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  1. Rafa Benitez Liverpool 08/09

    Ahh Benitez' Liverpool. The first side that really intrigued the tactics side of my brain, a lot thanks to FM08 and FM09 where I spent a lot of time trying to make Liverpool look like real life. Sadly, back then football analysis wasn't as popular as it is today and I couldn't find much detailed overview of the side, but still, it was the first time I tried to learn about rl tactics, all thanks to FM. I don't think the tactic is too hard to recreate. A lot of formation could fit; 4-2-3-1, 4-4-1-1, 4-2-2-1-1 etc. Benitez is a flexible coach and I don't think he worried about style like Klopp or Guardiola. Liverpool could try to sit deep and counter or control the game at the opponents half. What is hard is to get the right players. I don't think he planned it, considering he was a Sacchi fan, but I think that it was a very specialized side with unique players who had unique attributes: Goalkeeper - Predominantly Pepe Reina, the quintessential Sweeper Keeper before Manuel Neuer broke into the scene, and a darn good stopper as well, bar the occasional brain fart. You need someone who isn't only good in his keeping abilities, but also quick to get out his line and has good attributes for First Touch, Composure and Technique. Center-halves - There were quite a few different players here during the Rafa years, but Carragher was a staple in the back. A strong, aggressive, no-nonsense who was also a leader at the back. I guess his attributes matter less than his personality, someone who is a true professional. The question is who to partner him with? Agger was great on the ball and was given license to take a more risky approach to his passing, so I would play him as Ball Playing Defender, but if you are looking at someone like Hyppia or Skrtel than a plain CB would be fine. Fullbacks - The left side was almost always more attacking then the right side, due to players like Riise and Aurelio assuming that flank vs. Arbeloa and Finnan on the right. Not set in stone, Arbeloa occasionaly played on the left while Glen Johnson was his replacement on the right, but that was the most common approach. Midfield two - Of course Mascherano and Alonso was the most famous partnership. Masche was ths perfect, intellegent ball-winner and Alonso was one of the best passers in the world at his peak at the club. Great range and technique, PPM who be important for that player - Dictate Tempo and Switch Ball to Other Flank are very important. You also had Sissoko, and energetic, physically impressive box to box and Didi Hamann who I recall being more of a sitter. Wingers - Or lack of. Dirk Kuyt was a converted striker who couldn't really compete with Torres, on the right he became quite the outlet. He seemed to be always in the right place in the right time to score a real poacher goal. He is probably most famous for his work rate and fitness level, and you really need high attributes for Teamwork, Workrate, Natural Fitness and Stamina if you want him to be willing and able to track back like Kuyt did. The left side was always changing. In my opinion, during 07/08 and 08/09 Benayoun was the best player on that flank. Again not a typical winger, he was almost like a #10 out wide, drifting in and being very agile and clever. Had a knack for goal as well. Babel was very much like a modern Inside Forward of the Robben kind, just nowhere near as good. Having that sort of player might have made a real impact on the tactic, so while Benayoun was better, I would try the Babel role with a better player. And finally, Alberto Riera and Jermain Pennant were the only typical wingers I recall during the late Benitez years. Both were decent, especially the former. Might also be an option to look at to provided further width. #10 - Seeing as Stevie G had to be a part of the team and he is the last player you want playing in the 2 of this formation, he played as an unconventional #10 and was probably at his best. I feel like Rafa always wanted there someone like Aimar who is more creative and elegant, but having that sort of player would probably leave no room for Gerrard, the undisputed star of that team. I think this is a source for many headaches because it was such a unique performance in that role, but I believe a general AM/s/a (depending on other roles) with the right player would do the job. Good luck finding that player though. Striker - Still to this day my favorite player who isn't Steven Gerrard. Was the ideal modern forward. A lot of people recall him for running the channels, beating opponents with pace and movement, but he was very capable at dropping deep and holding play. He was complete forward in my taste. The striker position was troublesome for this team, but there was some depth with speedy players like Bellamy and a target man like Crouch or Morientes. How I would set up? I think I will try this in the next FM. A 4-2-3-1 with a 4-4-1-1 as fall back formation. Something like this: Goalkeeper - SK/s Rightback - FB/s Centerback - CB/d Centerback - CB/d Leftback - WB/a Central Midfielder - DLP/s Central Midfielder - CM/d Right Winger - RMD/a - Mark Tighter, Mark Opponent's LB Attacking Midfielder - AM/s Left Winger - IF/s Striker - CF/a
  2. A Battle On The Warnow Rostock Resurgence 

    Some quality signings made mate, and great start to the season! I'm really having fun in Germany, nice to read about your journey there, though I would like Kaiserslautern to do better
  3. 2016/17 Season - January Transfer Window Update December was an absolute mess. 2 Losses and a draw to three much weaker sides. Decided to take the winter break and arrange friendlies against very easy opposition to get the moral back up. For the match against Aue, I've decided to try a new tactic: In the first half, we looked like a much better side and set the eventual result of the match. In the second half, Aue changed their formation to a more attacking, narrow 4-3-3 and I've decided to try and hang onto the lead by switching to a counter 4-1-4-1 and was able to contain them. Table Sadly, our poor run resulted in Stuttgart taking over the top of the league, but it is very tight, and we are still in a good position for promotion. I hope the win against Aue will start a new chapter for us. Thankfully, every other side in the top half seems hell bent on completely self-destructing. Transfers Not much happened, January tends to be a quiet window for me. Couldn't pass on Amin Younes for his second spell in the club. Loan with an option to buy for £1M. Might no longer have world-class potential, but I have a good hunch about him. He will play as the IF/s on our new 4-2-3-1. The only major departures were Przy and Mwene. Glad about the profit we made on the former, as he was just aweful everytime he played. He fears big matches and inconsistent and couldn't cure that, even though he had the potential to be our best striker. As for Mwene, he was our backup right back and wanted a run on the first team. Sadly, he isn't very good and every chance he got he blew. Left for nearly nothing, but he was a free transfer, so that's fine.
