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  1. Hi guys, Picked up 20 Beta after years of not playing FM, I’m loving how much you can delegate to your staff nowadays... however my question is are they capable? I have left general training, scouting assignments and shouts to them, is this okay and are they capable of making good decisions or would you not recommend it? Thanks!
  2. The modern day SFraser! Threads are just a joy to read, its none of the monotonous do this, this, this, this, this, this, this and you will have success. Its just thinking about Football at face value, rather than as a computer game! Extremely inspirational my friend @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!
  3. My original point wasn’t just about FM19, its about Football Manager as a whole. Winning a league title should take luck and skill, not just overpowering poor AI.
  4. I don’t think AI even needs to be that much better, the game needs to be more random. I agree people would get annoyed at unexplained losses but try telling that to 95% of real life managers...
  5. If somebody on the forums won the CL with Salford then it should be an unbelievable feat and also should also have taken 50 years, it seems like anybody within reason with patience could do it as it stands!
  6. Hi guys, Is this still not an option in FMT19? I can’t remember seeing it at the start up of my game, if its not then why is it not? And could we get this added? As it doesn’t seem like a major piece of work to do so.
  7. “bUt yOuR plAyiNg As MaN uNitEd wHat Do yOu ExPecT”........ ...is the normal response from this forum. I expect that you’d challenge for the title at best, struggle in the CL latter stages and maybe make the FA Cup semis/final... its too easy to say START IN DIVISION 27 THEN... maybe I want to play as a top team but also have a competitive challenge like in real life. I’d genuinely love it if as Arsenal I won the league say 2/3 times out of 10, it would invigorate me even more to press on and develop my squad with the ‘its our year’ mentality.
  8. Hello all, I’m seeing many people playing FM19 (including myself) coasting to wins as top teams, I’ve seen many close to 100 point seasons already from users playing as Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal... Now the general consensus is that, ‘yeah of course the games easy if you use those teams’, well this shouldn’t be the case. Trebles should be one of the rarest achievements ever, but it seems common place in user controlled teams. I feel this is geared towards LLM players as they can make it through the leagues and finally challenge for major trophies, I feel like this should be near impossible if we want FM to be a proper realistic game. You should be able to use top 3/4 teams and win the odd trophy, maybe a season like United’s 1999 treble every once in a blue moon, if you are a mid-low table Prem team then the edges of the Top 6 should be a dream come true, LLM managers should settle for promotions and then have to move clubs if they want to make their way up the leagues just like real life! I know people moan as soon as their tactics don’t ‘work’ as they used to, but the game has to be more random and harder to beat, I remember when Chelsea signed Ballack and Shevchenko on the back of two league titles and I thought they’d be unstoppable, in FM you’d have won three trebles in a row, however Mourinho ended up getting sacked and it took Chelsea another 5 years to finally win the Champions League. Making these changes for affect LLM players for sure, but winning the Prem with Gateshead within 20 years is a joke anyway, the top level of the game needs to be more evenly distributed and possibly even more random.
  9. Sorry for the double post: I understand the inclusion of both genders in athletic games etc, even Tennis where the standard of both games is at the highest level. Unfortunately at the moment woman’s football just isn’t popular enough NOR at a high enough level to justify investment. Even the highest level international games are played at a mundane pace, don’t think it will ever kick on... WE WANT A WOMANS NBA AND NFL... the world has gone PC crazy.
  10. Would be a ridiculous addition. Yes we all want whats fair and politically correct but lets focus SI’s resources into something that would benefit the masses who play the game, not just to please a small percentage of this new era of professional whingers!
  11. My Arsenal team who can’t perform can spank Man City 8-0 in a cup final and then 6-1 a few days later... I actually don’t want to win by these scorelines
  12. Love my FMT save, I regulrly watch all the goals from my leagues weekend fixtures as I have time to rather than convince my team that a 2* midfielder should be getting more minutes than them
  13. I go with FMT. The thought of Full Fat FM is delightful, yet the reality is painful for me because of the amount there is to do, its a lot like the game Civilisation. I prefer to play FMT so I have control of everything without being stressed, I can slowly go through seasons at about 20 hours per, which means thats a season done in a week or two. This means that I can play a 5-10 season save before Christmas, and probably have another three of those before FM20, rather than fifty 1/2 season saves on Full Fat. Also the way I see it is that (not everybody), people playing Full Fat concentrate on absolutely everything to do with their team but not always on the game world, when playing FMT I can tell you at a heartbeat who is top of all of Europe’s top 10 leagues as well as knowing the El Clasico scores and how certain teams are doing. In essence I build the game world in my head, I feel when I play the full game I’m so perplexed at looking for the perfect data analyst that I don’t even know how Barcelona are doing in La Liga etc! I can get a good way into my save, but I also know everything about it, many Youtubers I watch crash through the Full game couldn’t even tell you who won the major European competitions!
  14. Also can you not set your past experience now? I don’t remember seeing it when creating my character...
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