derby team guide posts I’m inclined to go with them, are there any other suggestions or obvious ones I’m missing?
  15. If you want a youngster to develop maybe Luke Matheson from Wolves. Has good stats for the position and develops well.
  16. I always try to develop young english players as I think there are some really good players who just need to be developed and given game time. I did a lot of business in the first window and signed a lot of young players. My thinking was that the first team squad was very strong already and I could essentially have a bench of kids who could come off the bench and get the cup games. As well as this I always like the idea of utilising the 3 teams within the club as best as possible. So I essentially made signings so that I would have 3 players in each position. 1st, Under 23's and Under 18's. Al
  17. Is anyone else currently playing as Leicester? Would be interesting to see how others have gone about it. I will upload some screenshots of my progress a bit later.
  18. Anyone else still playing as Leicester or starting a new save?
  19. Have seen a few people after young British players for this team who are realistic signings. Here are a few who I sign that go a bit under the radar. CB - Jonathan panzo. Can be signed after 1st season and can also play left back. Ball playing defender CB - Taylor Harwood-Bellis. Another great option at BPD. Can be on loan and signed longer term. Lb - Jake Vokins from Southampton. A different option who has a really good all round game. Cm - tommy Doyle. Another you can Loan from city then sign. A really good youngster who has great stats already at a young a
  20. From my own experience I think keeping them with your first team squad is best. I always put my top youngsters into my first team squad and make them available for the yth or under 23’s. Try and give them the game time where you can. I think they just get lost out on loan
  21. I have found a 4-2-3-1 with Maddison at amc works for me. barnes and gray have been good for me but I agree Perez and albrighton haven’t done much. who else have you signed? As I think the squad is weaker in other areas such as back up at cb and lb. I do like the idea of Bowen. Young and English. Always moves to Crystal Palace on my saves and does well.
  22. Has anyone got any experience of using him. Am thinking of signing him for a long term save. But my scout doesn’t rate him too highly. So was wondering if anyone has managed to develop him.
  23. Gk marcus dewhurst young keeper still reading also jaden Boyle or luke matheson are good young right backs a few centre back options. You already have kayne ramsey. There is Nathan ferguson who would be a good option and could potentially start already. Look at harwood-bellis at city. Can get him on loan and develops nicely. alex mighten and dobbin from everton are good young winger who are both available on compensation. Most of these are players I had experience with in my Leicester save. The final one I would recommend is joe gelhardt from Wigan. Dev
  24. Has anyone seen any instances of the AI developing youngsters within the club and I mean youngsters who start the game. Not newgens. Most clubs have the philosophy to develop youngsters for the first team. I have never really seen many actually develop from within the club.
  25. May Leicester ended the season in a bit of a slump with 2 loses and a draw, which saw them end the season in 7th place. Mullan had previously said that they could not realistically finish any lower and he was proved to be right. In the final 3 games of the season Mullan gave minutes to a number of young players and experimented with different partnerships throughout the pitch. 'It feels like a bit of an anti-climax. We have done so well all season and to end in this king of form is a shame. However, 7th in the league, Europa League qualification and Carabao Cup winners? I
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