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  1. Anyone who played with Leeds, How good is Jack Clarke? I'm in January of season 1 with Newcastle and I was able to sort a £6m, possibly rising to a £8.25m, deal for him, is he worth it?
  2. @Experienced Defender In your progressive posseion tactic, wouldn't you feel it will be more beneficial to overlap the left side? I'm asking because the high winger on the right would probably leave less room to overlap than the IF/s, and it can create nice variety with the IWB. Other than this, thanks. I like this combination of instructions and I think I will use it as a basis for my tactic. Also, about the HB/d, doesn't it only works with wingbacks in the WB starta? Or is it fine this year? @summatsupeer Do you not feel like swapping the midfielders can make my team a bit disjointed in attack? No one near that IF/a who can offer support and runs to create space for him.
  3. I would personally set the right forward as DLF/s and Alli as SS/a while the MCR becomes DLP/s or RPM/s and the MCL becomes CM/d. I just thinks it will mix together more nicely and offer you a level of depth. I would also probably remove Play Out Of Defence. Positive mentality will automatically encourage this and I wouldn't like to enforce this too much. Finally, against weaker sides I would also remove the Prevent Short GK Distribution. Let the play out the back a bit to create space.
  4. Thanks for the response. The Mezzala - BBM swap, is this because I have an IF/a on the same side as a Mez? How would you find this middle ground? Playing a general possession game + counter and counter-pressing?
  5. Hello. I'm currently playing with Valencia. Starting without the first window, I want to get the best of the existing squad and I like the idea of playing Rodrigo and Guedes out wide. Both are very pacy, with solid dribbling and off the ball movement. I opted to play 433 with two inside forwards: I like the roles selection here, but I'm not sure about instructions and need a bit inspiration. Like I mentioned, I want to exploit Rodrigo and Guedes as my key attackers and I think about playing more directly and on the break, but I'm still not sure about how the approach the instructions.
  6. Interesting teams with a ready squad to play 352? Bonus if that team got an awesome trequartista.
  7. It was stronger than me - I started another save in the new patch. Going with my own tactics this time: SK/a - Alisson, Mignolet FB/s - Alexander-Arnold, Gomez CD/d - Gomez, Matip BPD/d - van Dijk, Lovren WB/s - Robertson, Moreno DLP/d - Fabinho, Henderson BBM/s - Wijnaldum, Milner IW/s - Lallana, Keita IF/a - Salah, Shaqiri SS/a - Mane, Origi DLF/s - Firmino, Sturridge So far going well in pre-season. Hoever, Jones, and Woodburn promoted for tutoring sake.
  8. Finally had some time to play, and what a match! My biggest win for this year Tadic playing an absolute stormer here.
  9. Decided to give Ajax another go in the latest update. Last time, I suffered because we were poor in attack. This time I aim to recreate van de Beek-Tadic partnership up front. I'm playing the default Vertical Tiki-Taka 4231 with the striker set as DLF/s and the attacking midfielder as a SS/a. I really like Ajax team this season. It's a bit different after the update. Of course, De Jong will sadly leave at the end of the season, but still got de Ligt, who I think was boosted. Tadic, Mazraoui, and Tagliafico also got a decent boost. Gravenberch still looks like the brightest prospect outside of the first team and hopefully will help us forget De Jong. Hennie Henrichs still looking to leave the club, I thought it was a mistake in the original database?
  10. @MarcSodie Kimmich is a beast, but check Gelson Fernandes from Benfica. A midfielder but I think he could be converted into a great fullback. Eder Militao as well, if you want someone more defensively minded. Dalot didn't develop? He's amazing for them in my Liverpool save. Anyone got an opinion on Timo Werner for £48m? Beginning of 3rd season, £140K p/m. If not, a goal-scoring right winger for Liverpool would be welcomed.
