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  1. Sorry Harry, been away with work and only just seen your reply once logged in. Both devices are using iOS 14.4.1. Checked last night and the ipad 5th generation remains jerky on every game been played whilst in extended highlight mode. IPad Pro is perfect. alan
  2. Since installing the January transfer update gameplay whilst watching a match has become jerky, I’m using an iPad 5th generation. My son is using an iPad Pro and his gameplay remains smooth, any idea’s. cheers Alan
  3. Yeah, happened to me previously. I asked the same question and kindly advised to go to preferences and reset to default. Once this was done my saved tactics reappeared. You can change your preferences back to your preferred options also and the tactics remain within the game.
  4. Was working on extended highlights prior to update and even now isn’t working for me if I change the option to comprehensive as you suggest
  5. Since the most recent update the pre match line ups have stopped appearing in game for me. The team sheet screen shows then moves onto the kick off of the match with no pre match line up screen. Has this been taken away altogether from the game with the new update?
  6. I’m also having the same issues as Stuart. I’m using an iPad Air 2
  7. Is it just me or are there a few missing players from the game since the most recent update. Nathan Young-Coombes from Rangers plus Billy Gilmour at Chelsea are two that used to flourish in the game although seemed to have disappeared.
  8. Same, if you click on the search bar the list below will show the various squads at national level. Click on that and it’ll show as a player list like the full squad. Saw this reported via bugs forum the other day. Frustrating at first although used to it now 👍
  9. Is it possible to transfer custom created tactics from 2019 touch on iPad into the new 2020 version also on ipad
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