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  1. Season 1 - 2017/2018 ________________________________________________________________________________ STOPSLEY UTD SIGN BRUNT & LONG! Chris Brunt & Shane Long join League One Stopsley Utd for a combined fee of £24.5m. __________________________________________________________________________ STOPSLEY FAIL IN EDWARDS BID! A £44m deal was agreed but........ __________________________________________________________________________
  2. Season 1 - 2017/2018 ________________________________________________________________________________ FIRST GAME ENDS IN DEFEAT! Well it was not the start I was expecting or hoping for as we lose to Wigan. __________________________________________________________________________ STOPSLEY DEAL FOR CHRIS BRUNT! So a rule I will have in this save is....when we make an offer for a player and the club get back with a price they want, we have to either pay it or pull out. __________________________________________________________________________
  3. Season 1 - 2017/2018 ________________________________________________________________________________ WAYNE ROONEY MADE STOPSLEY UTD CAPTAIN! __________________________________________________________________________ PRE-SEASON RESULTS A good pre-season but nothing too testing anyway. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
  4. It depends what type of save you want, Youth Only then no good as you only get a handful each season, also depends how much control you want over the club, I actually really like and haven't played full fat very much since FM15, I still have a save going on FM Classic 15, played well over 100 seasons over various saves, I have recently given full fat another go on FM18 simply because I want a bit more control over the club in a one club save. Still gonna keep the FMC15 save going but will be moving clubs now. Anyway to answer your question, yes I find it satisfying, had great one club saves and journeyman saves on FMC & FMT.
  5. I find the shirt sales low. Less than 16,000? I know not every fan buys the replica tops but given the crowds we get, then there will be fans that buy tops but don't go to games as well.
  6. __________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: 2nd September 2019 - Starting this game again, same starting squad and set-up. __________________________________________________________________________ Season 1 - 2017/2018 ________________________________________________________________________________ STOPSLEY SHIRTS __________________________________________________________________________ SQUAD NUMBERS __________________________________________________________________________ LEAGUE ONE - TEAM ODDS LEAGUE ONE - PLAYER ODDS __________________________________________________________________________ LEAGUE ONE - UPCOMING FIXTURES
  7. __________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: 2nd September 2019 - Starting this game again, same starting squad and set-up. __________________________________________________________________________ THE SQUAD MANAGER PROFILE & HISTORY
  8. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ History on Football Manager. Below are the 2 major saves I have had with Stopsley Utd on Football Manager. I did attempt some saves on other versions but none that lasted more than just a few seasons, the saves on FM10 lasted 50 seasons and on FMC15 was 64 seasons. Updates and some details and stats from those saves. _________________________________________________________ FM10 Stopsley Utd - The FM Era! Club Honours - Manager Stats - Best XI _____________________________________ FMC15 Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era! Club Honours - Manager Stats - Best XI ________________________________________________________________________________________________ The FMC15 save is continuing with me now playing as Stopsley Utd Legend Barry Rodan. Currently managing Tottenham Hotspur, that will now be a journeyman career game rather than a one club game now, I have struggled to get into any other saves right now, tried a youth only save, not completely given up on it yet but just not feeling it right now. Anyway I am confident in this one and after playing FMC and FMT versions mostly since the choice of between the two was introduced I have decided to give Full Fat a really good go again, as it is going to be a one club save I want to be able to have more control over the club. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ We will start this era in League One and we have replaced the Mk Dons. I have signed 23 players, no players are younger than 30 and they will all be familiar names to you, 3 players were signed from Premier League clubs and the others have all played in the Premier League in the past. Some of those players have also been given staff roles, you will also notice a couple of faces below, the chairman was just random but it just suited my set up. I am looking forward to having a long save. I will reveal my squad shortly. ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. STOPSLEY UTD Looks like Stopsley Utd will be or should be moving up the divisions soon. Gonna be using their financial power anyway.
  10. Well at the half way stage it was obvious it was heading this way. It was finally confirmed with 7 games left.
  11. It is a completely made up club, I used to go to some Rushden & Diamonds games, yeah it was a shame what happened and complete waste, the ground appealed for that reason and as it was in editor I decided it was a great base for my club. Just way too big for us right now though lol I could have gone for AFC Rushden & Diamonds or clubs local to me like Dunstable Town, AFC Dunstable, Crawley Green etc So many interest me and couldn't really decide, so just find it easier coming up with my own club.
  12. RESULTS - As you will see we have had a terrible time lol TABLE - We are rock bottom, can't see that changing. PLAYER STATS - Come on Maws Boys! So it looks like we will be dropping down to level 8, we probably won't find that any easier next season as we have played some level 8 teams in the cups and came out 2nd best.
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