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  1. I've often heard something along the liens of "great players often won't make great managers as they can't coach players less capable than themselves". Perhaps this was Cruyff arrogantly / perceptively (depending on your opinion of the man) recognising he didn't have anyone good enough to do it how he did it?
  2. Over FM18 and 19 (when I started thinking about why I used SK-At instinctively) I've noticed it from Geronimo Rulli, Roman Bürki, André Onana, Anthony Lopes, Manuel Neuer and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen at a minimum. Now perhaps its a combination of SK-At plus Play Out Of Defence? But still, definitely appeared to happen more than real life.
  3. Personally my main issue with the Sweeper Keeper role is that the only noticeable change between Su and At duty is the latter is good for 3-5 times per season just stopping on the ball, turning his back and waiting for a striker to stride out, tackle him and score.
  4. From personal experience on FM19, I played a 4-3-3 with a Trequartista and Inside Forward, both on Attack duties, flanking a Complete Forward - Support. This was Lyon, with Moussa Dembélé who, similarly to Greenwood, wouldn't necessarily seem creative enough. However it worked quite well, he had direct traits such as Likes To Beat Offside Trap that saw him hit consistent 20+ goal seasons. So don't exclude the option of playing him (Greenwood) on a Su duty in the long run, although obviously with his current capabilities you wouldn't want to give him much responsibility.
  5. I don’t know if it’s changed for FM20, but on FM19 when controlling individual training once a player has a lighter coloured ‘inj’ icon i.e. is in the rehab phase, there are multiplied individual training rehab options you can use - I always go for General Rehab but if there was a major loss in Agility for example by you can focus on that. For long-term injuries such as the broken leg seen in the post I replied to, even once they finish the rehab phase you can usually add the individual training session again (it’s removed once you get the “x has returned to full training” notification) as - much like in real life - even when a player is back, they might not ‘be back’ if you get what I mean.
  6. @mikcheck pretty obvious isn’t it? Injuries make you more wary of your own mortality, especially something like a leg break. You quite often see players, even top ones, struggle for up to a year after a big injury before regaining top form (or not, if you compare Luke Shaw pre- and post- injury he’s arguably a good player again but with different qualities). He should recover his Bravery through the ‘General Rehab’ training focus. Put him on it as soon as he starts the rehabilitation phase, then re-add it once he resumes full training.
  7. Neymar? If so, I'm shocked to see he's already lost 2 points off Dribbling age 32 (unless he no longer starts with 20 in FM20).
  8. Do you think Palacios feels lonely? Also I love that the partnership lines look like a slice of pizza...
  9. Staff -> Responsbilities -> [youth team you want to change] -> 'Play matches with this tactic:' where you can either set 'No Specific Instructions' (so basically the manager's preferred style instead of yours), 'Use First Team Tactics' (self-explanatory), 'Set To Formation' (one I like to use so I can then select which youth players will get games to speed up training new positions), or 'Previously Used Tactics' (which gives you the option of any tactics you have already loaded into the game with the first team at some point.
  10. Rashidi did this in FM18 to great effect - Firmino as DLF (STC), Salah as AF (STCR), Mané as AP (AML). If you were to do this I’d advise mimicking him and having a conservative midfield role on the right of the 3 (he used DLP-Su next to a holding player I believe), which would then allow you to still play Alexander-Arnold quite aggressively to get width. You wouldn’t necessarily go for possession play here, more of an aggressive strategy like in real life.
  11. Can't help you with this, I'm on FM19 where I only get two. What I would add though is make sure you actually need to welcome a player - if your new signing has a better personality than anyone already at the club, why drag him down? Yeah, as far as I know and have observed injures don't play a part. I'm not sure on this one. I would guess that it does. I turn off all staff suggestions because I'm pretty confident in my own capabilities, if you're not then perhaps let your assistant manager set up the groups? A player is more likely to have an effect if he shares a social group. Its not impossible for him to mentor someone in a different group though, and in fact mentoring players is a long-term way to reduce the number of social groups as the squad all become similar to each other (on one save I had only 1 social group, it was beautiful). Influence. Obviously you want a better personality and/or are trying to encourage some traits to be passed on. Generally your more influential players will have more influence anyway. I don't believe so. This may have changed on FM20 @Experienced Defender any idea, or an idea of who to tag? Assistant Managers chose from the default training schedules loaded into the game. Which ones though, are dictated by their preferences and also your tactics. This one has me stumped too. I've only ever seen it with Joël Veltman at Ajax, in that specific case I think he was a former captain at the club and possessed good leadership skills, as well as being significantly older than much of the squad. @Rashidi @Seb Wassell?
