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  1. @TacticNewb If you just copied it directly on previous editions, just do that again for FM19 - don't use Line of Engagement, Counter-Press / Regroup, Counter / Hold Shape instructions until you know if you need them. FM19 tactics seem to basically play like previous FMs' Flexible shape. I did that on a save ages ago and we did decent (Dortmund 2nd season, won Europa League and Cup and came 2nd in the league, despite the fact that back then AMs were genuinely rubbish due to lack of movement).
  2. I tend to use them to counter-act unwanted ppms i.e. a player with Shoots From Distance might get instructed to "Shoot Less", or a guy with multiple traits encouraging running with the ball might get "Dribble Less". I'm more likely to just choose a role that suits my player in your example. There's no reason why it can't work though.
  3. @davenumber40 @Experienced Defender Agree with the above - you decide if his attribute is good enough. If on the other hand I get the message “showing no improvement” I’d go into the part where you can see attribute changes and see if it’s trending upwards at all - if it is I ignore them, if it’s not I stop the training.
  4. @crusadertsar @Enzo_Francescoli I think TM-At and WBIB could dovetail quite nicely. The Target Man would push up against the offensive line, potentially allowing for a quicker out-ball getting you closer to the opposition area, but then Shorter Passing and Work Ball Into Box would mean you'd still try some neat possession play to get to a scoring position. Of course it could also backfire spectacularly and lead to a very disjointed attack!
  5. Ajax 2018/19 Season - A Disappointing Title So headlined because whilst we won the league, my first season was ultimately quite a disappointment. But more on that later. Firstly, transfers: Only the 1 incoming - Nørrestrand looks a real prospect, and DR was the one area in the academy we were lacking depth. I like to have 5 players for a position at the club - 2 first team, 1 B team and 2 in the u19s. We only had 4 DR so in he came! Outgoings were a bunch of guys unlikely to make it, including Orejuela who wouldn't have played much in the second half of the season after Veltman came back from injury, although I hoped for Sierhuis to develop and 7 goals in 18 appearances was a good return in his step up from Jong Ajax. I also pre-arranged two incomings: Kik Pierie from Heerenveen as he had negotiated a £4.8m release clause, and Kenneth Vermeer returns to the club from Feyenoord for £1.2m - they'll be happy to make a profit on a 33 year old (they signed him from Ajax for £800k) whilst I'm happy to get an experienced Homegrown GK on a Backup contract with a good personality. Tactically I tried to recreate Ajax's real life tactics for the first half of the season but I was a bit too conservative and wasn't happy with the way we played, so I moved to Ö-zil's classic Dutch 4-3-3 for the second half of the season. That was enough to win the league though! Despite losing to both Feyenoord and PSV in the first half of the season, by late March when we came from 2-0 down to beat PSV 4-2 at home we were 8 points clear. The Dutch federation decided to screw us in April, with 4 games in 7 days as they jammed in two domestic fixtures between legs of our European tie, and we had to win on the final day to ensure we took home the title. We did so in style, smashing Utrecht 7-0, our biggest win of the season on the final day in front of our own fans, with all 7 scored in the first half! In the cup we surprisingly played only 2 lower league teams, but other than a weakened team taking 120 minutes to eventually smash Utrecht it was comfortable progress. The final was one of the aforementioned 4 in 7, as we came from behind 3 times, before succumbing on penalties. We easily got into the Champions League group stages, that 3-1 aggregate win over Slavia Prague being far more comfortable than it looked, much more like the previous ties. When we went to Russia and won, before smashing Dortmund at the ArenA I was hopeful of progressing, but Valencia's pacy forwards undid us, and although our second victory over Lokomotiv Moscow had us in with a shout Dortmund ultimately qualified as group winners. 10 points to only get 3rd place sucked. Another sizeable away trip had me encouraging the club directors to invest in Amsterdam-Moscow air links, but they've been too busy all season trying to sell up. Home battering and close, gritty away games were the formula here, although throwing away a 2-0 lead at Real Betis was a sign of things to come. In-between the two legs against Arsenal we played the Dutch Cup Final and a league tie against AZ, which is absurd. In the first leg twice we sneaked ourselves a lead but when they equalised twice and then went ahead we could have no complaints, Aubameyang's pace was too much. The second leg was incredibly frustrating, and I have to assume part of it was due to fatigue. We raced into a 3-0 lead inside 20 minutes through Ziyech, Eiting and Dolberg before Matthijs de Ligt's 2nd own goal in 4 days (he also got one in the cup final) set them on the way to recovery and a place in the final...where they lost to Leipzig. Some players stats: Huntelaar at 35 could seriously be considered a revelation - by scoring 25 goals in all competitions he had his best season since 2011/12, and his 20 goal Eredivise haul was good enough for top scorer (joint, ahead of Sam Lammers through playing fewer minutes), and only the 2nd time he'd hit 20 goals in the league since departing Ajax the first time mid-way through 2008/09! Dusan Tadic belatedly took to a striker role / I belatedly figured out a striker role suitable for Dusan Tadic - take your pick - and finished with a respectable 15 goals, I was never expecting him to mimic his real life totals so this was ok. Carel Eiting was a bit of a surprise, after playing half the season as a DM, when moved forward to CM-Su he got 9 goals - a mixture of distance shots, volleys / headers from free kicks and a couple of pokes in goalmouth scrambles. Mazroui would probably have gotten 20 assists if he hadn't missed two months in spring