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  1. Milan still never seem to take up the option to buy Tonali on the latest update despite him being a starter for most of the season. He played 47 games in all competitions last season including 27 starts. At £12m there is no way they wouldn't keep him he is one of the brightest talents in game and at that price is a steal.
  2. Well after losing all my data and struggling to get back into a save I return to Italy. I have set the game to start with the Chinese late pre-season start date which is 22/02/2021 which leaves the season pretty much exactly the same as it is in real life. You can see the table in the screenshot below. As you can see the team I have chosen to manage is Udinese there the bottom team in the league and 6 points from safety. The Aim for the current season is clear remain in Serie A at all costs. Then looking to the future I want us to work on our youth setup and create a team that could po
  3. @JunkheadYeah that’s what I’m saying. Like I said it’s like the season after if yourself or AI don’t spend your budget for the new season in the transfer window it doesn’t immediately go to £0 it’s only at the start.
  4. Again I don't think your quite getting it this scenario only happens at the start of a save, You finish the first season with Man City for example win the lot. The board throw £150m in the transfer budget due to the sugar daddy owner. All summer you decide not to spend a penny. Does the board take it all and leave you with £0 until January? No it stays in your account exactly like I believe it should in my situation. Every other team who does not spend all there budget also keeps this money in the transfer budget and these teams do not end up with inflated wage budgets like you said.
  5. SI have already said the transfer budgets with it activated are to reflect what clubs may have spent in real life
  6. No not at all what I’m saying is if there is a transfer budget of £15m when I have the transfer window activated I would like the same £15m when I don’t have it activated. For various uses including wages. And as Bayern Munich have shown in real life clubs can still agree deals out of the window. See Upamecano announced after the window had closed. Bernardo Silva was similar on his move to Man City. Also as I stated when you first join a club on football manager 99% of the time the wage budget is maxed out at small/medium clubs. Also a lot of contracts expire first season or young prospects in
  7. This is the closest we have on here now to a proper LLM forum. And not the hardest league but one of the hardest clubs to do LLM with is Chertanovo in the lowest Russian division as they are coded to not be able to sign any players ever. So you have to fully rely on the youth setup for the whole of your save. Any nations with dominant teams are the hardest to start in, for example in Scotland the quality in the lowest tear will take a long long time to get anywhere near Rangers and Celtic. My personal favourite nation to manage in is Italy. Theres some really good teams in the top division inc
  8. Good luck seems like a decent challenge. That form is shocking hopefully you can turn that round you ended up with one of the hardest teams there. Theres only Sheffield United who I would want less.
  9. On my save newest update he starts off in the Barcelona U19 squad. 16 year old too.
  10. Maybe you missed the point. The transfer window is disabled. No buying or selling players.
  11. £28m was £14m upfront and £14m over the next 3 seasons
  12. Im just wondering why this feature is implemented in its current form. Basically if you choose to disable the first window when you join the club you will have £0 transfer budget. Let's use Napoli as an example in the current version. With the first window activated you start with £15,900,720 transfer budget and a wage budget of £2,161,375 p/w the clubs overall bank balance is £33,119,896. However if you disable the first transfer window activity you have exactly the same wage budget and exactly the same bank balance but you lose the nearly £16m transfer budget. That money could be used to bum
  13. Your not stating what the issue is that needs to be fixed?
  14. Good luck with the save would be nice if you could go without signing any players for the next 5 or seasons and try and rely on the world renowned La Masia which has struggled to produce the good in recent years.
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