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  1. The Egyptian king

    Contemplating after the last match against Watford Just looking at the match report at whoscored, the average positioning: I get using Salah at ST, not necessarily the wrong approach, but I'd prefer playing him wide in a 4-3-3. Just my preference, he seems to defend the flank more than an ST. I'd personally start him as a Raumdeuter on the right side. He was very high and narrow: I don't think he is the Egyptian Messi, rather the Egyptian Ronaldo. It's more is forte to be a scorer who base himself on clever positioning and speed rather then the playmaker on the side. Mane on the other side, I'd peg as an Inside Forward on Support, as he droped deeper to collect the ball a lot, probably coupled with Sit Narrower - he often moved moved to the center of the pitch. The IF/s comes with Dribble More and Cut Inside With Ball, both fit with Mane's personality while he definitely tried More Risky Passes. It's worth-noting that both the RMD and IF have Cross Less Often, which bods well with the fact that Liverpool didn't play a crossing game. Upfront, Firmino seemed to have dropped very deep at times against Watford, so I feel like a False Nine as a starting point. In midfield, Henderson wass defintely a DLP/d in my eyes, rarely got forward and made more touches than any other player on the pitch. I'm sure about the players ahead of him Wijnaldum and Milner seemed to do a lot without doing much, being everywhere across the pitch without attracting the ball too much. I feel like Milner often ends up wide, so maybe Mezzala/Box To Box Midfielder combo? Not sure at all, would love some input here. Fullbacks heatmap: Robertson on the left seemed more inclined to move forward than Gomez, which makes sense since the former is a "failed winger" while the latter is a "failed center back". In defense, Van Dijk made 6 long passes, more than any Liverpool outfielder other than Henderson. I'd give him Ball Playing Defender while Matip was a bog average Center Back. In goal, Karius never made a lot, but in recent games he seems more inclined to rush forward and distribute quickly. Sweeper Keeper on Support feels right for me. TL;DR Sweeper Keeper/Support Ball Playing Defender/Defend Centeral Defender/Defend RB/Full-Back/Support LB/Full-Back/Attack Deep Lying Playmaker/Defend MCR/??? MCL/??? AMR/Raumdeuter AML/Inside Forward/Support (PI: Sit Narrower) False Nine
  2. Ineffectual Raumdeuter

    When I took a first glance at your tactics I immediately thought about Barca circa 2009, but then I noticed your midfield two are swapped. Maybe that's what you need? Moving the BBM to the Raumdeuter's side to offer closer support? Oreven changing your DLP's role to something like RPM or AP, but that might come with re-balancing your whole tactic.
  3. Rui Vitória's Benfica

    Yeah I agree about the striker, isn't Jonas known to be quite the goalscorer? I always struggle when trying to fit two wingers, and in combined with such aggressive wing-backs, I'm curious about the wingplay here, how's it going for you?
  4. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    I'm starting w/o the first window, so no, but if you start with one than a LB is definitely your first priority. Only really got Oczipka (and Rahman, but again, injured for up to 7 months) who is a decent FB. I'm considering retraining Bentaleb as a worst-case scenario back-up until January.
  5. Need a Save badly

