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  1. Spurs must have won the League Cup as they're showing as qualified for the Europa league already. So at least 6th will have it.
  2. Crispypaul

    Teams with no trophies

    Oxford City FC in the National League South on FM18 have only won the Oxfordshire Senior Cup which I don't believe is represented in game, so will have a clean honours list. They don't appear to have ever won a league title in the lower tiers too.
  3. Crispypaul

    Generic Journeyman Career Title

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%26F_(Hong_Kong Apparently they're a satellite team of Guangzhuo R&F hence the special rules. Good read so far!
  4. Crispypaul

    Lower league managers section

    "Cristiano Ronaldo..." "You can't say that! Player naming!!!" I used to lurk out of interest but found it far too cliquey to bother posting in.
  5. Them and Man City are the two dominant clubs in my save - City just edge it though (including winning 4 FA cups in a row) and I have beaten them twice in consecutive League Cup finals to at least deny some silverware coming to Manchester. They are much less dominant in Europe though, despite the 2025 CL final being between both teams!
  6. Crispypaul

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    In comparison Liverpool and Spurs have won nothing, and Arsenal just one Europa League. Man Utd are the other strong team in the division.
  7. Crispypaul

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    I'm coming to the end of the 2024/25 season (so the 8th season) and Man City have won the Premier League 4 times, FA Cup 4 times, and the League Cup 2 times (and have lost in the final the past 3 times, twice to my mighty West Brom!) although haven't won the Champions League (runners up once) Guardiola left at the end of the 2018/19 season though after a couple of League Cups and one League title, to be replaced by Diego Simeone.
  8. I holidayed the first season and picked Hamar after they got promoted. The first pre-season is very dull but in my experience it gets a bit easier after that. Also eventually, if you get to Europe it is much shorter as the group stages go to December and the first knockouts in February, although I appreciate that is some way down the line.
  9. Iceland - good for a quick game. I've got the additional leagues from claasen which go down to the 4th tier, where there are only 18 games in a league season plus the pre-season league cup and the Icelandic cup. I did half the league season on the train to work this morning
  10. Have really enjoyed FM 18 so looking forward to this
  11. Crispypaul

    FIFA World Cup Fan Dream Team

    I'm actually surprised Messi isn't in that Not because he was good mind but for sponsorship reasons
  12. Lyn Norwegian Premier Division 2029 Season Review League - Table - not unbeaten but another comfortable win Cup - Fixtures - sixth in a row, didn't concede a goal Champions League (2028/29) - Fixtures - well well well - firstly we just got past Barcelona in the Round of 16. We then stuffed Monaco away 6-3 and 8-4 on aggregate before facing Arsenal in the semi. Despite losing 1-0 at the Emirates we won 2-0 at Bislett to set up a final with Internazionale. A solid 2-0 win meant we lifted the Champions League. CHALLENGE COMPLETE! Champions League (2029/30) - Fixtures | Table - continued our defence of the tile with an undefeated run through the groups Club World Cup - carried off where we left by lifting this at the end of the year Key players: Transfers | Squad - a lot of turnover in the summer particularly as N'Guessan kicked up a fuss about moving to Real Madrid Zaccaria Colella - Uruguyan AMC now one of the key players Eugune Schade - finally capped by Germany Brage Tollerud YP20d - came back into the team and had a good season Stefan Ulla YP24a - another solid season from the youth product Youth Update: Intake - meh Finances - minted As I have completed the challenge this will be my last update so I wish everyone good luck on their respective attempts. Season League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2018 Norwegian 2nd Division 1st Champions, Promoted 2019 Norwegian 1st Division 8th 2020 Norwegian 1st Division 1st Champions, Promoted 2021 Norwegian Premier Division 14th 2022 Norwegian Premier Division 12th 2023 Norwegian Premier Division 6th 2024 Norwegian Premier Division 7th Cup Winners, Turned Professional 2025 Norwegian Premier Division 1st League Winners, Cup Winners, Supercup Winners, EL Knockouts 2026 Norwegian Premier Division 1st League Winners, Cup Winners, Supercup Winners, CL Knockouts 2027 Norwegian Premier Division 1st League Winners, Cup Winners, Supercup Winners, CL Knockouts 2028 Norwegian Premier Division 1st League Winners, Cup Winners, CL Knockouts 2029 Norwegian Premier Division 1st League Winners, Cup Winners, CL Winners, CWC Winners
  13. Crispypaul

    World Cup Prediction Thread

    England 4 Belgium 3 France 5 Croatia 5 (France win on penalties)
  14. Crispypaul

    It came home. Hope, hope came home