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    I'm from Luton and I support Spurs.


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  1. Haha I love it. They must hate you as well as Chavski, can't say I blame them. You admit you are stubborn so don't be surprised when others are, you want to deprive your rivals well there you go good enough reason right there.
  2. Ok explain how it would be different? explain how you see it working. Do we control what we as a player do on the pitch? if yes then it will be like those but if not then what? we do nothing but just click continue see if we are picked, then see how we perform and have some interaction with manager? and we do this until we hang up our boots and become a manager?
  3. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ Season 55 - 2069/2070 _______________________________________________ There we go, they offered same as before but I got them up to £160k a week, £84k after tax. Thanks Paul.
  4. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ Season 55 - 2069/2070 _______________________________________________ International News And he marked his debut with a goal.
  5. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ Season 55 - 2069/2070 _______________________________________________ Transfers - We made our 3 signings this season, spent £89m. A lot of money but we have to pay big to get any decent player under 21, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of talent around in my game though, well not going by my staffs scouting, probably because I only have England loaded for this save.
  6. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ Season 55 - 2069/2070 _______________________________________________ Good result, no away goal conceded, score in 2nd leg and we got this??? WTF? 3-0 and we ................ This result means we will not win a trophy this season.
  7. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    Yes yes, this comes up EVERY season, the board will only ever offer me a 1 year contract. Not gonna happen anyway, there is more chance that Spurs will win the Premier League and me getting a date with Natalie Sawyer than me leaving Stopsley Utd.
  8. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    We drew the game with Fulham 3-3, we came back from 3-1 down but at 3-1 down we had a goal chalked off for offside, If I had a chance to say something about that then I would probably be getting another ban, shocking decision.
  9. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    Not had one of these for ages. Well I find it quite silly that the board are furious, like I say it hasn't happened for ages.
  10. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    A great 7-5 win, that is the kind of results I like to see, doing things Stopsley style.
  11. [FM18] A New Avenue For The Discarded...

    Yeah it's great stuff, I love this Sheldon lad. @BoxToBox, Well done on CL qualification, not surprised though, also a good job you managed to win the Wolf cup again, I would have been one of the fans calling for your head if you hadn't notched up a second success soon in the most important comp going.
  12. Victor Moses at Barcelona. Well done on that deal alone, but some of those results from a Spurs fans view. I might wish you luck at your next club.
  13. [FMC15] Stopsley Utd - The FMC Era!

    _______________________________________________ LEGEND RETIRES! _______________________________________________ He was never rated higher than 3 stars but what a career? His game time dropped over last few seasons but he still put in a great shift when called upon, even at the age of 38. His stats for last season look great, in the league he featured in 12 games, scored 8 goals with 4 assists and average rating of 8.02. Overall his stats were 24 games, 9 goals, 8 assists and average rating of 7.67. I am tempted to bring him in on a staff role but he is not rated highly. If I was playing full game then easy to give him a job but??? _______________________________________________