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  1. Totally, there is no rush for anyone to pre-order, I will be very surprised if info on features etc is not released during that period anyway, if we see/hear nothing until after the date has passed then people will have every right to kick up a fuss.
  2. People have answered. Well it would have to be a Game/Company that has a history, FM has that so yeah a lot of people are willing to pre-order without any details as they have a very good Idea of what they are getting regardless of any new features, well unless SI go a bit mental and and put teams and players in random leagues.
  3. Yeah me too, no problems at all.
  4. Personally yes I'm ok with it, You have the choice, pre-order now or wait for more info and then you can pre-order.
  5. Yeah it sure is, anyway after taking a couple of minutes to calm down (much better with my anger issues this game brings out of me) it was time to carry on. We have just completed our best ever season in the league. Now we face Man City in the FA Cup Final. Edit Bayern Munich were beaten in the Champions League Final. It was 2-1 to Man City at Old Trafford. So yeah five finals in a row but they have lost 3 in a row. Not that I'm bitter at all.
  6. I HATE BAYERN FECKING MUNICH! That is now five finals in a row for them.
  7. COME ON!!!!!!!!! Half-Time in second leg............ Edit - Bayern score on 53 mins. Barton makes it 3-1 to us on 60 mins. The tie goes to Extra-Time. It won't go to penalties as Guthrie makes it 4-1 on 104 mins. 15 mins to avoid away goal defeat. we hit post then minutes later Bayern score.
  8. Just about to play the second leg...................... after a terrible first leg but the late away goal is a lifeline. Now can we complete a great comeback?
  9. _______________________________________________ Season 31 - 2045/2046 _______________________________________________ Transfer Request New Contract He is not likely to break into the side and get a regular slot but I have decided to keep him at the club for a bit longer. Guthrie wins Ballon d'Or After saying that I then get this message. Thanks Willy. _______________________________________________ Our latest results Looking very good right now for another title. _______________________________________________ I'm not going anywhere anyway. _______________________________________________
  10. _______________________________________________ Season 31 - 2045/2046 _______________________________________________ Transfer Request Champions League We won the group with ease. We lost our final game but I made a number of changes to the side. Capital One Cup We had a shocker. Full Squad Players out on loan. And this is how the league is going. So far so good, we could be on course for a 7th title but Man City are staying close at the moment, I think success could become more of a challenge in future years with my new transfer policy, clubs want silly money for young players even when they are not amazing players. Anyway that is good, if it was easy to get the best then it wouldn't be a challenge, also another policy is to operate within the budgets allocated by the board as I will not be using the money boost.
  11. Yeah my avatar man is quite special. Signed for £40m from Chelsea, a bargain, here is his league record for us.
  12. _______________________________________________ Season 31 - 2045/2046 _______________________________________________ Board Expectations New Contracts Six players sign new deals. News - Club Legend Ricky Moore Update on Josh - He's Rubbish but he's my son (apparently) Transfers Marshall got his transfer request granted in the summer. Three players signed, Ushakov has made a good start out of the two that are at the club as Vásquez is back on loan at Tigre. Champions League Draw Transfer Request He has had a great career at the club. _______________________________________________
  13. Thanks, glad you are following and enjoying this.
  14. Yeah this, I am playing Football Manager Classic 2015, Steam display just shows that I am playing Football Manager 2015. I guess doing them as standalone downloads is the only way to get accurate figures for the 2 versions. Anyway can't really complain at £28 for both, I will buy it no point saying I won't as I said that for 15 and 16, I would have been right had I not bothered with 16 but I am still loving 15. This is the only game I buy now anyway so buying it is no big deal even if it ends up rarely getting played, I will be interested to see if we are able to do a bit more in FMT (should have stuck with Classic name) with the Create-a-Club feature and what else we can do.