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  1. It's Wimbledon, of course they'll be upset if you're not hoofing it.
  2. The Europa Conference League is a far more interesting competition than the Europa League in my experience. You've also a good chance winning it as Anderlecht.
  3. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Premier League 2033/34 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - we finally clicked properly this season, helped by a far tighter defence, and were after a short while riding high at the top of the table, to eventually lift the league title. FA Cup - Fixtures - knocked out in the quarter finals by Man Utd EFL Cup - Fixtures - retained the trophy with a 4-1 win over Arsenal in the final Champions League - Fixtures | Table - a pretty tough group of PSG, Dortmund and Villareal looked tricky on paper - however some extraordinary results including
  4. Just a quick preview of the champions league....
  5. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Premier League 2032/33 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - a very competitive race for the top 4, which we just about edged finishing 4th and qualifying for the Champions League. FA Cup - Fixtures - got to the final against another West London team but this time came away 4-2 winners to lift the trophy EFL Cup - Fixtures - considerably better this time including a thumping of Man Utd away in the semis, we faced Spurs in the final and won after extra time to lift the trophy. Europa League - Fixtures | Table - Anderlecht, Honved and Lyon
  6. One reason could be they're under 18 - I've got a very promising 16 year old whom I can't sign until the transfer window after he turns 18.
  7. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Premier League 2031/32 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - another very good 5th place finish, we're not far off the top 4 but a little way from the title FA Cup - Fixtures - great run to the final where unfortunately Chelsea were too much for us EFL Cup - Fixtures - out on penalties away at Everton in the 4th round Europa League - Fixtures | Table - we topped a good group of Valencia, Slavia Prague and Osijek only to face bloody Athletico Madrid (who won La Liga the season before, only to finish 3rd in their CL group) in the 2nd knocko
  8. I'm having this issue too - just a case of waiting out. My U23 even won the Pointless Joke Trophy but still aren't in a reserve league. It looks like the Central League is no longer around which is a shame, as in FM20 that was an U23 league for teams further down the Football League whom were not in PL2 or the PDL.
  9. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Premier League 2030/31 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - a considerably better season - who knew not conceding so much would help - led us to a brilliant 5th place finish and Europa League football next season. FA Cup - Fixtures - knocked out on penalties by Chelsea in the quarters EFL Cup - Fixtures - another 4th round exit at home to Man Utd Our U23 team won the Papa John's Trophy (it's been dominated by U23 team wins, the last 6 finals won by them) Finances - madness. I can't actually spend it all as our rep is too low.
  10. I can upload a save if required - but in the Premier League I've gone up to a category 1 academy before the season reset but our U23 team are not in any of the available reserve leagues. Is this correct or a bug?
  11. Hmmm...category 1 academy and we still don't have our U23 team in an active reserve league. Sounds like a bug.
  12. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Premier League 2029/30 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - an incredibly tough season where we had a number of hammerings, however we scraped enough wins together to finish in a solid 14th. FA Cup - Fixtures - made it to the semis again but eventual winners Spurs were too good for us EFL Cup - Fixtures - got smashed in the 4th round by Chelsea Finances - utterly ridiculous. This is after a couple of training and youth facilities updates too. Now up to youth category 1. Transfers - gambled a bit with a net spend of around £10m whi
  13. First 3 fixtures in the Premier League Man City (A) Spurs (H) Liverpool (A) Talk about easing yourself in..
  14. Hmm so our stadium has been apparently delayed until November 2029 so we're going to play in our current one with approx 2,000 seats... Sounds like a bug as its below ground grading requirements (and IRL there is a perfectly good stadium a few miles away in Preston)
  15. Crispypaul Bamber Bridge Championship 2028/29 League - Season Review 1 | Season Review 2 - after narrowly missing out on promotion last season by losing in the play off final I was determined to get automatic promotion - we did in fact challenge for the title only to lose out by a single point but off to the promised land we go FA Cup - Fixtures - excellent run to the semis where Man Utd were too much for us EFL Cup - Fixtures - 3rd round exit away at Man City Finances - decent enough, not going to be an issue at all soon. Transfers - Our youth system is showing
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