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  1. The second half was pretty bad, but Morocoo were pretty good in the first half hour.
  2. Morocco vs. Iran is by far the most enjoying match for me. Morocco are definitely a favorite of mine (being of half-Moroccan descent). I'm bad a judging play, but it looks like they are playing 4-1-4-1 with a top notch midfield. El Ahmadi at the base with Belhanda and Boussoufa in the middle, the former in my opinion drops a bit deeper. Ziyech and Harit out wide as sort of creative wingers. Amrabat and Hakimi are advanced fullbacks and Benatia is a ball-playing defender. El Arabi is a CF/s perhaps? Maybe DF? Not going too well for them, but I feel like if this team clicks, it could be magical. Iran are defenitely playing on the counter. Haven't noticed them as much as Morocco, but Sardar looks like a good player. A second striker of sorts, maybe CF/s or even AP/a. Definitely a match I would like to read an analysis about.
  3. So, I'm a little late for this (your threads so far are great!), but this post and the nostalgic SFraser one really resonate with me, as I was looking to create an attacking unit brimming with creativity and flair. Before the start of the second season, I've signed this monster: Nabil Fekir - yes I'm heartbroken! Who pretty much embodies almost every attribute you listed, which I'm infact using as a template for my attacking players. I'm playing him in a 4-2-3-1, as the playmaker between Salah and Mane and behind Firmino. All four have amazing combination of Technique, Flair, Dribbling, Balance and Agility, with outragous speed between Salah and Mane along with the creativity (or Vision) of Firmino and Fekir. I've just started the season, so I doesn't have much to note yet, but I wanted to take a minute and appreciate your intention on setting an attack the same way I wanted to. I will follow your F9 adventures too, as I do play this role often.
  4. TheJanitor

    Help needed with my 4-1-2-3

    Quietly following this thread for a while, the advice been given is fantastic!
  5. TheJanitor

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    YES!! First time I win the damn thing. Comes as a bit of a medicine after losing the EPL to Man Utd on goal difference. Hope it's a good sign for tomorrow
  6. TheJanitor

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Lads, your opinion: Currently about to reach Jan 2018, I want to sign Fekir or Gelson Martins in the end of the season, but Felipe Anderson was listed for 25 mil. What do you say? Should I'll buy him now or wait for the other two?
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    Farewell tactics forum

    @westy8chimp Yea I was kinda joking. I think it should be clearer in-game though, definitely.
  8. TheJanitor

    Farewell tactics forum

    Proof that Shape should be removed from the game
  9. August 2017 Liga NOS A bit of a mixed-bag. The league started with a bang, beating Sporting Lisbon 4-2. We followed up with a tight win against Chaves, where we nearly dropped points after leading 3-0 in the first half. Against Porto we debuted the 4-1-4-1 and safe to say that depsite the loss, the tactic worked well and we more than deserved a point in that one. The worst performance was against Portimonese. We couldn't create quality chances against them and our solitary goal came from a corner. We definitely deserved that win against Sporting. Twice Sporting pegged us, but we were able to seal the deal and get the three points. Two of the goals came from dead balls - Bruno Viana opener from a corner and a spectacular free kick from Xadas - as we continue to look like a good attacking set pieces. Not what I planned, but I'm not going to complain while it helps us win as I get my grip with the side. The match against Porto was a bit harsh on us. They scored quickly, but we responed well and held during the most of the first half, even equalising. However, it wasn't meant to be as Aboubakar completed his hattrick, including a penalty, against us, and while a late Jefferson free kick (what else) gave us hope, Porto ruined our invincible season . League Table Still not focusing about it too much, way too much to play for. Europa League Playoff Cruised past Lech in the first round, which enabled me to send a team of subs to Poland as we advanced to the group stage. One from set piece, one penalty and one own goal - I'm pleased about the win, but I'm not happy about how much of our goals doesn't come from attacking play. Probably need to have a bit of a think about the tactics. Group Draw Difficult, but winable. Much harder teams I could have faced, but none of those is considered easy. The first match will be a trip to Czech Republic as we face Slavia Praha in their home.
  10. 2017/2018 - Season Preview and Pre-Season Unsurprisingly, we a are expected to finish 4th. The board are expecting us to reach the EL, which means top five. As I said earlier, we should achieve this farily easily. Finishing 2nd at least will lead us to the Champions League, however I doubt it would be realistic in the first season. Friendlies Clean run, however, rarely it means much, considering the quality of the opposition. Europa League 3rd Qualification Round In between friendlies we also started our European campaign with a win against St. johnstone. Despite the win, not a great performance. We won the first match with 3 goals from set pieces, including a penalty, while the second match started better with a quick goal but ended up being uninspiring. After the match we found out who will be our opponent in the next round: A more difficult match than St. Johnstone, but a good draw no doubt.
  11. The Squad Pretty solid all around, which is good since I'm playing without the first transfer window. The only worry is debt quality, especially in central defence. Definitely more than capable of reaching 4th place. Key Players Fransérgio - An excellent all-round midfielder. Equally capable in defensive midfield and central midfield, he will play as the more aggressive midfielder in a 4-2-3-1. No release clause and his first season for the club, so I'm expecting him to be key for us for a long time. Nikola Vukcevic - Partnering Fransérgio in midfield is Vukcevic. Slightly more creative and technically superior to the former, he will play as the DLP next to him. Got a release clause of £20M, and already attracting some interest from bigger clubs. Fábio Martins - A product of Porto's youth academy, Martins surely felt the tides changing and is now playing for Braga. An excellent winger- quick, good dribbler and crosser, he will play as a Winger on the right side. Tactics Nothing out of the ordinary, a fairly balanced 4-2-3-1. I'm not too good in this game so I'm not being overly adventurous. We also got a counter-attacking 4-1-4-1, but we will not break it out too often.
  12. Sporting Clube de Braga S.C. Braga are a football club from Portugal currently playing in the Liga NOS, the top division in the country. Known as Os Arsenalistas (their home kit should give you an idea why), in recent years they have developed a reputation for being the best of the rest of Portuguese football, after the traditional big three of Porto and the Lisbon clubs. It is common to see Braga in 4th place (obvious Arsenal joke here) and they also finnished runners up in the 2009/2010 season and 3rd in the 2011/2012 one. Braga also have some continental pedigree, winning the last ever UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2008 and the final of the 2011 UEFA Europa League. They also got one of the coolest stadiums ever: Estádio Municipal de Braga - The club's stadium. Known as The Quarry since it was craved from one. Bulit in 2003 for the UEFA European Championship that took place at the country in the following year and every since was used by Braga. Definitely a stadium worthy of big nights and some titles, which is where I come in. It is time for S.C. Braga to take a leap forward, and under my leadership it shall happen. The fans are ultra-excited about the change that my arrival will bring:
  13. Or that times have changed and more people prefer to use YouTube, blogs and social network to discuss FM. But it's a good chance for you to take a jab against the game
  14. TheJanitor

    The Egyptian king

    Damn impresive results friend. Just out of curiosity, Did you consider to move Mane centerally?
  15. I like that your not just trying to re-create a tactic, you are the trying to replicate an entire club philosophy of a manager. Even though I'm unfamiliar with that Walsall side, your great OP gave me ideas for current save I will definitely follow this.