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  1. Ouch ouch ouch! From 4-0 up we lose 11-5 on aggregate. Man Utd always overpowered at Old Trafford.
  2. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Three Wins In A Row! After beating Arsenal 3-0 we then faced Chelsea............ Then Man Utd......................... Good form to finish, just a shame we couldn't produce it when it really mattered. Man Utd's Premier League Record Sunderland shock Man Utd for a 2nd time in 3 years. Sunderland's Record >>> Man Utd's Record >> Man Utd's Record >>> Real Madrid's Record >>>
  3. STAFF UPDATE Then....... Only Small detail but all are maxed stars now. Now........
  4. Season 67 - 2081/2082 A Much Needed Win! We League game 36 and we secure a much needed win against Arsenal. Our wage and transfer budget for next season. We have another £40m I can add to the transfer budget, looks like I will need it. Stupid Media Results & Fixtures
  5. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Hope Turns To Despair! We My hopes weren't very high going into the 2nd leg, then we took a 2-0 lead, 4-1 on agg, I thought wow we can pull this off. Haha yeah, they get one back before half-time and the 2nd half was just a joke. Manchester Utd 7 Stopsley Utd 4 Man Utd will face Sunderland in FA Cup Final & Real Madrid in Champions League Final.
  6. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Semi-Final Defeat! We suffer narrow defeat at Wembley. Now our hopes rest on the Champions League. In this game I thought Head to Head record is broken once you have played a team 100 times. It is in terms of keeping a complete record, anyway I haven't really been taking much notice of them anymore, until now, was a bit confusing at first, as after that game the only change was with goals, So I am guessing it updates it to the last 100 games played against each other. Slender First Leg Advantage!
  7. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Stopsley Utd See Off The Mackems! A 5-2 first leg advantage became an 8-2 lead, Holt managed to pull a couple back but we go through very comfortably. Stopsley Utd 8 Sunderland 4 We will face Man Utd in the Semi-Finals. We face them 4 times....
  8. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Advantage Stopsley! A strong 2nd half display saw us open up a 3 goal lead to take to Sunderland. Man Utd Are Champions! We knew it was coming, it didn't take very long, Man Utd beat Brentford 3-2 before we played.
  9. Season 67 - 2081/2082 We Overturn Deficit To Defeat Benfica! We Benfica in 2nd leg. So from 0-3 after 25 minutes of the first leg, we turned things around in a big way. Stopsley Utd 9 Benfica 5 We face Sunderland! Newcastle Tie Goes To A Replay! We should have gone through with a 3-1 lead on 60 minutes. We make no mistake in replay as we put past Newcastle. Man Utd have also been taken to a replay, we will play whovever comes through (Man Utd). Man Utd Are Cruising! Techn
  10. Season 67 - 2081/2082 Man Utd Heading For Title! We are 9pts behind at half way stage. A massive 16pt gap with 10 games left. We Focus On Cups! So with the league title out of sight, the cups are now our hope of lifting a trophy. In previous rounds we beat Wigan (a) 1-0 and Huddersfield (h) 4-0. Tough Tie With Benfica! We come through group with ease. Benfica were champions in 2080, they hit us with 3 goals in 4 minutes. We recovered from that shocking spell, got score to 2-3, then conceded a 4th just
  11. Season 66 - 2080/2081 Final Table! >>> Full Match Overviews <<< 1st Team Reserves Best XI (Season) Best XI (Overall) Forsyth makes it 3 years in a row.
  12. That is the only way I can respond to the rubbish offers, only just above his value and only £6.5m upfront? yeah wow,
  13. We have done it...................our 29th title, 1st under Rodan. Not so good in the Champions League.......................... Real Madrid triumph for a record 17th time. In the FA Cup, Man Utd made it to the final again. They won for an 18th time, joint record shared with Chelsea.
  14. The Croatia job has now been filled...................................................... by the manager Hajduk sacked.
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