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  1. I'm in 2030/31 with Boreham Wood. About to start my 4th year in the Premier League (and first in Europe, EURO II) My first three, I finished 11th, 10th and 8th (League Cup Finalists too).
  2. same issues for me in player search. i can't click on any of the filters other than value, and then eventually the others work,
  3. hi harry, this seems to have been fixed too! thanks ive also noticed a lot more updates from the dugout during games which is great (alerts when goals in other games, and more player instructions (ie. man-marking certain players). the goal alerts is something i've never seen - is that new? (if so, great!) the player instructions - might just be a coincidence that the instructions i've just seen for the first time appeared after the update!
  4. i have had similar issues as to first post. only noticed it at end of season when i check other results, but on both my saves, the other results differed at HT / FT and then again after i left the match (all worked in my favour though!)
  5. also experience this issue. i only have english leagues loaded but from second season, i haven't seen any youth intake outside of England. First season I had a fair few from France, Spain, etc.
  6. I’m trying to load a shortlist on my iPad. the file is in documents > shortlists. however I pressed ‘up’ on my location and I have no way of clicking on any folder to expand them. if I click on a folder and press open it says ‘this file could not be imported’. how can I restore the directory to just be FM documents? TIA
  7. managed to get my beloved Hendon! Gonna give this a go.
  8. Loving it so far on iPad - been away from FMT for two years and pretty much played FMM non stop in that time as I wanted a quicker, stream-lined game. Now I’ve got the time to play FMT again (I don’t really have a need for a laptop otherwise so don’t have the full game) and I’m very, very impressed with it. Runs smoother and quicker than the last time I played. Absolutely love the detail and inductions. sorry if posting in the wrong place, but anyway I can get those real name fix files onto FMT on iOS? Thanks
  9. Hi Lucas. do you know if there is a way to use the ‘real name fixes’ on FMT for iOS?
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