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  1. I really enjoyed your previous thread and I'm looking forward to this one. I remember back in the day (FM10 to FM12), I always tried to get a direct 442 going with Liverpool. Pretty sure I was the only one happy having Carroll and Downing around just for that reason . Much like you, Stevie always played a BBM role. It remains my favorite role in Football Manager. Good luck!
  2. @The #9.5 incredible stuff! I have several questions, but I'll try things myself and see how it goes. One thing I will ask, with a slow and strong in the air striker, why go for low crosses?
  3. Lots of great advice here, but I feel kind of lost. How would you recommend getting the best out of an old, slow, Zlatan Ibrahimovic? He's still strong and technically and mentally excellent, but I'm not sure how to get the best out of that kind of striker in a strong team like Milan.
  4. Tactics: Issue: Not creating quality chances. In general, we don't create much chances, but most of what we do create is not good. After 15 games, my highest scorer is Mandzukic with 5, while Zlatan, Leao, and Diaz has 4 each. Large chunk of the goals come from set-pieces and individual quality. One thing that is working is that the wing-backs are our most creative players, which is what I want to achieve. Defensively, things are going well, but not enough to keep us winning even if we do score. Hard for me to point out what exactly is the issue, but if we improve our chanc
  5. I ask myself the same question everyday Honestly, you have a good team, and what looks like the best forward in the world along with Esposito, Brenner, and Mbuemo. That attack should crush every other Eredivisie team with ease. Your 424 isn't overly cavalier. I wouldn't pick the same roles but it's not too attacking. But like some said, I think it's your players, rather than your tactics.
  6. I used a 4231 at the start of the first season, but switched to 4411 after it stopped working. Tweaked the instructions a bit, but landed on this halfway through the second season and never looked back so far. Never got such a good result from an AF before. Yeah I sold Zubimendi and Zubeldia. Got £90m for both combined, couldn't skip that. Merino was keeping them both out of the first team. It is hard to find got Basque players, considering they are either playing for us or Bilbao. Picked a few decent ones from Osasuna, but none are going to be first team players. Which is why I offe
  7. My Real Sociedad team, halfway through the second season: Won the league in the first season, albeit by luck (equal points with Real Madrid). Second season won the Supercopa, beating Barcelona in the semis and Atletico in the final. Got a tough CL group with Liverpool, Inter, and Brondby. This time we lost the competition despite having the same amount of points as 2nd place Inter. Alex Isak is a beast, as I'm sure you all know. Scored 12 goals in his last 4 games. Teaching him the PPM "Likes To Round Keeper" made him deadly, so many of his a goals are from that situation. Got
  8. Teams outside of the big 5 that also have a quality trequartista?
  9. Seems like Manchester City played a similar formation against Arsenal. They defended in a 442, but in attack Sterling and Aguero played fluidly upfront, Mahrez and Foden were high and wide, Cancelo moved inward to create a 3 man midfield with Rodri and Silva and Walker, Dias and Ake formed a 3 man defense. I was never successful in transforming a 442 into a back three, but it is always something I wanted to do.
  10. Hate to say, but Manchester United at the time was one of the best sides I've seen. Enjoyed your post, I don't know if it's more/less accurate but I would be tempted to drop the DLF to attacking midfield to play as a shadow striker and play Tevez as a CF.
  11. Thought I do a little follow up as I played a few games. I'm playing as Inter. First, the 5212 since I used it the most. This is the setup I went with: CFsu AF AMat DLPsu CAR WBat WBsu CDde L/su CDde A major issue I had was creating chances against weaker teams, as we scored 15 goals in 10 games with previous tactics against mostly weaker sides (I'm excluding matches against Juventus and Lazio). In the 10 games I've been using this tactics we scored 28 goals, so job done. One thing is that we are a good set-pieces team, which w
  12. Cheers. If I'm playing with a high line, wouldn't it be more beneficial to have the central defender as cover?
  13. I want to use this as my go-to tactic, playing as one of the better sides in the league and having an overall excellent squad. Basically, possession based, high pressing tactic. I hope the middle two + back three could keep me solid while the wingbacks and forwards stretch the opposition defense.
  14. Great idea for a thread! I want to have 2 tactics, a counter attacking 5122 and a high pressing, possession-based 5212. What do you think about these role combinations? 5122: GK/d CB/d BPD/c CB/d WB/d DLP/d WB/s MEZ/a CAR/s AF/a PF/s Here I'm a bit contemplating about the Mezzala and Advanced Forward. I think with the Mez moving sideways I might lacking central thrust. Playing him as CM/a or withdrawing the AF to SS/a might fix this but what do you think? 5212: SK/d CB/d BPD/c CB/d WB/a
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