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  1. I had great success with a 4123DMWB with Real Sociedad where my only attack duties were my AP-At and my left IF-At with Stay Wider PI so he didn't end up inside too early who was top scorer and assister. WB-Su behind him, CWB-Su and IF-Su on the other side. I was on Control but you can get high possession with most mentalities if you do it right, especially with a technical team like Barcelona, so you don't necessarily need to ditch Counter.
  2. Just like to second @warlock assertion that Matic-Pogba will work fine. I mentioned I use a 442 in your other thread - that was also just Ozil's Sacchi tactic but I moved the CF-Su to one side and moved the AM-At up to be a TM-At. Matic was DLP, Pogba CM-Su with Goretzka and occasionally Andreas Pereira backing them up and they played fine. Pogba wasn't outstanding - a 442 naturally brings the best out of the strike partnership - but he was good and we had the best defensive record in the league. Have you played much more with the tactic since removing the Play Narrower instruction? @CybrSlydr
  3. I played on the original database (no Sanchez) but signed Cristiano back to the club, which meant he was an IF on the left and Martial a W-Su on the right, Martial played outstanding. His "Gets Into Opposition Area" trait meant he got about 15 goals a season mostly from the back post, and also got a lot of assists from cutting it back from very close to goal (like a yard outside the right post). I imagine you can get them going either way. As for Lindelof - pair him with a more solid aerial threat like Bailly, Jones or Rojo (whose tackling / marking are outstanding) and play him as a BPD and he'll be amazing. But yeah, he could also replace Matic, or make a good Libero, or even a central midfield playmaker. One of the most well-rounded players I've spotted on the game.
  4. You're on standard, so yeah my initial one about how the opposition may be able to exploit the space between the CMs and CBs is probably relevant, but really looking at the ratings you're getting out of your players I'm guessing you're doing ok (4th doesn't tell me anything unless I can see how far you are off the top), you're probably looking at a few small tweaks like perhaps pushing higher up and pressing more in certain situations. My tweaks make things worse 90% of the time so I can't offer any more. He's on FM17, as far as I remember this wasn't introduced until the current game.
  5. Ok, then 442 would definitely be my top recommendation. Or try something really out there - LIndelof is probably one of the only natural defenders technically enought to make a decent libero so you could go a 352 either with three cbs or two cbs and a libero, or go for a 442 diamond, both could use that strike partnership you mentioned. I've found a Poacher - CF-Su - Treq (CAM) trio to be devastating if you can get the right platform behind them. So you could potentially play Dybala as the CF or the Treq (the latter of which would leave room for Rashford if you've still got him to be the CF).
  6. Screenshot it if you want a more detailed answer. I believe the simplistic version is that if you're play CMs then there's a gap behind them, particularly if their roles are quite aggressive, if you play DMs then you might have a gap in the middle. But it depends on the roles, mentality etc. as you can make a well-balanced one.
  7. zlatanera

    How to persuade a player to join your club?

    Loan someone to fill the gap until you can get him then, if you really, really want him. As he's not going to come this window.
  8. Why isn't the 442 useful in the Premier League? I won it with Rashford / Kane as CF-Su and Lukaku as TM-At. Go for it. Otherwise, sticking Dybala in the hole in a 4231 behind Icardi as an AF / Poacher with the tactic set up to get Dybala to give him through balls to feed off might work.
  9. zlatanera

