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  1. I got turned down by an interesting job at Seville annoyingly but then Hoffenheim came calling, and I love the German league so why not (and they're not in as much of a mess as Hamburg were) Also I am back in the international arena - I saw the Mexico job was free and thought of the Gold Cup the following year however a much more obvious role was offered to me so I am now England manager
  2. Crispypaul Fenerbahce Turkish Superleague 2027/28 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - we were completely dominant, finishing the season unbeaten with a record points total to lift the title. Turkish Cup - Fixtures - a pretty straightforward run to the final which we won quite easily in the end to lift the cup. Europa Conference League - Fixtures | Table - Differdange of Luxembourg were beaten comfortably in the play off round. In the groups we faced FC Zurich, Fehervar of Hungary and North Macedonian side Shkëndija which we comfortably won. Rangers up next in the
  3. My scout in South America came across this guy - Imagine what he could do for us! Unfortunately we've hit our foreign player limit so at the moment I am just a Jealous Guy...
  4. After the Hamburg debacle I couldn't find a decent job in the BIg 5 European leagues or Argentina, so instead to get the "spare" league title I've joined Fenerbahce
  5. Crispypaul Hamburg FC 1. Bundesliga 2026/27 I joined Hamburg just after the Asian Cup. Unfortunately I hadn't realised how poor they were, including being substantially in debt with a terrible squad. League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - good lord this is a bad team - did what we could but ended up being relegated on the last day... DFB Pokal - Fixtures - out before I joined Finances - this is after prize money but there is a £30m+ loan outstanding Transfers - nothing to do with me Squad - nowhere near good enough Key players N/A Future
  6. Iran Asian Cup 2027 Group Stages - Table | Fixtures - just snuck past the Saudis then a mad 7-5 win over Jordan. A less entertaining 2-0 win over Kuwait set up a tie with Qatar in the 2nd round. 2nd Round Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) Final (if applicable)
  7. Crispypaul Suwon Samsung Bluewings K League 1 2026 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - an amazing season, unbeaten and lifted the trophy with 13 games to spare KFA Cup - Fixtures - retained this AFC Champions League - Fixtures | Table - we had an easy group of Ho Chi Minh City, Grampus Eight, and Bali United which we comfortably won. In the 2nd round were last season's K-League winners Jeonbuk, whom we smashed 6-2 in the first leg to make the 2nd a formality. Beijing Guoan were next and a 11-1 aggregate win took us to meet Pohang Steelers in the semis - another bi
  8. To be honest I don't watch women's football IRL at all, but then again I don't watch the Swedish 2nd Division and still play that in FM. I trust SI to incorporate it in a way that's realistic as they do with most leagues. Out of curiosity - is there a research structure in place already? As from my understanding that's the problem with a number of men's leagues still missing that you would probably expect (Cyprus, North African leagues, Middle Eastern particularly the Gulf States and Iran etc)
  9. Crispypaul Suwon Samsung Bluewings K League 1 2025 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - we were top of the league before a split for the last 5 games however a very poor run of consecutive draws meant Jeonbuk pipped us. Annoyingly we broke this record. KFA Cup - Fixtures - some consolation as we defeated Pohang Steelers (whom had won this three times in a row) to lift the cup AFC Champions League - Fixtures - out before I joined with a poor defeat in the group stages Finances - no problems here Transfers - a bit of chopping and changing - there's limited f
  10. Not long after I left Tigres an opportunity came up in South Korea so I am now the manager of Suwon Samsung Bluewings.
  11. @vikeologist Thanks but I did win the Copa MX - it was in the 23/24 season when we were not in the champions league.
  12. Crispypaul Tigres Liga MX 2024/25 League - Apertura Table | Apertura Final | Clausura Table | Clausura Final - easily topped the group and won the final in the Apertura. Comfortably top of the table in the Clausura but then a disaster as we lost in the semi finals to a far worse team. Oops. Leagues Cup - Fixtures - lifted this North American version of the Anglo-Italian Cup CONCACAF Champions League - Fixtures - a 15-0 aggregate win against Costa Rican side Saprissa started off things very well. Next up were fellow Costa Ricans Herediano which although not as comfortable
  13. A little preview of the 1st game of the CONCACAF Champions League... 7 goals were scored by a 17 year old from my youth system. Think we might do well in this one.
  14. Obviously gutted but the best team won at the end of the day. Onwards and upwards and hopefully we can go far in Qatar
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