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  1. Ryan Christie (Scotland) please @Darius1998
  2. 1992 - should be able to remember this as I remember Italia 90 but perhaps because England were dire 1996 - my dad had tickets to the England v Switzerland game and the final none of which were memorable! I mainly remember Scotland and the semi final games. 2000 - can remember watching the Germany game but not much else 2004 - I was travelling around Australia and in Brisbane at the time. Remembering watching the France defeat in some city centre hostel then the other England games in the middle of the night. Mainly I recall the Greece win being celebrated by Brisbane's Greek community into the night. 2008 - didn't watch any as no England 2012 - had a broken ankle due to an attempted mugging a couple of weeks before so watched a lot of the games - until England limped out (ahem) in the quarters 2016 - England were not great of course and I mainly recall Wales good run. I also went to France and watched Turkey v Czech Republic (after Germany v NI in the Lens fan zone) and Iceland v Austria over a couple of days which was good fun. Also this ad 2020(1) obviously this was a great one with the big memory being the Colombia shootout and our comfortable win in the quarters (and less so in the semis)
  3. Simon Kjær ( Denmark) please @Ronaldo Beckham
  4. Andrei Rațiu (Romania) @JD nawrat Slim pickings for some of these now..
  5. Matthijs De Ligt (Netherlands) @Joel B
  6. Sorry had to pick my wife up from the airport - can I pick now?
  7. Peter Gulacsi (Hungary) please @The Golden boy
  8. Can I have Patrick Schick please (sorry can't copy and paste) @PaulHartman71
  9. Baptista_8; 1. BigV; 1. Jude Bellingham (England) Celtic_1967; 1. Citizen Sandman; 1. Rodri (Spain) Crispypaul; 1. Bernardo Silva (Portugal) Darius1998; 1. Freakiie; 1. grff; 1. GunmaN1905; 1. Kylian Mbappe (France) Harryseaess; 1. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) hilly_boro; 1. JD nawrat; 1. Joel B; 1. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (Georgia) mrw072; 1. PaulHartman71; 1. Pompeyboyz; 1. Rebs; 1. Rikulec; 1. Ronaldo Beckham; 1. Scott1892; 1. SouthCoastRed; 1. The Golden boy; 1. WillHoward42; 1. Manuel Neuer (Germany) Yuko; 1. Belgium: Kevin De Bruyne England: Jude Bellingham France: Kylian Mbappe Georgia: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Germany: Manuel Neuer Portugal: Bernardo Silva Spain: Rodri @Yuko
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