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  1. Are you only playing with the one tactic? And are you tweaking it before each game or keeping it the same? This years game the AI do a better job of reading your tactics and put counter measures in place if it is used again and again. Also If you overacheived last season which going by what you said you clearly did. (expected relegation ended up in europe) another simple answer could be that was the season you simply peaked for the quality of your squad. One of those Leicester winning the league title in real life kind of scenarios where everything fell perfectly for the one season but then reality hit and you went back to being an average team. Never judge a pattern on a one off season. I have won league titles then struggled to qualify for europe the season after. Or finished just above relegation in the championship only to go unbeaten the next season with the same squad.
  2. Not really an amazing feat. In game he has had time to develop (2022) and his growth is phenomenal. One of the highest rated strikers in game. If it was some random striker for a mid tier team then maybe. But its a guy with bags of potential at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Also you find a few seasons in a lot of players score a decent amount of goals for there clubs.
  3. Had a look in game and Alloa Athletic start in the championship and are only semi pro with majority of there players on P/T contracts. So being pro isn’t a league requirement. In these circumstances in other leagues I have seen other people get the board to allow them to turn pro straight away. Other people have had to wait several seasons.
  4. Also correct me if I’m wrong but Edinburgh City will be a Semi-Pro club and just about every team in the Championship is Professional so there players will be on full time contracts. The ones that have become free agents will more than likely be looking to go full time with a Professional club again than taking the stem down to a semi pro team and Part time contracts.
  5. In the most extreme example start a game with say Barcelona vs a weak La Liga team. Pick your strongest starting 11 and best tactic. The game will determine you are favourites and you will more often than not win the game if you play correctly. Get the game to half time and at this point you will more than likely be winning or still level. Now you said you don’t see to what degree changes can make. And as I said this will be an extreme example. At half time on the tactics screen move everyone of your players as high up on the tactics board as you can also swap your starting GK for Messi or another small player. I can guarantee you can go from winning a game 2-0 to losing it 2-25 in one half of football. Again I understand this is an extreme example but it shows in the easiest form that the result is NOT pre determined before the game starts. And also shows how drastic your decisions can change a possible outcome.
  6. Decided to create/start this challenge myself as football in Italy is my main passion. The rules are simple S.S.C Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis took over the club in 2004. In this time napoli have won 2 COPPA ITALIA, 1 SUPERCOPPA ITALIANA. and SERIE C1. His main dream as Napoli chairman is to win the SERIE A. In August 2018 he decided to purchase S.S.C Bari currently playing there trade in Serie D his aim is to get them to the top flight of italian football as soon as possible and although he is the owner of the football club he has installed his son Luigi De Laurentiis as chairman. This is where you come in your objective is one of or all of the following...... The Ultimate Challenge This challenge will be based purely on luck and therefore is the hardest of the challenges to acheive. Take Bari from SERIE D and get them there first ever SERIE A title before your father lands one at NAPOLI. Triple Titles When Aurelio De Laurentiis took napoli from SERIE C to SERIE A he won the SERIE C title on the way. Your objective is to go one step further and lift both the SERIE C and SERIE B titles before finally winning SERIE A. Domination The final challenge is simple. Overtake your fathers Napoli side for ammount of trophies won topping it off with a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE title. The link for the serie D file which iam using is > https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm19-leagues.html?id=5247
  7. Been keeping an eye on this forum for a while but I have been doing a different career. As a Juventus fan Serie A is always a league im extremely interested in and I decided to start a 2nd main save. The team I decided to select was ATALANTA B.C and the reasons behind this were quite simple 1.Never won the Serie A or any European Competition 2.Amazing youth setup and prospects 3.The freedom to build a team without the pressures of challenging for the title. I have already just got past the halfway stage of the season and let me just say things have been a little crazy! They say a picture is worth a thousand words well.............................. I mean look at this table!!!!! Apart from our amazing form which im struggling to beleive. I mean im a hardcore FM gamer but even for me this is crazy impressive. JUVENTUS still unbeaten which is amazing. But look at FIORENTINA WHAT!!!! HOW???? Then theres TORINO near the bottom LAZIO just above them ROMA 13th NAPOLI 9th and BENEVENTO sitting in 8TH! My only 2 defeats in the league and both away from home to 2 fantastic teams. Highlights obviously the results against both MILANS. And finally to add to the crazyness Ronaldo or Messi didnt win the first Ballon d'OR of my save it went to Italy..... As far as signings etc go I have only purchased 2 young regens who REAL MADRID and MANCHESTER CITY were in for so had to offer them a little more wages than I would have liked for there age. And literally a week ago in January we got Jean Michael Seri for £10m upfront and another £10m over 12month he has only played 1 game since joining. In the Italian Cup we had a shocker and went out in the 1st round to Serie B side FOGGIA. And in the Europa League we are in the 1st Knockout Round against Lokomotiv Moscow.
