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  1. FM17... The results (consecutive Champions League titles brought up to the Arctic Circle with a back three of Magnar Odegaard, Simen Wangberg, and Ulrik Yttergard Jensen anchoring the defence) suggest strikerless may have been overpowered back then, but at least I'll always have this guy's name!
  2. Decided to re-download old editions and look through my past saves...FM16 Lyon is still my longest ever - 13 seasons! (How long it took me to win only my 2nd ever FM Champions League as I kept restricting myself until I eventually did it with a team entirely out of my own youth intakes, anchored by a 34-year old Samuel Umtiti). I'd completely forgot about the Alexander Lacazette's odyssey: The Madrid move makes sense...as does an obvious transfer-listing for failing to displace Benzema (who did finish his career alongside him with Lyon), but how on Earth did I get Milan to buy him twice?! At the same value?!
  3. Premi FIFA Europe Champions League Serie A Club World Cup France Slovenia
  4. Premi del Club e Statistiche della Squadra The fans continue to reward those just behind the headlines in this team with their voting for Player of the Season. Swap out Jan Böhler for Marcello in a 4-3-3 and that Team of the Season is my 'A' line-up. Penalties inflating his statistics - and some strong performances - mean Böhler is averaging a high rating despite being an AMC. Cengiz Ünder Roma Goal of the Season.mp4 Cengiz Ünder's Goal of the Season was the first of a hat-trick as we demolished Juventus 5-0 in their own stadium! As usual, some impressive numbers here, with not one but five players averaging over 8.0! Not pictured are newgens Gabriele Sannino (1 app 6.90), Souleymane Diallo ( 7(2) apps, 3 goals, 1 PoM, 7.96), and Andreas Evers ( 3(1) apps, 4 goals, 7.95). Roman Dryshlyuk - one of only 4 players signed age 18+ in 6 years, Dynamo Kyiv record sale at €34m (rising to €52m with add-ons), and Ukraine youngest goalscorer at 18 years 287 days in 2026 - used his 18 Crossing to good effect with 17 assists in his first season with us. That sees him down an assist and a goal on Kevin Rossini's final season but he's a superior player. With the towering Miletic and Bardini its not surprise our wide players outshine the likes of Pellegrini and Grall (France's youngest goalscorer - 19 years 51 days vs. Finland in September 2024) in the centre this year. Nicolò Zaniolo started out with 7 assists in his first 6 league games, matching his totals 18/19 and 23/24 and beating his all comps totals for five previous seasons, going on to produce a personal best for both goals and assists with 31 involvements! Jan Böhler improved his totals year-on-year, whilst Pedro Paulo actually saw a slight drop-off in form. Giovanni D'Ambrosio scored fewer than last season, yet assisted more and scored 10 goals in the first 3 CL group games, going on to grab 14 of his total 19 goals for the season by 23rd November with only 2 league goals all year. Weird. Cengiz Ünder was his usual brilliant self. Marco Campanella became a natural at AML on the way to breaking 20 goals for the first time - like Zaniolo he had a lightning start with 8 goals in our first 6 Serie A fixtures. Alen Miletic almost doubled his previous season's totals despite only 4 more starts, whilst Nicolò Bardini likewise had more goals than starts to his name, seeing him now with a 1:1 goals to game ratio for Roma! The Roma all-time top scorers table now looks like this. Kyle Belford (40+) and Bardini (33 in 33) are the two most notable forwards not to make the ranking. Giovanni D'Ambrosio and Alberto Fenu's numbers are remarkably similar, only D'Ambrosio is doing it all 3 years older and didn't turn around a World Cup final, so I rate the younger man higher. Both Nicolò Zaniolo (surprisingly) and Lorenzo Pellegrini (less so) are now past 100 goals for Roma! Alen Miletic is fast climbing the ranks, with his current goals-to-games ratio putting him on course to beat Totti's goalscoring record in just 250 appearances. He'll probably catch Campanella in 2-3 years depending on if the Italian's 20-goals season is a one-off or not. Speaking of Campanella, its not meant feet for a homegrown player to outscore Amadeo Amadei, given he was firing them in age 14! Cengiz Ünder - the only foreigner to pass 300 appearances on this ranking and one of only 5 players to pass 400 - could theoretically also chase down Totti in 4-5 seasons, although given that would see him 35-6 years old its unlikely (he's not the most physically imposing, so once his pace his gone he'll be a non-entity unless the ball is at his feet, with too direct traits to adapt as Totti did). I'll finish up with my usual spoiler-heavy awards post, but I have to say I think this may be the end of the save. 10 years is a nice round number and I don't really care for sticking out to chase the really big records such as Totti's goals (5-6 seasons minimum), Real Madrid's European Cups (4 seasons), or Juventus' Serie A titles (almost 30 further seasons). Taking Euro 2028 then Confederations Cup 2029 to give Pellegrini, Tonali, and Zaniolo the international clean sweep holds some appeal but there's an entire season of club football between the two tournaments sadly. Its been a fun ride though, and I'm sure eventually I'll be able to put this insane level of sustained success behind me and actually be brave enough to start another save
  5. Azzurri 2027/28 Although we are in Euro2028, I chose not to play it as any reasonable run would see me through into the summer transfer window and I like to make longer-term save points before any deals are done - in this case immediately after the Champions League final (although I skipped ahead a few days to get all the awards). As usual, I named an unchanged squad from the previous summer's tournament in the first international window, before mixing things up a bit as form and fortune changed - Alessandro Cortinovis for example had an insane start to the season, scoring a hat-trick on opening day to match his previous seasons' tallies of 3 league goals (yes, every year) and ending up with 11 in before I brought him into the fold. Our final game of the year, a 3-0 home win against Bulgaria, saw Gianluigi Donnarumma pick up his 100th cap age just 28! I doubt he'll catch Buffon though, as some newness could be looking to usurp him in 3-4 years.
