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  1. So I was scrolling down the most valuable players list in my Milan save, currently 31st July 2020, when I noticed that Deportivo had the 19th most valuable player in the world. I thought this was weird as last time I checked they were in Segunda, so I clicked on him. This guy just appeared this season as they got promoted, and he's unreal. I looked at the rest of their squad and there are two more good newgens who've appeared in their 20s: I remember seeing someone a while back noticed Man City had a guy like this in his save, and the accepted explanation seemed to be that the game needed to make up their squad numbers and created a player at their level. Kinda makes sense, and I'm using a small db so would accept it if it happened in this save. However, Deportivo are newly promoted, and after these three their most valuable players are Borja Baston (£9.5m) and Ager Aketxe (£5.5m). Has anyone else had something similar happen? Is it a bug? Or just something people accept? I've looked through the other top leagues where I haven't loaded the leagues below and it hasn't happened in any others.
  2. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @Ronaldo Beckham If I'd known about that affiliation I might have considered a Udinese save. I'd guess that's exactly what it means, Watford will be able to take Hughes etc. back for free, but check your affiliation to make sure. Did they do especially well in the PL in your save?
  3. zlatanera

    South America (FM18)

    I had a successful save with River Plate, if you're going for Argentina I can link a kinda crash course in Argentine football which made me be interested in the league. As for players, unless you're a real minnow you should look out for Venezuelan GK Wulker Farinez who starts the game playing for Millionaros in Colombia. He usually ends up the starter for one of the big three in Portugal on my saves, until you get a world class newgen if you don't have a top gk he'd be one to look at. If your computer can handle it, I'd advise loading all the divisions in the nation you start in, all the top divisions in SA to get an active transfer market in SA, then also add a few of the top European leagues. I only did the former, not the latter, and it made the transfer market far too easy to dominate - in five seasons I barely got any bids for any of my players from the European teams even when they were starters for Argentina and Brazil.
  4. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    2019/20 Serie A TIM to henceforth be referred to as 2019/20 Serie Cutrone TIM. Also, this happened: So despite contributing a finalist and a losing semi-finalist this season, due to the abysmal showing from Serie A in previous seasons (last season 1 QF - me - 2 1st KO, 2017/18 1 1st KO (Napoli)) this happened: Given the state of all other non-Juve clubs I could see us falling further unless I win the CL next year.
  5. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I raise myself the lols of Juventus "celebrating and unbeaten season" whilst being 15 (most likely 18 points) off the pace. Although they are in the CL final...can't decide who I want to win there. Oh, and Fiorentina managed to get relegated! Spalletti had from early December to turn things around and didn't. Their squad looks worse than when they started, but I still assumed they were mid-table. If they want to loan my players in Serie B I might let them, nothing like being overwhelming overdogs in Serie B to prepare them for being overwhelming overdogs in Serie A!
  6. zlatanera

    Need a DM. Any Suggestions?