  12. @retrodude09 I can never bring myself to manage a PL team other than my beloved Manchester United, but I'm jealous of how potent Aubameyang could be playing off the shoulder of the last man! @witticism Looking forward to see what you come up with so I can potentially steal it!
  13. @witticism I’ve not tried this flat 4-5-1, but have experience with a Wide Playmaker. I mostly use them in a 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2. My WP was on At duty, which means they start wide but look to get into the typical #10 space. So I’d keep my Su striker or AM on the opposite side (i.e. WP at LM, AMCR or STCR) so they don’t get in the way. I’d also have my near-sided CM be a holding role such as CM-De or DLP, with the far side CM and wide player being runners i.e. CM-Su, -At, BBM and WM or W to give the WP options. The full back behind the WP should probably be an aggressive overlapping role such as WB, CWB or FB-At perhaps, to make sure you still have some width - that holding midfielder then serves a dual function of keeping out of the WP’s way and shoring up that flank when the defender goes forward. I used the Overlap instruction but that was specific to my system. Hope this is in any small way helpful!
  14. Février 2019 Paris Saint-Germain: We’re 6 points ahead, but PSG have a game in hand. At home, I really want to win this and lay down the gauntlet. I swapped my full backs, and Traoré came in for Aouar but otherwise I’m giving players chance at redemption. Mbappé is injured but Everton - my #1 Memphis replacement - joined them over us on deadline day and slots in to his position. 26’ Fekir’s corner was played into the 6 yard box, Tousart shot off the back post like he’d borrowed Mbappé’s boots to get in front of Buffon and head in! 32’ Memphis had the ball near the corner flag, saw Tousart offering support and booted it past half-way instead, Di Maria easily beat Tousart to it before switching it to Neymar, he got into the area and crossed low and Everton sneaked his shot under Lopes. In the second half we hit the woodwork thrice whilst Denayer nearly gave me a coronary by almost lobbing Lopes from half-way, but it ended level. | MotM: Tousart (7.6) ASMB Belfort: Dembélé (25, 33) | MotM: Dembélé (8.7) OGC Nice: Fekir (14) Marçal (44) Memphis (45+3) Ndombele (62) | MotM: Memphis (8.5) EA Guingamp: Ndombele (41) | MotM: Ndombele (8.3) Roma: Eusebio De Francesco’s side are a different proposition to when I managed them - a lot of 1-0s - but nevertheless still a threat, especially given our relative struggles in recent weeks (that hammering of Nice saw them score first and consistently create on the counter, all our goals were outside the box). 65’ an extremely chaotic bit of midfield play resulted in Dzeko hitting a pass off the back of El Shaarawy, Traoré knocking it away from Nzonzi to Aouar who launched it over to the left, Florenzi headed it away, Memphis took it down and crossed from the touchline, Kolarov headed away, Traoré knocked it down at the edge of the area and Ndombele hit a low half-volley into the net! 85’ El Shaarawy drove towards the edge of the box then laid it off to Kolarov, he got forward and crossed low to the far post where Perotti fired in. We’re probably going out at this round. | MotM: Ndombele (8.3) AS Monaco: Memphis is still unsettled, despite Bayern moving on from him in mere hours, and hasn’t offered anything in open play since then so I dropped him for Cornet. 1’ straight from kick-off we went at them, when it got cleared down the left we just came back again, Denayer moving it forward to Ndombele, to Aouar, out wide to Aarons, headed away by Glik, Aouar to Ndombele again who passed to Cornet in the area, he faced up to his man, burst left and shot low across goal and in! We created multiple opportunities yet failed to add to our tally and a succession of Monaco set pieces in add time had me worried, but we held on. | MotM: Cornet (8.3)
  15. Fenêtre de Transfert - Hiver 2019 So this actually covers two transfer windows: the standard European January transfer window of 1st January - 31st January, but also the domestic Joker transfer window, where French clubs can each bring in 1 player from their fellow domestic clubs. The latter was something I'd ignored in the previous edition, and most likely would have again this time out given the ineffectiveness of my scouting team (I'm trying not to just manually scout all the wonderkids I know from fmscout but its hard when my scouts can somehow recommend me everyone on the books at Vélez Sarsfield except Thiago Almada). But I'll explain why I did lower down. Traîtres / Départs Héros / Arrivées
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