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  1. Mercato - Estate 2025 Yet again I manage to have a seemingly momentous transfer window - in terms of sales, at least - whilst barely changing the makeup of my first team squad, never mind the starting XI! Despite losing 5 members of the main squad we have only 2 new players with less than at least half a season of Roma football under their belts - a young centre-back, Giulio Coraggio, and a young striker in Alen Miletic who has previously been mentioned as having made his Austria debut before his club one, and scoring on both. There should be another departure up there, Justin K
  2. So...I think from the comment I left, December 2020's zlatanera wanted to keep that front three together for yet another year, as the most effective way to beat Real Madrid's Champions League record. However, when restarting I soon realised the number of youngsters coming through - particularly strikers - meant Jovic and Kluivert both needed to go. Then I realised most of those youngsters are left-footed, whilst Kyle Belford - who played his best football in his first season at AML - is right-footed. As it was, Kluivert didn't leave as Barcelona chickened out at pushing their spend on Roma pla
  3. Commercializzazione I intended to make this post part of my annual summaries as I do find it interesting...alas, the only point of comparison is 2021 - 3 Serie A in a row, 2 non-consecutive Champions League titles. At that time our shareholders took €325k at the end of the season, now? €64million. In terms of shirt sales, Jovic was 5th back then too, Ünder 1st and Pellegrini 3rd, but we've sold almost double the amount and €100m more merchandise in total. The kit sponsorship was also €108m over 4 years, so its disappointing to see that we're not taking in more money in tha
  4. @steakfaced https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm19-skins.html?id=5390 I got turned onto it seeing @crusadertsar using it with the exact same team, Roma. Only issue is I was late to the game with the face packs, so now I'm constantly finding guys who're in kits for teams they wouldn't move to until FM20 came out! It does remove a couple of little bits of functionality: I can't see my GK's Technique, Free Kick Taking, and Penalties attributes; I also can't delete training schedules (but obviously its quite easy to just switch skins). Also occasionally those bottom 4 panels all reset to showin
  5. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! He's possibly the best GK I've ever seen...pretty much perfect. Whichever scout allowed you to get him for £45k deserves the freedom of Lisbon. Makes me want to go back to FM18 and abuse that Tutoring system, I'm also stuck in the past on 19 but development is a lot less linear and I feel like newgens have weirder attribute spreads. Lots of diminutive wide attackers with 15 Heading and centre backs with 10 or lower in Aggression, Bravery, and Heading. Alban Lafont is the most valuable GK in the world in my save - summer 2025, so 7 seasons in - having won 5 consecut
  6. I 2nd this. In my most successful FM saves on FM19 with Lyon and Roma I've had 3-star players who, whilst not having the full career progression due to my saves not being as long as yours, have been incredible for me. For example in a squad where - to make the ratings clear - Dayot Upamecano is 4.5-star, Amad Traore is 3-star: Yet playing in his favoured role - IF-At at AMR (in a tactic almost identical to the 4-3-3 used in the seasons following the spin-off of this thread) - he's scored 50 goals in 78 games, better than 1 in 2, despite being a backup option in a system where the str
  7. Uno Sbriciola Impero? I hadn't loaned anyone to Legia as they're not in an active league, nor had they produced any newgens of interest...no doubt they'll spawn Poland's next Lewandowski-level talent now! Dinamo Zagreb are a much bigger loss. Although their best newgens haven't been of interest due to their positions, its been great to be able to loan players to a side regularly playing on the front foot domestically whilst also getting my young players European experience. Last season I loaned them 6 players who racked up 202 appearances between them. The board weren'
  8. The absurd lengths Bayern went to to finally get 'Lewy' his 41st goal (my personal favourite is where he tries to get a touch onto a header that is already going in on the line for the 1st, or maybe 2nd goal) reminded me that there is fun to be had in being so dominant (a 285-game all-comps unbeaten streak ended in the Champions League, but still 191 and counting in Serie A!). 41 in 29 puts Luka Jovic's 38 in 31 in perspective too. Before that however, I also have to figure out what to do with my Italy squad. Unlike in the main inspiration behind most of my later FM-careers I don't have a
  9. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Yeah I'd definitely be interested to see how it progresses. I didn't really pay attention to this stuff until after I paused the save (FM19 Roma's €300m debt is a lot more manageable than FM18 Benfica's appears to have been, and I made over €1bn in player sales so never needed to concern myself). When I look now in the save the only commercial affiliates I have are with a bunch of minor U.S. teams and one Australian one, yours are theoretically much better for the purpose. I'm not far from your levels of success so a comparison would be interesting. I've just notice
  10. That might be worth a shot, actually. I left it out of my initial post but in terms of merchandising my Roma side, after that prolonged and ongoing period of success, brought in €154m and €170m in consecutive seasons. Man Utd on the other hand were around €30m. Creating my own superstars is certainly an element in that, but I also have a commercial affiliate in the Chinese top flight, and multiple partnerships in the US whereas at United I had 0 affiliates full stop. A problem exclusive to Roma though is that we’re nowhere near close to filling the Olimpico and FM(19, at least) doesn’t off
  11. On FM19 so potentially irrelevant to anyone actually keeping up with the latest versions of FM, but I notice a similar issue with sponsorship. A year after winning a League and Champions League double with Man Utd we took €288m in sponsors. At Roma with 7 consecutive Serie A, 6 Champions League (5 consecutive), and basically everything else every year for the period 2019-2025 we took a mere €81m. Serie A is ranked 3rd in the world, Luka Jovic just had 49-goal season and I'm not not making big transfers (only 3 over €40m as the academy is strong, but one of those was €82m on Dayot Upamecano). €
  12. That's not 100% true. If have a player with 16 Determination but an 'Outspoken' media handling style (which indicates the player is quite controversial), I'll happily welcome them with someone with 14 Determination and a less drastic media handling style like 'Media-Friendly' or 'Level-Headed'.
  13. I think I'm too far behind to offer any specifics. What I would say is I definitely found that post-FM18 development was - rightly - more of a mixed bag. For every guy with simply stunning improvements with first team football, some plateaued age 19. Whoever mentioned average rating, that would be supported by what I saw: strikers, who in my dominant side were scoring for fun, got great ratings and strong development, as did full backs, whilst central defenders were more of a mixed bag and as such didn't seem to improve as much.
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