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  1. Season so far and Youth Intake update. At just over the halfway stage of the season things are going pretty well. Knowing a top 6 position will qualify us for next years Copa Libertadores we sit happily in 2nd place. Sadly for us River Plate are playing out of there skin. Not only do they sit top of the league with 12 victories from 12 but they have also made it to a 2nd consecutive Copa Libertadores final where they will play fellow argentinian rivals San Lorenzo who are currently way down in 14th place. Messi's stats for the season look really impressive he is 6 goals clear in the scoring charts and averaging 7.76 after 12 games. Sadly though it has not been plain sailing. A more detailed look as shown below tells the real story. Out of the 12 league games he has played he has finished 3 of those with a 6.4 rating 1 with a 6.6 and another with a average 7.2 in fact only 5 of the games have seen him score higher than an 8 hopefully this is more to do with him fitting in with his new team mates. As I previously mentioned with the youth intake there was a slight chance of getting a player we could work with. This is a screen from the players we had to choose from. So there is 3 standout players and the rest were never gonna make the cut. We have two 3 star potential 4 star players and one 4 star potentially 5 star player. Below you will see a more detailed view on each player. Mendez is more suited to AMC which I dont use but can also play at CM his phsyicals are pretty shocking but he has decent mentals, he clearly has a lot of growing if he is to make it in the first team. As for Agotergaray his phsyicals are also on the low side but he has some decent mentals. Again he is a long way off making it to the first team. These two might be for development and sale in the future. Last but not least we have Lazzaroni who can play in a few postions but is natural in the CM we are currently light on LM so we could use him there as backup going forward. He has much better physicals and a better spread of mentals his personality is ambitious too so hopefully we will see some growth. Out of the 3 he is the one im pinning my hopes on to eventually make the step up into the first team. They have all been placed in tutoring groups with senior players including Messi.
  2. I was asking because I would create a custom save for you with the leagues you wanted
  3. THE DEBUT With the Addition of MESSI our predicted league position moved from 9/1 odds and 9th position to 6/1 odds and 6th position. The first game of the season would be away to Central Cordoba who are predicted to finish way down in 23rd. And what a perfect way to start, a comfortable 4-0 victory with MESSI securing a debut hat-trick in the 94th minute. Tactically we played a standard 4-4-2 with messi playing as an advanced forward. And as you can see from the screenshot I think the commentator got a little too excited when he scored his debut goal. We did play one game before this which MESSI missed due to still being on holiday a nervy 0-0 draw against second division side Sarmiento (Junin) in the 6th round of Copa Argentina. The team played terrible and it just wasnt our day. We had 19 shots 10 on target, hit the crossbar twice. Thankfully we held our nerve in the penalty shootout and scraped into the next round. Also despite it being our first season we have already had our youth intake update. As you can see from the screenshot it seems we may have a couple of decent players coming through. I will be happy if one of them has the required potential to make it into the first team in the future. It will also be handy having MESSI in a tutor group with them to help them develop.
  4. how many leagues do you want running? Just because im running it with 27 nations and 74 leagues and I dont know what your PC/Laptop will run
  5. Final Save FM20. In whats been described as a suprise move global superstar Lionel Messi has left FC Barcelona to return to the club where he started his career. The 6 time Ballon d'Or winner beleives he has done everything he can for Barcelona and wanted to return home before he ended his career. His dream is to win the Copa Libertadores with the club he supports. Reports suggest Messi has taken a astronomical wage cut to make the deal possible and will be earning around £10,000 per week. The player explained "I have returned to help the club which started my career. Money is not motivation for me I want to give the fans of the team that I support happiness while I still can" Strange to see Messi in colours other than Barcelona. He is clearly the best player in the team and we will be relying heavily on him until his retirement. Almost half the squad is 28 years or older. Some of our stronger players are also in on loan so we will be losing them at the end of the season. There is a lot of youth prospects at the club but they are a long way from the first team. As a club we have 2 Copa Libertadores runners up to our name, one in 1988 and the other in 1992 in fact the only titles the club has in there entire history is domestic titles. Going forward things are not looking good! Already £935k in the red the club is expected to make massive losses over the next 3 seasons so bringing players in looks extremely unlikely and players may even have to be sold to survive. Relying on the youth we bring through and currently have is going to be imperative for the future of this football club. The aim of the save is as follows: Win the Copa Libertadores with MESSI still at the club Establish ourselves as the best club in Argentina Win all domestic Trophies the club has never won Become the first team from Argentina to win the FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP Take over as Argentina Manager and Win a Major Tournament. I WILL PROVIDE UPDATES AS I WORK THROUGH MY SAVE.
  6. He played almost every game from January onwards apart from a couple he missed due to injury. He is now one of my goalkeeper coaches with Luca Bucci . Dijks is still with me but as the season has ended my club is getting hounded with transfer bids for my players. Thankfully none of them have became unsettled yet. And I didn’t even notice how high scoring the games were until you mentioned haha we have a philosophy of going on the attack and hopefully not concede too many against the bigger opposition
  7. Suppose it is down to money. Before you joined im guessing they never had a bank balance close to that so in his mind he seen no reason to consider leaving. Now the club has that kind of cash in the bank he knows the club will be valued a lot more than he beleived to be possible. All of a sudden he is up for selling. Money talks.
  8. So this just happened!!!!! First I was filled with rage. I hate when you are trying to make a project and the board just sell players above your head Then this........
