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  1. The fee is paid by the home club isn't it? They break-even in theory.
  2. Great move - and career! Moving to Spurs 6 years in is very quick.
  3. Lillehammer PostNord-ligaen Avdeling 1 2018 Season Review League - Table - finished in a pretty solid 9th place, although I was worried we may get relegated at some stages Squad Key players: Erik Sigtbakken: probably our best player, the winger also has a Resolute personality which has been good for tutoring Magnus Londal: a decent enough striker, we didn't score much anyway Frikk Strand Wulff: could be good, largely played in lieu of anyone else Youth Intake Pleased that in Norway you get the youth intake before the season starts - tagged a few players Ola Solstad (18a): Start | End - easily the best prospect, became our best midfielder now has a lot of interest from elsewhere in Norway. Matthias Sorum (18b): Start | End - a decent centre back, ended up playing at left back for about half the season due to a lack of other options Cato Landal (18c): Start | End - a good defender also, made a handful of appearances Alf Johannes Geilo (18d): Start | End - a great right back, ended up with a few games as the season progressed Stian Moen (18e): Start | End - decent centre back, got the occasional appearance here and there Finances: got a £30k payment from our parent club Rosenborg to help with this Transfers: only player signed before my arrival
  4. Portsmouth won the league in 1949 and 1950 - now in League Two
  5. Hello all Struggled a bit with a couple of games however I've decided to take the plunge in Norway with Lillehammer. Here is my profile
  6. Also the Madjeski Stadium, which is 75 miles and about an hour and a half. I am pretty sure if it came to it they would still go to St Mary's or Fratton Park. I mean Fulham shared with QPR for a bit. I'd report it as a bug.
  7. Hi - after trying a career and a season and a bit with Exeter, I have instead decided to take the plunge into this challenge. Do I need to post a picture of my profile?
  8. Spurs 5 Swansea 0 Liverpool 2 Swansea 3
  9. HIFK Ykkonen Background I join HIFK of Helsinki - recently finishing bottom of the top Finnish division they are the favourites to gain instant promotion. Squad - this should be strong enough for promotion. Best players are Brazilian left back Messias, Albanian left winger Alessandro Bandiera, and right back Derwin Martina. Finances - very comfortable Facilities - big stadium although we don't own it.
  10. So after resigning on the expiration of my FH contract, I don't have long to wait until I get offered the job at just-relegated Finnish side HIFK
  11. My contract is expiring on 31 October so will leave then for pastures new, as I've won everything in Iceland now.
  12. FH Pepsi-deildin 2021 Season Review League - Table | Fixtures - again pretty close and we had some pretty poor results on the way but we made it over the line to seal the quadruple. Cup - Fixtures - a reasonably comfortable run to capture my 3rd cup in a row. Key players: Goran Karacic: the Bosnian/Croat goalkeeper amply filled the position left by Horton's departure. Jorgen Hammer: another solid season from the Norwegian centre back Porarinn Valdimarsson: after being injured for most of last season, the Icelandic left winger had a much better time this around. Irfan Hadzic: another good season from the Bosnian striker Hilmar McShane: signed on a free and became our top scorer Sefa Yilmaz: a great season from the Turkish winger whom was also named Icelandic Footballer of the Year. Finances: much healthier this time due to player sales and European football. We also are the best-attended club. Season Team Country League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2016 SK Vard Norway 2nd Division 13th Sacked on relegation 2017 Sindri Iceland 1. Deild Karla 4th 2018 Sindri Iceland 1. Deild Karla 2nd Promoted 2019 Sindri Iceland Pepsi-deildin 8th League Cup and Cup Winners 2020 FH Iceland Pepsi-deildin 1st League Cup and Cup Winners 2021 FH Iceland Pepsi-deildin 1st League Cup, Super Cup, and Cup Winners Nordic Update Denmark: FC Kobenhavn again Finland: VPS pick up the title this time Iceland: FH Norway: Molde again Sweden: Malmo again
  13. I'm going to Yeovil v Exeter on Boxing Day and tickets are £22 for seating, up to £24 if bought on the day. Absolutely crazy for League Two.
  14. This is pretty nuts when I can see Spurs for less money this season - our FA cup game against Villa is £20 for members. Even crazier - the cheapest ticket to see Gent at Wembley in the Europa League for members is going to be......£5
  15. FH Pepsi-deildin August 2021 League - Table | Fixtures - a mixed bag of results includes a very poor loss away at bottom club Valur at the end of the month. Still just about in first though. Cup - not the best final but we get the goal to lift the trophy for my 3rd time in a row.