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  1. Will VAR included in FM18?

    As of August, MLS has been using it as well.
  2. Got a son in FM16. I was only in my second year of managing, so it surprised me. Unfortunately, he shared my nationality, which made him ineligible for the league I was managing in. Tried loaning him out, but he wasn't that good.
  3. I had the same issues. The 382.05 driver update helped a little, but not enough for me. I ended up going into Settings - Gaming section of Windows 10 and turned off all the recording functions. For some reason the Win 10 update turned them all on. That fixed the lag completely for me.
  4. Not at all! You directed me to the issue and I thank you for it I'm able to keep Game Mode on as well as the Steam Cloud. Seems the issue was just the recording built into the Game Bar.
  5. I did check off all the cloud settings in Steam. Sorry, I wasn't sure if "bcs" was shorthand for something. I didn't restart when I unchecked Win10 game mode, so I'll try that. Firewall settings are all good, so not that. Power settings favour performance already too. I'll try the restart with game mode and see how it goes. Thanks for this. Tired of trying to playing while the match engine acts like a strobe light. EDIT: Still jerky... Anyone from SI able to offer any advice or help? ANOTHER EDIT (Sorry!): I think I figured it out. The Windows Game Bar had decided to activate every single recording option for games (because that's necessary......). Turned them all off and just played 1 game with no lag or jerkiness at all. Hopefully this helps others.
  6. So far, I've completely removed and reinstalled my video card drivers, cleared the game cache and preferences. I also did the global settings change as mentioned above. I just disabled the Win10 game mode...no change. What is "Steam Cloud bcs"? Not sure what bcs is. Thanks,
  7. Thanks for this. Definitely helped, but like NemanjaSipka, still a bit of lag. EDIT: Well, it didn't last. The lag is unplayable, like watching a very poor Claymation movie. Is there an actual fix for this?
  8. This is a common thing in North American sports (i.e. MLS, etc), where contracts of players are traded. Clubs know the existing contract details, so it is easy to know whether of not they can afford it. For leagues where transfer fees are paid and brand new contracts have to be negotiated, this clause has always seemed strange. It seems like it should be a contingency clause that's dependent on what new contract the new club is able to negotiate with the player.
  9. I was able to get him to sign by promising to improve the coaching team and to guarantee Champions League qualification for this year. Thankfully, he didn't want to own the stadium or a star as well. Thanks for the help! Cerud
  10. Hi Ed, No problems. Just wish I could sign that player now. Maybe in January Cerud
  11. Hi Ben, I just noticed I sent the wrong save. I'll re-upload again, now called "Cerud 1 - promises issue." The player I'm trying to sign is Eyyup Ozaydin. He's a 16 year old kid currently on loan for a few more days at my club. Thanks,
  12. I'm trying to sign a player who spent the last season with us as a loanee. I've agreed to terms with his parent club and the player has come back that he wants to be a key player and to be allowed to treat the club as a stepping stone. No problem. I agree. Wait...nope apparently the promises he wants are not enough. He comes back at me with.......the exact same promises?!?! Okay crazy person...I agree...again. Wait...nope, apparently I'm not close enough to his demands yet. His new demands are....the same as before? I agree....................again. Although, I'm now wondering if he's wearing a tin foil hat... Wait...nope, I've now failed to make an acceptable offer. Goodbye. I understand that he's listed as having "virtually no interest;" however, if he has none at all, the player comes to me saying there's no agreement to be made and I don't have to go through this lesson in futility. Since he is negotiating with me, I have to assume that it is at least possible. I agree to every single demand; no changes. What am I missing? EDIT: Uploaded a save titled "Cerud - promises issue"
  13. FrazT is correct. This has been an issue since the beginning of FM 17 and not just recently. The silver lining is that opposition goalkeepers drop the ball behind themselves just as much as your goalkeepers do, so I guess it evens out.
  14. It seems there may be a lack of understanding between us. My fault. The only reason I'm writing is to share as someone else created the OP, not complain. I thought I may be able to offer a different perspective in an attempt to help. It's not frustration. In fact, I've been rather successful in how I've approached player talks. Hopefully that clears it up.