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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Association_football_clubs_disestablished_in_2019 This is quite interesting (ish..) - you can select by year too. North Ferriby United were wound up in March 2019. Pretty sure they're in FM19 still as this was after the last patch.
  2. Crispypaul Tottenham Hotspur English Premier League 2030/31 League - Table - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 - we retained the title, more emphatically than last season FA Cup - Fixtures - no troubles this time as we overcame Liverpool in the final to get our first FA Cup since 1991 EFL Cup - Fixtures - we retained the League Cup with a win over Man Utd in the final Champions League - Group Stage - Fixtures - Monaco, Milan and Guimares were overcome in the group stages fairly comfortably (a 8-0 win over the latter!). Next up Dortmund in the Round of 16 whom we just sneaked past. Man City were up in the quarters, nutty 3-3 draw away then we put 7 past them in the home leg. RB Leipzig next whom were smashed a ludicrous 9-4 in the first leg. In the final we beat Barcelona to lift the Champions League. Finances - minted Transfers - Squad - not quite as much turnover as previously but still a few changes. I re-signed Dele Alli for the season. Key players - Branko Strunjasevic - signed the Serbian striker on a free from Partizan Belgrade and he had a fantastic debut season Aser - solid again from the right back Will Keen - youth product striker had a breakthrough season for club and country Ivan Brcic - wonderful again from the left winger Taulant Kabashi - Italian CM signed in the summer proved a top notch acquisition Luis Paixao - another good season on the flank from the winger Future - although I have won everything in England plus the CL there are no decent jobs in the Italian, French or Spanish leagues or in South America so I am staying until after the Club World Cup in December then will resign. Domestic Season Team Division Position Notes 2019 Home United S-League 1st Cup, League Cup, AFC Cup winners, National B licence 2020 Deportes Santa Cruz Chilean Primera B 1st Promoted 2021 Deportes Santa Cruz Chilean Primera 3rd Cup Winners, Qualified for Copa Libertadores, Continental B 2022 Deportes Santa Cruz Chilean Primera 1st Cup Winners, Copa Libertadores Knockout, Continental A 2022/23 Pumas Mexican Premier Division 1st Apertura and Clasura Winners, CONCACFA CL winners, Continental Pro 2023/24 Maritzburg Utd South African Premier Division 1st MTN8, Telkom, Nedbank Cup Winners 2024/25 Maritzburg Utd South African Premier Division 1st MTN8, Nedbank Cup, African CL Winners 2025 Ulsan K-League 1 3rd Joined 20th July 2025, KFA Cup Winners 2026 Ulsan K-League 1 1st ACL, KFA Cup Winners 2026/27 VfB Stuttgart 1. Bundesliga 15th 2027/28 VfB Stuttgart 1. Bundesliga 1st 2028/29 VfB Stuttgart 1. Bundesliga 1st Cup winners, CL finalist 2029/30 Tottenham EPL 1st EFL Cup Winners 2030/31 Tottenham EPL 1st FA Cup, EFL Cup, CL winners International Year Team Achievements 2023/24 Cameroon African Nations Championship winners, AFCON qualifying group stage 2024/25 Cameroon AFCON Runners Up, Resigned 2026/27 Iran Asian Cup Winners 2028/29 England 2029/30 England World Cup Runnersup, resigned 2030/31 Brazil Challenge Progress Club 7/10 top domestic leagues (Singapore, Home United, 2019; Chile, Deportes Santa Cruz, 2022; Mexico, Pumas, 2022/23; South Africa, Maritzburg Utd, 2023/24; South Korea, Ulsan, 2026; Germany, VfB Stuttgart, 2027/28; England, Tottenham, 2029/30) 6/10 domestic cups (Singapore, Home United, 2019; Chile, Deportes Santa Cruz, 2021; South Africa, Maritzburg Utd, 2023/24; South Korea, Ulsan, 2025; Germany, VfB Stuttgart, 2029; England, Tottenham, 2029/30) 4/5 club continental championships (CONCACAF, Pumas, 2022/23; CAF, Maritzburg Utd, 2024/25; AFC, Ulsan, 2026; Tottenham, UEFA, 2031) 0/1 club world championship International 1/5 continental tournaments (Asia, Iran, 2027) 0/2 world tournaments
  3. Great read as usual, love a Nordic save. I tried to do one a couple of years ago but it petered out a bit. Have decided it will be one of my saves in FM20 though.
  4. England World Cup 2030 Sorry been a while since I have posted - anyway here is the update for the 2030 World Cup Group Stages - Fixtures - Tree First was a straightforward group containing Australia and Senegal, which we won comfortably (very comfortably for Senegal!) Next up was Morocco in the first knockout stage - this surprisingly lead to penalties which we did win on thankfully. Ghana were beat 2-0 in the next knockout stage, then it became harder with France in the quarters however we ran out 3-0 winners. It took an extra time penalty from Marcus Rashford to sneak past Colombia in the semi-finals. So we faced hosts Italy in the final...and blew it...losing 3-1. I resigned after as I didn't think we'd be able to go any further. Not long afterwards I got another international job - this time with Brazil. No competitive fixtures until the 2032 Copa America but I can see the quality is considerably higher than that from England.
  5. Have managed Tottenham and Inter. That's about it for "big" clubs. Frankly I find them a bit too easy. Even with Spurs in my current game once my scout starts recommending players for £100m+ I lose interest. Much prefer finding bargains and gems then splashing the cash on a well known player
  6. Will be interesting if you can then get that B team in an active league
  7. Interesting about goal kicks being in the set piece creator. A useful one if you've got a keeper with good kicking I'd imagine and a big lump up front I am pretty sure that the protesting transfers has already been in FM though. Is it being tweaked?
  8. I'd imagine it will be in. The general principle of how it operates has been known for a few months. The name is new but I'd imagine there's no official licence for it so will be known as something else in the release edition. Probably "Euro League" I'd guess (as "Euro Cup" is the Europa League).
  9. I am still playing this albeit slowly. Will try and provide an update at some point.
  10. Can't seem to select UK as the country....anyone have that problem? EDIT: Never mind I had an old login from somewhere
  11. "Don't think I'll bother with strikers, errr, for some reason...."
  12. Anyone remember this? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-11231856 Ilkeston were in the Conference North at the time - if my memory serves me right FM11 had that league with 21 clubs rather than 22. I could be wrong though.
  13. I have no idea why people get wound up that much by the lack of detail. It's Football Manager, you generally know what the game is about in advance As long as we can build burger bars I am happy.
  14. I've had a look and we played Barcelona at home (well, Wembley) on Wednesday 3rd October and Cardiff at 3pm on Saturday 6th October last year. So it's not uncommon.
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