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  1. Fair point. MLS contracts and how contracts are done in general in the US and Canada seem to be very different.
  2. This situation actually happened to the Vancouver Whitecaps a few years ago. They exercised an option on one of their players at the end of the season only to find a picture of him on Twitter holding a Queretaro shirt and a caption reading that he had signed for them. FIFA and CONCACAF had to step in and work out a deal where the player was "sold," meaning Queretaro ended up having to pay a transfer fee to the Whitecaps (I think in the $2 mil range?) even though they had already signed the player. So, you can activate your option anytime, even at the end of a contract. However, it does cause problems.
  3. Probably due to your length of time with Newcastle. My son has listed his GB nationality as about 2/3 complete. He still needs about 600 days give or take. He'll join my club in a year, which will knock off half of this. For the next year he can train and hopefully be loaned. For myself, I also list American as a 2nd nationality because Canadian and American sports are so intertwined. Having only Canadian nationality in the game comes with zero America scouting knowledge when creating a manager, which is simply unrealistic. It's the only way I can think of to balance this.
  4. My nationality is Canadian, so I guess I'd have to add him to a Canadian MLS club. Not really too concerned with it, but it would have been nice to add him to Clyde given that he was with the youth levels and shows 1,195 days already done towards GB nationality. UPDATE: Okay, something I wasn't expecting... He left the club after his youth trial expired. I tried to sign him again to a non-contract. His permit was rejected, but I can still sign him anyways. The transfer won't go through for a year though. He's 17 years old now. Figure I may as well. At least he can train and maybe I can get lucky and loan him to a club in a different country.
  5. So frustrating! I didn't even care that he was worthless on two feet! And so my son goes off into the unknown, unsigned by me. Wonder how I got a work permit of this manager's job...
  6. Mainly just a vent posting... Finally got a son in a game, first one since I started playing in 2009. I'm managing Clyde in the Scottish lower divisions and was very surprised to even get one. I'm not a legend, icon, or favoured personnel. I've only been with the club a little over a year, got promoted in the playoffs and am sitting in 2nd in League One. But a son I got and I was happy. Unfortunately, I can't sign him to a youth contract because he doesn't have nationality... He can't get a work permit. First son ever in FM and I can't do anything about it. Arg!!
  7. I managed to get Canada to the World Cup and into the quarter finals. We qualified out of the group in a bizarre twist of luck. Not necessarily a "small nation," but still a bit small when it comes to football. Best I did with my country was the U23s into the Olympics and the finals where we lost on penalties.
  8. It is. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit. Although, I have had numerous FM-related problems since I updated to Windows 10, going back a couple months now. Also, after yesterday being a comedy of errors, today, everything is fine. Not sure why, but this has happened a few times since my Windows 10 update. Doesn't mess with other programs, just FM. Anyway, working again no problems. May try and see if there is an odd Windows-FM incompatibility to how Windows installed. All I can think of right now.
  9. After some more trial and error, its about 50-50 I can get a match to start. Basically, this means I'm saving the game every week. However, given that my saves are messing up, that only some of this time. It's take just over 8 hours to play 3 matches. Hoping for suggestions. Update: May as well add to the pile. Now even when I can get into a match, it freezes after I hit the end replay button.
  10. This has been a day... So, now I whenever I hit the Start Match button at the top right of the screen, nothing happens; the game just freezes and I have to shut it down in the Task Manager. I have been able to get a match to run once by hitting the button in the bottom right (once in five tries). In addition, I can't save. When I try, the save bar shows and progresses. However, when it gets to 100%, it doesn't go away. It just stays on the blurred saved screen indefinitely. At least I'm able to get into the game now. Not sure why I had an issue previously. See this thread for previous issue - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/459076-Resolved-Stuck-on-permanent-update So, as you see, it's been a day. I've made no changes to the game recently and have no custom databases.
  11. Hi KUBI, I've done that a few times now. It finished without showing the progress bar, showing that it's 100% fine. Update: After an hour of leaving Steam running, it finally finished this "update". FM16 created a new save that backed-up my original odd saving experience, so it all looks good. Not sure what happened, but life as normal.
  12. I was saving a game and the save bar reached the end but never finished. I ended up having to quit the game through the Task Manager. Unfortunately, now FM16 is permanent stuck on a 13.6 MB update in Steam. It completes 27.4 KB and then stops. I'm unable to play the game because it won't load. I have no way to check if my actual save is still...saved. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hi Neil and thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I tried that and it still did not work. I even uninstalled the game, deleted all saves, and reinstalled it. Still have this stupid hall of fame file as it was.
  14. I'm having the same problem. I deleted the preferences folder as suggested as well as the .dat file. Unfortunately, I still have the hall of fame info and I ended up deleting all of my custom views...hours of work to construct those. So, while I'm rebuilding all of my custom view, does anyone know how to reset the hall of fame for 2016? EDIT: So, I tried deleting the game and subsequent folders and redownloading from Steam. The hall of fame is still there!! How do I get rid of this thing?!?!
  15. I've noticed a problem with multiple B teams in Germany. I've managed Mainz II and Werder Bremen II and when players are either sent to me from the first squad or the U21s squad, the board doesn't recognize their training improvements. Every month, the board believes these players are suffering in training regardless of their improvements. In addition, every goal these players score is counted as a debut goal. I have one player who has 14 debut goals so far this season. Didn't know that was possible. This has been a problem for every single player sent to me from these other squads across multiple saves, so should be fairly simple to recreate.