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  1. In the Indonesian Cup, when you get to the semi-finals, the rules say "Losers quality for the Final." I tried it out and when I won the semis...I got kicked out...true enough, the losers qualified. This has to be the first tournament in history where that happens!
  2. When it comes to any of these "personal" conversations with players, I treat them as though I'm having a conversation with my toddler. Surprising, it usually goes quite well.
  3. Ahh, my bad. The intro post mentioned you loaded the American nation. I confused it for the league. Cheers!
  4. Decent start to your career. Definitely need to build for Europe. Wondering...how are my Vancouver Whitecaps faring in the future?
  5. Interesting concept starting in 2050. Curious to see how the top leagues look right now.
  6. So close to that elusive playoff spot. Here's hoping you can push over that line.
  7. Loving the read! Curious as to where Braintree is given that you're not competing against them in Conference South.
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