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  1. Yeah that is what I get most of the time when my team is doing well so the feature is pretty pointless at those times.
  2. I can see why this is a big problem for some especially if they are doing a one club save, yes they could just make another manager and take control of the club again or use editor or unlockable, not really a great idea to push something people have to pay for to get around the issue of a harsh sacking though. I can also see the reason it has been included in the game and if doing a journeyman type save it could give good incentive to try and get one over on a club that sacked you like that. Can somebody please define the difference between Casual and Hardcore?
  3. Ok I can't say for sure but I think you are stuck with those kits for the entire life of the game. Maybe in future the create-a-club feature will be expanded so we can do more and be able to edit kits at various stages would be good.
  4. Yeah tbh that was the way I was leaning and I had a lot of text that I removed from my post that would have made it obvious. Anyway I think Under 21's could be a good challenge especially if I set myself a maximum transfer fee.
  5. Possible Future Plans! More updates on this thread will be posted soon. I am currently in my 29th season so I have a fair bit to update in here, I will get around to it soon just wanted to let those following know that this game is still very much alive, I am thinking of implicating some changes though. Options Both options are based on youth players. Youth Only - Just youths that come through club. Under 21's - Only sign players under 21. _______________________________________________
  6. I'm still playing FMC15 and yeah these meetings are pretty much a waste of time, I normally select the same response because that fits with how we are doing, most of the time it gets a negative response, what is the point then? selecting the other options wouldn't be right considering how my team is doing? The negative response to these meetings doesn't seem to effect what I see on the pitch thankfully so no harm done but think I might just start ignoring Jags in future or sack him. I guess we can thank our lucky stars that we only get a small amount of this on Classic (Touch) versions.
  7. In one of my games Tottenham had sunk to league two so I had to take the job and get them back up, got them back to the PL. This defeat stands out though.
  8. Yeah I also tried that and it makes no difference, maybe it was something that changed during updates but I can't remember what options were available when I first started.
  9. You are correct. I totally forgot about them and Ukraine.
  10. I only have 75%, 95% and 100% as available options, are you sure the 85% you have seen is for FM15? I think I recall seeing that available for FM16 though, will check that. Edit - Just checked FM16 and have 85%, 95% and 100% as options.
  11. Rubbish, did you not see the likes of Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Rep of Ireland and Austria etc? What exactly did they do that was better or more exciting than England?
  12. I didn't see him point to the spot at all, I thought the same then the card was shown and my reaction was oh it's a penalty.
  13. You are not alone, he certainly didn't make it clear, I saw no signal for a penalty before he booked Schweinsteiger.
  14. Yeah sweepstake, I forgot about being in one of those, France or Portugal then., I had 3 teams with Croatia being the other team.
  15. Yes they were very lucky that Iceland got the late winner against Austria or they would have faced England. Joking aside finishing 3rd was a stroke of luck given the teams in that half compared to the other half, I don't want them to win and watching a match with them in doesn't fill me with excitement but they don't have to, anyway they deserve to be in the final.