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  1. Hi @duccio I found a strange bug, I've done everything as you mentioned in readme to replace small FA logos with country flags. It worked but partially, in new game "choose the league" menu and in other places it replaced the FA icons. But in player profiles FA icons are still shown (instead of flags), how can I fix that? P.S. Please check DM's UPD: I've decided to completely delete the "Associations" folder and reloaded the skin. It helped. But now national teams without it's logos (FA ones), so apparently there's no way to split where FA logos and where flags are shown.
  2. Nice, I currently trying to use this with my Arsenal squad (first season) as my backup tactic, rebuilding a team bit-by-bit for the CL in the second season.
  3. Hey @knap I'm a huge fan of your tactics, 451 ones are my favorite. Could you please add PREACHIN BLUES VOL 5 451 P109 ALL CUPS link into the list, its 1471 ID, I really love PREACHIN BLUES and would love to try a new version.
  4. Thanks a lot! Should I use the old OIs (Show into the foot close to the flank)? Or the same that Gegenpress uses?
  5. Hey @BJT I'm a huge fan of your tactics, I have a question. Will this tactic that you've posted on FM Base (https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/bjt-–-433-liverpool-101-points-all-cups-klopp-pep-jose-inspired.74/) work properly in 20.4 version? I've tested it with Arsenal and got interesting results, but my left IF performs poorly from time to time (Aubameyang, Martinelli). Right IF (Pepe, Saka) play incredibly and have lots of goals and assists. Maybe changing OI's to the same you've mentioned in the tactic above will change the situation?
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