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  1. That's not 100% true. If have a player with 16 Determination but an 'Outspoken' media handling style (which indicates the player is quite controversial), I'll happily welcome them with someone with 14 Determination and a less drastic media handling style like 'Media-Friendly' or 'Level-Headed'.
  2. I think I'm too far behind to offer any specifics. What I would say is I definitely found that post-FM18 development was - rightly - more of a mixed bag. For every guy with simply stunning improvements with first team football, some plateaued age 19. Whoever mentioned average rating, that would be supported by what I saw: strikers, who in my dominant side were scoring for fun, got great ratings and strong development, as did full backs, whilst central defenders were more of a mixed bag and as such didn't seem to improve as much.
  3. Don't give him any traits. He's a backup. At 23 he's going to improve, but I imagine you'll be looking for someone even better to replace Immobile in the long run. Get him familiar across the AM positions and he'll be incredibly useful. If you don't have a specific idea in mind about how a player is going to be used, then a clean slate is underrated. Huh, pretty sure I saw a newgen called Malcolm Boxall in all my FM19 saves! Also, loving the extreme shapes you use. I had a bit of fun with a very similar "4-1-4-1" shape on FM19 and found very similar things to you - insane high press b
  4. Well...only if there's a way of replacing the player. I'd sell Jovic given Campanella is almost equal to him in every regard except two-footedness, but now Cristiano Ronaldo has retired in my save there is nobody out there who can match Ünder's combination of Dribbling, Finishing, Free Kick Taking, and Long Shots (not to mention Crossing and Corners) so he would only be sold when he's about to decline. Oh I intend to, and will use Dortmund first when I do so, but there are just so many ideas still appealing to me: Benfica's golden generation, which in the two years since FM19's rel
  5. Coda? Much as I could probably gain some satisfaction from continuing this save ad infinitum - in particular as a clean sweep next season would see me beat Juventus' Serie A and Real Madrid's Champions League streaks, with a World Cup at the end - I'm feeling the pull of other challenges, possibly including FM20 (FM21 would perhaps be an option when its available at a reduced price in 2021). So, I'll just leave the one noteworthy event of the post-season before I created my 'final' save point. Yes, despite being only 22 (21?) years old and possessing a very unique skillset
  6. You can usually - although be careful if you sign too many players to not load all the work onto one welcoming player, as they will reject you. Affecting personality is the only clear indication that the function is working. I don't know if it has any actual effect on team cohesion perhaps, but I don't think so and I really only welcome players when I need to improve their personality. One thing I found, perhaps a bug in my long-running FM19 save, is that it appears you often need a common nationality and/or fluent language to welcome a player.
  7. @mikcheck I'm on FM19 so some things may have changed but I thought I'd share a couple of tidbits: Work Rate can be improved through praise / criticism of a player's training rating. I've often gotten +5 Work Rate over a couple of seasons. So particularly with youth signings I wouldn't worry about that too much (a good personality will obviously help this by getting them to train better in the first place). I'm similar to you in that I look for good personalities, but if you sign a 16-year old with low determination yet have him training in squads with high determination you will b
  8. No, but it helps. For example, in my FM19 Ajax save: Daley Blind mentored pretty much every big deal from MC backwards: de Ligt, de Jong, van de Beek etc. and and the latter was training as an AMC (became natural) so whilst I didn't pay attention they definitely were in different units. van de Beek's personally actually became worse though. Hakim Ziyech (Attacking) mentored Noussair Mazraoui (Defending) - I paired them as they favoured each other, had the same nationality, and played together on the right wing. It was successful, raising Mazraoui's Determination by 4 points over 2
  9. @04texag @Kharza_FM Ok yeah, even as I was typing I expected the answer to be a "one-two". I thought it might be a basketball term or something. @04texag So what you were specifically talking about, would be quite similar to the way Luca Pellegrini lays it off to Kluivert then cuts in for the return in that highlight? Yeah, any tactic producing a lot of that sort of movement is cool.
  10. Sign a "Backup" in the same way that I've backed up Jovic with England and then Italy's starting forwards I guess you could start hoarding hot prospects and loan them out for fees, turn yourselves into the Italian Chelski.
  11. From my experience with Roma, you'll never sell out Olimpico. I'm up to 84% in Serie A now, and our sell-outs (3 in the league last season) appear to be over-counted, unless there's a separation between ticket sales and attendances (which would be realistic), as I can count only 2 games - Juventus in Serie A and Arsenal in the Champions League - that actually got the full 68,530. If I do join the FM21 crew I can see that demand of actually spending the transfer budget will put me in trouble. I've currently got a big enough budget to buy Neymar and give PSG a profit, and that's with Rom
  12. Serie A, Champions League, e Curiosità Internazionali Casuali We finally accomplished it, a 38-win season! When we started out by conceding in 7 of our first 9 games I did wonder if by the time we got to the new year we'd at least see an end to our year-on-year improvement, or perhaps even get "FM'd" and finally lose, but a clean sheet against Sampdoria in October proved to be a turning point - we didn't concede in our next 11 and started smashing 5 and 6 past teams again. There's a sort of - symmetry? - in our GF column dropping by 4 and our GA column increasing by the same amount f
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