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  1. I'd like to choose no, but both of those choices have descriptions that are more facetious than helpful. They don't apply for all situations.
  2. Really enjoying this career. Great write ups! Italy is beginning to look easy for you.
  3. I find this save highly unrealistic. My Vancouver Whitecaps aren't near the bottom of the league, where they're most comfortable.
  4. That drop in determination is crazy! Trying to imagine what sort of event would cause a player to lose fall that significantly.
  5. Egypt would be a fun career to try. Was surprised to see hockey listed as one of the sports for Heliopolis! I'm assuming that's field hockey? A quick search only found three ice rinks in the country.
  6. After Real Madrid, that Liverpool result was...unexpected! Good recovery in the group stage table.
  7. Tough beat. At least the Coppa Italia is some nice silverware.
  8. Tough break on the World Cup stage. Still a decent finish, but never fun to play in a 3rd place playoff round.
  9. I would never play a career like this, but love to read them. Madness!!
  10. Nice to see a chairman that actually cares about developing the club. Are they letting you take your badges as well?
  11. Happy to read a great career. I remember when I posted on here, I modeled the format after yours. Hope qualifiers go well!
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