with injury, but RNK deputised ably and was probably better defensively too. I'd hoped for slightly more than 12 goals from Ziyech cutting in onto his left, but contributing to 22 overall is still good, whilst Neres playing left-footed on the left was impressive in getting his 13 goals and 15 assists. Kasper Dolberg spent all season out of position on the left flank too, so I'm very impressed with his 14 goals. Vaclav Cerny, despite barely outperforming Labyad statistically, was impressive all season and even spent most of the spring playing at CM as we reshuffled in Mazroui and then Veltman's absence, so will most likely make it to 2nd season for the first time in years of playing with Ajax. Speaking of Labyad, I wasn't impressed with him off the pitch as he constantly complained about having too much training and/or not training his Penalties enough - the solution of just training him on Penalties was satisfactory for this season, but he's already leaving for £6.75m to Viktoria Plzen as he just wasn't the sort of personality I want around. Tactically, I'm going to use Ö-zil's 3-4-3 diamond as my primary with the 4-3-3 for my secondary lineup, so may get rid of Tagliafico and Mazroui if satisfactory offers come in as I'll only need two first team full backs and the former is lacking technically whilst the latter can't really defend. Daley Sinkgraven performed well and I extended his contract to maintain value but he'll be off too. I'm leaning towards plundering a 'golden generation' - either 2-3 of Marin, Olmo and Majer from Dinamo or Til, Stengs and Boadu from AZ Alkmaar (leaning towards the former to maintain the league's competitiveness) - or bringing back a former Ajax winger in either Dilrosun or Kluivert, but first I have to wait for endless takeover talks to finish. As someone who likes to have all their transfers sorted by 1st July and loans fixed by 1st August, its really frustrating.
  6. @Robson 07 here is the Man City thread you talked about: One of the best tactics threads where the OP hasn't provided all the answers (most of the ones linked have a brilliant opening post and its basically 5-10 pages of the user base asking the OP questions and congratulating them, whereas this one has a much less certain opening post and a bit more debate).
  7. I’ve had fun with a DLP-Su, in an Attacking system. Twice with a BBM in 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1 and once ahead of a DM-De in a 4-3-3: Those systems basically lived by the idea of scoring 1 more than the opposition (although it was usually 3+ - won the Champions League final 6-3). I saw above you saying you wanted him slightly more aggressive with his passing or something to that effect, if you use a DLP-De but then use “Exploit The Middle” it will increase his mentality (along with any other De duty CMs, DMs and DCs) which on higher mentalities leads to the DLP himself being on a positive mentality. Check out this thread: I’m on my phone right now so scrolling is a nightmare but I think his 4-2-3-1, the one that explains what I’m getting at, is on page 6 or 7 although the whole thing is a good read.
  8. Yeah he doesn't really fit well in your shape - you'd think he'd go ok in the AM role but I've struggled to retrain wingers / inside forwards to play well as AMs. He's got a decent personality, good attributes and versatility though so I'd suggest loaning him out, probably for a fee. Just pick the team carefully.
  9. I'd imagine it would work, but then once you cancel all the other transfers that agents going to hate you.
  10. Interesting idea. As he's left-footed he'd probably give some natural variation even with a winger ahead of him too. I imagine between him and the attacking Mezzala on that side you dominate the left half-space. Whether that's desirable or not is another thing! I'm guessing Kluivert was just in DLP as you were moving positions around, and you're not actually training a two-footed inside forward to be a Regista?
  11. Would you go further into the logic of Rabiot as an IWB on the left? He's got nobody ahead of him so presumably he functions more like a normal Wing Back anyway?
  12. I think the bolded bit is important. Its good that the three of us can achieve success in slightly different ways despite approaching it from similar angles, if there was only one way to play I doubt the game would have stuck around so long. I initially felt At duties even on Attacking was too aggressive for a possession system, but then just watching the games I found myself bored. Part of it is just down to the players at my disposal - I had the likes of Memphis and Fekir who have traits telling them to run just sprinting at the opponent whilst all my Su duties lagged a bit behind, so the absolute last thing I would do is use Run At Defence - instead the At duties encouraged the off-the-ball runs that meant we could get some interplay. Whereas in @denen123's system I imagine the players in general have better Teamwork, so that TI can be a lot more useful. Formation may play a part as well - the players are generally closer together in a 4-4-x formation than in a 4-2-3-1.
  13. Alright, well good to see other people are succeeding in slightly different manners! I'd had some success with a team full of Su duties with Ajax, but that was back when long shots were OP and I was still unhappy with it. I imagine player traits even play a role too. I had perhaps too many on some of my players - a large proportion of my midfield picked up Knocks Ball Past Opponent from Tanguy Ndombele which was irritating, particularly in the case of Maxence Caqueret who'd become one of the best playmakers on the planet. Perhaps you'd considering sharing yours (if you haven't already in a thread somewhere), so we can all see a different way to go about winning?
  14. I've played two Ajax saves to over two seasons, and a few more to almost a season and never gotten Mazroui's personality to improve at all. What is potentially save No. 3 appears to be third time lucky!
  15. @chief_lucas I just saw your post, booted up the game and... It's almost like they didn't want to qualify for Europe!
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