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    I'm from Luton and I support Spurs.


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  1. Virgin Football

    Sol sacked and struggling, my heart bleeds for him in this game just as much as irl. Well done on promotion to PL.
  2. Favorite FM Series

    So that being FM15, I was 40 years old, and still playing it now.
  3. [FM18] - Rovers Return?

    Yes Yeah same for me. _____________________________________________________________ Great victory over Arsenal.
  4. Playing FM18 offline

    Wait for it to complete, then go into Steam there is an option to set Steam to offline, it will then launch Steam in offline mode, then click to play FM18.
  5. Virgin Football

    but yeah get Huddlestone. not Noble though.
  6. Virgin Football

    He is so wrong and obviously hasn't seen my FMC15 save, they have won the World Cup 6 times in that (well 5 or 6 depending which save). _______________________________________________________________ Anyway interesting save, I like this type of games so I will be following this.
  7. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    Yeah and not for the first time in FMC15, had loads of matches where we have been battered and managed to scrape draws and quite often even better. This game even though the stats are nowhere near that Burton win. This was the winning goal though, we had nobody really close to scoring so the OG was brilliant.
  8. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    Well Nobby is right that we got 3 and JJFM is right that we won. Early days with Burton but at the moment we are losing at home and winning away. Tamworth, yeah we slipped up after the draw against them but in that 3-3 draw we led 3-1.
  9. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    Ok just a little game of guess the score. Here are some stats.
  10. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    English declined Blackburn's offer and applied for jobs at AFC Wimbledon & Liverpool. Both of them clubs are in the Championship after they were both relegated. Those clubs chose different options but AFC Wimbledon's appointment of Mark Green opened up another interesting vacancy option, Green had guided Burton to promotion to the Championship from League One by finishing as runners-Up. Jonny English applied for the Burton job.......
  11. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    Results - March, April & May 2075 FA Carlsberg Trophy - Blackburn v Halifax Final Conference Premier Play-Off Semi-Final - Blackburn v Maidstone 1st Leg & 2nd Leg Conference Premier Play-Off - Blackburn v St Albans Final Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Just Terrible! Well that all went tits up, just terrible after doing so well and opening up a big lead we were chased down and lost out on goal difference in the end. If that was gutting enough we then lose the play-off final in extra-time. Jonny English "I'm just gutted, gutted for the players and the fans." Manager Awards Player Awards Best XI Click Here For Full Blackburn Squad Stats What Now For English? Blackburn have offered a new one year contract. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stopsley Utd News Stopsley Utd are harsh, looks like it is a good job I have No Sacking applied in that save.
  12. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    Well? yeah maybe not. Thanks. ________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Decided against taking Luton job to see out the season with Blackburn.
  13. I am still playing 15, if you are happy playing the two versions you have then I would say stick with them, I have 16, 17 & 18 but I prefer 15 and don't feel that I'm missing out when playing it. Probably best to try demo though, if I was gonna suggest one of the others then I would go with 17.
  14. Your best/longest career?

    My longest most enjoyable saves are these: Stopsley Utd - The FM Era! (This was on FM10 which was my first FM), The save lasted 50 years, I still have the save but unlikely I will ever play it again. My most enjoyable and longest journeyman save was this save where I played as Ledley King. (This save was on FMC15). My favourite and most enjoyable save overall is one that I still have going, that is also on FMC15 and is a 2nd game with Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!, played 58 seasons so far and won 25 Premier League titles.
  15. [FMC 15] - My English Adventure

    Luton Town Make English Offer! Luton are currently 18th in League 1, it would be a good step up divisions. That depends on keeping them up though, it is possible that Luton and Blackburn could both be in League Two next season. Current Tables: League One - Conference Premier