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  1. Job Offers ________________________________________________________ Recent Offers...... Doncaster Sutton Wigan Northampton Rotherham Huddersfield Mansfield Carlisle Reading Millwall Chesterfield Barnet Ebbsfleet ________________________________________________________ Here is a full list of clubs who have offered a job: Lincoln x6 Mk Dons Hartlepool x3 Rochdale x3 Exeter x7 Ipswich x2 Dover x6 Bromley x3 Forest Green x2 Altrincham x2 Barnet x5 Barrow x5 Boston Utd x4 Bristol Rovers x6 Charlton x2 Chorley Colch
  2. 16 > Season 2034/35 ________________________________________________________ Three more players join club! Bringing our spending to £45.5k, Webster is our new number 1. Mawborough set early pace! The 2-0 defeat to Wealdstone remains our only loss, sitting a point ahead of Torquay after 15 games. We are living up to our favourites tag so far, though as the cup result shows, we can still do pathetic quite well. ____________________________________________________________________ We have a first team sq
  3. 16 > Season 2034/35 ________________________________________________________ Expectations: We have made a good start! We currently sit 2nd, our defeat was at home against Wealdstone. ____________________________________________________________________ The clubs 800th game! It was a shocker, yes I made some changes but........... that doesn't excuse that result in anyway shape, just pathetic. ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________
  4. Portsmouth inflicted a first defeat on the veterans and Leicester then put us out of the cup. It was still a very good month with four league wins and a six point lead on Blackburn. A short month for the youths and apart from the narrow cup win it wasn't good.
  5. Thanks, we are very close in thinking as you picked one that I am favouring.
  6. Some shirt designs for Mawborough! Which home & away shirts do you think are the best?
  7. 16 > Season 2034/35 ________________________________________________________ New contract for Osterhagen! Ten players left as they wouldn't sign new contracts. The youth intake was rubbish again, Henderson & Lovegrove were signed the rest will leave. Five players sign, four were free signings, Patrick Cullen was signed from St Albans for a new club record fee of £25k. We have made another couple of signings since but will update on them a bit later. __________________________________________________________________
  8. 16 > Season 2034/35 We continue on FMT20! I do plan on moving on to FM21 with this club, gonna carry on with this for now though, not sure how many more seasons I will do but not ready to move on just yet, also need to set the FM21 game up. I will be doing it on the full version as I want to start a bit lower down, probably tier 8. ________________________________________________________ Some shirt designs for Mawborough! Which home & away shirts do you think are the best? __________________________________________
  9. 15 > Season 2033/34 ________________________________________________________ So we were way off the promotion race! We were nowhere near matching our favourites tag as we finished 30 points down on first placed Yeovil, we limp to a poor 12th place with our inconsistent form. Click Here >>> Full Results for Season 15 <<< Injury List! ________________________________________________________ Club Awards & Stats! Burrows is Fans' Player for a 2nd time. Season Review!
  10. Losing players like that is very tough, what is your transfer budget, I know you are not using it but the board would think, great bit of money for club and you can go for good but cheaper replacements.
  11. Great progress, didn't expect anything else anyway, just 14 seasons to win the CL. On my FMT20 game I am in my 15th season and back in Vanarama South.
  12. Shame about the team but great work so far.
  13. 15 > Season 2033/34 ________________________________________________________ Preview of our youth intake. Calvert-Lewin Sacked by Dorking Wanderers! I didn't even know he was their manager, we face them in very next game. Dorking Managers ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
  14. 15 > Season 2033/34 ________________________________________________________ Could this be the final season on FMT20? Well I have struggled to get into FM21 with my journeyman save, this save and my FM18 save just interest me more. So I am thinking of moving this to FM21, will finish the season anyway. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
  15. A great month, so close to winning all our games but AFC Wimbledon held us. We have opened up a seven point gap and it looks like we should be cruising to promotion. That is very much to be expected anyway at this stage of the save. Hernandez collects award and Navas comes 3rd. Things are proving a lot tougher in Scotland though, a very bad month, well terrible, abysmal, awful, take your pick lol. Can use any of those and more to describe things, four games four defeats, Elgin City somehow managing to be worse.
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