    My suggestions

    1. Do you really think coaches told Quaresma to consistently try to score with the outside of his right foot from extreme angles? Obviously this isn't a trait in the game, but players do things that transcend the coaches' instructions - if their roles tell them not to they'll do it less i.e. how Pogba isn't trying to dribble or get forward as much in his more restrained role for France. 2. YES 3. No opinion. 4. But sometimes you do see players who do well at RB but not a RWB or vice versa - Bruno Gaspar's performances for Fiorentina come to mind where a lot of people sau despite being defensively suspect he seemed to need the space to wind up that starting from a deeper full back position offers and struggled more as a wing back.
  10. Personally I play my entire season on rest days before and after matches (remove the before one in pre-season when team cohesion training is in effect), and got to Very Low when I have midweek games. I've found scheduling rest days before and after international breaks slightly mitigates the inevitable tiredness when your international players are key members of their squads. I generally ignore injury risk unless it shows the red alert (very high risk, I think?) and just look at condition / match sharpness when picking teams. Most of my injuries then come from being tackled in games / training rather than muscle injuries that come from being overworked.
  11. My own interpretation. I play on Key highlights so don't have much evidence to back it up, but I like what I see - even when we lose, we're playing our game it just doesn't always come off. I kinda reverse-engineered an interpretation from this post as I'm kinda interpreting it as the central players will all be more aggressive, and push forward, but then look for overlap will make them more aware of the wing backs when they run into too many bodies. I play on an absolutely huge pitch as well - 120m x 87m or something ridiculous - which seems to mean that when the wing backs get it they're in acres of space where they can either whip in a cross or pull holes in the defence by simply being so far away from the defenders who have to charge out to meet them. Obviously if anyone can 100% either confirm my thinking or demolish it completely, go for it.
  12. So I've finally settled on a strikerless tactic! Fiorentina didn't stick, so I decided to try out South America with River Plate. The craziness of the Argentina league appealed to me - as this blog post details, although you can't fully mimic AFA's craziness (irl the leagues is supposed to kick off in a month yet the start date and fixtures haven't been an announced), a league that changes structure so you in terms of games for the first five seasons you have 27, 25, 46, 42, 38 is an unique challenge. Especially when you add in that the superliga matches the European calendar whilst continental competitions and the Copa Argentina all run calendar-year (the last one is really odd). I started out trying to play a counter-attacking 4330 narrow and it got results initially - we reached the Libertadores final although we were lagging in the league that was mostly due to heavy rotation. After Flamengo beat us 4-1 on aggregate though we collapsed and I was nearing the sack - I used Cleon's 4231 deep from his thread on the formation to drag myself out of trouble, up the league to a respectable 3rd place (but far behind Boca) and through the LIbertadores group and the national cup, then looked at my team and decided to go for a controlled approach again, as I'm good at it and my desired SS-EG-SS attack probably isn't suited to sitting back. Herne will probably shudder at the sight of all those instructions, but they're all necessary to achieve the desired style of play - although I do sometimes tweak by removing Exploit The Middle (which I use as from my understanding it should mean we don't look to hit the wing backs too early in play unless we really need an out ball, allowing them to get up the field to cross nearer to the byline) and Look For Overlap if I'm chasing a goal to give variation, and going for a slightly deeper defensive line if I'm playing a superior team (basically Boca or a European giant). In terms of the football, we get lots of nice free-flowing passing moves and a mix of crosses and through balls for assists (as well as Enzo Perez collecting from a throw, cutting in and blasting it near post twice a season). The goalscoring burden is mainly on the front three, with the HB doing the whole "Lavolpiana" build-up play and wing backs providing width. I would offer a more detailed break down but I play on 3d normally, and I can't offer goal highlights as I've not been able to successfully upload from my Mac since FM15. I couldn't decide what to do in the middle - didn't want playmakers to draw the ball away from my Enganche, didn't want a roaming B2B, and saw no justification for MEZ / CAR so CM-Su it was. I like the balance of having one play simple passes and one be more aggressive due to their traits, so am training youth players to match. The results: We've lost twice in the league - a game where we just couldn't finish (press asked me afterwards about hitting the woodwork three times, neglected to mention a missed penalty) and a weakened team against Boca as the Club World Cup semi was just two days later, which we still could have won as my main penalty taker missed two in the match. In the Copa Argentina Huracan were just good - you don't expect to win every game. Libertadores we needed away goals to dispatch Sao Paolo as the team weren't familiar with the tactic but then comfortable dispatched a few other Brazilian teams before a comfortable all-Argentina final against Racing. The Club World Cup was brutal - needed 120 minutes to take 2-0 down to 4-3 up against Hebei China Fortune (whose squad is almost entirely foreign geniuses) and then bottled a 2-0 lead against Man City due to tiredness (Raheem Sterling running at a centre back who's on 70% and a full back on 66% who's easing off tackles due to an early yellow when he's on 99& is never going to end well). I'll print a retraction if I get sacked in the remaining 12 games of the season, but I'm really happy with this
  13. zlatanera

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    Ah right. Kinda makes sense given how the chairman was complaining about how nobody else bothers to make their own players. So you're probably good for your level. Yeah I usually get him for 1-1.4m, maybe if you get promoted he'll change his mind. Or perhaps if you are going to get promoted but haven't confirmed try offering a release clause for clubs in higher divisions?
  14. zlatanera

    Utilising 3 tactic slots

    Sometimes I have a backup formation in slot two which I know works, especially if I'm trying something very specific i.e. my current strikerless save I had Cleon's 4231 deep as a backup, which I turned to in order to save my job (it definitely helped to have the familiarity up). If I'm dominant in a smaller league I often have a set "A" and "B" lineup - if the players' physicals and height differ significantly I'll make an "A" and "B" version purely for set pieces. Rarely use all three slots though.
  15. zlatanera

    Youth Development Issues

    Ireland's youth rating probably isn't very good - I believe you can check that with the editor too.