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  1. Thanks for the answer! So at least now I understood that the broken scheduling is already fixed for new saves (didn't know that).
  2. So even if it's a seperate issue it's an imortant issue too. Especially since in former fm's you were able to count key tackles and dribblings properly. And it's hard to imagine that it's not related at all since key tackles and dribblings and other stats should be part of the rating, no? Another strange bug it the wrong scheduling at least in Premier League: Is that really hard to fix? I can't remember that that ever was an issue. Is it really so hard to quickly implement a schedule where I have one home and one away match against every other team? Something that was always workling?
  3. So you think that obvious bugs (like wrong fixtures or completely missing stats) as well as nearly game breaking issues (like low ratings) will all not be fixed before a major update because these are not technical issues? This would really be disappointing because as good the match engine is I think the game as a whole was never in such a bad condition in January...
  4. I also face some teams twice at home (e.g. ManU) and some twice away (ManC). Also the two ManU-Matches are within 10 days:
  5. Agree, also my ratings are too low on average. Even if a player scores twice his rating is only around 8. It's definitely a lot harsher than in previous editions.
  6. same issue with shots on bar by the way...
  7. Hi, it seems that shots on posts are not counted in the match statistics. In the match attached I hit the post in around min 80 and it did not show ou in the statistics during the match. The same happened before in other matches. Leicester City – FC Fulham.pkm
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