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  1. Thanks Jimbokav1971 . I remember being able to change the font on the previous forums but wondered if it was just me who couldn't find out where to change it on these new boards.
  2. Quick question guys...does anyone know what font and what size is used when making a post on here? I can see the option to change the size of the font but no option to change the font. If I remember correctly, you used to be able choose from 4 or 5 fonts when making a post...
  3. Does anybody have the league reset dates to hand for FM17?
  4. Thanks fellas . We finally beat FH to it
  5. Just arrived bare foot...someone had stolen my silver shoes! I suppose it could've been worse...someone could've stolen my trousers and pants!
  6. Njarðvík - Season Review 2023 Icelandic Premier Division/Icelandic Premier Division progress : An amazing season for us which saw us challenging all year as we pushed FH all the way and over took them in the last few weeks to claim our first ever Icelandic Premier Division title! Icelandic Upper League Cup/Icelandic Upper League Cup Group C : Having claimed this trophy for the last 3 years we were looking to make it a 4th time lucky. IBV caught us on a bad day though and beat us 3-2 in the Quarter final to end our fantastic run in this competition. Icelandic Cup : We finally put our disappointment in this cup to one side as we claimed our very first Icelandic Cup after beating BI/Bolungarvik 2-0 in the final. Europa League : We set the bar so high last season after qualifying for the group stage that it was always going to be difficult to replicate that this season. We came close however as we made it to the playoff but Swedish side IF Elfsborg were just too strong for us as they beat us 4-1 on aggregate. Squad : The group of players once again performed fantastically over the course of the season as they claimed 2 pieces of silverware in the form of the league title and the Icelandic Cup J. Garðar Bragason (YP78) continued his good start to his Njarðvík career as he scored 11 times in 30 appearances, taking him to 23 goals for us in 57 games, but it was Óskar Björgvinsson (YP111) who was the star man as he smashed in 22 goals in 34 games as well as claiming the Icelandic Young Player of the Year award. Under 19 Squad : Our Under 19 squad continued to produce some great youngsters for us this season as Brynjar Einarsson (YP113), Sævar Brynjarsson (YP116), Rúnar Guðmundsson (YP117), Pétur Örn Karlsson (YP118), Gunnlaugur Birgisson (YP120) and Bergsteinn Sveinsson (YP127) were all offered professional contracts with Pétur Örn Karlsson (YP118) and Rúnar Guðmundsson (YP117) making an immediate step up to the first team. Finances : Not as healthy as they were last season as we made a loss of nearly £2 million but that loss was due to improvements to both our training facilities and youth facilities as well as an expansion to our ground. My views of the season… : An unbelievable season that saw us finally claim the league title after pushing for the past few years while also claiming the Icelandic Cup for the first time! We’re making great progress off the pitch too as the board announced another stadium expansion which will take our capacity up to nearly 3000 and we also over took FH to become the most reputable club in Iceland. My aims for next season… : We have to look to defend our title next season while another cup win would be nice. We’ll also be making our debut in the Champions League next season and while we’re not expected to progress past the qualifiers, it has to be looked at as fantastic progress for a club like us. Career Summary Season Team League Position Icelandic Upper League Cup Icelandic Cup Europa League ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 Njarðvík Icelandic 1st Division 4th Group Stage Quarter final - 2017 Njarðvík Icelandic 1st Division 3rd Group Stage 4th round - 2018 Njarðvík Icelandic 1st Division 1st (P) Semi final 4th round - 2019 Njarðvík Icelandic Premier Division 4th Quarter Final Quarter Final - 2020 Njarðvík Icelandic Premier Division 3rd Winners Semi final - 2021 Njarðvík Icelandic Premier Division 3rd Winners 3rd round 3rd qualifying round 2022 Njarðvík Icelandic Premier Division 2nd Winners 4th round Group stage 2023 Njarðvík Icelandic Premier Division 1st (C) Quarter Final Winners Playoff Trophy Cabinet Icelandic Premier Division - 2023 Icelandic 1st Division - 2018 Icelandic Cup - 2023 Icelandic Upper League Cup - 2020, 2021, 2022
