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  1. I agree, it could be better. Perhaps raise it as a bug or in the suggestions form? Because I can't imagine its a big priority for them to improve (which I think is ok, ME etc. is much more important).
  2. @FedAt It depends on a variety of factors such as: how good your scout is (Determination sees him try harder to get the job done, Adaptability helps if he's in a foreign nation, JPA/JPP are the accuracy of the report), how many assignments they have and if they're in geographically close locations (one of the hints in the game used to say something along the lines of "they'll spend all their time on a plane, rather than at games"), if the player is actually playing games (if they're a regular player in an active league you'll get much quicker results than an inactive league, at a club with no
  3. Argentina managers have known this struggle for the past decade. I'm coming up against similar issues though, I currently have a world class front six (2 front threes) yet also about 8 young players who could be world class if I integrate them next season! I've hoarded enough strikers that I'm considering selling one who hit 49 goals last season! I'm interested in this. I have a quite clear memory of somebody from SI saying you couldn't train a player's weaker foot beyond "Reasonable" if they weren't naturally two-footed. So, looking at the likes of Leao have you got their weak foot u
  4. Yeah, would be really good for my style of play actually, the way I tend to have two First XIs rather than a squad. At least in the case of Brazil its for historic reasons though, whereas Argentina is just administrative chaos.
  5. Finale di Champions League 2025 No more minute-by-minute commentary. I know my team are brilliant, I'm much more concerned with youth development now. It seems appropriate that in a stadium named after Ferenc Puskás we not only had a striker scoring at a rate higher than 1 goal per game, but an absolute goal-fest final with the losing side scoring a goal that could compete for the eponymous award (Jovic's bicycle kick from earlier in the season would take it). That's our 5th in a row, equalling Real Madrid's record too! That shot count is misleading, in all the key statisti
  6. Mmm, I was frustrated when Dias signed as I would have loved to see him at United. I tried MLS with Atlanta United on FM19 (2018 season) just after Almirón signed for Newcastle. It didn't stick. I think I made it through a season with Toronto on an earlier version though, somehow managed to loan all the Boca Juniors wonder kids like Bentancur. Yeah, the Argentine league is insane, it keeps changing structure as they work back towards a 38-game 20-team system. They introduced a new cup competition for 2018-19 because there weren't enough fixtures to keep the clubs in the black, then c
  7. @04texag I actually forgot I'd even lost, because they scored so early on, Jovic got yet another goal, and we won the tie. I thought United were the first team to beat us! Its kinda gutting in hindsight as I could have reach 300 by the end of August, but also relieving as its just such an incredible streak I don't care about trying to beat it. Yes, Manchester United are usually my first team in every FM. 19 was an exception as I wanted to have another go at River Plate, having only started playing outside of Europe on 18. But after a beta save with them, United were my first proper one.
  8. 2024/25 - Episode VI Luka Jovic missed this one through suspension, but Campanella sure stepped up! Campanella is actually incredibly similar attribute-wise to Jovic, only 4cm shorter, weak at Penalties (I devoted too much time to training his Free Kick Taking in his youth) and not two-footed, otherwise he would have been my main striker this season. One issue with winning the league so insanely early (2nd April 2025) is that a few players - including Campanella - didn't reach the requisite 10 appearances. It doesn't matter if they they pass the threshold afterwards (Campanel
  9. Can I just add that on MacOS you can use Shift, Command, and 5 to present you with a resizable window for the screenshot, and buttons to capture it...or even record your screen, and options about where to save the image too. Shift, Command, and 3 gives a full screenshot Inside the spoiler tag is how it appears when you select the first option I mentioned (taken using the second).
  10. Spooky, I just lost my first game in 5 years (285 games, a lovely number) too! Feel your pain with Fernandes as well, I’m definitely going to have to sell off a beloved player to make some room. Strange really given they’re just 1s and 0s. Thats a very bold shape, I would not feel comfortable attempting that on FM19 or beyond (could just be cowardice), not least as FM18 does appear to be a last hurrah for the all-Su system. Interestingly your intensity level on your tactics appears higher than similar approaches on FM19. Initially I thought it was the shape but it’s the same in the 4-3-3,
  11. I’ve started setting them myself. I think I set the PA limit too high as I don’t get many recommendations, but I’m mostly manually scouting for newgens and have a maximum 26 scouts so this is my setup on FM19: 1. DoF (20JPA/JPP) and Chief Scout (also - specific to Roma - Director/Scout Bruno Conti) are free to produce final judgements. 2. My best scout with low Adaptability scouts my nation (Italy). 3. My best scouts (high Adaptability, Determination, JPA, JPP) scout nations with active leagues (i.e. Bundesliga is active, therefore players are available in lower divisions to
  12. @04texag @longruoi1 maybe keep any eye on the hints that appear when you press Continue? A screenshot confirming this would be useful
  13. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Campanella vs Fiorentina.mp4 The above goal is just perfect in terms of players doing exactly what they’ve been instructed to: Play Out Of Defence gives us that nice shape with Tonali dropping deep, then it combines with Distribute Too Centre-Backs to make Lafont kick it short to Upamecano. Upamecano's trait ‘Brings Ball Out Of Defence’ combined with my Dribble More instruction sees him drive forwards making their striker a non-entity defensively before he lays it off to a playmaker (which is the purpose of playmakers). Loren
  14. @04texag Will do! I was aware that they weren't lying to us in stating that game time was more important after 18, but just didn't expect it to have such little effect. Rossini is still a puzzler as he had a year of training yet the only attribute I've seen improvement in is Determination (once he was moved to the first team and mentored by Florenzi). Luckily Fenu and the new guy Lopez are at such a high level I can play them anyway
  15. @04texag Perhaps. I know training is more important, but its not like game time is irrelevant. I have noticed quite a few guys with stronger growth between 17 and 18 than either side of that, so perhaps he'll kick on over the next year. Rossini is more concerning in that manner as he's now closer to 18 than 19.
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