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  1. Sorry for the delay. Just noticed that uploading games has changed and now we need to use a 3rd-party app. Not willing to download something I don't trust. Guess I can't upload games to FM anymore if this is what must be done. Gotta say, not happy with this. If you want us to continue to upload games, it makes sense to develop your own way of doing so. Asking your customers to use a 3rd-party is begging for trouble.
  2. I do appreciate you getting back to me. If you think it'll help, I'll try and upload these later tonight. Thanks.
  3. I'm using WIndows 10 64-bit. I have two widgets open while I play, the general information panel that displays match stats and the opposing team's formation. My match speed is on extensive highlights played somewhat faster than normal. My camera is the TV one I think (basically trying to recreate the main stand camera from FMs past that was unfortunately removed....an argument for another day!). Hope that helps. I've gotten to the point where I need to pause the game every time I use shouts because it takes so long for me to get the actual window to stay open. That have been many a time that I just didn't use them because the window simply wouldn't stay up. Thanks, cerud
  4. Fantastic result! And love to see anyone beat Arsenal
  5. Not too sure why, but after the recent hotfix, this issue can become crazy. It take well over ten times to just get the shout window to stay up now.
  6. Still having the same issue. Just like pikeal, I need to pause the game and set the shout. Otherwise, the shout popup keeps disappearing. If I play the match unpaused and try to shout, it takes about 4-5 times to get the pop up window to actually stay. Like before, if I do this, I usually end up selecting a shout I didn't want to choose, simply because the window leaves. Even on pause, it's hit-or-miss on whether the pop up window remains up. Been this way since the game came out.
  7. I haven't had the issue pop up yet since the update, but I also haven't been put in the situation where I needed to use reserve players while a reserve match was also been played on the same day. If it occurs, I'll update with a save. Thanks for the reply, cerud
  8. Virgin Football

    Moving in the right direction! Have you had the England team call up any of your players yet? I'm assuming that's one of the main goals of bringing in English-only players.
  9. Fair point; winning the Champions League with Everton would be a crowning achievement.
  10. I'd be tempted by PSG. England...depends how far down the road the Euros or the World Cup are. I find the international side of the game mind-numbingly boring on FM because of a lack of effort on developing it.
  11. [North America] (Official) Data Issues

    FC Edmonton no longer exists. http://edmontonsun.com/sports/soccer/fc-edmonton-ceases-operations Also, Doneil Henry has been playing in preseason matches for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Don't think that would be possible with the damaged cruciate ligaments he has on FM in the starting 18.3 database. Funny how John Herdman (Canadian manager) has listed for 2006-2017 as "Women's Club"... Bit of a kick in the .....
  12. Man City helping Man United. Wow... This is the FM'd of all FM'ing... Hurts the feeling places inside me.
  13. Okay...just me then.
  14. Unfortunately, FM just isn't set up for this type of save. You will probably need to take a bit more control over matches. Otherwise, it will continue.