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  1. About halfway through my first season with Lyn, enjoying it so far. A word of advice for anyone else in Norway - if you get drawn at home against top division opposition, always accept the proposal to switch to their own stadium. I refused for a game against Songdal after they offered £7k and 50% of their gate receipts (as all cup receipts are shared 50/50) however we only had about 500 people turn up and got £3k in receipts in the end
  2. Really enjoyed the extended Icelandic structure for FM17 (which I am still playing, got Hamar into the group stages of the Champions League for two years running!) - thank you for doing this again for FM18.
  3. Couldn't get going on my journeyman career so going to give this a shot. I have also gone with one of my favourite leagues, in Norway. Profile League History So a club that before its financial problems does have a certain amount of history - my job to get them back up there!
  4. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    I'm not going to bother with a full season update for two matches but here is the final table after the relegation playoffs Now we have a really long close season (as is the way in the Nordics) so I have time to sort a few positions out in the squad.
  5. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Well we made it by the skin of our teeth - frustrating in the first game against Vasteras SK as we were winning until an equaliser in injury time. Then we won our final game 2-1 away at Vasalunds IF and promptly relegated them
  6. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Umea FC Swedish Division 1 Norra 2017 Season I've been given a contract to the end of the 2018 season Facilities - very good for this level Finances - these aren't very good however Squad - not the largest but some decent players Simon Martensson Tobias Sandstrom Erik Lundstrom Alexis Bbaka Staff - hardly anyone so off to the job centre League - currently in 10th one point away from the relegation play off, two from the relegation spots themselves. We should be just good enough to stay up (hopefully...)
  7. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Well that was quick - I was offered the job at Umea so accepted
  8. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Umea (Swedish 1st Division, the third tier) - interviewed Fram (Iceland 1st Division, the second tier) - interviewed Ka (Iceland Premier Division) - rejected
  9. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Mjondalen IF, St Pats Athletic and Luch Minsk all rejected me immediately Valur of Iceland just sacked their manager, applied
  10. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Job centre two months later Some interesting jobs there - I will apply for everything and see what happens
  11. Make South America Great Again!

    Best of luck!
  12. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Reserved for honours list
  13. [FM18] I shall sign this only once.....

    Reserved for career update
  14. An FM 18 Journeyman Career So here we go - this is my attempt at a journeyman career for FM18. For this attempt, I am starting with every European league loaded, and will start off unemployed with no coaching badges and the lowest level of experience. I am also going to holiday for two months in order to clear out the jobs available at the start of the game (starting 24 July 2017, the start of the English pre-season). In addition, I will have two small rules: I have to accept the first contract extension offered by any club I am at with no negotiation I cannot accept any other offers and have to resign at the end of that second contract Hopefully this will strike a nice balance between moving around different leagues and clubs, and being able to build a good team together.
  15. Looking forward to this - good luck!