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  1. Thus ends my time as Truro manager. Not because of relegation. Not because of results (though I'm sure that was only a matter of time). But because I didn't drop our best left back despite promising the board I would do so. Obviously not playing him for a single match wasn't deemed as sufficient enough. Oh well... That has to have been one of the worst times I have had playing FM. I cannot work out if my tactic was to blame or my players. Things were going ok until December and then it was as if my strikers all just forgot how to score. I think it was 3 goals from them in total since then and I was sacked at the beginning of April with 4 to play. Chances were created but they went straight at the keeper, wide of the posts or occasionally hitting them. It wasn't helped by the types of goals the opposition were able to score against me. Time to consign this save to the recycle bin and think where to go next.
  2. What would people consider to be the easiest and hardest teams to manage for this challenge? I'm struggling through my second season as Truro, due to my ability to play the game more than likely, and I'm getting the impression that improving the squad is going to be very difficult given few players are willing to relocate to Cornwall. I would guess London based teams would be significantly easier.
  3. Truro City - Season 2020/21 - National League South - 11th Season Review - I was nervous at the start that the board expected too much of me. In the end we did what we needed to do where it mattered. Obviously I managed to impress people as I somehow ended up winning Manager of the Year. Now my fanboys and I can look ahead to a bright future of eventual Cornish dominance. League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Fixtures 3) (Positions) The board wanted top half, the board got top half. Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Perhaps I was too willing to rotate in some of these matches. We didn't do anything of note apart from lose. Transfers - I have no clue how people manage to do challenges that ban transfers completely... Finances - It goes down and then a bit further down. Youth Intake - They may have the stars but their attributes are all a bit meh. I wouldn't say any of these are particularly worth shouting about but good enough for back up. Key Players - Louis Rooney - Top scorer and probably the main reason we did so well. Hoping for more of the same next season. Ryan Bevan - Probably my best signing from the summer. My captain because I didn't have anyone better at the time. Any other business - Brexit happened. Seems I have one where work permits are based on value and wages or something. It's a new one for me at the very least. Looking Forward - I need to strengthen the squad and replace a few who are leaving. I'm feeling quietly confident but feel there are a lot of cracks that need to be fixed before the season starts. I still live in hope for my first ever promotion in this challenge...
  4. After missing FM19, I'm jumping back this year with Truro City. Slightly concerned that I won't be able to meet the expectation of a top half finish but I am comforted that at least one fan doesn't consider my reign as something to dread.
  5. It was enjoyable while it lasted. Don’t think we disgraced ourselves at all but if you can’t score goals from open play you are eventually going to be found out.
  6. How many of these corners have we been asleep for?
  7. I think I’m about ready to accept we aren’t about to mess this up now!
  8. Poor match. Didn’t create much but the important thing is we won. Bring on Sweden!
  9. Get in! Half expecting VAR to flag something against us there!
  10. Weymouth - Season 2018/2019 - National League South - 15th A season that threatened to go somewhere ended up with a disappointing slide into 15th place. Though my aim was always to survive, being only a few points off of the play offs mid-season gave me a little bit of hope that the season wouldn't end after 42 matches. However, with survival secured the team took an early holiday and hopes of anything more faded away. So it was job done but I feel like it could have been so much more... League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) It started off rough, got better and then went down hill again at the end. Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Nothing to shout home about in either cups, being knocked out in our first match in both. Transfers - It's been a busy season as I've been trying to strengthen the thread bare squad I started with. Finances - Better than what was originally being projected but, as always, still not looking too great. Any other business - Brexit has been announced and I assume I have a soft one? It's my first time playing through to a Brexit decision but it doesn't sound like it is going to be a bad one. The board have decided a new stadium is in order as our old one costs too much to run. Looking Forward - Was it my tactics or was it my players? Either way, I need to work out what went wrong over the summer and strengthen the team. I would like to think the play offs wouldn't be a too ambitious target but I would be happy as long as we improve on our finish this season.
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