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  1. Has been an enjoyable read so far, following this!
  2. When I have a DOF with good JPA and JPP, I usually istruct him to make offers for players, while I negotiate contracts and finalize the deals. I find the DOF to have the ability to come up with players I've missed, especially if we're talking about loans and young players.
  3. Ahh apologies for taking your thread in the wrong direction. Feel free to move those posts into a separated one.
  4. Staff Another important part of implementing my vision is improving the quality of the existing personnel. Having high-quality staff members with good personality is importat for finding and nurturing youth products. Usually, when starting a new save, I don't like create a massive turnover of staff members. Things wouldn't be much different now, since my starting staff memebers are not so bad and improving on them would be hard, due to the clubs reputation and finances. Assistant Manager What I want my assistant to be is a good coach with good personality and ability of judging players. Crosby isn't exactly world-class, but he is as good as it gets for us (expect this sentiment to pop up again a few times). Head of Youth Development Of course, the HoYD is a very important cog in the system. Robinson isn't great, but no one else was available. He at least got 11s across the board and a Fairly Professional personality, which is really good. Scouts A quick look at scouts. I only had Simon Clough, brother of former manager Nigel Clough. An average at best scout who had one year left on his contract and I felt like I could afford let him join his brother. There is a large wealth of decent scouts available, more than any other staff role (or so I found). I'm currently targeting these two: Both are former Liverpool and Manchester United employees. One of them got knowledge of other countries and the other got a great personality. Both will be on cheap wages and they have good attributes. Coaches Including myself, I got a good enough coaching to start with: I got room for one more, probably a fitness coach.
  5. Taking charge over the Brewers Just to summarize my previous post, I'm taking over Burton Albion. The source of insipiration is in the club's yellow and black kits and impressive facilities - I basically want to replicate Borussia Dortmund's journey from the brink of bankrupsy to success by nurturing young talent. I'm starting without the first transfer window, which is traditional for me for past three versions of the game. The squad I start with is the default one, minus Darren Bent, who's loan was cut short. No point having a 20k p/w player who's injured for 6/7 months. Youth Prospects Since I'm focusing at youth development, the first thing I want to look at is players who have potential. In short, there isn't much. These are our brightest prospects (not including loanees): I don't anyone of them has the potential of being more than decent Championship-level players, but I feel like it is important to get the best out of them. As you can notice, all of them got Balanced personality. Sadly, it's going to stay that way. We haven't got anyone who could tutor this bunch. This will be addressed in future transfer windows. Squad Building When considering the way I wish to shape my squad, I want to take another leaf from Dortmund and create a fit, hard-working squad. A team of Burton's means and reputation would struggle to attract highly technical talents, however the Championship is littered with players who willing and able to outrun other players, and this is the sort of "club DNA" that I want us to have, at least on start. For now, these are the attributes I'm looking at: Determination - This attribute reflects the player's commitment to succeed and do his very best on and off the pitch. Teamwork - This attribute reflects how the player can follow tactical instructions whilst working for and along-side hist team-mates. Workrate - This attribute reflects the player's willingness to work to his full capacity, going above and beyond the call of duty. Stamina - This attribute reflects the player's ability to endure high-level physical activity for extended periods of time. Looking at the players above, Jamie Allen is the one who fits my vision the most. Miller and Sbarra less so. Early Tactical Musing Burton's starting squad is quite poor. Most of the players are League 1 level and keep the club afloat in the first season will be a challenging task for someone who's used to playing with the likes of Liverpool, Napoli and Dortmund like me. I'm really somewhat of a fish out of water in this situation, so I want to keep thing simple. Looking at our squad depth, we seem to be stocked in center backs, defensive midfield, central midfield and upfront, while lacking attacking midfielders and quality out wide. My two best players are probably wingbacks Lloyd Dyer and John Brayford. For those reasons, I am contemplating a 5-1-2-2 formation: It seems like a good fit for us. A formation that offers good cover and allows us to get the most out of our best players. I've yet to decide on the roles and instructions but I will get there later.
  6. So a couple of days ago I was searching for a team to have a final save with. A couple of people (including the gentleman above this post) suggested Burton Albion, a fairly unassuming side who plays in the Championship. I looked for inspiration and found it with the club's yellow and black kit, that strikes a resemblance with BVB Dortmund. I was inspired to focus on youth development after reading this fantastic article: https://www.ft.com/content/da604a8c-fb13-11e7-a492-2c9be7f3120a In 2005, Dortmund were in a pretty bad shape after over-spending themselves into the brink of bankrupsy. They realised that, in order to stabilize the club and close the gap from Bayern, they must nurture young talent instead of spending on ready-made players. A few years later, a team featuring homegrown talents like Gotze, Sahin and Großkreutz, as well as players who joined at a young age like Kagawa and Bender, won the Bundesliga. Now, not every low-means club should base their strategy on youth development, but unassuming Burton has a state of the art training and youth facilities, since they use the same ones as the NT: Check out the Pirelli stadium. The smallest capacity in the league, about half of Brentford's Griffin Park, the 2nd smallest capacity stadium in the league. Now, youth development also hinges on other thing like coaching and recruitment, and Burton is average at best in those departments. However, this is a very solid base to start with. Here's another article, about how the facilities already made a positive impact on the club, despite using it for only a few years: http://trainingground.guru/articles/st-georges-park-boosting-burtons-academy-ambitions
  7. TheJanitor

    [FM18] This is The One: Madchester's Back!

    I'm waaay too pleased seeing Manchester United succeed than I should be. Excellent!
  8. TheJanitor

    Team Suggestion Thread

    I'm sold. Starting with Burton and w/o first window - going to have some hard time with that squad. Was shocked to discover that they have state of the art youth and training facilities.
  9. TheJanitor

    Team Suggestion Thread

    @zlatanera Much appreciated. Some teams I already played with, but I'm contemplating Eibar, Nantes and Burton at the moment.
  10. TheJanitor

    Turkish heroes - Altinordu

    Great job so far, really enjoying this!
  11. TheJanitor

    Team Suggestion Thread

    Valencia, Lyon, Schalke. Looking for a final FM save, something a bit refreshing but not too difficult. Only stipulation I got is that it got to be Europe, as I hate managing elsewhere.
  12. Yes, they're quite technical. The team is Ajax if it helps. I don't even have someone like Illarramendi who lacks physical ability but is solid technically and mentally, which is why I'm not sure how to balance my midfield.
  13. Tactical question. Starting with a side that lacks steel in midfield, how would you recommend bypassing it? I don't have anyone who is a ball winner or even a defensively stable DLP type, and I'm playing without the first window.
  14. The second half was pretty bad, but Morocoo were pretty good in the first half hour.