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  1. No..i am not talking about re-training. I was just asking if i use a player with a certain role in my tactic, but train him as another role (that covers his role in my tactic + some other attributes), does that influence his performance ? I see on my tactics page that it is written he is not fully adapted to the tactic.
  2. Hi! I have a question regarding individual player training role. I observed for some roles like CD, Anchor, Wingers the roles BDP, Half Back, Inverted WInger cover the attributes of the first ones and also add more attributes for training. For example if i want to use a CD in my tactic i could actually train him as BPD and cover CD attributes plus some more. But still on tactics screen it shows that my CD is not fully compatible with my tactic. Does it really influence if a player has the attributes covered in individual training by other position than the position i
  3. How come? If i set come short for throw in and the FW i set to mark keeper i would not want to see him come on short and after run back to the box...i would like him always to stay there. I have my CM set to come short...
  4. Seriously....can anyone tell me how to set my FW not to come on short when throwing in ? (I see also he comes on short even when i set throws as quick). Thanks!
  5. Hi! I am using a 4-1-4-1 system with a poacher. I have set my throw ins as short on attack and set my CM to come on short. My FW is currently on mark keeper (in the past set on Go Forward) but it seems when i have a throw in in the opponent half, my FW comes on short. Shouldn't he stay in the box all the time ?
  6. Hi! If i upgrade my laptop/PC should a re-install the game or i can continue a save and it the game speed should be improved ?
  7. I am referring in case i use a Winger...and the FB is set on attack, does he know to underlap rather than overlap ?
  8. Hi! Whan a FB is set on attacking role..does he both automatically overlap and underlap (depending on how the wingers are set - as W or IW ) ? I mean...does the FB know to overlap or underlap depending on the situation ?
  9. So...for FBs if training them on Attack it covers more attributes. Is that ok to use even if i use a FB on support ?
  10. Hi Question...if you have tactics with different mentalities (attacking, defending) and you train a player on attacking (FB on attack), then during a match you want to switch to a defensive tactic that requires your FB to defend (and you set it on defend on tactic screen) ...is that a good way ? Or i should train that FB periodically as FB attack and FB defend ? How to match better a player individual training with different tactic mentality ? Thanks!
  11. Ok..that is what i wanted to find...as long as i see my tactic works, i do not need to choose player roles only to get those green squares, right ?
  12. Hi! When setting a tactic and selecting player roles...do we always need to have green squares on the tactic's pitch ? If selecting some roles, those squares become orange or red....Is that important to take into account when selecting player roles? Thanks!
  13. On opponent instructions is the closing down option replaced by pressing ? What do i select if i want to close down an opposite player ? Thanks!
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