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  1. Now updated Computer Type: Desktop (custom built) CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 CPU Frequency: 2800 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz CL14 OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 3 min 25 sec Test B Time: 6 min 51sec
  2. FM 2017 can't run Windows 10

    Try the demo first. And then pay money for the game you thieving git.
  3. Just about to update my CPU (with an I7) so here's the stats with my current one Computer Type: Desktop (custom built) CPU: Intel Core i5 6400 CPU Frequency: 2800 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz CL14 OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 4 min 18 sec Test B Time: 8 min 46sec
  4. Play up Pompey!

    Crossing 8 - a bit high
  5. You're aware that SI are owned by Sega? Something tells me they won't be doing anything with Nintendo anytime soon.
  6. Ron Swanson holding a potato. America.

    Wow, Maurin looks good. Great read. Although no Anchorman quotes yet.
  7. More likely that Gundo hasn't been on the forum since February 2016. I expect this will be combined with the Big Euro Challenge for FM18.
  8. The All-New FMCU Mini-Updates Thread

    Thought I'd give an update on my current game as I haven't had time to do a proper career thread for this one. I've got a pretty solid journeyman game going on. Started out sunday league reputation, no badges, various European leagues loaded and holidayed for a couple of months to clear out the open jobs at the start of the save. I had my first role at Assyriska KF Norrkoping in the Swedish 2nd division, whom were around the bottom half at the time and I kept up at the end of the 2016 season. Next up we had a much better season as we won the division, achieving promotion into Division 1. I was intending to follow on into the 2018 season, however out of the blue was approached by St Mirren whom were at the foot of the Scottish Championship at the time. I turned it around and managed to get them into a surprising 2nd place, we then somehow fluked our way into the play offs and won to get back into the SPL. Our first season we finished a comfortable 8th place, however even better we won both the Scottish League Cup and the Scottish Cup, leading to a first appearance in Europe for sometime. My contract expired at the end of the season, I was thinking of saying however a relatively hard Brexit which lead to Scotland breaking away meant the number of English players I had as the core of my team were no longer eligible to play. I then looked for pastures new. I got an interview and was offered the Udinese job however a more attractive situation happened with the AEK Athens job. AEK had just in fact won the Greek league therefore had Champions League group stage football guaranteed. However the manager had left for Besiktas (and was fired not much later) and they had some very poor finances when I joined which precluded heavy investment. I signed a three year contract to June 2022. Once the Champions League money came in just before the 2019 transfer window I managed to fill out the weaknesses in the squad, albeit mainly frees. We then had an excellent season domestically retaining the league title and winning the Greek Cup. However we finished bottom of a very tough group in Europe. Next season I made some more signings and tweaked to a strikerless formation with some more success, winning the league and cup double once more. In Europe we did better, finishing 3rd and beating Basel home and away in the groups. We then faced Roma in the 1st Knockout round of the Europa League and managed to somehow beat them, until we then faced Arsenal whom were clearly superior and knocked us out of the 2nd round. I have decided to stay another season to see if we can improve in the Champions League and make it a hat trick of doubles before leaving in 2022. Unfortunately its hard to retain my best players as they all want fairly low minimum release clauses, likely linked to the lower reputation of the league than some others.
  9. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Sacked part way through the 2nd season. Ah well!
  10. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Erste Liga 2017/18 Season Review League - Table - a solid first season as we just about kept out of the relegation spots. Cup - Fixtures - a decent run to the quarter final Squad - Not really much in the way of standouts, the best being right back Pius Simma, midfielder Thomas Jusits and winger Bernhard Arbinger. Finances: these are looking good and I have an upcoming youth facilities upgrade. Austria has the benefit of payments for playing Austrian players in your starting line up which has done wonders. Transfers Youth Intake Intake A pretty decent first intake - Ronny Dahm YP18a is a promising striker with a solid personlity, Pascal Ahrent YP18b a good looking winger, Bastian Allmannsberger YP18c a good right back with a spirited personality. Ralf Resch YP18d needs tutoring although I don't have one suitable unfortunately, Tobias Dreher YP18e is promising but similar to Ahrent, and Kay Burmester YP18f an ok centreback. Season League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017/18 Erste Liga 7th
  11. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    I am taking a shot at this challenge in Austria, with SC/ESV Parnsdorf Here is my profile
  12. [Norway] (Official) Data Issues

    Skeid are still listed as playing at Bislett when they play elsewhere now (in a stadium that is not in the database, Nordre Asen) Appears to be much smaller and with a 4G pitch. Council stadium. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeid_Fotball
  13. Yes, I had it with only the Nordic leagues active.
  14. Manager reputation - Not realistic

    Mourinho played professionally in the Portuguese league, though, was assistant at Porto, Barcelona and Benfica and managed Leiria before getting the Porto job. Still way ahead of sunday league rep.