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  1. Not a bug per se, but imo does sweden gain way too much rep and value to their players faster than what's reality. Many saves where foreign managers come into the top division and where clubs buy international players 4-5 million pounds which just isn't the case in sweden. Minor thing but does take some of the fun out of it for me.
  2. My central midfield pair have over 100 mistakes made when the season is about to wrap up. There haven't been a lot of these leading to goals. Although i have a central defender that have done a lot less mistakes but more of his mistakes have lead to goals. And when i look at his stats i can't undertstand why that is (i understand his position is more exposed regarding leading to goal) but there aren't any obvious flaws in his stats to why he would be making these mistakes. So my question is, mistakes made is it every misplacement in positioning and every misplaced pass? Otherwise i don't unde
  3. Can someone pls help me? Im doing a "SAF-challenge" i am Palace and I'm trying to build my team like Diego S have done in atletico and the other day i read on the internet that Simeone demands aggression and heart from his players, but it was more elaborative. First and foremost, have anyone read that article because I'm trying to get players fitting his mould I've been scanning my internet history for hours and used google without finding that particular article again! Aggression(4), bravery(1), determination(5 because tutoring options), work rate(3) and teamwork(2) coupled with good physica
  4. I would love to read about this and your progress in a separate thread. Awesome post!
  5. I understand that balanced is very good paired with individual focus. But if i was to try implement a "club ethos". For example, my players should be good with the ball(Ball control) and have good physique(Fitness). You have previously shotted me down with my rotational general training, but how would you go on about this Cleon? Is a 6 month rotation on low the best way to go? I'd really appreciate your input, don't want this save to get spoiled due to failed logics. Cheers!
  6. Im sorry if my reply caused offense. I was merely stating my hopes what you would write about. I would like some insight on the ugly yet very effective defending since i atm is playing as palace and my squad aint able to outplay many teams. One can't argue your knowledge Cleon and i always find your thread immensely helpful even when they don't match my hopes and imagination of what you will exactly write about. Once again, sorry if my post seemed ungrateful.
  7. Impressive write up! Although i got a bit disappointed when i learned how you managed your clean sheets(through attacking and ball retention to somewhat degree), but it's due to my false expectations. In my mind i thought you would show us how to defende like simeone or mourinho and break like them too! I've gotten the feeling from the community this is harder to achieve? When you see yourself conceding too much possesion and they pin you back too much for comfort how do you deal with that? Do you push up the d-line? Do you push up and become more aggressive?
  8. Im after a dribbler, like cruijf and messi. I think ive found a poor man's choice in Lucas Andersen the dane. He's got what i think the optimal stats. With all of the following above 15, dribbling, first touch, technique, creativity, flair and agility. He lacks in balance but he's got a fair amount of acc and pace. And with his young age his mentals arent the best. But i think ive really got what i looked for here, and once his balance and mental stuffs gone up i think ive got myself a new cruijf? How would the attribute play out when doing a dribble (like in cleon's big thread)? Any stat ive
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