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  1. Good read I'd take the TNS job personally. Pretty much guaranteed silverware and continental football.
  2. After a successful FM18 challenge in Norway and a not so good attempt in FM19 I am going to do this again for FM20. I am staying in Scandinavia again but heading over the border from Norway to Sweden. Vastra Frolunda IF of Gothenberg (Goteborg) are the team I have chosen, I think I did manage them briefly on an older FM. Profile Squad: Pretty good for this level actually Club Info Domestic History: were in the top tier in the late 1990s but have dropped considerably since. Time for me to reverse that.
  3. Name: Will Rees Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 1 April Nationality & place of birth: England, London Starting Club (19-20 EPL only): Tottenham 2 high technical attributes: Finishing, Technique 2 high mental attributes: Work Rate, Determination 2 high physical attributes: Pace, Acceleration Up to 1 PPM: Place Shots Favoured club: Tottenham DIsliked club: Arsenal Favoured personnel (and why): Harry Kane, Teammate DIsliked personnel: Arsene Wenger
  4. You're going to complete this challenge by the end of the month aren't you? Good read as usual
  5. West Ham in the Premier League Tottenham in the Champions League
  6. Thanks - I won't be going back to my FM19 save now with the FM20 full release not far away. I don't think I'll be doing this challenge for FM20 but good luck to all those that do.
  7. I have only played one full season (2020/21 as I holidayed a full season) and in that season Liverpool won everything except the CL where they got knocked out in the semis. Tottenham have done nothing since the start so at least that is accurate.
  8. Will be following this! Never knew that the Belgium Cup started so early (and had so many rounds in the summer). I have never managed in Belgium mainly because of the confusing play offs. Will be good to do so when I get my FM20 journeyman career going.
  9. The Development Centre has meant that the U23/U18 sides don't appear on the sidebar unless you take full control. Probably why you can't see them when reloading and choosing a club, but at least the U18s should be there if not the U23.
  10. Yes we have an U18 team albeit not in a development league (at least in VNN. Might have changed for VNL although I don't have the game open to check)
  11. Forgot to add one point - we didn't have a reserve team at the start but I asked at the end of the season and this was granted. They're not in a league (and I don't think they will be for a while, probably League 2) but at least I can get backup players playing the occasional U23 friendly.
  12. Cheers! He is available on a free but sadly not good enough for the VNL. I released nearly my entire squad bar a handful so have the wage budget for strengthening...if I can find anyone that is!
  13. Needham Market FC Season 2020/21 Vanarama National League North League - Table | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Fixtures 3 - started like a rocket with 22 goals scored in our first 4 games. This continued throughout the season and we somehow ended up winning the league with over 100 points. I have no idea how this happened except I have two League 1 quality players one of whom was here when I joined (see below). FA Cup - Fixtures - a great run to the 2nd Round where we had heartbreak of being defeated on penalties to Carlisle after a replay FA Trophy - Fixtures - another great run until a tonking by Morecambe brought us down to earth Transfers - obviously a major overhaul here. Key players: Nick Tsaroulla - one of the League 1 standard players was this Cypriot U21 left back a former Spurs trainee I signed after his release from Brentford. Sadly not interested in signing a new contract. Jordao Diogo - the other was this Sao Tomean/Portuguse left midfielder whom had joined the previous season after playing in the Greek league. Getting on a bit but a step above many other players. Saif Mukadam - young but good central midfielder loaned from Walsall Ryan Crooks - prolific young striker Shola Ayoola - his Irish forward partner also had a hatful Bobson Bawling - flying right winger loaned from NLS side St Albans. Whom got relegated so that was a good decision there! Finances - these were doing fine thanks to the cup runs until we needed an expansion for league rules and took out a massive loan. Season League Position Cup Notes 20/21 VNN 1st 2nd Round Champions, Promoted
  14. AC London appear to be in the database but they were kicked out of the Combined Countries League last season and don't appear to have been readmitted anywhere else so can be deleted.
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