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  1. Yes, I had it with only the Nordic leagues active.
  2. Mourinho played professionally in the Portuguese league, though, was assistant at Porto, Barcelona and Benfica and managed Leiria before getting the Porto job. Still way ahead of sunday league rep.
  3. Wow! I have never managed in Greece, looking forward to seeing how you get on.
  4. £28m transfer budget in the Greek league? Sounds excellent!
  5. That may be how it works though - I'm in the lowest Swedish league and haven't been entered into the 2017 Swedish Cup. Looking at wikipedia, it looks like it is based on "districts" as to whether a team qualifies or not. There are only 64 teams in the first round - however there are 14 groups of 6 just in Division 2 (so 84), 28 in Division 1, and looking at wikipedia for the most recent IRL competition there were also teams from Division 3 and Division 4.
  6. Thank you for the well thought answer - I can see where you are coming from although interestingly Kane is only on £165,000 a week behind Rooney, Schweinsteiger and Mkhitaryn. Coutinho has just gone to Barcelona for £70m too and Man City bought Thiago from Bayern for £75m. So its not that strange in relation to these other movements.
  7. Wow, Man United bought Harry Kane for £112m in the summer of 2017 in my current game. Seems a lot for that early on.
  8. Please delete my post in Daz's thread, I have messed up his ordering like an idiot
  9. The fee is paid by the home club isn't it? They break-even in theory.
  10. Great move - and career! Moving to Spurs 6 years in is very quick.
  11. Lillehammer PostNord-ligaen Avdeling 1 2018 Season Review League - Table - finished in a pretty solid 9th place, although I was worried we may get relegated at some stages Squad Key players: Erik Sigtbakken: probably our best player, the winger also has a Resolute personality which has been good for tutoring Magnus Londal: a decent enough striker, we didn't score much anyway Frikk Strand Wulff: could be good, largely played in lieu of anyone else Youth Intake Pleased that in Norway you get the youth intake before the season starts - tagged a few players Ola Solstad (18a): Start | End - easily the best prospect, became our best midfielder now has a lot of interest from elsewhere in Norway. Matthias Sorum (18b): Start | End - a decent centre back, ended up playing at left back for about half the season due to a lack of other options Cato Landal (18c): Start | End - a good defender also, made a handful of appearances Alf Johannes Geilo (18d): Start | End - a great right back, ended up with a few games as the season progressed Stian Moen (18e): Start | End - decent centre back, got the occasional appearance here and there Finances: got a £30k payment from our parent club Rosenborg to help with this Transfers: only player signed before my arrival
  12. Portsmouth won the league in 1949 and 1950 - now in League Two
  13. Hello all Struggled a bit with a couple of games however I've decided to take the plunge in Norway with Lillehammer. Here is my profile
  14. Also the Madjeski Stadium, which is 75 miles and about an hour and a half. I am pretty sure if it came to it they would still go to St Mary's or Fratton Park. I mean Fulham shared with QPR for a bit. I'd report it as a bug.
  15. Hi - after trying a career and a season and a bit with Exeter, I have instead decided to take the plunge into this challenge. Do I need to post a picture of my profile?