  6. Roma 2027/28 I actually completed this season a month ago. Work commitments, deliberating about whether or not to continue the save etc. mean I've only finally had chance to bombard this thread with yet more screenshots of my successes. A somewhat nervy start - our statistical domination not being backed up by the scoreline had me fearing a long overdue instance of being "FM'd". But no, Giovanni D'Ambrosio came up with the goods! I would say its nice to see Schalke in this fixture but there would be enough Gazprom advertising there even without them. This comprehensive win saw us beat our own record with 13 goals in just 2 games in the Club World Cup. Rare goals from Marcello - never as prolific since joining the 'A' team and thus losing out on free kicks to Pellegrini and Ünder - and Patrice Grall were nice to see. Nothing like a derby as your first game of the calendar year! Just a shame its taking place so far from Italy in order to help with some "sportswashing". We racked up a couple of absurd scoreline on our way to this final (the Palermo fixture was a single leg, only 1 goal shy of beating the club record win of 9-0 in 1929!). Inter gave us a proper game of football here, carving out a 2-goal lead following that insane start that saw the score at 1-1 inside 120 seconds, before we turned it around late on. This wouldn't be the first time Luca Busti scored an important goal this season... 300 games without a loss...we beat Chievo in early 2028. I honestly reckon I could go the entire decade unbeaten in domestic competitions, which is truly absurd. The previous record of 55 was ended by that 3-3 draw with Napoli in 2027. For context, our new record of 56 wins in a row is basically two months on top of the Arsenal "Invincibles" unbeaten streak which included draws! Experience with last season's glitchy gift of a league winners' medal to Andrea Gagliardi saw me try to game the system here by subbing on our backup goalkeeper Romulo...it didn't work. But sealing a decade of Serie A titles against the team that fell short of it irl due to their own hubris is extra sweet! Concessions are still in double digits, but that's a consequence of a more gung-ho attitude. In the 2026 "half" of the season we had scored 128 goals in just 26 games, for an insane 4.92 goals per game! So I set myself the task of chasing down our own league scoring record from Jovic's last season, and we blew past it by over 10 goals! I think poor Chievo alone conceded 12. The makeup of the top 7 is disappointingly realistic, with Empoli dropping out of continental contention as I couldn't loan them the same quality of player as last season, but Bologna are back in Europe for the first time since Eddy Salcedo's career-making loan spell with them, which is nice. Napoli dropping off means nobody else even cracks 80 points which is dull. Sampdoria's kits will be missed. After a solid 2026/27 as Campanella's backup, Alan Miletic well and truly came into his own in smashing José Gayà's rating record. I think next season he could make the fans forget all about the great Luka Jovic by pushing on to 50 goals! No messing around with the 'B' line-up in the knockout rounds this time, we went out all guns blazing and obliterated Neverkusen before moving on to "European Royalty" with a ruthlessness that would make a Roma fan of Napoleon. Our eventual tally of 58 goals in the tournament would lay down yet another record for Zlatan da Era's Roma. For only the third time we would face non-English opposition in the final. Given Kylian Mbappé has been posting 30-40+ goals each year of the 2020s its surprising we hadn't met the Qatari branding project at this stage before (although I'm sure we dumped them out a couple of times). An absolute cracker this one too. Alen Miletic and Mbappé trading blows like the CGI monsters at the end of a marvel movie (although style-wise, Mbappé's flair and grace would probably mark him out as the hero versus the aggressive, committed Austro-Croat), masking the fact that PSG were the better team. Luckily, that all counted for nought with another cup final goal from Roma's Roman Luca Busti! Luca Busti Champions League Winner.mp4 I would place more stock in this season's record, as D'Ambrosio actually appeared in knockout fixtures as I was hoping to chase down some of Messi and Ronaldo's goal records after he made an incredible start to the season. Oh, and another thing(s): Dani Alves irl with 44 competition wins is the most successful footballer of all time. We have a fully XI - at least - who can beat that, with joint-record holders Lorenzo Pellegrini, Sandro Tonali, and Nicolò Zaniolo all on 55! 2027/28 was our first entirely winning season!! We didn't draw or lose a single game! Our 251 goals in all competitions is no doubt some sort of record too.
  7. Nicolò Zaniolo would be a great fit for this too. Taller than either but otherwise a great match for Rooney in particular.
