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  1. I am a classic/touch PC player, the great thing about playimg it on PC was you could lift the limitations, so you could play for unlimited amount of seasons and load as many nations as you want, from what I have read the nations limit will be 10 , not sure about number of seasons though, if it is the 30 seasons and that is it....then that kills it for me. I have already said in another thread that I don't want Xbox Edition for PC, yeah yeah I say that but.....................................................I will always be tempted by new game though, I often purchase the full fat version, in fact 19 is the only full fat version I don't have, since I started playing FM (2010). My other recent posts....
  2. Yeah, this. I could be ok with 10 nation limit but just 30 seasons, nah that kills it for me.
  3. Don't think I have ever seen so many clear cut chances in one game, not in a big game like this anyway.
  4. Yep it certainly has felt like that, and yeah I have seen a lot of negativity towards the classic/touch version, especially on PC, mostly from people that clearly didn't have a clue, they would act as if you are playing a completely different game to full fat and didn't understand why you would choose to play classic/touch on a PC rather than full fat. As for suggestions of playing full fat but assigning tasks to ass man etc, nah not same, I certainly won't be buying a new release to do that anyway. tbh this isn't such terrible news for me as it is for others, I can easily get into games on older versions, I haven't been totally happy with how the newer versions have been going anyway.
  5. Well I guess it is a good job for me that I am back enjoying FMC 15. This is sad news but not so surprising as there has been very little love given to classic/touch PC version in recent years anyway. I won't be buying FM22, I don't want Xbox Edition, I don't want a the junk of full fat either. So it's older versions for me then.
  6. Season 71 - 2085/2086 Man Utd Deny Us in Shield! It was a day to forget for Nick Moore. A Debut For Rhys Rodon! A Big Money Signing!
  7. Season 71 - 2085/2086 Stopsley Utd's 41 year old manager's son has come through the clubs youth system. A Big Welcome To Rhys Rodan! He played in our last pre-season friendly and bagged a brace.
  8. Season 70 - 2084/2085 Stopsley Utd Are Champions! After being runners-up to Man Utd 3 years in a row, we land our 30th PL title. >>> Full Match Overviews <<< We Won The FA Cup! It's the 16th time we have won the FA Cup. 1st Team Reserves Best XI (Season) Best XI (Overall) Forsyth wins the award for a fifth time, it was very close though.
  9. Season 69 - 2083/2084 Man Utd Take Title Yet Again! We are runners-up as Man Utd claim 42nd title. >>> Full Match Overviews <<< We Won The Community Shield! 1st Team Reserves Best XI (Season) Best XI (Overall) Phillips had another great season and is the Fan's Player gain.
  10. Season 68 - 2082/2083 Man Utd Take Title Again! We are runners-up as Man Utd claim 41st title. >>> Full Match Overviews <<< We Won The FA Cup! 1st Team Reserves Best XI (Season) Best XI (Overall) Phillips had a great season and ends Forsyth's run in this award.
  11. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Man Utd Take Title! We are runners-up as Man Utd claim 40th title. >>> Full Match Overviews <<< One Trophy This Season! 1st Team Reserves Best XI (Season) Best XI (Overall) Forsyth makes it 4 years in a row.
  12. Wow, our GK's value goes up and Arsenal come back in with this bid. The Arsenal board in pic below.
  13. This is a rare opportunity to have a laugh at Man Utd, haven't been able to do that much over the last few seasons.
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