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  1. Cracking post, read your previous one as well and just as good. Always up for this sort of posts.
  2. Everyday we stray further from god's light
  3. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    "Italian football is rigid and defensive" @Hoarau Take a look at Federico Chiesa as well Simone Lo Faso, both at Fiorentina and look like a cracking potential.
  4. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    ACF Fiorentina 17/18 One of the most iconic kits in the history of football, legends like Roberto Baggio, BatiGol, Rui Costa, Dunga etc, a good squad that combines established players like Badelj, Saponara and Astori, as well as high-potential youngsters like Chiesa, Benassi, Simeoneo, Milenkovic and Dragowski and the beautiful city of Florence - La Viola is perfect for someone like me who struggled to get a save going. They have lost some of their best players last season to the traditional big 3 of Italian footbal. Experienced midfield playmaker Borja Valero and his midfield partner Matias Vecino joined Spalletti's revolution at Inter, while last season's top goalscorer Nikola Kalinic will try and fit the shoes of greats like Shevchenko and Van Basten at the other side of Milan. However, the most infuriating departure was of Federico Bernardeschi, the crown jewel of the club, who joined fierce rival Juventus. Fiorentina is now, effectively, a club in transition, with players brought by three different coaches. I like that, since it gives me a clean slate and I could started building towards whatever style I want due to the versatile squad. Serie A 2017/18 Preview Predicted 7th, some way off the Champions League but still reaching the Europa League Second Qualifying Round. Wouldn't be easy, as mid-table sides in this league are way better than recent years, with the likes of Torino, Atalanta, Sassuolo and Sampdoria all having very decent sides. Bridging the gap to sides like Juventus and Napoli however is going to be very difficult. Tactics This part I haven't fully deceided on yet. Italian club are typically labeled as rigid and defensive but I like to bring something different. I like the South American influence on this club and history of high quality Trequartistas the featured for Fiorentina and would like to go down this route, a style of technical football with a creative #10 running the play. I was thinking about something along the line of this: Support duties in midfield to make sure the players negate the gap and this should also be good for the possession-based football I would us to play. Standard Mentality, Structured Shape and only TI is Prevent Short GK Distribution.
  5. Deserves more comments, this. I like recreations, esspecially of systems that aren't quite the flavor of the week, and it also seems like you've put a lot of effort into this. How's it going? I have to admit, I'm not that familiar with this tactics. I get you must have adpated it a bit to your players, but surely Barry wasn't really a Mezzala? I think from your description maybe RPM or AP/s?
  6. Keepin' it Simple

    Making first changes So after three games in I wasn't happy. Results weren't too bad: A tight lose against a recently relegated Boro, a resounding win against a League 2 side in the cup and our first league points away against Derby. Not amazing but might suggest I'm on track, but I really wasn't. Performence wise, we just struggled at creating attacks. Out of five goals we scored, one was a spectacular screamer from out side the box, assisted by a set-piece. Fun to watch, but hardly an indicator of a well-constructed attack. Another two were from the spot. That means that in three games we scored two goals from open play (and one was following a throw-in). For the next match against Hull I've deceided to abandon my neutral approach and make one or two changes. I wanted to get the best out of my attack, and when we did looked good, it was when we were breaking with speed. As I said before, the tactic is built on players making runs from different positions and in combination with our star regista Ruben Neves and our quick, skilled attackers I came to the conclusion that a style based on quick transitions would fit my team best. Based on this, two instructions were added: More Direct Passing to encourage quicker, forward passing game and Close Down More, to force the opposition into making mistakes on the ball and catch them with a quick attack before the transition into defence. Finally, mentality changed from Standard to Counter. I wasn't 100% sure about this decision, but against a decent side like Hull away from home I wanted us to take fewer risks. So how did we do? Like previously, this result lie. We should have won by a higher margin. In the 3 previous matches, not including penalties, we had 3 clear-cut chances. All came against a side two divisions below me. In this one, we had 4. You could see from the start that we had a clear plan on creating chances and the benefits of the changes made. Here are some examples: Around the 7 minutes mark, Ruben Neves tries to find Diogo Jota but his pass is misplaced. The Hull's defender touch was bad, and when Jota goes to press him he gets the ball. Now Jota in a bit of tight situation, but Bonatini makes a good run away from the ball and Jota can make an easy pass here. The pass was slightly off but Bonatini still in a decent location. Sadly, he misses. Here's another one from the second half that also demonstrate our direct style: A Hull players gets a bad pass and Oniangue (#20) engage him and gets the ball. Now, Oniangue isn't a great passer, but at this situation, he can make a good forward pass to Bonatini who again made a good run. Love this player. Bonatin gets the ball but his lack of speed mean that Hull defenders are capable to get back and block him. Thankfully Jota offers a good close support and the second ball lands on his feet. It's not an ideal angle and the keeper is able to reach it, but we created a good chance. Overall I am pleased from this match, we did better at creating chances and while there are a few things that still require work and attention, we are on the right path.
