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  1. It was enjoyable while it lasted. Don’t think we disgraced ourselves at all but if you can’t score goals from open play you are eventually going to be found out.
  2. How many of these corners have we been asleep for?
  3. I think I’m about ready to accept we aren’t about to mess this up now!
  4. Poor match. Didn’t create much but the important thing is we won. Bring on Sweden!
  5. Get in! Half expecting VAR to flag something against us there!
  6. Weymouth - Season 2018/2019 - National League South - 15th A season that threatened to go somewhere ended up with a disappointing slide into 15th place. Though my aim was always to survive, being only a few points off of the play offs mid-season gave me a little bit of hope that the season wouldn't end after 42 matches. However, with survival secured the team took an early holiday and hopes of anything more faded away. So it was job done but I feel like it could have been so much more... League - (Fixtures 1) (Fixtures 2) (Positions) It started off rough, got better and then went down hill again at the end. Cups - (FA Cup) (FA Trophy) Nothing to shout home about in either cups, being knocked out in our first match in both. Transfers - It's been a busy season as I've been trying to strengthen the thread bare squad I started with. Finances - Better than what was originally being projected but, as always, still not looking too great. Any other business - Brexit has been announced and I assume I have a soft one? It's my first time playing through to a Brexit decision but it doesn't sound like it is going to be a bad one. The board have decided a new stadium is in order as our old one costs too much to run. Looking Forward - Was it my tactics or was it my players? Either way, I need to work out what went wrong over the summer and strengthen the team. I would like to think the play offs wouldn't be a too ambitious target but I would be happy as long as we improve on our finish this season.
  7. It's been a while but I'm back in for another attempt at it this year. Hopefully this time I will actually manage to get promoted at least once! I'm sure Weymouth will not regret their decision to hire me...
  8. Tonbridge Angels - 2017/18 - National League South - 16th Manager Profile Back for yet another go at this. After failing to survive a single season in my past six attempts I have finally managed to avoid relegation! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and I will finally succeed in achieving at least one promotion... National League South - Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 Our form came in blocks over the season. We either won/drew for a few matches or we lost for a few matches. Fortunately, in the end, we were good enough to stay up despite the familiar feeling of looming oblivion at the start of January. FA Cup Needless to say, it didn't go very well. Division rivals Welling slaughtered us at home, putting an early end to any dreams of a cup run. FA Trophy Worthing took us to a replay before we were knocked out at the first hurdle. Transfers Facilities Team of the Season Key Players: Tom Phipp - Despite being a midfielder, he finished as top goalscorer for us. He had a knack for showing up to get on the end of a cross and was vital to our survival. Hervé Pepe-Ngoma - He had a go in every place of my midfield triangle before I eventually settled for playing him as DM. Jayce Olivero - An extravagant signing that completely blew my wage budget but I buckled to my scouts loving him. He did a job as a winger but unfortunately his he fancies himself too big for us and will be off at the end of his contract. Next season... I've got a bit of strengthening to do over the summer which I am hoping will stop the runs of losses that are such a feature of my FM seasons. Though I'm not sure if my finances are going to be helping me with this but we shall see. Top half would do me quite nicely.
  9. St Neots Town FC - Season 2016/17 - Conference North - 14th Overview: The season started off with poor results leading to a changing room revolt. That was sorted quickly. The season ended with our poor form leading to a board room meeting. Crying to the board about the number of injuries we have had made them take pity on me and offer me a new contract the next day. So I live on to fight for what I hope to be at least another season as an under-fire manager... Conference North We had spells of good form and we had spells of torrid form. Unfortunately the torrid form far outweighed anything good which has left me in my current predicament. I never felt we were really under any threat from relegation; my main concern was that we were going to miss out on our expectation of above mid-table (which we ultimately did). FA Cup Another case of missing out on our expectations. Knocked out in the third qualifying round, which at least was an improvement on last season. FA Trophy We made it through to the first round, marking the only occasion where we met an expectation. Transfers Finances Next season... I need to get off to a good start next season or it will be game over. A summer of improvement should put us in good stead, particularly the defence and midfield.
  10. I forgot to write an update after my first season ended unspectacularly so I was happily looking forward to posting something after I finish my second season. Doesn't look like there will be much to look forward to though. Two games left of the season and the board don't seem to have any intention on renewing my contract with my team under performing in the league. How lenient are the boards with missing league objectives?
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