    Mate, Schalke. If you want to stay in England, Wolves might be refreshing for you. Getting promoted should be not too hard and once you get promoted, you defintely got a solid base there with players like Neves, Jota, Cavaleiro.
  6. FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    Wanted to bump this thread as I finaly got around to playing with Schalke. Not a whole lot changed since the first update, but some did. First off, the loans of Baba Rahman and Marco Pijaca, then also the future transfer out of Goretzka and transfer in of Mark Uth and finally, a change in players attributes, like Max Meyer who is made to be more of a DLP then a classic 10 and Amine Harit who's been bumped and looks like a real talent. First thing I did was to cancel Rahman loan. He's decent, but injured for 6-7 months, has no clause and his wages are a whopping £86 p/w, so it was a no-brainer for me. Would have cancel Pijaca as well, but I don't have the option. At least he is injured for 4-5 months so maybe he'll have some impact in the latter stages. Used the money freed up by Rahman leaving to renew some contracts. Max Meyer and Thilo Kehrer have both signed long-term contracts with massive release clauses (£70m and £32.5m respectively). This is a main concern for me - making sure the club operates the right way in terms of transfers & contracts. I really recommed this club for someone who wants to build a dynasty. You have some good established players and a host of highly promising youngsters, a squad that is versatile enough to play different tactics, good facilites and rich history, but the league is a challenge as Bayern are light-years ahead of you and clubs like Dortmund and RB Leipzig are probably in a better starting position. I want to take the Monaco approach to this. I don't mind selling players, but only for a rich profit so I could improve the squad as a whole.
  7. Tried both of your advice, the AP/s is working slightly better while I haven't noticed much change when swapping the DMs. Things are still very poor at times. We struggle to createt quality chances and in all honesty I have no idea how to fix this. Defensively we are solid, which means I get wins but low, and the goals we score are from set pieces, screamers etc. Just got a spanking by Burnley, 2-1. Goal scored from a corner head. Only created one chance other than that.
  8. You got it right and even though I haven't seen Mkhitaryan plays for Arsenal, from seeing him quite often at Dortmund the Raumdeuter role doesn't seem fit. I'm afraid that, like I said, I haven't seen Arsenal in a while (since the last time we played each other) so I can't offer much help, but I'll follow your try to replicate them, as I'm interested at how the new Arsenal is going to look. However, I must say that with Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Sven Mislintat around, I'd be tempted to recreate Tuchel tactics with them.
  9. I don't really see Firmino as an AF/a. If you need a better Liverpool analogy for this role, it's basically Fernando Torres. Most of the time Firmino is a CF, either support or attack. Maybe F9/s at times. But it all relates to how you play those around him. For the front trio, I had success with IF/s - CF/s - RMD/a.
  10. Just finished reading this today, it's great so far. congrats on some damn fine achievements!
  11. Get my Poacher working

    How pressing got something to do with that? @Asmart01 I'd consider removing the AMC instruction to get further forward. He might be all up in the poacher's space. A Poacher is a great role to create space for a deeper AMC since he stretches the opposition defensive line. Other than that, I like the varied sipport your poacher got, through balls from the IF and AMC and crosses from the winger. Think you got a solid base, so keep testing it and keep us updated.
  12. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Had luck getting Oxford? West Ham been a pain to deal with.
  13. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Hell 66 goals? He's decent in my save, kind of similar to Curtis Jones, slightly worse actually. Don't think he would be good enough for us. But that number is just unreal. Before starting this save I had another save I had started and got corrupt. Brewster had 4 or 4.5 star potential while in the current he only had 3, so I think mine had fairly low PA compared to yours. Also add a few injuries.
  14. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    How's The Kids Doing? Thought about sharing a few of the youngsters development with some regens, March 2019: Trent Alexander-Arnold: Exploded last season but haven't really developed much this season. Still a great fullback that can cover in midfield and has excellent personality and Leadership attribute. Ben Woodburn: The story of the season in terms of youth development. With Firmino and Mane suffering a bit with injuries this season Woodburn got his chance and did well, scoring 8 and assisting 3 times in 15 starts, with the highlight being a hattrick against Watford. Joe Gomez: Big Joe Gomez has developed into a beast of a CB, really giving me a selection headache considering how great Matip and Van Dijk have been for me. Quick, great on the ball and strong- just the perfect CB and still a lot of scope for development. Ovie Ejaria: Haven't developed much, and I am considering how he will fit into my team in the long term. Dominic Solanke: In the first season he nearly haven't changed a bit despite getting quite a few chances and this season his stalement continued until he got a long-term injury and now he is actually worse. Sadly will be sold. Rhian Brewster: Like Solanke, he haven't progressed much in the first season and picked a few injuries, but developed well playing for Bolton picking 4 goals and 5 assists for them. Probably wouldn't ever be a first team player, doubt he would ever be good enough for the first team, but I like him and will continue putting effort into him. Curtis Jones: Almost a year younger than Brewster but around the same level. Given Raumdeuter training in bit to improve his mentals. Edvard Tagseth: Probably the most improved player this season, I really like him but his attributes are a bit weirdly distributed. Don't really know where would do best. Given Roaming Playmaker training to try and improve his physicals. Now for some of the better regens I got in the first two seasons: Neil Moore: Neil Burgin: Marvin Buchanan: Mel Fleming: Dennis Moore: Emmanuel Ogbonna: Hugh Bibby: Buchanan and Fleming are my favorites, Burgin potentially as well if he improves his personality.