  7. Right, FM17 was a bit of let down for me. The game was great, I just couldn't find my groove with any team and never finished more than one season, which was highly disappointing. I think the problem was that I spent to much time worrying about "style", "ethos" and "club philosophy", as well as recreating real-life mangers' tactics to a tee. I was never satisfied with the results, and always ended up disengaged from the save. This year I've decieded to take a different route. I want to start with a solid, neutral base that I could evolve over time, after getting a better grip on the game and improving my squad to fit the needs. Until then, it is all about getting the best from my squad. The Team - Wolverhampton Wanderers FC I'll freely admit, I haven't picked Wolves for it's surprisingly rich history or for their cool orange kits. The summer's signings are what really caught my eye, as FM legends (and potentially real-life) Ruben Neves and Diogo Jota joined the club. I had fantastic experiences with both of them in the past and to see them combine for Wolves in the Championship out of all places is just weird. They also have former Valencia and Porto manager Nuno Espirito Santo at the helm. They all seemed out of place, but it was then dawned upon me that all three share the same agenst- one Jorge Mendes - who is a highly influental figure at the club. Sorry, I kinda went on a detour there, but the point is, they have a fun squad with some high-potential youngsters that I kind use in different ways, which is perfect for someone who isn't yet sure what the end goal is in term of tactics. Worth noting that I start without the first transfer window, so no arrivals or departures, which will let me get familiar with the team, find a direction and then decide who should join and who should leave. The Tactics With a clear head I approached the tactics selector. I wanted to pick a flexible formation that could play in different styles and would fit at least most of my best players. Something easy to get right, maybe even boring. No tactic seemed to fit better than good ol' Barca 433. I think this formation is great because it could play out on different fashion. Even if I'd like to go counter-attacking, I could easily transform it into 4-1-4-1. One thing I wanted is to have different goal-scoring routes. Not to count solely on one player to provide the goals or the assists, but to have creators on differents areas on the pitch and different poachers around them. Another thing is to have a level of cohesion. Make sure my players interact with each other, offer the right balance and create partnerships. Here's how I'm setting up: Kits on tactic screen I missed you so much! My front trio are inspired by Cleon from his great guide on the 4-2-3-1: It is however important for me to stress out that I didn't just picked those roles because they worked for him. They are part of the plan which I'll outline below, and I had to make sure I had the right players in those positions. Anyway, upfront I wanted to have someone who could and should bag goals, but is mainly tasked with holding up play, linking with others around him and dragging defenders out of their place. The reason for that is to create space for my Inside Forward to exploit, as the latter isthe player I hope will end up as my prime poacher. On the right I have a Winger on support. One reason is to help defensively, but also because I have a very speedy player in that role, and I want him to have an extra yard ahead of the opposition fullback. In midfield I want my RCM to exploit the space created by the winger stretching the pitch. My DM helps protecting our back four, but the stat player is the DLP. He is in close proximity to all of my attackers and can use the right winger for a switch of play, as well the DM and left back for support. My fullbacks work in relation to the players on their flanks. The left-sided one use the extra cover of my DLP and the space created by the IF/a to overlap and offer an outlet out wide, while is counterpart on the right side is more defensively minded, alowing the CM/a more freedom in venturing forward while the W/s provides the width on that flank. The final pieces are a bog standard keeper and center-halves and I feel like I have a well-balanced side, with players making attacking runs from different positions across the pitch and various ways to support them. No instructions and no changes to the mentality and shape for now. As I've said I want to start with something simple and not demanding, and then make decisions based on what I feel is right. Now what's left is to see how this pans out. Pre-season is good for testing tactics, but I won't be making changes until the first few games of the season (if deemed fit). The next post will be about taking a look at my first few games and if the tactic worked as planned. Thanks for reading!