  8. They all use the same TIs. I found a system that works, and stuck to it
  9. Yeah, forgot about those haha For all three systems: BPD-Co has Dribble More personalised for those capable of it (Upamecano, Busti) IF-At both Sit Narrower In the 4-3-3 the RPM is told to Move Into Channels In the 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-4 the AP will Hold Position In the 4-2-3-1 the AM will Dribble More, Get Further Forward, and Move Into Channels. I'll actually just upload my main 4-3-3 as well, as I have too many set piece routines to share screenshots of them all: 4-3-3 Total 3-1-6.fmf Set piece takers are like so: Mixed Corner: best takers (inswinging) Short Corner: specific position (DM) Near Corner Keysi: best takers (outswinging) Direct: best takers (rank by footedness) Small Chance: specific position (DM) Wide 25: specific position (near-side wide attacker) Wide (Keysi): specific position (MCR) Deep 25: specific position (DM) Deep (Keysi): specific position (MCR) Throw: specific position (near-side full back) Throw 25: specific position (near-side full back) That is obviously customised to my squad: my DM will usually have acceptable set piece attributes and the mental abilities to be trusted with those short routines and the deep free kick, both MCR options (Lorenzo Pellegrini and Patrice Grall) are my top playmakers and also great set piece takers, whilst my AML/AMR all have good Free Kick Taking (a quirk of FM19 preferring newgen strikers with that attribute, whom I then retrained to the wings). The Keysi routines' provenance should be obvious, but I've tweaked them slightly so I see no harm in sharing them within my tactic. Lastly, my full backs mostly have rubbish Long Throws, but that doesn't matter as both routines are short. I do think its a bit of an exploit how effectively you can create a textbook overload play from an attacking throw in FM19, so it maybe wouldn't translate to more recent editions.
  10. @04texag last couple of seasons I've stuck with the same 4-3-3 from about 2021 onwards, but added in a 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-4 to for my rotated line-up. Its really been more about squad-building, training, and chasing down records than tactics. I'd kinda written off FM19 for attempting Pep-style football by the time I resumed this save after the first hiatus last year and just enjoyed it for what It is. The instructions are a constant: Then I have the main 4-3-3: In 2025/26 my alternate was a 4-2-4 to accommodate both Fenu and Miletic: The in the 2026-28 period its been a 4-2-3-1 with first Fenu then Bardini ahead of Jan Böhler: As I said in a previous post, through careful squad planning I've put myself in a position where I can build all my formations out of the 4-3-3 without having to adjust set piece takers, which is highly beneficial as we might actually have took 100 goals from set piece situations in the most recent seasons (although my definition is a lot wider than the game's, which would probably only show 60+). Italy - usually drawing 8-12 players from the Roma squad - use the exact same setups, although I only remember to fix set piece takers for the tournaments. I'm actually considering properly ending the save - I've got to the end of the domestic season, its just whether or not I do Euro 2028. Mostly due to the record glitch, as what's the point in having Alen Miletic on course to smash through Totti's goalscoring records before he's 27 if the game won't acknowledge it? There are still joys to be found though, like the absurdity of such a tight defence in that 4-2-3-1 when Roman Dryshlyuk - fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, no other acknowledged languages - must have no idea what anybody's saying!
  11. Tiki-Roma I realise on the rare occasion I upload highlights, its either a set piece or a screamer. Well, we actually score after passing moves too. It may not be what Barcelona used to stand for, but this is one of the better ones I've seen! Roma vs Pescara Calcio_51 minutes-tvusb.mp4
  12. Giovani Lupi 2028 Tarantino: "Adriano Mariani looks as if he could possibly emerge as one of the best players of his generation." He's Not! Two-footed, a good starting personality, solid Rushing Out, and no real weaknesses in his game. The Sicilian really does look like the next great Italian goalkeeper! ...that may be a slight problem. Look at the standard of goalkeeping in the academy: That is an awful lot of competition, so he'll struggle to stand out. My youth hoarding has been so effective that this may well be the future top 5 world goalkeepers, so I'll have to do a better job of selling them than I did with France international Roger Martin (a pathetic €5.5m).
  13. FIFA Ballon d'Or 2027 To cap our centenary year - although Roma were founded in spring so another CL title could be the official 'cap' - we matched Barcelona's historic achievement of 3 players from the same club finishing on the podium for the Ballon d'Or! Cengiz Ünder was unlucky not to retain it - he deservedly had the highest average rating of the three - but D'Ambrosio has been immense. I think his insane 10 goals in the first 3 Champions League group stage games this season probably clinched it. D'Ambrosio is the first Italian winner since Fabio Cannavaro in 2006! The other Italians to have taken the award are Roberto Baggio (1993), Paolo Rossi (1982), Gianni Rivera (1969), and Omar Sivori (1961).
  14. Mercato - Invierno 2028 ...I should have probably just waited to post and merge this into the summer one. If I keep up the save into year 11, I will. Two pre-arranged transfers confirmed, one deceptively late move for yet another Bayern youth product, and another young German arranged for the summer. At least Bucci is Italian (not that I really need to push to naturalise a forward, the stolen Brazilian Jorge Luís still only has 4 caps). Le Scorta di Talenti Ancora un altro per il prossimo futuro
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