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  1. I think in this situation it becomes a mini league between the top 3 teams. I think you went out because you finished on -1 GD, Sevilla 0 GD and Bayern +1 GD on the results between you three.
  2. According to this article, teams receive an upfront payment and then 10-15% of each shirt sale. So 85k doesn’t seem too bad. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/neymar-transfer-psg-barcelona-latest-shirt-sales-world-record-198m-a7874731.html
  3. There use to be a slider bar on peoples contract screen. You could use that to lower the salary cap impact. This is how it used to be (I think).
  4. Struggling to enjoy the game this year. I almost feel as if in this version it's 'Gegenpress' or nothing. I'm struggling to play counter or even defensive football effectively. The lack of crosses from wide players when in acres of space is frustrating as well as the obscene amount of corners in each game. The amount of 90+ goals I've conceded purely because, in my opinion, the ME favours pressing football over anything is crazy and frustrating. This could be read as I'm not enjoying it because I'm not winning, but in truth I win very little in each version of the game.
  5. I'm at the end of my rag with this game. If I win then I scrape a victory, if I get beat I get hammered. 3-0 up at half time? Yep, 4-3 loss coming up! I'm sure their are people out there that enjoy the game but I haven't. I've lost count of the 80+ minute goals I've conceded and setting up, what I consider to be a sound tactic only to watch the opposition play like Brazil. Nothing seems to work for me, I've read guides etc in the tactics forum but I just can't manage to do anything.
  6. I've only just purchased the game, but the bug where you can't mark the man on the edge of the box for opposition free kicks gets real old, real quick.
  7. I'm thinking of upgrading my PC's RAM from 4gb, to 8gb. Is it better to buy all new RAM or can I mix and match with my current RAM?
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