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  1. I have had several players playing at 38/39 but my oldest player is from my ongoing save on FMC15 and that is a GK who came through my youths, Tyrone Lindo played his final game at the age of 41 years 157 days. he made a record 703 league appearances and played 1068 games in total.
  2. Yes they do, I have been to Woburn and always see them because always get idiots that take no notice of signs, haven't seen anybdy get out of car but have seen people wind windows down. Also sometimes keepers have had to come just to get animals to move, I drove past a Rhino just before it blocked road, other cars couldn't pass because it wasn't gonna budge.
  3. So stupid but where were the keepers while all that was going on? She's like get away get away, stay in the car you stupid bitch.
  4. Yet you still chose to click on the thread.
  5. It happened for me in FMC15 so can't see that it won't happen in the newer releases, just haven't played them far enough to find out.
  6. You raise a good point, I am still playing 15 but here are mine. Now originally the club is Margate I just renamed them when they were promoted to the Conference South after holidaying the first season. It's also worth a mention that I think the season ticket holders seems a bit low, the attendance is over 80k for each home game, not had an attendance under that for a few years and even then it was 79k+, it doesn't really matter just a little strange. Edit - When I request to improve Training & Youth the board don't feel we need to. So yeah not good if this is still the case 3 years on.
  7. Yeah came here to ask about season limit, it's a shame as that puts a bit of a damper on things for me as my best favourite saves are where I can go 50/60 plus seasons. I was seriously thinking of getting a Switch for this game and FIFA, might still go for it anyway as I will just have to adapt my approach with the 30 season limit in mind, will still have longer save going on Laptop anyway so won't exactly be a deal breaker for me. Is it a 3 league limit as well?
  8. Maw74

    [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - THE FINAL Half-Time It's not going well, utter ***** really. Full-Time It didn't change. 1 foul by Man Utd LOL _______________________________________________
  9. Maw74

    [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - THE FINAL Time for the final, yes 3:17am lol The Line-Ups _______________________________________________
  10. Maw74

    Crazy Final Day

    Who won then? COYS!
  11. Maw74

    [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ STAFF NEWS I decided to have a change in the DoF position. I then wondered why former DoF wasn't showing in staff transfers. Just found out by checking members screen. Dreer is now a director. that is nice as he has been at the club for over 20 years. _______________________________________________ PLAYER NEWS I was giving him some cup games and then some league games at the end of the season just in case this would happen, I hope he will decide to give it 1 more season but I doubt it.
  12. Maw74

    [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ STOPSLEY UTD v MAN UTD AGAIN! _______________________________________________ CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We will do battle with Man Utd again, this time it's for the Champions League Yes we have met in the final five times, we lost the first meeting but we have won the last four. We have won the CL eleven times and Man Utd have lifted the trophy nine times. Real Madrid hold the record with sixteen titles.
  13. Maw74

    [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ We Are The Champions! _______________________________________________ The title was secured with 5 games left, Man Utd lost to Brentford and that result meant we couldn't be caught, we then drew our game away to Chelsea 1-1. We celebrated our title win with a 6-0 win over Stoke in front of a packed Woodward Park. _______________________________________________ CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We have made it to the last four and it looks like we will be taking on Man Utd again.
  14. Maw74

    [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ Season 60 - 2074/2075 _______________________________________________ Looking good so far, Could we finally lift the trophy again?