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  1. Hmm, in this case, the opposition's defender passed the ball back to their goalkeeper and my striker tried to intercept it. The striker was called offside. Since I didn't shoot the ball to create the opportunity for the offside, I thought that it wasn't possible. Guessing my striker got too close to the goalkeeper.
  2. I thought I'd ask here because a quick review of the offside rule didn't give me an answer. I was just called offside on a goal that the other team put in their own goal. Is that possible?
  3. Thanks, gents. Yeah, I NEVER give a talk when I'm a few games away from the end of a season and I'm prompted to. In all my years of FM, I haven't once got that one right. Also, for some reason, I never give talks when managing in any Spanish league. For some reason, team talk or individual talk with a Spanish player, they never go well for me. I even had one player demand a transfer after I told him he was good in front of the goal after a hattrick game. Shame on me, I guess. I have been using mostly Franky's SUPREME tactic and my IFs have been great. I can count on them each for about 10-15 goals a season. With wingers, they look like chickens with their heads cut off. Might just not suit the guys I brought in to be wingers.
  4. I spent the money to get decent wingers and they perform sometimes, but when they do, its more a surprise to me than anything else. I wait till I was fluid with the tactic and have given a couple team talks. The second was a mistake as I was told I'm doing them too often...morale tanked after that. Side note: how long should I wait between team talks? I waited about two months, but that wasn't enough apparently.
  5. Not too sure what is happening for me with wingers... Ever since I changed to wingers from inside forwards and got players to suit the roles, I've had my ass absolutely handed to me. Losing matches by 5+ goals has become commonplace. Think I'm going to be staying with IFs for the near future.
  6. Thanks, Ed. Appreciate the quick response!
  7. I have a player who I said I would try to send out on loan after he asked. I have tried at 5 different times to get a loan agreement, but no team wants him. Now the "promise" has passed and the player is "unhappy at your failure to even attempt to secure a loan move for him." This is simply not true. I tried on several occasions. Is this simply a player not understanding that it takes two teams to make a transfer of any kind or a language editing issue? Thanks, cerud
  8. Hey Calum, Still enjoying the game, definitely! It's not a significant issue, but thought it was something strange. Thanks for the response. Cerud
  9. I'm trying to sign a new player, but apparently his agent is limiting the amount for the Minimum Fee Release Clause. The thing is, the player has no agent so.....who is doing this? I do have a save from just before my contract negotiations if that helps, but I've seen this so many times, I wasn't sure if it was necessary or just a common thing.
  10. Got promoted to Serie B with Taranto and won the Lega Pro Cup, but missed out on the Supercopa. I thought that I'd be in for a tough ride in Serie B, but I'm finding it easier than Lega Pro so far. End of November and I'm in 1st with a 3 point cushion. Also, just played a month on the new patch; the tactic still works well and performs beautifully
  11. Well, I'm 21 games into a 38-game season with Taranto and does well. This is a very competitive league! I'm in 1st place with 14 wins in 21 games, but there are a group of clubs, about 4 or so that are fighting for the top spot. Thankfully my striker has been prolific, averaging about a goal a game. I also have some quality young talent coming through the ranks. I'm trying to bleed them slowly, get them some playing time, but not to the detriment of the team. I do let in some stupid goals, not my goalkeeper's fault, more my defence falling asleep in the final moments of matches. Lost a few leads that way and ended up with ties. Like I said, I'm in 1st, but I could be in a much more comfortable position!
  12. That's my idea as well. Shoring up the defence and I've found a couple young guys who have been released from Serie A to fill positions in other areas. I'm thinking I have a strong contender for a promotion push, but we'll see. Players just got back from their break. Interesting to see how quick I can get them up to speed. Thankfully, this is a professional club, so it shouldn't take as long as with Sterling. On a side not, I checked Sterling to see if they went pro after I left. Nope. They're the only club in the Scottish Championship that is semi-pro. I'm not expecting much from them. I'll check back with them from time to time.
  13. I've made the switch to Taranto in the 3rd tier of Italy now. Sterling refused to go pro, being the only club in the Scottish Championship not professional. Rather not be a manager of a club that purposely handicaps itself. Taranto looks good on paper. A mid-table team that's underachieved. Great IFs and a striker too good for the league, but we know that means nothing. I'll see how it goes once I get down to business and make a few needed signings in goal and defence.
  14. Well we were finally able to get back on track. One of my strikers finally started figuring out what a net was. We've won the league with 4 games to go and made the final of the Challenge Cup. Unfortunately, my goalkeeper broke his finger just before the match. The shots were 29-2 in my favour, but we still ended 0-0 and heading to penalties. Lost. Cup finals are my white whale. But won the league, so that's something!
  15. Well, can't really figure it out, but this is going off the rails for me in this second season. We started brilliantly with an 11 game winning streak. Since then, we've gone 2W 3D 6L. I can't buy a goal for my strikers. Oddly, the only guy scoring anything of worth is the BWM. We had an 11 point lead that has evaporated. It's only January, so I'm hoping for a change in form. Morale is still good. I think my strikers need a few remedial lessons. Not "this is our formation" lessons; more like "this is a ball" and "this is how people stand" lessons. More time spent on their ass than an infant...