    Lucas Tousart, Lucas Torreira (£22m release clause at the start of the game), or retrain a CB if you want to be really defensively proficient. I think Romagnoli can often be available for a reasonable fee, or you could retrain Victor Lindelöf if you don't rely on a BPD as his technicals are up their with a lot of top DLPs. Ascacibar from Stuttgart also has very good attributes but unlike all my other recommendations I've never signed him.
  7. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @Ronaldo Beckham I just think they'd make a very saucy coach-sports scientist-player combo. I won the league again, similar time to last season (23rd April versus 20th April), and then came back from 2 goals down at home versus PSG to beat them 4-2 in the CL semi-final first leg. But they hammered us in the second leg, 4-1 to dump us out on aggregate. Cavani lobbed Donnarumma from about 35 yards to clinch it which at least was something spectacular. The 3rd goal was awful though - Donnarumma had the ball nearly on the goal line, stood on it for about 10 seconds as two PSG players sprinted from halfway to pressure him, he played a risky ball, Cavani outjumped Robertson and set up Neymar for a tap-in, very frustrating. We've got a chance to retain the Coppa Italia, Benevento are the other finalists. Another surprising "small" team success in cup competition was that after dispatching Bayern in the CL 1st KO for the second year in a row we faced Hertha Berlin in the QF! They've done very well on this save somehow, now spearheaded by MIlik whereas usually they're solidly mid-table. Andre Silva is not repeating his heroics as he had a couple of injuries, should still easily break 30 goals this season in all comps though. Cutrone has 40 goals and over 20 assists though, he's been my main man this season, 2/3 of our chances falling to him against PSG was probably why we went out, he's got "doesn't like big games" but I hope that'll change as he usually performs well in them. Going forward I'm unsure how to improve - I can only make marginal improvements on any of my defenders with my current budget, same with my strikers and wide men. I could change to a 4411 but I'd probably have to get rid of one of Cutrone or Rodrygo. I might go to a slightly less intensive style that might give us more cover for mistakes when 1 person has a bad game - this Very Fluid high pressing style means if a forward makes an error the ball can be beyond our last man in seconds if a team is technical enough to play through us.
  8. That actually looks alright. You'll see a slight difference in the opinions of me and @Experienced Defender but that's normal, everyone has different ways of playing. For example, I had a strikerless system very similar to that in terms of the duties - although I used a Half Back and then had Support duty WB in the DM strata to get the HB movement, I guess when they're starting further back Attack full backs might be good for you. Really the best thing you can do now is just try out your idea and see how it plays.
  9. Are those Trequartista in the striker position or out wide? I would suggest starting with a flat 3 midfield of CM-Su - CM-De - CM-Su and then adapt the roles to your players and any weaknesses you notice in how you play. I would definitely not put a RPM in between two Car though as then you have only two defend duties in the whole team in the CBs.
  10. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @FlairRA I'm absolutely on fire in attack and at one point was on course to beat the Grande Torino record of 125 goals in a season from 1947/8 before Andre Silva got a couple of injuries, but defensively not that great - I think I just haven't found the right combination of player style and ppms to get my CMs working, we tend to just let in 1 in about 2/3 of our games, so whilst we rank 2nd for goals conceded we're not getting many clean sheets. I definitely find Very Fluid styles best to watch though, especially this one on 2D where you can really see the defensive shape working. @Ronaldo Beckham missed the point completely...
  11. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @Ronaldo Beckham you definitely need to get Giulio Pasta in your sports science department and Massimo Maccarone on the coaching staff to help train Kevin Lasagna
  12. zlatanera

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @Ronaldo Beckham no bug, its your affiliation. Used to be you'd have a similar deal with Granada, but the Pozzos sold them (and they promptly were relegated). Udinese got Pereyra for a free on my current save. I'd guess some of the players maybe won't want to come to you due to the PL being a higher ranked league, but if you get into Europe I'd say Watford could be a valuable source of players for you.
  13. I'm currently using my own 442 tweak of O-zil's 4411 Sacchi tactic from FM16, against "better" teams such as Bayern and Juventus we've generally managed to get the win - although I lost to Chelsea narrowly and haven't played City / United / Barcelona / Real Madrid. I also had a couple of Hamburg saves with 442, one like yours Robson was a counter mentality dropping deep which got a Europa finish but didn't work well against the top teams, possibly giving them too much time and space on the ball but if the strikers got it they usually combined well. I had another where I used fmsamo's Stirling 442 (flexible, no tis) and had the title in my hands with 3 games to go, doing the double over Bayern and thriving against other top teams. I wouldn't really say any particular formation specifically does / doesn't work against certain levels of team, although if you meet a minnow who have 3 CD, 2 DM and 2 WB, or the 3 CD 1 DM 2 CM 2 WB formation a lone striker may struggle. Its more about playing style, if you play a very creative, high pressing possession game there's going to be more room for your players to make mistakes and the bigger teams are going to take better advantage than the smaller teams with less capable players.
  14. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, my browser seems to hate the forums' search function. I think it would be a good addition to the game to have the option to retire squad numbers, but with reasonably strict limitations, for example: - Only have it available in leagues where its a real tradition such as Serie A, for example if there's a league where the only retirements are for players dying prematurely, then don't have the option for that league given players can't die in FM - Only for club legends - Doesn't count if you've constantly changed their squad number as some of us like to do (this is probably why Manchester United never retired a number from the '68 European CUp winners' generation, for example, as most of the popular players were attackers whose number was more prone to changing than defenders, whilst Bobby Moore at West Ham could have such an association with No. 6) - Either have it completely out of your control, which seems realistic to me, or have it as something the board comes to you with, with a press conference after explaining your choice whether you go yes / no.
  15. zlatanera

    FM18: France

    @User0912 @john1 yeah you can put one in during contract negotiations. If you want to do it though, lock it as non-negotiable - it will make the agent act like an absolute ***** and you'll have to overpay, but if you leave it negotiable he'll lock in a ridiculously low one.