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  1. OK, I've got it to work, but only if I select the stop game as either morning or evening BEFORE clicking the "+Add screen" button. If I add the competition and screen without selecting a stop game time, and then change the stop game option later, it doesn't work. So, in summary: Method 1: Select Competition > Select Screen > Set Scope to "On Matchday" > Set Stop Game to "Evening" > Click +Add Screen > Confirm Method 2: Select Competition > Select Screen > Set Scope to "On Matchday" > Set Stop Game to "No" > Click +Add Screen > Set Stop Game to "Even
  2. It's not working for me either. Has this been noted by SI yet?
  3. Really glad to see these again, your work is brilliant, and really helps me build an immersive save! I second this!
  4. Something I think could be interesting to add to a national team's history pages would be a page listing all the players who made their international debut (and scored their first international goal) in a given season. The page I'm thinking of would show the information in a series of rows showing: Player Date Opposition Competition Venue (Home/Away/Neutral) Result Manager at time of debut/first goal Current total caps/goals
  5. On the Job Security page, we have the ability to filter for Club/International jobs, and we can filter by nations. I think it would be useful to have an additional layer of filters on top of Nations, which would be by Continent. This could be useful for journeyman saves where you've been managing in Asia, for example, and want to move to Africa for your next job. At the moment, you've got to search through the list of Nations alphabetically to find Mexico, USA and any other leagues you might have loaded, and you might miss a couple. As an example, the list would look something like this (where
  6. Finally managed to satisfy the agent and have now confirmed Goretzka's arrival. Not sure what changed - there weren't any other players on his client list that I wanted to sign, although he already had Firmino and Emre Can in my squad. The only thing that I'm aware of changing is that Can was briefly distracted by interest from Bayern Munich, which ended with the closure of the January window.
  7. OK, so I was relatively late getting FM18 this time round, and usually have a very detailed save running, so I'm still on just into January 2018 on my main save. I'm trying to sign Goretzka on a pre-contract for Liverpool in the summer, but the agent is being really awkward. To begin with, he asks for me to promise to win the Champions League in 18/19 and give him his preferred shirt number (I initially tried negotiating down to challenge for CL, but that got bumped back up to 'win' straight away). Eventually, when I agreed to these two promises, the agent then asks for extra promises (improve
  8. How about Chucks Nwokwo from CM00/01? Was a bargain and tended to score bucketloads for me - looked him up a couple of editions ago, and he'd just meandered around Maltese clubs and had a strike-rate worse than Heskey! I'd also have to say Michael Collins from 2008-ish, an Irish forward who came through the Liverpool academy - he broke into my first team and never looked back, scoring loads before, if I remember rightly, a couple of bad injuries kept him out for over a year. Is it a bit harsh just nominate Ricardo Quaresma into this as well? I know he's a Portuguese international, and has pl
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