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  1. I've only just purchased the game, but the bug where you can't mark the man on the edge of the box for opposition free kicks gets real old, real quick.
  2. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Would you ever buy a refurbished laptop?
  3. It was changed to 5 games.
  4. MLS General Allocation Fund Help

    I've played in the MLS and unless the player is transfer listed it'll be difficult to purchase them for GAM (General Allocation Money). I'd try to trade players for draft picks instead as teams will be more willing to do this. You can also use GAM and TAM to buy down the cap impact of players to free up funds for new players. There's also a contract guarantee date, which if you pass, a players wage will count against your salary cap till the next season, so this could be why your cap impact isn't affect by those your edited away.
  5. Penalty Accuracy

    One of my players skied a penalty in a shoot-out recently and I've also seen one of my players put one wide. I need new penalty takers.
  6. Became bored

    Try something else. I'm managing in the MLS, once you get your head around the rules and restrictions it's quite enjoyable and a challenge.
  7. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I'm thinking of upgrading my PC's RAM from 4gb, to 8gb. Is it better to buy all new RAM or can I mix and match with my current RAM?
  8. Monaco gone?

    Monte Carlo, surely?
  9. Can you really say Bale was worth that much?
  10. Yeah true, I've actually just checked my defenders stats and one fullback has an average of 14.78 tackles per game from 3 appearances, which seems a bit high. Now I don't know what to believe.
  11. Centre backs actually defend now, but my full backs seem to be useless. They close down but don't actually tackle. 12 out of the last 14 goals against me have been assisted from either flank. The oppositions wingers just glide past my full backs, whip a cross in and goal.
  12. Louis Tomlinson in FM14?

    No worse than Harchester United being included many years ago.
  13. Try the 'work ball into box' shout. You're having a lot of shots but very few CCC's.
  14. Results against Kyiv perhaps?
  15. *Official* Football Manager 2013 Announced!

    Do people realise the micro transactions are in FMC only?