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  1. Thanks, Jack. Appreciate the response.
  2. Help on Scouting

    Thanks, Hunt3r. This answers a few questions. I'm going to start up a new save and see if my scouts actually show up this time. The short-term focus option will be good for this.
  3. I've finally managed to find time and play this year's FM18 and finished a season in the Scottish League 2. I hired a couple scouts and set my Chief to handle all assignments. In the entire season, they scouted a total of zero players... Zero. I'm not sure how this new scouting system works of it I'm doing it right. They set themselves to General Focus the entire year, but then never returned any reports. The only recommendations I received came from players themselves looking for a spot. Any suggestions or if there is some literature on scouting would be appreciated. cerud
  4. If you look at Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal, you can see they all have their country listed as the United States. Annoying, but think they do that because individual leagues don't recognize multiple countries. Same thing happens in England with Swansea. Now, not sure if you can create a club with the Canadian-specific rules in MLS or not. May be something to check out.
  5. Thanks. I'm starting in the Scottish League Two, so quality players are hard to come by. I'll get the best I can and not worry about the feet.
  6. Not sure if I missed it, but wondering about the Inside Forwards. Do you want strong left footed players on the right and vice versa? Or keep the strongest foot on the same side?
  7. Hi, I created a custom view for the scouting tab and then tried to use it for each screen within Scouting. Unfortunately, I get a pop-up window that says my view is not valid for the current screen. Not sure why. It means that I'm creating the exact same views for every single scout screen...Player Search, Scouted, each individual scout I have....you get the idea. I'm not using a skin or any downloads. I'm curious why I can't use the same custom views given they display the exact same info. Not big issue, but given the annoying nature of trying to make custom views already with widths randomly changing, it would nice if I didn't have to do the same thing over again, and over again, and over again, and......... You get the idea. cerud
  8. Okay, I'll ignore the calendar. Probably more a cosmetic issue like you said. As for the loading screens, I'm assuming the same? It still loads at a normal speed so I guess I won't worry. I haven't actually tried out the rest of the game, guess I should do that! cerud
  9. Took off custom graphics and tried again. Still laggy on the calendar. I haven't actually played a match yet because I haven't got that far. The SEGA logo during the game's load up is also still laggy, although no other logos or screens are. Kind of reminds me of playing old Police/Kings/Space Quest games in the early 90s and the loading of Sierra's logo... cerud
  10. I was using a large database with approximately 120,000 players loaded. I've never had an issue before with previous FMs. However, I've also tried with a small database and only 20,000 players loaded...same issue. I should also mention that even when the game loads up, it's laggy, especially for the SEGA logo in the opening sequence. I've read that there are some issues with NVidia cards? Perhaps that's my issue? I'm using a GeForce GTX 970. cerud
  11. Thanks, Jack. I've attached my DxDiag. cerud DxDiag.txt
  12. As someone who played semi-pro sport (hockey, not football (soccer)), I'm always amazed at these interactions. When a coach asks something of a player, the player does it, simple as that. There can be a discussion, but the sport is not a democracy; the coach has the final word. This also went for our professional affiliates as well. We routinely had the pros helping us. It's considered a condition of employment. If a player treated coaching or management like some of the players do in this game, they would find themselves blacklisted fairly quickly by the entire league.
  13. I've just recently started to try out the game this year and I've immediately noticed that every time I hit the Continue button the time progression is extremely jerky. For example the available jobs and insecure jobs that roll at the top of the screen don't so much roll as they start and stop, start and stop, start and stop.... I remember this being an issue very early on with FM17 and someone suggested to me a fix that worked perfectly, but I can't remember it. Any suggestions to get rid of this. Pretty jarring to have to watch every few seconds. Thanks, cerud
  14. Will VAR included in FM18?

    As of August, MLS has been using it as well.
  15. Got a son in FM16. I was only in my second year of managing, so it surprised me. Unfortunately, he shared my nationality, which made him ineligible for the league I was managing in. Tried loaning him out, but he wasn't that good.