  8. No bother. Im like you dont really like to spend a lot. Currently starting a new save with Atalanta just for the purpose of this Forum. Lot of talented youth and yet to win Serie A. Should be interesting.
  9. Well immediately these could all be negotiated a lot lower. How long do they have left on there deals? If its still a few seasons use your captain/vice captain to talk them out of a new deal. This works like 90% of the time for me. Personally Kalinic, Borini and Boneventura 2 seasons into the game are getting a bit old for that kind of money. If you cant sign them to a cheaper deal or get them talked out of it I would sell. Musacchio, Coutrone and Romagnoli I would try and talk them out of it if not offer a bit lower than they want max 180k
  10. Just a update to let people know there will be a slight delay with the next post as my son has taken ill. Thanks for your support unto now.
  11. MLS SEASON 2018 ROUND 3 PRE MATCH INFORMATION THE LINEUPS FULL TIME STATISTICS LEAGUE TABLE And there we have it our first win in the MLS and im delighted. 3-1 away from home is a tremendous result. Again the form of Santiago Silva continues and a brace from Fernando Torres not only gets us the 3 points, but makes it 3/3 in the league for him. On a slightly negative note though we still fail to keep a clean sheet but it was the least ammount of goals we have conceded in a league match this season. Carlos Vela had to leave the pitch after 19 minutes with a damaged ankle but scans have revealed it was more a precaution to sub him and he should be fit to play the next game.
  12. Who knows what the future holds.....but to get one of them two would be unreal! Rest assured if the oppurtunity arises I will be going straight in for it.
  13. MLS SEASON 2018 ROUND 2 PRE MATCH INFORMATION THE LINEUPS FULL TIME STATISTICS LEAGUE TABLE Firs game in our brand new stadium ends in a draw, It was certainly a spectacle for the fans. Another 2 goals for Santiago Silva and a Fernando Torres strike earned us a point, but again our defence let us down. I'm not too concerned at the moment though because we remain unbeaten 2 games in and I beleive the problems at the back are due to the players not having enough time to gel together. New signing Jack Harrison finished with a match rating of 7.2 and provided the assist for the Torres goal. Ashley Cole also made his debut after returning from injury and finished with a 6.7 rating. Sadly our AMC Roland Alberg left the pitch with pulled ankle ligaments and will be out for 2-7days and will miss the trip to NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION.
  14. YAYA, VELA, and TORRES DPs. And I decided to make the switch as our star AMC was carrying an injury and the replacement wasnt upto par. In some mathces in pre season I tried the 4-2-4 and it worked well. I also felt against Philly there was goals to be had. My AMC is just about back to full fitness now though so we could revert back against Toronto.
  15. UNBELIEVABLE LUCK So after the last game when I was doing my assessment I commented how we were weak in the AML position. After I had checked all the match analysis to find out where we could improve I hit continue and this news item came in. Not knowing who he was I decided to click on his profile....... He has a green rating in AML what are the odds!!!!! And not only that but at £4.2m apart from Carlos Vela he would be the second most valuable player in the team. As you can imagine a few teams put free bids in but as we werent in the MLS last season we were the lowest ranked team by default so.............. Welcom to the club Jack Harrison. Will be straight into the starting lineup for what looks like a tough game coming up against Toronto FC
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