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  1. Flares

    Murder is outlawed but there's quite a lot of games where you can shoot people with little consequence....
  2. Great read congratulations for getting to the top division
  3. My fault - I saw something in the Twitter feed on the front page but its some random guy talking about the last video
  4. There's a new longer features video up isn't there?
  5. Absolutely, if it works as it appears to do it is really quite promising. I often rotate my centrebacks (for example) because it makes little difference at the moment but if I have to consider how they work together it means more consideration has to be given.
  6. Cheesy video but looks promising - time to get my 25% discount! BTW - Mike Duff - that's not Mike Duff of 01/02 fame is it?
  7. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Think I'll go with 1860 Munich for a test game (considering where they are now) then unemployed journeyman save. Need to fully use the i7-6700.
  8. Any Love for Serie A

    I am managing Internazionale in my journeyman career. A little into my first season, after getting over the usual squad building issues and that we were paying a 34 year old striker £130k a week (fortunately his contract expired) I am enjoying it, although after managing in Portugal I've had to dial down the acquisition of South American players somewhat!
  9. [FM17] Grab life by the Baltics

    Great idea for a save - good luck!
  10. Now updated Computer Type: Desktop (custom built) CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 CPU Frequency: 2800 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz CL14 OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 3 min 25 sec Test B Time: 6 min 51sec
  11. FM 2017 can't run Windows 10

    Try the demo first. And then pay money for the game you thieving git.
  12. Just about to update my CPU (with an I7) so here's the stats with my current one Computer Type: Desktop (custom built) CPU: Intel Core i5 6400 CPU Frequency: 2800 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz CL14 OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 4 min 18 sec Test B Time: 8 min 46sec
  13. Play up Pompey!

    Crossing 8 - a bit high
  14. You're aware that SI are owned by Sega? Something tells me they won't be doing anything with Nintendo anytime soon.