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  1. Yes, i know..i just used them like this to show the example of the bug.
  2. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to mentoring 2. Add add least two groups until the right scrollbar is displayed 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page (scrollbar still displayed) 4. In the second group sort any column (the scrollbar is not available anymore and user cannot scroll up or down) Note: If you use sorting after the scrollbar is not available, on other any column in the second group the scrollbar is displayed again.
  3. I play with a 4-1-4-1 system with AMR and AML on support and one PF on attack. So..when either AMR or AML crosses over the opposite defence to my other AML/AMR, it crosses high, even the AMR/AML on the other side is alone in the box and would be easier to kick the ball with his foot... Instead of a volley...it is a header try...and my AMR/AML do not have grate heading attributes.... ...or i t is just wrong tactic ? If you remember back in Euro 2000...England vs Portugal when Beckham crosses to Mcmanaman and he scores kicking the ball with his foot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMn7I3rImWk
  4. Then...i am not sure when the players should low cross....i thought they should try to low cross whenever they will prepare to cross....
  5. So..when a cross should be low ? i thought as long we set the crosses to low the wingers/FBs would try to low cross...
  6. Ok...so if he is on support duty and overlap is selected on tactics menu....and my team has the ball and attacking....is there a chance that he will not overlap all the time ? I thought as long we select overlap option then a FB will always try to overlap when my team is attacking....if not..what is the point of overlapping option in the tactics, since a FB with attack duty has that included in text description ?
  7. If i am on attacking mentality they should overlap ? "their own ability" ? ...what exactly are you referring to ? Some attributes ? How do i know which player is able to overlap or not ?
  8. Hi! Do FBs overlap when they are on Defend/Support ? Even if is select the overlap option in tactics menu, my FBs do not overlap if they are on defend/support ? To make FBs overlap do i need to set them on attack only and does not require to select the overlap option in tactics? Or i need to set them on attack and also select the overlap option ? How does it work exactly? Thanks!
  9. What about SI's brand ? Shouldn't that matter? What..they release a product...buy it... but is not top quality...don't buy it ?
  10. And when someone says it is the tactic that is wrong....why not asking if the game itself forces you to use a specific tactic to get better result or not so many annoying in match situations..is that right ?
  11. Maybe because they want to point out it is worst ever (this is not my opinion entirely but i somehow agree that is worst) ?
  12. @pheelf So..basically..he is not allowed to complain ?
  13. @CFuller i am saying it happens to lots of people and too often. I also see many football games and i know there is no perfect tactic for most of the teams, but it happens often and from what i see not only for me. Also to mention that the wingers are always shooting from close angle (also on support with shoot less option selected) instead of passing to the center, to unmarked players....this is not a tactic issue i think.
  14. "Don't blame the game for your own failures." ????????????????????????????? That we are many who suck at tactics because it also happens to me. Having better stats and loosing or drawing....often....oh man...read the comments on the posts...
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