  11. 2020/21 Season - Some pre-season nonsense! So, Manchester City new coach is announced: Immediately he brings his old friend and our assistant manager Peter Krawietz to be his number two. We receive a cool £3m out of this and promote Pepijn Lijnders to be our new assistant manager. Even more intriguing, they make a massive offer for Kylian Mbappe! If they will bring him they will be a major contest for us. In other news, Arsenal made a £17m offer for Timo Horn and he wants to move. I'm trying to fetch Angus Gunn from relegated Southampton but they want quite a fee for him- about 20/30 should be enough. I'm considering promoting Kamil Grabara, but not sure if he is good enough. Might go for an experienced veteran with a good personality. Reina should be available fairly cheap. In the meanwhile, here are the three new signings we made: Pick of the lot is Ever Martinez, already a Paraguay international at the age of 18: Exactly the kind of CB I like, in terms of attributes, and a great personality. Needs to improve his ball-playing ability but I don't worry about that too much. I think he could be my long-term Van Dijk replacement. Joining from South America is Colombian midfielder, Camilo Ortiz. Doesn't look as impressive as Martinez, but a good all-rounder who could be molded into various roles. Got a great personality as well. Rounding up the Spanish-speaking trio is the only non-regen of the group, Robert Navarro. The former La Macia graduate was unhappy in Monaco and was available for £1.8m. Even if he doesn't develop as I want, I'm confident he would be able to fetch quite a fee in the future.
  12. Finally finished the second season. Quick recap, in the first season we won a domestic treble and reached the quarterfinals of the CL. Premier League Never have I been so dominant when winning a league. Led most throughout most of the season and never looked like dropping it. Guardiola was sacked even though his Man City team were excellent for both seasons. Despite being a great season, we had our only loss of the season in the last game to Huddersfield! So disappointed missing out on an invisible season, but at least it is still something to look for. Other than Guardiola, Chelsea, Man Utd, and Tottenham also got new managers. Chelsea recently fired Sarri and haven't appointed anyone yet. Joe Edwards is the interim manager and doing quite well, winning all of his matches including a 6-0 beating of Fulham and winning 3-2 against Tottenham, who now have Jurgen Klopp as their manager! United appointed Zidane as their replacement for Mourinho. Aubameyang is the Golden Boot with 29 goals, some way of number two- Sadio Mane with 19. Willian got the highest assists with 13. Champions League Despite missing out on an invincible season, we finish on a high with the Champions League in the bag! We had a lot of luck throughout the competition. Finished first in a group the included Lyon, Stuttgart, and Porto. Fairly easy knockout stage, beating Benfica, Napoli, and Leverkusen to meet Atletico Madrid in the finals. Won in dramatic fashion, with Gomez and Keita scoring twice in the final minutes of the extra time. Lewandowsky won the Golden Boot with 8, Salah got the most assists with 6. First time ever winning the Champions League Transfers Only showing those that include cash, but we also sent out Oxlade-Chamberlain, Grujic, Origi, Sturridge, Solanke, Wilson, and a few more out on loans. Out of that list, Sturridge already signed with Benfica and will join next season on a free. The rest will probably be sold, as I don't have a place for them in my team (Grujic looks great though). Out of the out-goings, a few of Brendan boys are gone. Migs was basically replaced with Horn who is young and more fitting to the system (despite some suspect performances). Clyne was sold after Arsenal offered a good fee on him. Lovren didn't play at all and I was happy to cash in on him, and Allan was never going to become a first-team player. Our signings were mostly for the future. The one who probably did the best was Ryan Sessegnon with 2 goals and 5 assists in 19 starts. Still, I feel like I over-payed on him and I'm not quite sure how to play him. Fiete Arp also did decently, developing and scoring 3 goals in 9 starts, but my favorite is Paul Wood: He is developing into a complete midfielder. I played him mostly as the most offensive player in a midfield three, but I think he will be my long-time replacement for Wijnaldum as a DLP. Need to get that Teamwork up though. Andy Tucker is another regen I brought. Developing nicely but is still very much a project. Next Season I'm mostly pleased with my squad and think most of my signings will be of young players. I already completed three transfers for a combined fee of less than 5 mil. All are under 18 and might not make it in the long-term, but at least we will be able to make a profit on them. I prefer to keep a short squad, so we might sell some of the older players. Lallana and Milner are on their last year. Good personalities and I like to keep them as staff members, but a good offer will see them go. Henderson and Wijnaldum will end next season at 30, but unless a stupid offer will come, they will stay. Matip and Shaqiri are most likely to depart, as we have better options in their positions - Gomez and Van Dijk in defense and Mane, Firmino, Salah upfront. We also got Fiete Arp, Woodburn, and Ajer as upcoming wonderkids.
  13. We aren't very far in terms of tactics. Do you find you AMR crossing a lot? And does he move into the box often? I would probably play an IF/s with Stay Wider instructions. Also, having an AP/s on the left side wouldn't draw play to the left?
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