  8. Even though you are trying to play on the counter, you seem to have a very aggressive choice of roles there. You only have one midfielder offering a screen, which could have been fine considering you are playing 3 CBs, but your wide players are all on attack duties, and both full-backs are CWBs. That is pretty risky, and the benefits you will reap from this in attack are pretty low considering that both your full-backs and your wingers will probably end up doing the same thing. Playing on high-tempo and width with a fairly poor side could lead you to losing the ball and being in fairly bad setup to transition into a narrow defensive shape, and speaking of which, Closing Down More will make you lose your shape when on the defense. To improve your defense, I suggest you start by choosing a more conservative role for you full-backs (they don't have to be LFB/d or something, just roles that are less demanding and more balanced), and maybe taking off a few of the TIs. I would even get rid of all of them for starters. Good luck!
  9. Whatever you'll throw, we'll take
  10. I'm not strong on United tactics (obviously ) but it looks like you need a massive squad reshaping to fit their tactics from back then. Veron v. Carrick, Becks v. Mkhitaryan, Keane v. Pogba, RVN v. Lukaku - this guys don't quite match up in terms of what they brought into the side. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't try it. This side is sandwiched between argueably Man Utd two greatest teams ever and I'd like to see how you develope it, but it might take a while until you get all the pieces right and it may take sacrificing a few key players and finding creative solutions.
  11. The FBs for Klopp's Liverpool played very high and wide, I'm don't think playing a support Full-Back on the right side is right, esspecially considering you're on Standard mentality. Also, Lallana is the linking player in the team, I don't think CM/a is right (even though I used it myself at one point). I think BBM or AP/a would be a better fit. I also understand why you chose Fluid shape, but after reading something Cleon said, I think that Structure is right, since the playmakers in a Klopp team are very well defined. Since you are trying to create a tactic that would fit for FM18, one thing about our side this season- it seems like Klopp likes to have 3 creators and 2 scorers on his teams. At their peak, his Dortmund side had Gundogan/Sahin, Balszczykowski and Gotze/Kagawa creating and Reus and Lewandowski scoring. This season, it looks like we have Wijnaldum/Lallana, Coutinho/Oxlade-Chamberlain and Firmino creating and Mane and Salah scoring. Consider it when you approach to the tactics creator. Good luck!
  12. Great team guide, and I'm very happy for it. A French mate of mine really had me pumped about Marseille, told me their fans are absolutely fantastic. Ligue 1 seems more difficult as well. PSG have one of the best squads in the world and Monaco and Lyon are excellent in their own right.
  13. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Thanks for all the suggestions, will be sure to look!
  14. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Anyone spotted a high-potential Sweeper-keeper? Not necessarily cheap but one who could be world-class in a few years.
  15. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Great job as usual this year! You are wrong. It means how often a keeper could do something unexpected, like dribbling, rushing out etc. Migs is someone who atleast tries to keep things simple, unlike Lloris and De Gea who are more close to being sweeper keepers. Manuel Neuer should have a fairly high attribute for this, and no one could say he's a bad keeper.