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  1. This team is gonna need some work lol Barry Rodon's son (Courtesy of the DLC)
  2. Our gates in League Two have been around 6/7k the highest being 10k for Charlton, we have just had 54k for FA Cup against Everton.
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Game Season 65 - 2079/2080 Season 1 with Tottenham Hotspur ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I have retired myself as manager and now will play as the Stopsley Utd Legend. Tottenham are currently in League Two and haven't been in the Premier League since 2035.
  4. We go 12 games without a win..........then we do this against the top team.
  5. _______________________________________________ Season 64 - 2078/2079 _______________________________________________ Champions League Final I thought we had lost it but Sánchez takes us to extra-time. EDIT - Edu Pérez the player we signed from Barcelona has put us 3-2 ahead. EDIT 2 - That goal proved to be the winner.
  6. _______________________________________________ Season 64 - 2078/2079 _______________________________________________ We secured our 28th Premier League title.
  7. _______________________________________________ Season 64 - 2078/2079 _______________________________________________ I thought we were gonna bottle it again. We finally got our act together, Brentford lost 2-0 away to Liverpool, Arsenal drew so are out of the title race, we go into last two games with a five point lead. _______________________________________________ Champions League got nervy but we scraped through to the final. We will face.....................................
  8. _______________________________________________ Season 64 - 2078/2079 _______________________________________________ Here are our results since that cup win. The title race is going down to the wire and it is a battle between three teams.
  9. _______________________________________________ Season 64 - 2078/2079 _______________________________________________ Season 64 will be my last season with Stopsley Utd on this save. It won't be the end of this save though and it won't be the end of Stopsley Utd either. More news on my future plans soon, can we win the Premier League and Champions League and end the era in glory? gonna be tough to get one of those anyway.
  10. _______________________________________________ Season 64 - 2078/2079 _______________________________________________ Our defence of the FA Cup was very very poor. Championship leaders Luton shocked us. _______________________________________________ Brentford lead the title race and beat us 2-0 in a top of the table clash but we bounced back by smashing Arsenal. Great performance, especially Edu Pérez as we hit 7. Oscar Sánchez bettered that in our next game with a double hat-trick. Current table looks like this........... _______________________________________________ We made it to the League Cup Final and faced Arsenal. The result........ We smashed them again!!! _______________________________________________
  11. _______________________________________________ IT'S BACK!!!!!!! SEASON'S 60 TO 63 I will start with a quick update on what has happened during these seasons. _______________________________________________ Season 60 Click Here For Season 60 Results _______________________________________________ Season 61 Click Here For Season 61 Results _______________________________________________ Season 62 Click Here For Season 62 Results _______________________________________________ Season 63 Click Here For Season 63 Results _______________________________________________ OVERALL BEST XI SEASON DIVISION POSITION ACHIEVEMENTS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (60) 2074/75 Premier League 1st Champions League Runners-Up, Community Shield Winners (61) 2075/76 Premier League 1st Champions League Runners-Up, Community Shield Runners-Up (62) 2076/77 Premier League 3rd League Cup Winners, Community Shield Winners (63) 2077/78 Premier League 2nd FA Cup Winners
  12. Thought we were gonna produce a cup shock..................................Should have known better.
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