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  1. Just curious, I am actually trying to do something similar with my united save with regards to the tactics (building around Bruno like the team does irl). How do you usually line up in a 4231 wide, or have you switched to another formation? Pondering over what roles Bruno and Pogba have to play, still split over 4123 and 4231 currently. By the way Gomes was fire in my save, scored a first half hat trick in my first Europa League game vs Ludogorets, sad we didn't tie him down in real life.
  2. By the way I still can't shake the idea of a 4231 JUST in a situation where I have no specialist defensive midfielders in my team but hopefully be able to achieve similar things to what I'm doing right now. DLFsu IFat AMsu IWsu DLPsu CMde WBsu BPDde CDde WBsu SKsu I have only really changed the midfield three as I want to get a similar result from this setup. I do want to keep DLP as a primary creator. I chose the generic CM role as I can modify it to be more defensive rather than shoehorn a BWM in. As for AM I might set "roam from position" to imitate a mezzala's movement. What do you guys think about this? The TIs should be the same I guess.
  3. Ok so from the feedback from you guys the updated setup currently looks like this: DLFsu IFat IWsu DLPsu MEZat HB WBsu BPDde CDde WBsu SKsu Positive Mentality In Possession: WBIB, Shorter Passing, Play out of Defense, Low Crosses, Overlap Left In Transition: Counter-press Out of Possession: Higher Defensive Line, Offside Trap, Split Block (Front 3 + MEZ) Does this look better than the initial one?
  4. I did some further searching and am still split on whether to use DM(d) or HB in the DM position. From what I've found anchor man tends to be kind of static which I don't really want which leaves me with these 2. I think the issue is whether I want the DM to drop deep in the buildup to give me a numerical advantage. Would this be beneficial to my setup as both my full backs are attack-minded, or should I stick with the regular DM role? If so, what PIs should I give him?
  5. Would using the overlap instruction create excessive unnatural overlaps at times? I tried a tactic with overlaps before and the ball always went to the overlapping full back in every single play. I would prefer to use a DLP in the CM spot from the roles that you have suggested. Considering that, which DM role would best suit? I know HB acts as a third CB during the buildup which could suit my attacking full backs but not sure what the exact differences are between A and DM.
  6. My thinking was for the full backs to link up with the forwards at the near post while the inside forwards could assist each other with back post runs but I suppose freedom could allow for more unpredictability. The crossing hasn't been that good just like you said when I tested this out so will try this.
  7. I was thinking of 2 solutions to the playmaker problem: 1. Change DLP(s) to DLP(d) or DM(d) 2. Change AP(s) to BBM Changing the mezzala from attack to support duty is fine with me but my thinking behind the attack duty was to have at least one attack duty not within the front three. I was thinking about using this attack duty as FB(a) but I didn't want such a cross heavy role. Would just 2 attack duty isolate the front 3 from the rest of the team? For this would I set the pressing to default and set up a split block? For the split block I'm thinking the front 3 plus the mezzala, is that a good idea? Also since too aggressive pressing might not be the best would I have to uncheck counter-press as well? That does pull my players out of shape sometimes.
  8. Basically I'm not sure if this is going to work out, I did look at some long threads from guys like @Experienced Defender @Djuicer and have been trying to make a tactic I can use as a base for saves later in the future. I did have a short thread with a 4231 previously but I think 433 seems better suited for what I want to do. So it basically goes like this: GK -- SK(s) RB -- WB(s) Stay wider, Cross aim near post RCB -- CD(d) LCB -- BPD(d) LB -- WB(s) Stay wider, Cross aim near post CDM -- DLP(s) RCM -- MEZ(a) LCM -- AP(s) RW -- IW(s) Cross aim far post LW -- IF(a) Cross aim far post ST -- DLF(a) Mentality: Positive In Possession -- WBIB, Shorter Passing, Play out of Defence, Low Crosses, Fairly Narrow In Transition -- Distribute to CBs and FBs, Counter, Counter-press Out of Possession -- Higher DL, More Urgent Pressing, Prevent short GK Distribution, Offside Trap Can anyone give me some feedback on whether the duties make sense? The main concerns I have are with the striker. I do want the striker to open up space for the wide forwards to get in the box and score which can be done with a DLF or F9 but I don't want to totally reduce him to a supporting role and still want to contribute with goals. I do already have the AP and MEZ behind for some of the creative load. I have seen some instances where AF can work in this formation. I have also read about how using too many in possession TIs could result in tactical overkill, are there any of those I should remove? Also, would it be better to remove counter-press and more urgent pressing and just set my forward players to press harder? Thanks.
