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  1. Well written. Haven't played a game in weeks and this kinda inspired me to start one with PSV, so I'm with you on this. About your points: - How much movement do you expect from your attack? Guardado, Propper and De Jong aren't very mobile, and the latter two roles doesn't encourage mobility. Probably why you saw improvement when Ramselaar was introduced. I played similar tactic at Dortmund with Aubameyang as AF and it was great. Sadly none of PSV seems to have pace, so you'd have to accept that for now, the attack abit clunky. I think if you find a way to incorporate Bergwijn into the side you'd have a better attack just because of the speed and movement he will inject. - Williams is just much better at attacking, can't really expect similar output from Arias. His defensive attributes are really bad though. Might not be an issue against the weaker sides but did a side like Feyenoord caused you some trouble through your left flank? - Interesting about the isolation part...between your AMLR being forward from the start and your AMC not making frequent runs, maybe you lack support from deep? I'd be tempted to play a BBM instead of DM/s.
  2. It gets easier when you have such players at your disposal. Neymar was outter-wordly in FM12, Rooney was still a top attacker and Banega was a beast of a DLP. Also, roles where more customable back than, so take things like mentality with a pinch of salt. Consider what the author tried to create and try to convert it to current FM logic. On a side note, what a brilliant thread!
  3. Raumdeuter and teamwork

    @herne79 Yes I see what you mean, a case of having your creative players close to your most dangerous attackers. A valid point, but for some systems, I think the other way could be more productive. For example a quick, counter attacking tactic that aim to exploit space behind the defense, and that cross-field pass is the more viable option.
  4. Raumdeuter and teamwork

    Really? I thought it would be different. With play naturally flowing towards the AP/s, this would in turn create more space for the RMD to exploit. I think Teamwork is what causing your RMD to score less, how much did he scored for you btw? Who is your main scorer in that set up?
  5. Love this so far. Great idea of a tactical-driven career update. Made quite the jump from Brazilian Serie B to the Bundesliga! Might be careful with it, Wing backs are not usually great outlets for starting attacks. I'd just keep things as they are- you saw it yourself, when the GK has no options he will kick it long, but the rest of the time I reckon he distributes as you wish. TBH these days I hardly change his settings, as it creates a gap between the CBs and the midfield that unless you have a good BPD can create issues if the opposition press you high. It also limits your chance to try and catch the opposition with counter attacks. Would love to see a short review of your squad, do you got any promising regen? Training and youth development, as well as squad management as a whole is rarely touched upon here and this could be a perfect platform for it. Do your thing, though.
  6. replacement for lukaku

    Don't know how Jovic does this year, but last season he was incredible. Same for Johannes Eggestein. This year I had less luck with strikers, but how Timo Werner is looking? Did amazing for me for RBL.
  7. Van Dijk Replacement

    Sorry, missed it. Should cost between £5-£7.5.
  8. Van Dijk Replacement

    Not everyone's cup of tea bit how about Gary Cahill? Should be cheap and his attributes are solid. Also, I can vouch for Hoedt. In my Liverpool save Southampton signed him and he developed so nicely I nearly signed him a season and a half on. You can look here, I asked for help nyself and got a some good suggestions
  9. Left back required

    Kieran Tierney or Charlie Taylor?
  10. Tactical creative block

    @Rashidi I have Miranda and Murillo who actualy very solid. Not on my PC atm but they have 16+ for Anticipation and Positioning. Think Murillo has 13 for Concentration but Miranda is better. They are quick as well. As for Icardi, I am perfectly fine with his Teamwork, as he is all about scoring goals, but I think my ideal striker would be similar to Diego Costa. The sort of warrior attacker who can hold up play. Definitely more aggressive and strong. I think it fits nicely with my grand scheme.
  11. Tactical creative block

    Thanks for the help! @Fosse Good shout, actually. It is a fairly basic role and not asking too much from the player. @summatsupeer You are on point with pressing and space, thanks for that. Love the balance in your suggested tactic, but how the AF in the front trio did for you? Think a IF/s, W/a and AF would fit my team well, but whenever I try an advanced forward or poacher in a 4-3-3 it doesn't end up well as he is always seem to isolated.
  12. Tactical creative block

