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  1. I'm starting to feel getting a second might be a good idea at some point. Surely Italy can't keep fluffing their attacks.
  2. C'Mon England. Is there really much else that needs to be said tonight?
  3. Truro City - Season 2024/25 - National League - 16th Season Review - A good enough start to the season gave way to an almost total collapse in the second half. Fortunately we'd done enough before that happened. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) Only a little bit of looking over our shoulder at the end. Something must have happened on that cold night in Weymouth but my defence don't like to talk about it that much... Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Embarassing performances all round this year. A late flurry of goals against Chelmsford hides the fact we were dec
  4. Truro City - Season 2023/24 - National League South - 1st Season Review - In a complete contrast to last season we got our act together and ended up as champions! League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) One of our issues for the last two seasons was our inability to put together a decent run of results. Not this season. Our league record 23 matches unbeaten was instrumental in outpacing Weymouth and Eastleigh, who would both have done enough to win it in previous seasons. It was nervy at the end as our run came to an end and we looked like bottling it but we beat Bath in
  5. Truro City - Season 2022/23 - National League South - 13th Season Review - It was one of those seasons that make you question whether you want to carry on with a save. After a winning run of five games at the start of the season it ended up being a struggle to score, create chances and not concede. We didn't manage any of our expectations as we were knocked out of both cups at the first time of asking and missed out on the top half on goal difference. It wasn't a fun season to play through and I don't really feel anything deserves being highlighted or celebrated, hence the truncated seaso
  6. Just limping to the end of my second season and hoping that the finances aren't going to end up having a final say on things. Does anyone know how bad it has to get before a club goes into administration?
  7. Truro City - Season 2021/22 - National League South - 7th Season Review - With mid table expectations, we managed to sneak a play off spot with a 6 match unbeaten run at the end of the season. I always see the first season as one to establish a core squad to build on the following season but could we go a step further? League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) The media always commented that we couldn't get any form going and, in fairness, I think that is the right assessment. Fits and bursts but one thing you could count on was our tendency to concede goals. Play offs
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