  9. @Experienced Defender I ave been trying to keep the technical aspects constant in all my schedules in order to develop those specific skills for my tactics, as well as shadow play. I do try my best to include both goalkeeping and physical sessions but I remove those in a 2 game week. I'm just considering dropping some of the technical sessions for the general (blue) training. Is that a good idea?
  10. Hi so I'm relatively new to the game (judging by what I see from most people in the forums) and I've been thinking about my training. I initially just left the ass man to it but I felt like my training would be better if I specialised it further to train aspects of my tactical style. I am playing a possession based style so I am thinking about adding more specific modules like "play from the back", ball retention", "attacking patient" stuff like that in place of all the general sessions that my ass man does. However, I have seen different approaches being discussed, some which say that using general sessions would be much more beneficial to tactical familiarity, especially during the preseason. Some people even use the general sessions throughout the season. Can anyone give me some advice on how to set up my training, especially how I should balance general and specific training?
  11. @Experienced Defender Ok so I went back and did some research on how most people would go about designing a possession based system. Regarding Man Utd, I was just trying to run a test save, so I am just trying to find general system that I can use as a base in the future. Well, I have looked at a lot of threads you have replied to (the progressive possession) and some others about total football and seem to find the a preferred system in a 433 including: DLFsu/F9 IFsu/IWsu Wat/IWat MEZsu RPM/DLPsu WBsu/FBat BPD CD IWBsu/WBsu SKsu I've found less information how to construct a 4231, presumably due to the widespread recognition of 433 as the better system but sometimes I might not have enough players or suitable players in teams to play the DM role in 433 so I would like a 4231 as an alternative to that. (I disable transfers in first season for realistic purposes) I have seen you suggest some 4231 progressive possession tactics on others threads as well as other suggestions and they mainly go like this: DLF IF/IW AM/SS IW/W DLP BBM/CAR WBsu/FBat BPD CD FBat/WBsu I haven't really decided on the PIs and TIs, just trying to get a grasp on the roles first. I do have one concern with the 4231. I just looked back at that Man Utd screenshot in the OP and saw I put Pogba and McT in midfield as DLPsu and BWMde. I know now that I shouldn't put BWM of any role into a 4231 but what happens with players like Pogba (Fabian Ruiz, FDJ) who are more of a playmaker than a runner? Most people put DLP on defend duty in a 4231 as the holding player but putting someone like Pogba on DLPde would probably be suicide as they are most likely not that reliable defensively while putting them on DLPsu might not allow them influence play further forward and leave the midfield fragile without a defend duty. (I do prefer for my full backs to attack the wing instead of invert into midfield) I was thinking of playing a forward thinking playmaker as a RPM here, do you have any suggestions about that? Also, did I get the roles for both 433 and 4231 right, or what changes would you make?
  12. Hi, would this set up be able to work using a DLF(s) instead of a F9? F9 has actually worked well for me but it could prevent me from using really good strikers to the max of their ability. DLF(s) is more common among better strikers in the game, say Haaland, at least thats what I've noticed.
  13. Hi guys relatively new to FM thanks to the coronavirus am aiming to design a possession based tactic which I can use as a template for most of my saves and make small adjustments on the way. I know the generic way to do this is to play with HB or A in DM strata but am trying to make a 4231 variant which would add to my flexibility. Anyone got some ideas on the roles and instructions I should be using? Thanks
  14. Hi guys I have been trying to build a 4231 system geared towards a possesion style. I've attached an example with Man Utd below. I originally wanted to do 433 but might nlt have the personnel for that. I am currently lining up like this: SK(s) WB(s) BPDs(d) WB(s) BWM(d) DLP(s) IW(s) mark tighter AP(s) roam from position, move into channels, mark tighter IF(a) mark tighter DLF(a) roam from position, mark tighter I've done a few test runs and spotted a few issues with my system: 1. AP and DLF can often compete for space in the "hole" area in the game and it often leads to one of them becoming redundant. I have tried switching AP to AM but he still gets way less touches in zone 14, perhaps because playmakers attract the ball in FM. 2. I've heard that an AP and DLP may invade each others' space and reduce each others' effectiveness which also leads to my AP or AM issue. Should I be changing one of their roles? 3. Since I'm trying to play a possession game, I don't think AF would be very useful but I'm unsure about which other striker roles to pick. People say CF is useful but is it usable when you don't have an elite forward (RL9, Kane)? Other than that, I'm just restricted to DLF, F9 and PF, which of these would suit my tactic the best?
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