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  1. Hi guys, How well would be below run FM20? Would it be capable of running 6 nations with say 20 leagues? I only play matches in 2D so graphics don’t really matter. https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/13-inch-space-grey-1.4ghz-quad-core-processor-with-turbo-boost-up-to-3.9ghz-512gb# Thanks in advance!
  2. I play FM Touch so regularly go to watch cup finals I’m not in or scout players personally because I have more time. Much rather do that than spend 15 hours finding 47 different coaches in the full game etc
  3. Hi all, I’ve won an Apple Macbook Pro at work and want to use it to play FM20. Its this version; https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/13-inch-space-grey-1.4ghz-quad-core-processor-with-turbo-boost-up-to-3.9ghz-512gb# Will this run the game well or am I better off selling it and buying a different brand?
  4. Definitely give it a bash pal! I day dream about matches and signings now, the game ‘story’ is all in my head haha. Much better than worrying about finding the best 47 staff members and managing 30 U18 players to the micro level
  5. I was exactly the same as you guys! Playing the full thing made me feel guilty about spending so much time on it etc and I’d do one season then dump the game. Now I can play 10+ seasons over the course of a couple of months, whilst really focusing on whats going on inside the game world such as going to the Champions League finals and going to watch players etc! Feels just like the old FM’s but better! Amazing
  6. FM Touch? Its the best of both worlds!
  7. FM Touch will save your lives... (and bring back the joy!)
  8. I love FM Touch. The last 7/8 years I have been driven to play Full Fat FM to try and fulfil the sheer joy I had playing early FM versions as a teen. However I have found myself falling deeper into frustration, leading to long periods not playing the game (always thinking about it!) and in 8 years I’ve probably completed 5 full seasons. Absolutely embarrassing for somebody who loves FM so much. I then decided to give FM Touch a fair shot, and wow am I surprised. I play the game on a laptop so can still make little tweaks and add ons I need as well as running 20+ leagues. Why have I not spent the last 5 years playing this game!? Don’t get me wrong Full Fat FM is obviously the best experience, however I see so many people who claim they don’t have enough time and miss the old days but seemingly don’t play FM Touch!? I think a lot of this stems from the marketing around FM Touch, its not seen as a ‘serious’ game so players tend to swerve it much like I did. However now I can jump into saves whilst maintaining a healthy relationship and work/life balance! I now spend my hours on the game watching matches in more detail, going to cup finals and narrating my own story whilst progressing seasons at double speed rather than falling into the endless hole of recruiting the best 63 staff members as proven by a formula (exhausting!). I really hope some of you can be convinced to give the game a fair shot, its much better to put 500 hours into a game that you can progress in and feel the joy of the old games rather than sitting thinking about playing Full Fat but knowing the weight and time density of the game just doesn’t work for you. Forza FM Touch!
  9. Hi guys, Picked up 20 Beta after years of not playing FM, I’m loving how much you can delegate to your staff nowadays... however my question is are they capable? I have left general training, scouting assignments and shouts to them, is this okay and are they capable of making good decisions or would you not recommend it? Thanks!
  10. The modern day SFraser! Threads are just a joy to read, its none of the monotonous do this, this, this, this, this, this, this and you will have success. Its just thinking about Football at face value, rather than as a computer game! Extremely inspirational my friend @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!
  11. My original point wasn’t just about FM19, its about Football Manager as a whole. Winning a league title should take luck and skill, not just overpowering poor AI.
  12. I don’t think AI even needs to be that much better, the game needs to be more random. I agree people would get annoyed at unexplained losses but try telling that to 95% of real life managers...
  13. If somebody on the forums won the CL with Salford then it should be an unbelievable feat and also should also have taken 50 years, it seems like anybody within reason with patience could do it as it stands!
  14. Hi guys, Is this still not an option in FMT19? I can’t remember seeing it at the start up of my game, if its not then why is it not? And could we get this added? As it doesn’t seem like a major piece of work to do so.
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