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  1. Ok, makes sense. To anyone who's spent more than five minutes on the internet, sadly.
  2. I've just booted up my save I have with all leagues to help decide which teams to use: It would appear the game doesn't have them set to move into a new stadium. Normally if there's a stadium move it shows up below Stadium Sponsor as Planned Move like so:
  3. Post your tactic, nobody can help you without information
  4. 1. Yes, influence is everything - from all I understand from Cleon's mentoring guide this is the case. 2. Probably yeah 3. I don't think they can lose moves, just gain new ones.
  5. Except Pirlo started out as a CAM whereas Tonali's always been a DM since he emerged, and the player himself has distanced him from him pointing out that unlike Pirlo he actually goes the defensive stuff as well.
  6. I tend not to have them on, as I like to have at least 6 months, if not a full season with the original squad so I can see what I can get out of them. If I know the team really well though I'll tend to play with them enabled - for example every year I have a Man Utd save and I'm a supporter so I know their squad really well, so there's no point waiting around to slog through a season with the current crop of abysmal defenders like in real life when I can get rid of the Smalling-Jones Unsackable Complex immediately.
  7. Good for you. I realise that phrase always sounds sarcastic, but it's not meant that way. Part of the difference in our experience is probably due to our own individual perceptions as much as anything. I'm just guessing at what the other guy meant too - it could be that herne's right and he does want wingers but is using IFs because his players are natural in that role or something.
  8. I can't find it anywhere, although no doubt I've just completely skimmed over it but is there a specific reason we can't delete posts / threads? I have a couple of career threads that were non-starters and wouldn't mind getting rid of them, and one where there were a bunch of "deleted" (I made progress without saving, lost the progress so erased the contents so its just a period or something) posts that just clutter the thread up.
  9. @Jimmy Wong I believe he means that when you add a YouTube video in to your post you can't format it to go central or right, it only goes left. So when I'm having all my text in the centre, as I like to do on my career threads, for example, but then I want to add a YouTube clip... It automatically goes to the left, and you're unable to move it.
  10. Personally I've found its useful to make them stretch the play more so you don't find them narrow too early (you still do, but it seems to decrease the likelihood a bit). It never appears quite like that, but going for similar to what Pep likes to do with his wide players - I remember there was an anecdote about him drawing a line on the field, or setting a cone or something and forbidding Sterling from coming narrower than it until he got what he was going for.
  11. The Bundesliga doesn't allow players who aren't 17 on 1st January that season to play...i.e. for this season anyone who wasn't 17 by 01/01/19 wouldn't be able to play. I don't know of any other league that does that so I thought I'd point it out.
  12. "Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City" pretty much sums up everything I think about the U.S....
  13. A problem I've found I have whenever managing in Holland or France is that my B team manager will overlook B team players to play my u19s. This is annoying on multiple grounds: - u19 players get injured playing above their level, then can't train or develop - u19 players have terrible form for B team and don't develop - B team players are unfit, never play and don't develop - B team players who are being trained a new position can't learn it due to lack of playing time - player histories look weird (less of an issue, but still one) Is this just the way things are always going to be, or have I been missing something somewhere in responsibilities? I've had this problem since FM16, just never occurred to ask about it.
  14. Well the ideal mentoring group is probably one influencer (i.e. Ronaldo) and two players being influenced (i.e. Kean and someone else). That way you wouldn't have the risk of picking up Mandzukic's ppms.
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