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  1. Truro City - Season 2025/26 - National League - 20th Season Review - Shocking. Hapless. Infuriating. Terrible. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) We survived despite being the lowest scorers in the division. Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Another poor season in both cups. Could really do with some money from a decent cup run. Transfers - I don't think any of my signings did anything apart from Lynch. Greg Jones leaving for Crewe left a hole at left back but the prospect of money coming in from a future transfer eased the pain a bit. Finances - Things are only getting worse but I've managed to improve things by bulk selling the transfer clauses from a poached youth player at Swindon. Youth News - Intake - I think I've used all my luck with youth players so far. None that excite despite the efforts of my staff to convince me otherwise. Promotions - Marco Agius Key Players - Top Scorer - Faisu Sangaré - This isn't hard to achieve when you are pretty much the only player scoring the goals. Top Assist - Ryan Bevan - It's got to the point where I think he will probably do a good job as a winger. Daragh Lynch - Replaced a keeper who was just letting everything in and apart from the occasional nightmare helped keep us in games. Even managed to be Fans Player of the Year which probably says a lot about the season. Any other business - Gregory Garner finally appears in the Swindon intake and he looks just as good as you would expect. Looking Forward - We need to create more chances and score more goals. It's as simple as that. Even if it means midtable (though I would hope for much more) as long as I can see things are working and there is something to build on I will be happy. Career Overview - Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 National League South 7th 2022/23 National League South 13th 2023/24 National League South 1st Promoted as champions 2024/25 National League 16th 2025/26 National League 20th
  2. I'm starting to feel getting a second might be a good idea at some point. Surely Italy can't keep fluffing their attacks.
  3. C'Mon England. Is there really much else that needs to be said tonight?
  4. Truro City - Season 2024/25 - National League - 16th Season Review - A good enough start to the season gave way to an almost total collapse in the second half. Fortunately we'd done enough before that happened. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) Only a little bit of looking over our shoulder at the end. Something must have happened on that cold night in Weymouth but my defence don't like to talk about it that much... Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Embarassing performances all round this year. A late flurry of goals against Chelmsford hides the fact we were decimated by a side who were ultimately relegated from the National League South. Transfers - The main problem we have is that, for some reason, no one wants to come to deepest, darkest Cornwall. It makes improving the squad a bit of a challenge. The sale of Campbell to Birmingham has the potential to come good if they ever sell him on for decent money. Finances - The losses were slightly eased by the increased attendances but things still look bleak. Youth News - Intake - Another poor intake and the promised striker seems to have disappeared. I have some hope for an AMC but by the time he comes good I would like to think we would have outgrown his potential. Promotions - No promotions this year. Key Players - Top Scorer - Faisu Sangaré - He made the step up and continues to be our main man upfront. Top Assist - Ryan Bevan - Not down to corners this year as we struggled to make the most of them. Rhys Schwank - Probably the best contributor for goals and assists out of the rest. Any other business - As Weymouth and Yeovil have both been relegated, we are now the 10th best club in the West Country by league position. Looking Forward - I need to strengthen the defence. I'm fairly certain the collapse in form came about because the quality of our players was lacking and the season caught up with them. Hopefully someone wants to join and we can kick on a bit. Career Overview - Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 National League South 7th 2022/23 National League South 13th 2023/24 National League South 1st Promoted as champions 2024/25 National League 16th
  5. Truro City - Season 2023/24 - National League South - 1st Season Review - In a complete contrast to last season we got our act together and ended up as champions! League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) One of our issues for the last two seasons was our inability to put together a decent run of results. Not this season. Our league record 23 matches unbeaten was instrumental in outpacing Weymouth and Eastleigh, who would both have done enough to win it in previous seasons. It was nervy at the end as our run came to an end and we looked like bottling it but we beat Bath in our final home game of the season to confirm our place as champions! Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) We met our expectations but I really wanted a cup run this season to give our finances a bit of a boost. Two epic matches against Yeovil in the FA Cup and Darlington in the FA Trophy knocked us out. Transfers - Only a few additions this season to strengthen key areas. Particularly up front after last seasons dismal showing. Our captain will be leaving at the end of the season after I negotiated a delayed transfer. Finances - Despite the board taking out a £500k loan to buy the club and a further £25k loan to expand the stadium, the current financial state is all my fault. Youth News - Intake - Not a good intake this year. The only player I can potentially see getting something from is goalkeeper Trevor Warner. Though we have had our first player poached which is a new one for me. Promotions - Though they only played in the final games of the season, due to injuries, two academy products have made their way into the first team. Francisco Javier Muñoz Danny Parsons Key Players - Top Scorer - Faisu Sangaré - Quickly destroyed any doubts that I initially had about signing him. Finished with 36 league goals. Instrumental. Top Assist - Ryan Bevan - It probably helps that he takes our corners and free kicks but those 14 assists always came when needed. Tyler Harvey - I am fairly certain that this was role that eventually made things click so I think it is only fair to highlight the man in the hole. Any other business - The stadium needs expanded because of league requirements. I made it onto the favoured personnel list but seems the fans believe the board's story that the finance are all my fault so they no longer hold me in such esteem... Until I won Manager of the Year and then they like me again. It's surprising what happens with one click of continue. Looking Forward - The National League is still new ground for me and with the finances not being great I can't see there's going to be much in the way of budget to strengthen. I am confident with a few key signings we will be able to avoid relegation. Ultimately the question will be whether we actually can get those few key signings... Career Overview - Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 National League South 7th 2022/23 National League South 13th 2023/24 National League South 1st Promoted as champions
  6. Truro City - Season 2022/23 - National League South - 13th Season Review - It was one of those seasons that make you question whether you want to carry on with a save. After a winning run of five games at the start of the season it ended up being a struggle to score, create chances and not concede. We didn't manage any of our expectations as we were knocked out of both cups at the first time of asking and missed out on the top half on goal difference. It wasn't a fun season to play through and I don't really feel anything deserves being highlighted or celebrated, hence the truncated season review. Any other business - Our chairman has decided to retire so we've been taken over by the fans. Our financial concerns are over for now but I don't have any doubt that we will be back in the red before long... Looking Forward - I'm currently in the process of a cull as I have far too many players at the club. The youth team seems to popping up some decent players to act as backups when needed which I'm quite happy about. The main aim for the next season is to find a tactic that works and then hopefully crack on in the league. Career Overview - Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 National League South 7th 2022/23 National League South 13th
  7. Just limping to the end of my second season and hoping that the finances aren't going to end up having a final say on things. Does anyone know how bad it has to get before a club goes into administration?
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