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  1. My central midfield pair have over 100 mistakes made when the season is about to wrap up. There haven't been a lot of these leading to goals. Although i have a central defender that have done a lot less mistakes but more of his mistakes have lead to goals. And when i look at his stats i can't undertstand why that is (i understand his position is more exposed regarding leading to goal) but there aren't any obvious flaws in his stats to why he would be making these mistakes. So my question is, mistakes made is it every misplacement in positioning and every misplaced pass? Otherwise i don't understand how they made so many. And how can i prevent this in future transfer targets? Concentration and decision is obvious, any other stuff? And while you are reading, what would you chose? Player with awesome mental skills and average technical skills or a player with awesome technical skills with average mental skills?
  2. All i do is read the in-game description, which should be enough. I've read countless off topics on these forums over the years but at some point it all just blur together. "He said that and he said that etc" soon enough one doesn't know what to think. But my formation more in-depth. I play a 4-2-3-1 rigid defensive - control depending on opposition. Im still only using the TI's stand off, the tackles variate. Drop deeper, stick to position and allow wide man to switch. My GK is a plain GK, and the one in Vitesse is good for their standards. My LB is a FB:A mostly, there i have Van Anholt and in my opinion he's solid. My CB's are both LD: D, i want them to clear the ball when necessary and don't get fancy with the ball. Here i have mark tighter and tackle harder, are those PI's something that drag them out of position? Giving them both cover duty would that make them more stationary? My RB who's the black sheep of the flock is a CD with good defensive stats, but he still keeps letting me down. I play him as a L-FB or FB D-S. My CM's are one BBM and one CM-D. Thinking i need to drop them to DM's to not leave the CD's exposed. My am's are AML IF-S, AMC AM-S/A or Treq. My AMR are mostly a IF-A. Thinking of dropping them all to the MC strata making it ML wm-s, CM-A and the mr a em-a. My ST is on attack duty, be it poacher, CF-A or Target Man-A I was playing as Vitesse. They had good wingers for counter football. Granted, the defense was possibly their weak spot. But i bought a CD with the little budget i had. But i still see fullbacks closing down way off although i have PI's close down less and sit narrower. Which leads to gaps in the middle and an easy pass for the opposition. I guess that's the most frustrating thing that players don't do what they are told. I think this is what's getting to me. In my world the information that is presented to me should be accurate, i shouldn't have to be sitting on information that is contradicting yet true. The description should do as described? Interesting points, will try them out. Thx for the input so far guys.
  3. I thought i had given up on this game, but when the season's around the corner i started to feel the itch… Well that didn't last long. Im about to quit this game again because of the defending. Im quite defensive minded and the fact that you can't defend like a wall is ruining it for me. For instance, my TI's are; stand off, drop deeper, stick to position and allow wide players to switch side. I play rigid, defensive up to control depending on opposition. Mostly i alternate between defensive and counter because i always think defense first and want to minimize risk taking. I play 4-2-3-1, CM's but think i'll have to go with DM's because of all the holes in the center. My back four is like this: Fb:A LD:D x 2 (reading the description, that is what i want them to do. No nonsense defending) and a FB:S(Converted CD) My problem is, although i clearly want my players to stand their ground my players are running all over the place leaving gaps for the opposition to thread in passes. Any suggestions? Any other things i should explain in order to get more tips?
  4. I love your thread THOG but i fear you've messed up my mind! What i want to achieve is Mourinho-like-tactics. I got 3 tactics in mind; 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and 4-4-2, when desperate for goal. I will primarily use 4-2-3-1. When I'm a favorite and the game plan allows it i want to dominate my opposition. But when the opposition is giving me a hard time i want to solidify my defense. Im playing as Vitesse and my problem so far is that my defense is all over the place. What i want to achieve is a low block, but my defenders run all over. This is my set up: GK:Defend FBL/R Attack/Support DCx2 Defend WMl/AMl CMl Defend B2B WMr/AMr AM: Adv. Pl support/attack ST: Poacher/Target man I use rigid philosophy and with a control mentality. More direct passes, much deeper defensive line. Should i play with a defensive mentality and push up? Should i stand off and stay on feet to minimize the pressing? Im totally lost.
  5. Thog thx a lot for these posts. When you do these recaps i learn so much from the ME. It would be awesome if you'd continue this when the club football starts again! Thanks again, for your time and effort!
  6. There should be some sort of user friendly encyclopedia, above have I've been trying to create for months. Made this changes to my Palace save and i almost caused an upset against Man U and now beat City in the cup. All to intense pressure up front and more conservative at the back! Thx!
  7. Interesting, i see you haven't brought up their intense pressing? Is this because the game can't replicate it or do you think the tactic will sort it out itself?
  8. You said that you don't have to buy the "best" players to be successful. What are you looking for when buying players to build a cohesive team like yours? Team work amongst others?
  9. Can someone pls help me? Im doing a "SAF-challenge" i am Palace and I'm trying to build my team like Diego S have done in atletico and the other day i read on the internet that Simeone demands aggression and heart from his players, but it was more elaborative. First and foremost, have anyone read that article because I'm trying to get players fitting his mould I've been scanning my internet history for hours and used google without finding that particular article again! Aggression(4), bravery(1), determination(5 because tutoring options), work rate(3) and teamwork(2) coupled with good physical stats. These are the primary stats i look for, any other suggestions?
  10. Awesome thread! Looking forward to read more! Specially intrigued about how you interpret Chile! Cheers!
  11. I would love to read about this and your progress in a separate thread. Awesome post!
  12. I understand that balanced is very good paired with individual focus. But if i was to try implement a "club ethos". For example, my players should be good with the ball(Ball control) and have good physique(Fitness). You have previously shotted me down with my rotational general training, but how would you go on about this Cleon? Is a 6 month rotation on low the best way to go? I'd really appreciate your input, don't want this save to get spoiled due to failed logics. Cheers!
  13. My two cents regarding DoF! I want him to be more interactive. For example, i could say that i want him to find a young and talented goal-scorer. Then perhaps he would ask "how old and should he be from a preferred country?". As it is now, the suggested transfer targets are a bit odd. If i play as ajax, i would think he should go on about it like they do IRL. For example suggesting hot prospects and not older players based in a far away land which i doubt Overmars would know about? Im rambling, but in my book Overmars would firstly suggest a player in the amsterdam area and work out. Do you see what i mean? A more interactive and realistic DoF.
  14. Scout Report Bug?

    This still happens! Two years after it was acknowledged! Poor Si, poor indeed!
  15. Im sorry if my reply caused offense. I was merely stating my hopes what you would write about. I would like some insight on the ugly yet very effective defending since i atm is playing as palace and my squad aint able to outplay many teams. One can't argue your knowledge Cleon and i always find your thread immensely helpful even when they don't match my hopes and imagination of what you will exactly write about. Once again, sorry if my post seemed ungrateful.