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  1. zlatanera

    [FM19] Manchester United

    When I left it I had rotating full back pairings - Tierney / Dalot and Shaw / Semedo. Got him same price, he's an absolute bargain for anyone playing relatively forward-thinking full backs. His long shots, in this ME? Hell yes.
  2. On the left click "Training" then at the top "Coaches" As you can see here, my Defending-Technical coaching workload is heavy. I would then click "Edit Coaching Assignments". You get this screen - either adjust them yourself or click "Ask Assistant to Assign". I always plump for the latter.
  3. do you mean "not getting enough attention" or "not getting enough tactical training". If its the former, try adjusting your coaches workloads. If it's the latter, schedule a couple of tactical training sessions.
  4. @Vorangee I wasn't really invested in this until I had to read up a little, but one thing I would say is I personally wouldn't want two Wingers with a F9 and nobody else arriving late in the box (what with the MEZ drifting into the half space) as they'll be trying to bomb down the wing to cross for nobody.
  5. Knocked out of the CL by an ex-Feyenoord player's 86th minute header...
  6. zlatanera

    Leadership Courses

    I assumed this thread was to complain that they don't work...certainly I've not had one work. If your player is currently on a leadership or coaching course, if you go to Individual Training the Additional Focus bit will be kinda "greyed out" (although everything is purple now) and you won't be able to interact with it - means you can't put them on General Rehab when they get injured which is frustrating.
  7. zlatanera


    I'd imagine the case of Ronaldo is that Real Madrid fans are the worst therefore even if he hit 1,000 goals for them he could never live up to the collective memory of the likes of Di Stefano (who the majority of the people in the stadium will never have seen play except for perhaps YouTube, so will be completely unaware that he would have bad games too).
  8. He said "classic IF" which is a completely different thing to the modern role. These are from wikipedia, the last one is actually the system he's talking about (which I'd never heard of until this thread) The classic 2-3-5 The W-M Metodo.
  9. On this screen, I think it would be useful if we could see how saved tactics compare - I have two "4-1-4-1 DM Wide" formations used in the past 50 matches, and they are quite different from each other. It would make it easier to compare the performance of the two tactics if it could be split off so that the one I'd saved would appear under its own name, and the new (un-saved) one would just appear as "4-1-4-1 DM Wide", rather than them both being displayed as one tactic like the present system.
  10. Its perfectly possible to get injured on a rest day: https://sportslens.com/top-20-weird-wonderful-football-injuries/16184/
  11. you recommended Kik Pierie and Antonio Marin. Any chance of a screenshot of how they worked out? I had Pierie on FM18 and he was so good I decided to sign him this time in spite of his low natural fitness - loaned back to Heerenveen for a year - and brought in Marin too on a very generous contract (quadrupled what he was earning at Dinamo but got that treasured 5 years + 3 extension).
  12. Ryan Babel's move to Fulham reminded me that I'd been looking into bringing him back to the club as his wages at Besiktas weren't too ridiculous... ...yeah, I know I've been giving out big contracts (Frankie on £44k/week for 7 years, anyone?) but I think he's going to be out of reach for me.
  13. I've used Anthony Martial as STCL in a 442, he has "Cuts Inside From Left Wing" but you still would only see him getting that wide (your screenshot has him right on the touchline) if there was a counter where we'd cleared it down the flank. Maybe change your attacking width to the widest possible? Also, using a Winger, which has PIs hardcoded telling him to stick to the flanks and run down them, probably reduces the odds of it too. I'm not sure if this combo is possible but try a WM-At with Move Into Channels? Or an Inverted Winger.
  14. I've definitely had a player lose that "could have a real problem with injuries" thing before - Phil Jones on FM18, missed 2 days in 3 years and it disappeared, so I could imagine it not appearing initially. I would imagine the hidden attribute itself is set, but it showing up on the scout / coach report depends on if they actually have many injuries?