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  1. Perhaps the mystery big star is Dr Strange? As Wandavision is supposed to lead into the next one.
  2. Why would a 25 year old teacher need a vaccine ahead of anyone else at far greater risk?
  3. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge League One 2025/26 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - a very slow start to the season but we got better and better and eventually had a great 3rd place finish. We took care of MK Dons in the semis then met Rochdale (who also only got promoted last season) in the final. Sadly they beat us 2-1 to keep us in the division for next season. FA Cup - Fixtures - a very good run until everyone's favourite cash cow away at Man Utd in the fifth round. EFL Cup - Fixtures - out at the first hurdle again with a humping EFL Trophy - Fixtures - who
  4. Most people would have ignored this anyway by the way, regardless of what the government said.
  5. To be fair it has a bar chart, which is usually a Lib Dem trademark.
  6. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge League Two 2024/25 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - a complete surprise as we surged to the top of table eventually finishing as champions. Largely due to one player and his 49 (!) goals. FA Cup - Fixtures - a couple of safe draws then a lucky win away at Millwall in the 3rd. A good draw at home to Morecambe was followed by Leeds in the fifth round whom knocked us out. EFL Cup - Fixtures - out at the first hurdle EFL Trophy - Fixtures - who cares Finances - doing well although our youth setup is costing more cash Trans
  7. It's impossible for the long term anyway - eventually the vaccine should be part of the normal flu season one.
  8. Pre-empting something there? I can't see how the current format can go on anyway, it would make sense to have it in one country (and no games in sodding Baku), and I doubt Israel is going to be the one doing that.
  9. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Vanarama National League 2023/24 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - an excellent if crazy season - we finished north of 100 points as did Solihull Moors - the title decider being the last game away at their place where we somehow won 3-2 to lift the tile and obtain promotion into the League Two. FA Cup - Fixtures - straightforward home draws until we got the cash cow of West Ham away in the 3rd round, a 4-1 defeat not too bad considering. FA Trophy - Fixtures - got into the final where we beat York on penalties after a 1-1 draw to lift the
  10. The popularity of James Corden
  11. Pretty much going to happen anyway. Starmer is more of a Kinnock than a Blair.
  12. New one for me in FM21 - a newgen right back I signed from Newcastle.
  13. That and they could be considered the least worst option. Always confuses me when people hang their hopes on some politician being able to solve all their problems.
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