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  1. The entire thing is here: https://dictatethegame.com/2020/07/01/playing-time-and-player-development-on-fm20/
  2. A new episode is here! I know that I've been rather inactive here lately, but I've had a lot on my plate. Yesterday I published another post on my page though, and it's a big one! We celebrate 10 years with Santos FC with a bit of a stroll down memory lane. One for the regular reader to reminisce and a perfect starting point for the new reader! It's in the form of a "Where are they now" meets Awards Show sort of episode, where I extensively use lists and statistics, doesn't that sound like good fun? It doesn't? Well, I promise you that it will be! Here's a short sample of one of the categories: Biggest sales Over a ten year period it's only natural for a lot of players to have left the club. Some have left for Europe as part of the challenge, while others were let go because they simply weren't good enough. More than a few managed to secure the finances for an entire season through their sales. Let's look at the biggest sales! A bit surprising is that there hasn't actually been that many massive transfers out. The £17.25M sale of Kauhan is our 10th biggest and the £25M price tag of Talles Magno is actually our 4th biggest sale so far! For the three biggest sales prices got a bit higher though! Second place (tied) - Fábio José to Beijing Gouan for £40M Fábio José was signed from low league club Grêmio Esportivo Brazil (no, not THAT Grêmio!) in 2020 for £275K. He increased his Ginga Rating by an impressive ten points in his first season, and a lot of fans started to whisper of a new potential superstar. Two and a half disappointing seasons later, both in training (Ginga rating increase from 77 to 81) and on the pitch (20 goals in 110 games) no-one was whispering about Fábio José anymore. Except for Beijing Gouan. And they weren't actually whispering, they were screaming "We want him!". When they offered £40M for him in 2023 we took the money and ran! After 15 goals in only 49 starts over the last six seasons in China, I think it's obvious who were the winners in this deal!? Second place (tied) - Douglas Jardel to Jiangsu Suning for £40M Douglas Jardel was signed in 2021 for £475K from Juventude and developed slowly but steadily during his six seasons with the club. His Ginga Rating increased from 71 to 82, but he never managed to become a regular player for Santos. He had 20+ goal loan spells at Sporting in Portugal and Cagliari in Italy, so there wasn't any doubt that he knew where the goal was, but he just wasn't good enough for us. He left for China in 2027 for £40M and has managed two 10+ goal seasons for his new club so far. First place – Renyer to Real Madrid for £80M Our biggest transfer by far. In late 2023 European clubs started to show a bit of interest in the 20-year-old Renyer. The occasional scout visiting games once in a while suddenly turned into several scouts from all the big European clubs each game. When the January transfer window opened in 2024, clubs started firing like in the good old wild west, trying to outbid each other. In April, after a frantic bidding war, Real Madrid came out victorius. An unprecedented £80M transfer fee for a player from a Brazilian club was impossible to resist. The only downside to this was that we didn’t get Renyer to 100 goals, which means that we need to bring him back towards the end of his career! Read the entire episode here: Ep 16: 10 years with Santos FC - A stroll down memory lane
  3. A similar experiment to the one above, but with a comparison between playing time/no playing time in a First team/U23s/U18s squad is now finished and will be published next week.
  4. I am still doing this from time to time. It became too tedious to just do the experiment, but I do an hour here and there. I've just finished a test where I look at playing time in the 1st team vs the U23s and U18s. It'll be published this week I hope.
  5. These are some very promising signings and a couple of proper steals imo! The future is looking bright!
  6. Yeah, it's been a great journey so far. However, I've learned the hard way the difference between a really good and an outstanding young player. Really good just doesn't cut it anymore once you reach a certain level. Regarding the faces they are certainly Laura's creations! I've been a Patreon since the first pack came out and I have 1000+ faces by now.
  7. I totally get you, but at age 16 at least he has the potential to surprise you!
  8. Lovely to see the results you're having. I'm lurking in the bushes, eagerly taking notes...
  9. Looks exciting! I have another season's data to add to this. I'll get on it once I get home tonight!
  10. Here's a working link: https://mikaelinhofm.com/2020/06/09/santastico-ep-15-2027-in-with-the-new-and-in-with-the-old/ I'll update you on the progress of Willian 2.0 when I get home tonight (SPOILER ALERT: He's a proper beast!)
  11. 2027 post is here: Ep15 - 2027: In with the new and in with the old
  12. Personality vs development With 23 new development reports added to the spreadsheet we get more data for our investigation into the effect of personality on development. Model Citizen is the personality type that shows the biggest positive difference compared to an age weighted mean, with unambitious showing the most negative difference. Resolute is the "best" personality when you only look at the ones with 10 or more reports.
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