  9. END OF SEASON ONE. Well my first season in Serie A with Bologna is finally completed. I have to say Im really enjoying the club upto now. The board seem to be bending over backwards to my requests which is a nice change. First of all lets start off with the most important part of this update, the final league table. First of all what a season Lazio had. They were dominant from matchday 13 onwards and even went on a 29 game without losing streak. We however hit the patchy form which I predicted. It was not down to injuries or anything like that quite simply we made a start to the league which was too good for the strength of the squad. The first 3 games afer new years day were defeats whic hurt the team. We did however go on a 4 game win streak shortly after that but it wasnt long before our form dipped again towards the end of the season after a run of tough games. Another sour note is the state of the clubs bank balance. Slowely but surely we have been leaking money all season. This is something we will have to look to resolve going forward. I was suprised to see that we have the 9th highest wages per year in Serie A. I have only brought a couple of players in on low contracts and have increased a couple of contracts but not by a great amount. Mattia Destro is on £61k a week and due to return from loan. He is a player I will be looking to offload to bring the salary down. Gary Medel is another 32 years old now and a bit part player at the club and taking home £38k. Buffon my sentimental signing has sadly announced he is retiring at the season end, but that will free up another £60k a week in wages. There has however been several rumours about a takeover of the club throughout the season but none of them have materialized upto now. I know it is a potential job risk when these things happen but there is often an initial injection of cash to help with the running of the club. Also some new sponsorship deals for next season will go a big way to getting us back into a better financial state. Looking to the future. Im honestly not sure if I will bring anybody in over the summer. We have a good young squad with a lot of potential in the youth teams. Both my under 18s and under 20s dominated there leagues. The under 18s is several leagues then a play off to be crowned champions. We played Juventus U18s in the final to seal the win. This will also help us get our finances heading in the right direction and im sure players like Vignato, Vazquez, Kingsley and Rabbi can make the step up in the next season or two. Rest of the World. This is just a quick update on the other top leagues in europe and the main cup competitions. Mourinho managed to win the premier league again with Tottenham finishing 13 points clear of there nearest rivals.
  10. That is strange indeed. At the start of my game he is worth more than he is in yours.
  11. @quee Quick halfway update.
  12. Well here goes my final save of FM20. As a Juventus fan football in Italy is my main passion in life. From the superstar league we had in the 90's to the more tactical and techinal football we have today. The Italian soccer club Bologna FC was established in 1909 and was one of the founding members of Serie A. They have won the Serie A on 7 occasions, the first time was in the 1924-1925 season. They have also won the Coppa Italia twice, the Mitropa Cup 3 times and the UEFA Intertoto Cup once. The aim of the save is simple, bring the glory days back to Stadio Renato Dall'Ara and show Italian football and the world that Bologna truly are a world class team. This first update will bring the date to January 12th 2020 and is the halfway point of our first Serie A season together. The Squad Upon arrival this is the team I was met with. There is a lot of talent and potential in not only the first team squad but the U20's and U18's. Of these talents Im mostly looking forward to building this team around Nicolas Dominguez and Emanuel Vignato. Sadly the latter is away on loan this season at Chievo so will be gaining match experience there. Has he was in the last year of his contract at the club I quikly signed him into a 5 year deal with an optional 3 year on top. As far as the boards expectations go they are wanting Mid table this season and going forward are wanting continous top half finishes which gives us a little bit of room for error. Coppa Italia objective is first round which we should be more than capable of. As you can see these are not the only talents in the squad. We also have Japanese wonderkid Takehiro Tomiyasu young Danish talent Andreas Skov Olsen aswell as once capped italian footballer Ricardo Orsolini. On the other end of the scale the experience players like Gary Medel, Andrea Poli and Rodrigo Palacio will be crucial for the first season at least. Transfers On the transfer front not a lot has happened apart from a few youth team players go out on loan and some released. We did decide to bring in 2 players who I have worked with in the past and do a pretty good job compared to there relativelty low prices. They were spanish duo Jesus Vazquez 16yr old LB from Valencia for £1m and Rodrigo Tarin a 23 year old CB from Leganes for £2.6m who can go straight into rotation for the first team. As you can see Vazquez hasnt had muvh game time upto now and will be going out on loan in January but Tarin has made several starts so far this season and is working on breaking into the starting 11. Season so far Well this season has went amazingly so far and at the half way stage we find ourselves exceeding our pre season expectations. I had a certain style of play in my head going into the season and it seems to fit the players perfectly. Some of the highlights so far can be seen in the screenshots below. At the minute we are conceding too many goals, there is 7 other teams in the league with less goals conceded than us but it is more than likely down to the fact a lot of the teams are stronger than us. We also struggle a little in depth this season when some of our regular starters are out of shape. And this is something I will look to improve upon in the next couple of transfer windows. Only Juventus have defeated us so far this season and we also managed a draw against top of the table Lazio. As I say this is just a brief update on the first half season at this club. Hopefully we will continue to use and grow some of the fantastic talents we have at this football club. Im expecting the 2nd half of the season to be much tougher as it usually seems to be in this years game for me. But as long as we grow and finish in the top 10 I will call it a success. The next update will focus on the finale of this years season and look a little more in depth to some of the young talents I have at this club. Earlier In the post I mentioned about poor defence. Currently we are in the january transfer window and there has been a new addition to help with this. Ideally we needed a spare ST but when this oppurtunity came up I couldnt say no. BENVENUTO
  13. Sounds like your building quite the squad.
  14. Yeah Im actually at the january transfer window and things have went much better than expected so far. I do however have 1 dream transfer that can potentially go through but might not be wise considering I need another ST option and this player cannot play there.
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