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  1. If Vlachodimos doesn't really get outside of his area, but also does actually try to play the ball a little bit then OP has got it perfect with SK-De - that role is slightly more of a passer than G-De, but isn't going to be running around near half-way like Neuer despite the SK name.
  2. Holland, Portugal and Germany are three nations where the top divisions have no limits on non-EU players that I know of.
  3. Premier League: Newcastle - one-club city, huge fanbase, huge stadium, owner looking to sell, if you have the update you have one of the best players to ever come out of MLS supplementing your attack too. Lower: Sunderland / Portsmouth in League One come to mind.
  4. Yeah well that's probably what happens in real life tbh, Juve do great in the market. Transfer requests don't tend to happen as much in reality as clubs irl are more accepting of their positions in the food chain than we are as players (because after all its our fantasy and for most of us that means shaking up the existing order to get our favourite / chosen club to the top).
  5. Yeah I've seen a couple given, and where once it felt like VAR pretty much always just confirmed a penalty, occasionally it denies them too.
  6. I'm pretty sure there's an issue where its presenting goals as overhead kicks in the analysis screen when they're not, given back when I could watch on 3D I'd apparently have scored 6 per season yet not seen any of them (and this is when looking just at competitive games, not friendlies that I skipped).
  7. @KlaaZ I'm pretty sure I got both Off The Ball and Positioning up to 14 by the end of season 3 despite him never being a regular and actually having slightly lower determination than that. I don't know for sure about any other improvements but I can't imagine they were the only ones.
  8. @axehan1 thanks! Absolutely no way I'm loading up all those English leagues though, you're running twice what I can hack at a decent speed! @Jean0987654321 had not thought of that at all, I'll look into it! But that's not the primary reason - I tend to just place my left hand under it which elevates it from my leg, and use my right hand to work the touchpad - its that the last minor MacOS update just ruined the game, and it still hasn't been fixed. For all I know I'll load up FM18 and that'll be bad too, but at least I have hope
  9. I'm a Mac user. It's been over a month and my game still makes my computer run hot like its trying to ignite the atmosphere. So I'm going back to FM18. As I've done Ajax to death the last couple of years (despite having not played them until FM18 when I started reading a certain user's tactic threads) it'll be Benfica. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! @axehan1 any recommendations on which leagues I simply must have loaded? I've never even setup a game for the Portuguese league so I don't know it recommends many but my computer isn't that powerful, can only handle around 35k players so that's why I'm asking, in case I have to prioritise.
  10. a) how do you do that b) don't think my Mac even has a Retina display anyway c) it worked fine before, it should be fixable
  11. Oh yeah, if you want to imitate how he works in real life dropping onto the left of a back three at points, its impossible. Some things, like Sheffield United's overlapping CBs, just can't be done. I quite enjoyed him as an AP-Su last time out, and had him as a Regista once which was fun as he'd occasionally drop in and pick up the ball to run with it before making the killer ball. This time I'm just sticking my CMs in generic CM-Su roles and letting traits dictates how they play so we'll see how he does. Probably end up as a RPM conducting it all. Yeah Wöber is one of my favourites, but I always manage to keep de Ligt, he's more of a favourite 2nd choice LCB / LB because of his personality and his physicality meaning he can play at full back acceptably.
  12. @KlaaZ Ah I see. Part of me is wishing I'd started over with the updated DB but then I just don't want to effectively lose de Jong for nothing. I'd had a look and completely discounted Magallan because of his low Concentration, but I'm guessing that Composure helps you play out from the back and also helps him get those goals. Are you using your own set pieces, or just the default ones?
  13. @KlaaZ you got 15 goals out of a centre back? Is he a free kick / penalty taker?
  14. His tactics are generally formed on pretty sound principles, you can just translate them directly in the new ME and perhaps make minor tweaks. If he has a Higher Defensive Line, bump up the Line Of Engagement by the same amount, and I've yet to see him play a style where you wouldn't select Counter-Press (could debate if to use Counter or not). I used his Sacchi 4411 but with the AM and ST duties swapped and got good results even in the earliest, worse ME.
  15. I always feel like playing on Overload / Very Attacking is something that needs to be earned...and I barely make it past season 2 in most of my saves. I'm either starting up with Benfica or Ajax on FM19 and will work towards Overload, but when I tried it out a little with Roma from season 1 I just found that despite the high familiarity we weren't playing like it. I still feel like there's a benefit to having a team playing together for an entire year before you can really get something out of the more ambitious styles, unless your squad is already perfectly suited for it like when I played Lyon with a 433 Jardim replication (which I think I mentioned on this thread). On thing new on FM19 I do enjoy is that - I think, but I'm not certain, that its only when you have Play Out Of Defence selected - from a goal kick centre backs split wide and your DM will drop between them to receive the ball as your full backs push high up. When I played a 442 with two DMs it looked practically bizarre, the DMs and CBs forming a back four, the FBs pushing up so it looked like we had 3 players on each flank, and nobody at all in the centre.
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