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  1. i'll try this, besides ive never managed in south africa.
  2. FOOTBALL LEAGUE UPDATE Margte promoted to the football league 2 after play-off success. after just about surviving the drop last year, we sneak into play-off spots this year. £26k wage buget aswell as £175k transfer budget for the season league tables transfers transfers
  3. didnt do well last year, but decided again this year... my manager; did amazing first season managed a 7th place finish and cup final appearance! had to add seats as a requirement as well as a rumoured take over. media predictions for this year, hopefully a few additions should help us improve.
  4. liverpool 1st! we won everything as simple as that, surprised how easy it was this year i hope every year continues the same way. very happy with the squad performance and blooded a few youngsters, dybala has had a monstrous season again taking all accolades. will be looking to get some more game time to youngsters next term as you can see we have a great team and balance in depth. probably over spent on assensio and actually been disappointing with a few injuries and no goals. hopefully after some time and a pre season he will be more suited to the inside forward role and will produce what i know he can do. s.m-savic worth the price tag to good not to have bossing the midfield had a fantastic partnership with arthur this year. a few youngsters my scouts rated highly as well as a good backup for robertson at LB. hoping to blood him this year but so much firepower will make it hard for the sole youth intake graduate. Challenge Progress Domestic Titles 2/13 Premier League Titles 2/5 The Emirates FA Cup Titles 2/4 Carabao Cup (League Cup) Titles 1/10 English Community Shield European Titles 3/2 UEFA Champions League 0/1 UEFA Europa League 2/1 UEFA Super Cup 1/2 FIFA Club World Championship
  5. win win win win win win a clean sweep as well as setting various records. pretty much did a city IRL. overall very happy with the performance with salah even getting goal of the season. even after winning the prem like we did and our LB an RB was 2nd and 3rd in the ratings city still manged to take most of the team of the season. slightly baffled myself. also Liverpool cleaned up at the world award in January too. slowly weeding out the dead wood, got rid of milner on a free as his wages were 160k and no one was offering cash for him and he was getting near the team after keita came in. £114 m on dybala yes a lot of money but he was well worth every penny. this was the only good prospect from intake day and he already has some outstanding stats, he is gonna be a world beater for sure. also had brexit this year.
  6. was to be expected in fact we could of even got 2nd if we could of performed on a cold and windy night in Stoke. route to the champions cup was a little dramatic with big wins in each first leg helping us though all the knock out stages. in particular a 8-1 win over Madrid followed by a 4-1 loss away lol. end of season stats and a special mention to woody for his ridiculous premier league form. 72 mins per goal! 16 from 13 starts and 3 subs! transfer history and as you may notice some familiar names. after madrid took away mane (he requested to leave) i replaced him with my go to left winger lozano, besides he is a natural fit for the left side. arthur comes in to be my out and out playmaker. and rulli is one of my favourite gk to sign as he has amazing shot stopping and is really cheap compared to other top keepers. after i sold both back up CBs i decided to bring in 1 elite CB to partner virgil. and finally.. these are the 2 prospects from this years intake actually quite excited to see you the gk gets on. will be tutored by rulli this year and hopefully get his shot stopping up to the level of rulli to.
  7. blessing in disguise? @jaysdailydose you'll like this.. i know i know! and yes i know what you may be thinking! here is me! and staff history of Liverpool before and after i added my manger just in case anyone thinks the was any tampering. because lets face it whats likelihood anyone would believe that this was possible. as you can see no manager activity until 6 of November. this is the transfers that klopp made aswell as the future deal for kieta. so`as far as january goes i will pretty much be trying to offload all the dead wood and youngsters that wont make it here, while bringing in a top quality prospect of my own.
  8. ah well was doing so well and then realised i failed signed 2 players in january and only after i saved the game did i realise that i had now signed a total of 13 players lol. i may try again soon but i don't know when lol.
  9. haha it looks more impressive than it was, united were right behind me and slipped up in the final few 8 games or so. made some key upgrades this season and replacements of unexpected losses. apparently winning it all isn't enough for some players and wanted moves to bigger teams. on the good side blew most of my budget on a player to replace Arthur as he wanted a bigger move but no one came in for him so now i have a real top quality midfield for the 1st team. well until January at least lol. signed another Argentine striker nearly identical to druissi for the poacher role with the hope they both score 20-30 goals this season. and unfortunately that hasn't happened so far but im only at the end of september so plenty of time yet for the to bond. times look promising at least.
  10. Unexpected clean sweep! but who am i to complain. had some really good early season form which just didnt seem to end, lots of possesion and plenty of goals.and the perfect way to cap 100 games in management. 9 in and countless out. complete overhaul of the sqaud by selling as much dead wood as possible and loaning out those that would sell. as well as getting rid of all the youngsters that have no poteintal futere at the club. on the ins... well rajkovic went straight to poland to gain a WP and wonty be seen for a few years as will martinez from last year. lazano was a bargain at £20m and club record £65m malcom have both been fantastic on the wings as well as campbell when called upon. rulli was solid in goal and looks to be a main stay for years to come. sanchez was decent and will look to extend his loan. while de sciglio was impressive but already want to move to a bigger club as does star man Arthur. and diego reyes was also good when called upon. not bad for a free transfer. and finally £20m striker Druissi.. well this screen shot tells the story. 41 goals in 42 games. also a mention for young Ross Birch from last years intake. decided to take a punt on him and use him as my back up player for the year with amazing results. i decided to do a comparision to the benchmark teenage superstar and while skills are way of the game stats speak for themselves. mostly shocked at 14 assists as a poacher! as well as 5 goals in 3 games for england u19s. if he keeps up like this and keeps improving this kid will be going to the very top of the game. valued at £10m at 17 yo is ridiculous. talking of intakes this guy is the only prospect from this year and what a player he looks like. just like Birch i will be givivng him game time, not to mention he's 16 and has a carabo cup and euro cup medal already.
  11. had along break from FM but im back. just finished my first season (can see my original post on page 2) Well... i never thought i'd see the day where i would be happy for spurs to win a cup. but hey that day is today. thanks to them i qualify for the euro quals. thats a bit of extra moneyi could do with after a £46m loss this year. scout suggested sanabria and he really unimpressed may look to sell on if he doesnt improve. de ligt was my first signing and well also a dissapiontment. agrred to buy him with in days of joining the club and even gave him a good contract to join what at the time was a relagtion battle side. just for him to break a lower leg in december and not be able to cancel the transfer. so didnt even play a game for me yet. managed almiron before on a mls save and he was super so decided to bring him in as a cheap option for a playmaker aswell as arthur who has been amazing. martinez was an accident as he had no wp and i accidentilly confirmed so he will be in poland fot the next 3 years getting a wp. and smalling was a panic buy but has been decent when playing. finally, this guy came through the intake and looks to have a decent future. with sanabria getting 3 goals in 13 and this lad with 1 in 6 im hoping they can motivate each other next season to get a few goals.
  12. well i'm gonna have a go this year. i did this chaalenge in fm16 and failed so hopefully this time round i'll do better! i feel i got super lucky was simming a few times brying for west ham or brighton since tey have good youth facilities and after a couple tries southamptom popped up, with swansea the team usually in 19th all the way up in 10th! well im cetainly not complaining.
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