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  1. Crispypaul AEK Athens Greek Superleague 2022/23 League - Season Review 1 - Season Review 2 - we scabbed it! Winning the league title on the last day Greek Cup - Fixtures - out before I joined. Prior to this AEK had lost 6 cup finals in a row so my aim next season is to finally win it Europa Conference League - Fixtures - out before I joined Finances - an absolute mess but once the sponsorship has come in and I've cleaned the squad up this should be better Key players: Marc Olivier-Kempf - really good centre back Nelson Oliveira - experienced centre for
  2. After spending time going through Norway's customary, ludicrously long pre season a few days before our first Eliteserien game I have a new job AEK Athens in the Greek Superleague. What particularly interested me is the season is playing out and we're only two points from top spot so there's a chance of scabbing a league win The squad is bloated and the finances are a mess - it looks like AEK had a good European run in 2021/22 in the ECL, spent all the prize money then crashed out in the qualifiers so I need to sort the squad out in the summer.
  3. Crispypaul Levanger Norwegian 1st Division 2022 League - Season Review 1 - Season Review 2 - a shock as we lift the title on the last day Norwegian Cup - Fixtures - Bodo/Glimt knock us out in the 4th round Finances - very comfortable although I am not convinced the sponsorship is realistic Transfers Key players: Emanuel Vladic - prolific again Jeppe Schultz - another good season Noah Iversen - good season too Casper Hauervig - decent enough but probably not good enough for the top division Future - I have extended my contract another year
  4. Try managing in Norway where you're restricted to a maximum of 9 non-homegrown players in a squad of 30. The 17 foreign player limit in the PL is generous in comparison (which has what has appeared in my save).
  5. We were pretty poor in FM20 too in my experience. I've taken over Spurs a few games in and the squad has been all over the place. They tend to have a lot of money and absolutely waste it. I'm not sure why. I'm only in 2022 in FM21 and Mourinho was sacked after a season where Spurs finished 6th and without a trophy; Ernesto Valverde was sacked in March in the following season where Spurs ultimately finished 11th. Matias Almeyda (managing San Jose in the MLS...hmm) is currently manager. Kane was sold to PSG for £94m (bit low?) in July 2021.
  6. @vikeologist perhaps but I didn't finish in the end, I was put off a bit by winning the World Cup with Senegal which seemed very unlikely (I found FM20 a bit too easy generally)
  7. Hello I am playing in the Norwegian 2nd division (the 3rd tier) and after my first season received £750,000 or so in sponsorship money which seems far too high. To give you an idea it is 3 times our annual wage budget. I have a save when I got the commercial summary and sponsorship was paid out if you want me to upload it
  8. I've just completed my first season as Levanger in the 2nd division and got £735,000 in sponsorship money at the end of the season. That sounds quite a lot. Is this right? I can upload a save at the time of receiving the commercial summary if that helps.
  9. Sponsorship money seems a bit high - we just got £735,000 in sponsorships at the end of 2021. That's 3 times what we spent on wages for the whole year.
  10. Crispypaul Levanger Norwegian 2nd Division 2021 League - Season Review 1 - Season Review 2 - great work as we win the division and promotion Norwegian Cup - Fixtures - a great run to the quarter final until Staebak crushed us Finances - decent sponsorship and a cup run mean these are nice and healthy Transfers Key players: Emanuel Vladic - 24 goals from the Bosnian striker Jeppe Schultz - strong Danish centre half Alexander Johansen - great right back Noah Iversen - another prolific striker William Prtic - another strong defender Cas
  11. When I restarted though I got nowhere near the Wigan job. So maybe it was just a fluke.
  12. Started my first proper game and am enjoying it. I really like the recruitment meetings and even the press conferences feel better
  13. I did start going with Wigan but quit as a) it seemed like too big a team to start with as a 20 year old with no experience and b) I really, really hate slogging through the lower leagues in England. So I have restarted, profile is here. A couple of months in I got a couple of offers, one of which I accepted from Norwegian 3rd tier side Levanger. I love the Norwegian league and this seemed a much more fitting level for an inexperienced manager. No games to play in the 2020 season as there is a split halfway and the bottom teams don't play any games, so 2021 will be the first proper
  14. Played a few games in Canada and really didn't enjoy the start so I've restarted again However a few months in and I've been offered the Wigan job in League One with a rep of 2.5 stars. Sounds rather high so I am going to wait do decide whether to take it or not.
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