  7. Njarðvík - Youth Intake 2023 A good youth intake for us this season saw me offer contracts to 6 of the graduates as Brynjar Einarsson (YP113), Sævar Brynjarsson (YP116), Rúnar Guðmundsson (YP117), Pétur Örn Karlsson (YP118), Gunnlaugur Birgisson (YP120) and Bergsteinn Sveinsson (YP127) were all offered professional contracts. Brynjar Einarsson (YP113) Ísleifur Gylfason (YP114) Haraldur Örvarsson (YP115) Sævar Brynjarsson (YP116) Rúnar Guðmundsson (YP117) Pétur Örn Karlsson (YP118) Arnar Freyr Andrason (YP119) Gunnlaugur Birgisson (YP120) Óskar Pétursson (YP121) Aron Örn Ármannsson (YP122) Goran Markovic (YP123) Andri Sigurðsson (YP124) Breki Gestsson (YP125) Kristján Benediktsson (YP126) Bergsteinn Sveinsson (YP127) Arnar Már Gunnlaugsson (YP128) I’m especially excited by Pétur Örn Karlsson (YP118) as at just 16 years old, he’s already the best central defender at the club according to my staff and will be going straight into the first team! They say “f you’re good enough, you’re old enough” and he certainly seems good enough :).
  8. Thanks Deisler . I was sooo tempted to re-sign old youth products but I've decided that once they've left, that's it, there's no returning. We're pushing FH. Difficult when they can just go out and spend money on Africans or Scandinavians that are a good quality for the Icelandic league. We're giving it a go though.
  9. Votes sent in
  10. Will get my votes in over the weekend
  11. Ha ha...I've not had the silver shoes out for a few years now!
  12. Me either! 7 years!?!? I can still remember when I was pushing for this forum to be created, knowing that there was fm'ers out there like me, desperate to share their stories. Thanks to everyone over the years for creating what I always hoped this forum would be...a fantastic place to share, read and be inspired by others FM experiences Here's to another 7 years!
  13. Thanks for your input fellas. I appreciate it . Having slept on it, I think I've decided that I won't re-sign him, as much as I'd like to. He left and that was that. Plus I want this challenge to be just that, a challenge and I think re-signing players would make it a little easier. Thanks again for your opinions boys. They definitely helped my decision which means I can carry on playing the save now
  14. ...Dilemma... Remember Albert Pétursson (YP36), who left us for FH at the end of last season because he decided that he couldn’t win the trophies that he wanted to win with us? It turns out that he only signed a one year contract with FH and once he signed for them, he was immediately shipped out to Valur on loan for a season. Now his contract is due to expire with FH in 6 months and he wants to rejoin us. My dilemma is…he’s been one of our best youth products from the academy in this save and has already gone on to represent Iceland both at U19 and U21 level. I tried desperately to extend his contract with us before he left but he refused. Now…given that I’m playing this save as a youth only game, I’m not allowed to sign any players and have to rely on players coming through the ranks. Do I re-sign him or would that be an infringement on the ‘rules’. I know it’s my save and I play the rules how I want but this is a real dilemma and one that I’d appreciate other FMCU users opinions on…please
  15. Njarðvík - Pre-Season 2023 League expectation Icelandic Premier Division : Board expectation - Top half finish : Media expectation - 6th (out of 12) Cup expectations Icelandic Upper League Cup : Not important Icelandic Cup : Quarter Final Europa League : 2nd qualifying round Transfer budget : £3M (last season £1.5M) Wage budget : £10.6k p/w (last season £9.5k p/w) Current wage bill : £5k p/w (last season £3.1k p/w) Season tickets sold : 896 - (last season 837) My views for the season ahead… : After finishing as runners-up in the league last season, we’re being touted to finish 6th this season while the board are wanting us to finish in the top half. While looking at our last few years in the Premier Division that has seen us finish 4th, 3rd, 3rd and 2nd, these expectations seem to be lower than what we’ve achieved in recent years but if anything, they’re perfect for us especially given how young our squad is, as they put no pressure on us at all :). I, however, will be looking for us to push for a Europa League qualification spot again for a 4th successive season, whilst also progressing as far as we can in the cups.