    Yeah I accept that, but how do you think it is best to approach an imbalanced squad and implement your style and ideas while getting the best of your top players who might not fit? For example with Icardi? I really want to play a certain way but get as much use of him until he is sold since he is clearly our best player but also a specific one.
  13. Got stuck a little bit trying to find the right system for my team to play. It happens sometimes, and I tend to find something that works eventually, but this time I'm struggling, so I look to you for some inspiration. How I Want to Play For start, I'd like to acknowledge the general flavor I'd like to have for my side. In attack, I like to advance the ball from back to front quickly. I'm playing in the Serie A (more on that later) and I like to play with some width to exploit the fact that quite a few sides play a narrow formation. Not quite Pulisball, but vertical play for sure. In defence, I like to be as aggressive at time, pressing on the front foot with a high block, but I wish to be more flexiable here. I want to be able to play with a deep d-line and more defensive support from my advanced players. Think Mauricio Pocchetino combined with Diego Simeone. They are obviously different coaches, but I think they share some similarities and at times use players with the same profiles. This kinda set my "club DNA" - Aggression, Bravery, Determination, Teamwork and Workrate. I concede this is very specific, and it will take time untill I have the squad to implement it, but that is the direction I want to move towards. The Team First of all, it is important to say that I play without the first transfer window. Now, usually, when I'm stuck I try to look to how the club play in real life for a starting plan, but this time I don't think it will work, since I'm playing with my 2nd team, Inter Milan. In short, their season is awful and their squad, while boasting a lot of talented players, is unbalanced. When talking about Inter, obviously the key player is Mauro Icardi, who I'm sure many of you had success with him. He's a poacher if you ever seen one. Not quick, strong or particularly good technically, but he got 17-18 for Finishing, Anticipation, Composore, Descisions and Off The Ball, so you he's good for dem goalz. No other player is on his level right now, but looking at the squad, a certain Gabirel Barbosa sticks out. He has the potential to be atleast as good as Mauro. He can play as a striker, a more creative, round type that will complement the fox-in-the-box that is Icardi, or as a right-sided winger of sorts. Obviously not a run-the-line winger since he is left-footed and a poor winger, but a great inside forward or even a wide playmaker. In terms of club DNA, the only player scoring 15+ in all attributes is Gary Medel, your typical South-American ball-winning midfielder. Another one who caught the eye for me is Ever Banega, who have 11 for Bravery, but 14-15 for any other attribute. He is Regista of sorts. The above players are those who seem to me like they can fit my system well or be that one player who is very good so you can accept the fact he isn't perfect. This is the whole squad (keepers excluded): Notice how Icardi sticks out like a sore thumb. As I mentioned, I can expect some players, especially attackers, not adhering to every attribute in the DNA perfectly, but Icardi looks like my worst in current squad, which is something to consider. What I Got In terms of formation, I lack the dept and quality in CBs and WBs to play 3 at back, so I start with a 4-something-something. Also I want to play with width, so diamonds and christmas trees are out the window. Inter squad look best equipped for a 4-1-2-3 or a 4-2-3-1. The latter seems like a better pressing formation. Icardi could have a lot of support from the AM trio, with Gabigol on the right and Medel as a more defensive-minded midfielder. Banega is the odd-one out. He doesn't fit well as one of the central midfielders, as he isn't very good defensively. He can play as a central attacking midfielder, but his lack of mobility, strenght and off the ball movement makes me think like he can be easly taken out of play by a DM. Within a 4-1-2-3 he can play as a Regista, with Medel as an advanced BWN to create that Pirlo-Gattuso relationship. Barbosa on the right in a similar role but Icardi's now seems not fit, as he not really a striker who can create constantly for himself and in a 4-1-2-3 will lack that support from the AM/s. Looking on mentality and instructions, Control seems like a good place to start. Quick tempo, high D-Line and clossing down and width. To this I add More Direct Passing and Prevent Short GK Distribution. I will decided on Shape as I get everything else sorted, something I've taken from OTTA post about Team Shape. So, I have some ideas, but I still feel unsure about how to execute them. Looking for some feelings about my initial set up and how even how you would set up this squad to play the sort of style I wish.
  14. I'd still go for a DLP, maybe DM. This ensures ball is circulated through him and he won't have to be over ambitious with his passing. Definitely not Anchor. Coutinho will get deep due to his natural position. He might not get as deep as you would like, but probably the best role for him.
  15. Actually, Emre Can passed the ball more than Coutinho did. I wouldn't change Cou's role to RPM. Remember, he scored twice, had six shots (more than any other player on than pitch) and generally had an attacking mindest that you don't normally get from a RPM.