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  1. This is very interesting thank you however I keep having a problem with players complaining about not doing enough quickness training - any ideas?
  2. Club De Deportes Santa Cruz Chilean Primera B Took a few months and other rejections until I was offered a job at recently promoted Deportes Santa Cruz A bit of a clean slate - there were no staff so that was the first job to get going on that Squad - can't tell until I have an AM how good they are but they look ok Facilities - decent enough for this level
  3. Crispypaul Home United Singaporean Premier Division 2019 League - Table | Fixtures - this ended up being an absolute walk in the park, winning the division with five games and ultimately 23 points! Singaporean Cup - Fixtures - easy run to the final where we annihilated DPMM 6-0. Singaporean League Cup - Fixtures - this looks like it is actually defunct but anyway it is in the game and we won it fairly comfortably. AFC Cup - Fixtures - a little bugged as we started off in the preliminary round and Singaporean teams are supposed to start in the groups. Anyway, it took a lot of games but we made it to the final and overcame our Iraqi opposition to win the trophy. You get a lot of prize money for winning this! Finances - absolutely fine after our cup runs Transfers - I filled out out foreign quota and also signed a few under-20 players who don't count for squad registration. Rai Pinto, an ex-Porto left back being the best of these. A lot of our squad made the Team of the Year Best players: Izzdin Shafiq - the most consistent of our central midfielders Song Ui-Young - the South Korean born Singaporean striker scored 29 goals in all competitions Sirina Camara - another naturalised Singaporean, the French left back was great down that left flank Isaka Cernak - our best player, however the Australian winger wouldn't sign a new contract so moved to Adelaide United at the end of the season I resigned straight after the cup final - a clean sweep more or less (it's not like we'll do anything in the ACL...). Domestic Season Team Division Position Notes 2019 Home United S-League 1st Cup, League Cup, AFC Cup winners, National B licence International Year Team Achievements Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (Singapore, Home United, 2019) 1/10 domestic cups (Singapore, Home United, 2019) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  4. Hi - good luck! However I don't think you've got the manager age right.
  5. It is in FM19. There is a League Cup in game. Must be an error from SI..... I am a Singaporean side so if I win that will take it as the cup win and ignore the League Cup. I have just tried to add manager and the "Young Lions" are indeed playable therefore the League Cup probably shouldn't count
  6. First season in Singapore going well. Just curious which cup counts for the challenge (or either?) There's the Singapore cup which is a straight knockout (but has foreign, guest teams) or the league cup however the latter doesn't have the "Young Lions" (Singapore's U-23 team that play in the league) but the other 8 remaining regular teams. EDIT: oops should probably have read the post above! I gather that either is fine then.
  7. Good luck - I won the Champions League with Lyn on FM18 doing the European Challenge so like the club.
  8. Iceland is now fully activated? Wow very impressive thank you - still playing my FM18 game as Hamar so looks like an FM19 version is on the cards!
  9. Crispypaul

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Sign Up

    Player name: William Rees Date of birth: 25 April Position: CB Start in: England Nation: Wales
  10. Depends on how you definite "tiniest". It is possible to get teams from the 3rd Icelandic division or 5th Swedish division promoted (if you holiday a year) into an active division. These would be pretty small.
  11. FYI - there may be some AFC Champions League issues at the moment, looks like clubs aren't being split into East and West Zones as they should be after the group stages. It's been logged with SI but not changed yet.
  12. Crispypaul

    [Asia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    AFC Cup - I'm playing as Home United from Singapore. For the 2019 AFC Cup (a 4th place finish in 2018) we enter at the preliminary round stage however I am not sure that is correct as a look at wikipedia indicates the preliminary round is not applicable for ASEAN clubs (only a playoff round) and Singapore itself has direct entry to the AFC Cup. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_AFC_Cup
  13. A Filipino team won the Singaporean cup! How odd. EDIT: oh - looks like finishing 4th has got us a place in the 2019 AFC Cup (the 2nd tier of the AFC continental competitions) - doesn't count towards the challenge but interesting to get continental football already!
  14. It's not until November 2018 I finally managed to have someone crazy enough to offer me a job - and it's in a league I have never managed in before: Home United Singapore Premier League Squad Pretty decent, in particular Australian winger Isaka Cernak and Singaporean striker Song Ui-Young Finances - all in good shape The team finished 4th in the 2018 season, predicted 2nd, but a little off Tampines. Hopefully we can make a go of it.