  4. must have been an akward breakup talk.
  5. Maybe try using someone else's tactic for a season, until you get a grip of your squad and able to bring some better players.
  6. I experienced similar issues this year as well. The only side I finished a season with was Liverpool and I was constantly starting a new game, at best progressing about 5 games per save. All I can say is that since I've started posting my own career on the Career Update board I'm more engaged than ever. I've started with a side I've never played with before, on a league I managed once or twice. So maybe refreshing up a bit and moving out of your own comfort zone could help as well.
  7. Sorry for not updating for a while, decided to change an approach an post an update twice a year, to avoide clustering this thread too much. 2016/17 Season - Hinrunde Matches Table Quite a fantastic first half to our season, but there is a sour taste about how it ended, I had a lot of luck with results for the other top sides not going their way. The disappointing thing is the type of goals we concede is not due to fragile defence, but individual errors and moments of madness of our keeper. In the cup we were completely dominated by HSV, despite the flattering result, confirming my concern that if we get promoted we'll need quite a shake up. Still, despite all this I am delighted that we are topping the league, and the board shares my happiness as they offered me a two years contracted, which I took. Hinrunde Best Players 3. Daniel Halfar - Even in our worst matches, Halfar is mr. reliable, always putting a great shift. Definite Bundesliga player, though probably in a limited role. Has a return of 2 goals and 6 assists, co-leading our assists rank with... 2. Marlon Frey - On loan from Leverkusen, Frey has been the surprise of the season. He is playing way better than I'd thought he will, adding 4 goals to his 6 assists. I'm not sure if I could keep him around after this season, but I will surely make a punt if able. 1. Lukas Görtler - Our leading goalscorer. Seems to be scoring in patches, but 10 goals in 16 starts is very well from the winger. His contract runs in 2018 and Köln are already sniffing around, so I have to sort it out soon. As for the future, there are a few topics I need to address. Along with Frey, I have another loanee- my best defender Ewerton. Unlike him, he has an optional future fee of £3M which is a steal for a player of his abilites. Alongside with homeboy Robin Koch he forms a solid partnership that could do a job in the Bundesliga, but if he leaves at the end of the season, it leaves me with a huge hole in defence so I need to have alternatives. Other than that, since I've been fairly consisted with my first XI quite a few players have kicked up a fuss and requested a transfer. Thankfully, most have almost no significance. Zoltan Stieber and Kacper Przybylko are the most notable ones. The former draws no suitors but the latter has RB Leipzig and Bursaspor on his tail. He is valued at £1.2 mil and I hope to get something similar, it would be a massive boost. Finally, in terms of the winter's transfer window, I need to add some depth in right back, central midfield and attack, but nothing critical. In terms of youth development, my best players is Torben Müsel, a young striker with some interesting attributes and a good personality. Currently wanted by Wolfsburg, I was able to tie him up on a contract until 2019 + 3 years optional contract extension. There are some other capable youngsters around the 2nd team and the U19, but nobody to write home about. The next round will be tense for sure - I hope I will be able to further update this week, but I have a tight schedule and Yom Kipur on the weekend that would make things difficult.
  8. And they say the AI can't build squads- bar the CBs, a damn near perfect side! @BrianMunich It's seems like your tactic lacks any sort of dangerous player outside the Poacher. You have incredible attackers, have fun with them! Allow Sanchez or Griez to attack the box more and for heaven sake unshackle Dybala from any sort of defensive duties. I know you are playing against Utd, but you need more penetration. Personally, I'd replace one of the AM/s with Dybala as AP/s and set the other to AM/a. Maybe set the striker to AF/a as well. Also, against a side that will surely come at you like Utd, I think 3 BPD is riskey, even if you have 3 great ball-playing defenders.
  9. Suits yourself. I wouldn't be so quick to sell my star player and rather understand why a RB was scoring when he wasn't. On a personal note I'm glad you didn't give up this time. I think that you need to be more relaxed when playing this game. Feel happy that your save haven't reached the point where it's to easy, and you still have stuff to learn and experience within it's world. Read and watch more RL football as well.
  10. Your call, but I'm not sure you will be exposed that much. I've used this setup with sides like Liverpool, Dortmund etc who aren't quite reknowned for having a lot of strong headers in their squad. Never have set pieces been such an issue for me.
  11. I mean, you have to recognise that Belotti is a better player than Lasagna. Not saying selling him was a bad idea for a good offer, but you must know the same thing that happened to him may happen to Lasagna. Are you going to sell him as well?
  12. Why? Use whatever setup you use at previous tactics. I always have a lad forward and someone outside the box.
  13. Done very good so far! Shame about the youth intake, hope the next one will be better what with the improved youth setup and all...
  14. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Congrats! How is Istra 1961 youth setup?