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  1. Yeah quite a start to the new game. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I had my squad set up but then saw this thread. Even though my squad doesn't look too bad I don't really want to to edit too much player wise for the reason I mentioned in that thread, maybe it will be easier to start without players and then sign my 21 man starting squad, or just get on with it and see how it goes, ideally I need to wait closer to full release anyway so that I can use the unsackable.
  2. Yeah I had this problem as well, created a squad of 21 players, it was only creating DM's so I changed their positions, that is all I manually edited though so does that mean any that are not DM's will be rubbish as GK, ST etc? Don't really want to edit too much as that will feel too much like cheating for what I wanted to do. I just wanted a random squad with no player value higher than 300k. EDIT Looking at my squad it doesn't look as bad as I thought though. and this is a closer look at my keepers.
  3. Why does this Arcade rubbish always come up? As for lazy etc, ok if it makes you feel better about yourself. I prefer FMT (Classic) because it takes out the stuff that I don't enjoy and find tedious/boring, tbh I probably do miss a bit more control over the club but I can live with that though.
  4. Yeah, messed up my plan, tbh I messed this up from the start, I really should have spent more time thinking and getting my starting squad. I am thinking about making a fresh start to this, only this time I will use the create player option to get my starting squad, plus rather than try and fill the reserves as well I will just concentrate on first team and start with a squad of 21 players. Also need to decide how I will play this in terms of manager, maybe use the unsackable when it is available or create a new manager if/when one gets sacked.
  5. OCTOBER 2016 Well not exciting stuff for our fans, just terrible. After just 17 games in charge
  6. SEPTEMBER 2016 The struggle continues though we finally have some points after a couple of goalless draws against Oxford and Bury, Hopefully I can turn things around. If I don't manage it soon then this could be a very short reign.
  7. MAWBOROUGH PICK UP FIRST POINT! It has taken 8 games but we finally get a point. Our next game is top v bottom as we take on Fleetwood.
  8. Yeah, though the outs was all the MK Dons players apart from one player loaned out.
  9. JULY & AUGUST 2016 We have found it very tough so far, will need to work on our tactics. This is going to be a very hard season, the board wanted play-offs. We will be lucky to stay up.
  10. CLUB INFORMATION CLUB STAFF Transfers - A lot of activity here. FIRST TEAM SQUAD Reserve Squad So I signed a lot of players, can't say I know a lot about them. BOARD EXPECTATIONS
  11. Well done on the promotion, the drink is clearly working wonders.
  12. MULHERN SCORES MAWBOROUGH'S FIRST GOAL! It wasn't a good start for the club but Mulhern sparked a great comeback win.
  13. Thanks, yeah I thought they would be a good club as I don't feel even a little bit guilty about losing them from the game. At the moment I'm just trying to decide on how I get my starting squad, select a load of players (myself or random) before starting game or start game with empty squad and then sign players. EDIT - I decided on the latter as Auto-Fill didn't really work out as it took us way over wage budget and unable to employ staff.
  14. Reserved for later use.
  15. NEW GAME, NEW TEAM. Bye Bye Dons, Hello Mawborough. __________________________________________________________________________________ BREAKING NEWS Milton Keynes Dons Football Club have been taken over by Maw74, all staff and players have left except Pete Winkelman who will stay on as chairman for new club Mawborough Football Club, the new club will remain based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and will continue to use Stadium MK. As of the 2016–17 season its first team plays in League One, the third tier of English football. The club will have some self imposed rules in terms of player transfers and staff recruitment, more details will be revealed soon. More information to follow.