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  1. Hmm, the top division in Norway is going to be a struggle. We're the only semi-pro side, have the lowest attendance and the lowest wage bill, which is 1/3 of the side above us. Currently 6 games in, won 1 lost 5. Hopefully I can scrape through.
  2. Lyn Norwegian 1st Division 2020 Season Review League - Table - a close battle for a while with Start but we eventually secured promotion as champions Cup - Fixtures - a decent run to the quarter finals until eventually being hammered by Valeranga Key players: Squad | Transfers Hakon Helland Hoseth - a great loan signing from Odd, extended for another season Bardh Shala - top scorer again Christer Kleiven - also had another good season Torsteinn Mjonner - solid at the back Youth Update: Got upgrades to recruitment and coaching - although intake not as good this year and I lost Torp to Rosenborg (albeit with a loan back to the end of the next season) Intake Finances: despite the money for Torp, prize money from the league and the cup, these are still terrible. Probably because of the youth setup being top class.... Season League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2018 Norwegian 2nd Division 1st Champions, Promoted 2019 Norwegian 1st Division 8th 2020 Norwegian 1st Division 1st Champions, Promoted
  3. What is your ideal league?

    Greece is pretty good - the league season is only 30 games however the Greek Cup is played in a small group (4 teams play each other once) then onto the knockouts so there's a bit of variety there. Although there is a bit of a disparity between the large Athens teams and everyone else. Iceland is only 22 games although you have the league cup as a preseason tournament plus the Icelandic Cup during the main season. Poland isn't great IMO - there are enough teams to make 30 game seasons fine however there is then a bizarre 7 game end-of-season split which seems largely pointless. I'm managing in South Korea at the moment for the first time - 33 games then a split for the last 5 is a little different. Although the foreign player limits are very tough (3, with a fourth available for an Asian player) and you have to start with at least one player under 22. Plus all the good Korean players play in Europe.
  4. Lyn Norwegian 1st Division 2019 Season Review League - Table - finished 8th, a good start. We conceded more goals than I would have liked so I will be tweaking our formation for 2020 Cup - Fixtures - knocked out in the 2nd round by eventual winners Rosenborg Key players: Squad | Transfers Elvind Fallas Dahl - another good season from the midfielder Truls Jorstad - a veteran whom was signed for both his playing skills and that he is a Model Citizen, so a great tutor Olav Dalen - solid from veteran keeper Bardh Shala - top scorer Youth Update: We had another great intake - one player in particular. They also won the U19 league Intake Kim Torp YP19a was the best Finances: not getting any better Season League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2018 Norwegian 2nd Division 1st Champions, Promoted 2019 Norwegian 1st Division 8th
  5. FM18: Memory Lane

    Great move!
  6. FM18: Memory Lane

    This is a really good career and read - I spent three seasons at your rivals AEK Athens in FM2017 and rather enjoyed the Greek league. Do you think you'll move anywhere else soon?
  7. Will have an update on youth intakes with my summary however one is good enough for our first team already, but I don't want to overdo it with a 16 year old as I know that there are issues further down the line with overplaying youngsters.
  8. Still playing my Lyn save - hovering around the playoffs about halfway through the season which I'm pretty happy with. Eliteserien clubs keep trying to buy some of my youth players already which is promising. Hopefully will finish off the season over the next week or so and give an update.
  9. The Dutch Kevin Keegan!
  10. Great signing in Oztumer - I used to watch him play IRL for Dulwich and he was comfortably better than everyone else
  11. Lyn Norwegian 2nd Division 2018 Season Review League - Table | Fixtures - what can I say but we had a stormer of a season, winning the title by 10 points to achieve promotion at the first time of asking. Cup - Fixtures - got past Valerenga in the 3rd round but narrowly lost to Sogndal in the 4th. Key players: Elvind Fallas Dahl - scored some key goals from midfield Kenneth Di Vita Jensen - 19 goals from the striker Thomas Lia - 9 clean sheets from the keeper Andre Emilio Garcia - great work from the Spanish right back Youth Update: I love Norway's youth intake - it comes near the start of the season rather than at the end so you get a full season for the intake straight away. They had a stormer, winning the U19 cup too. Intake A few players tagged from this: Jonas Knutsen Y18a: Intake Stats | promising right back though needed some tutoring. Nicolaj Olsen Y18b: Intake Stats | End of Season: young striker had an astonishing season scoring 44 goals. I gave him a couple of games at the end. Inge Berntsen Y18c: Intake Stats: looked promising but hasn't quite got there after breaking his ankle early on Stian Hermansen Y18d: Intake Stats (sorry seem to have not done this!) | End of Season: yes he scored 27 goals this season - ludicrously prolific although not yet ready for the first team. Other News Got a youth recruitment upgrade and a junior coaching upgrade at the end of the season. Also under soil heating is required Soft Brexit - haven't seen this before actually Finances: pretty awful Season League Position Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2018 Norwegian 2nd Division 1st Champions, Promoted (sorry realised I have not taken screenshots of the transfers or year end squad - will do so next update)
  12. About halfway through my first season with Lyn, enjoying it so far. A word of advice for anyone else in Norway - if you get drawn at home against top division opposition, always accept the proposal to switch to their own stadium. I refused for a game against Songdal after they offered £7k and 50% of their gate receipts (as all cup receipts are shared 50/50) however we only had about 500 people turn up and got £3k in receipts in the end
  13. Really enjoyed the extended Icelandic structure for FM17 (which I am still playing, got Hamar into the group stages of the Champions League for two years running!) - thank you for doing this again for FM18.
  14. Couldn't get going on my journeyman career so going to give this a shot. I have also gone with one of my favourite leagues, in Norway. Profile League History So a club that before its financial problems does have a certain amount of history - my job to get them back up there!