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  1. I'm finished with the experiment now. You can find the three part experiment here: https://dictatethegame.com/2020/08/24/playing-time-and-player-development-on-fm20-part-3/
  2. New episode: Ep 17: 3 season summary 2029-31 Back from vacation and it was time for another post! The 10 year anniversary post taught me two things. It seems to be awfully tough to create a player of the same caliber as Pelé or even Neymar on FM20. Therefore I need to speed things up. To give myself a chance to complete this challenge I’m playing a lot faster and I’ve decided to only release a new blog post every three seasons. It’s not fun for neither you nor me to write/read basically the same story every season. We win most of the trophies. The youth intake is underwhel
  3. I'm just back from a long vacation and I'm really pleased to see the progress you've had over the summer! It was good fun catching up on this!
  4. The entire thing is here: https://dictatethegame.com/2020/07/01/playing-time-and-player-development-on-fm20/
  5. A new episode is here! I know that I've been rather inactive here lately, but I've had a lot on my plate. Yesterday I published another post on my page though, and it's a big one! We celebrate 10 years with Santos FC with a bit of a stroll down memory lane. One for the regular reader to reminisce and a perfect starting point for the new reader! It's in the form of a "Where are they now" meets Awards Show sort of episode, where I extensively use lists and statistics, doesn't that sound like good fun? It doesn't? Well, I promise you that it will be! Here's a short sample of one of the
  6. A similar experiment to the one above, but with a comparison between playing time/no playing time in a First team/U23s/U18s squad is now finished and will be published next week.
  7. I am still doing this from time to time. It became too tedious to just do the experiment, but I do an hour here and there. I've just finished a test where I look at playing time in the 1st team vs the U23s and U18s. It'll be published this week I hope.
  8. These are some very promising signings and a couple of proper steals imo! The future is looking bright!
  9. Yeah, it's been a great journey so far. However, I've learned the hard way the difference between a really good and an outstanding young player. Really good just doesn't cut it anymore once you reach a certain level. Regarding the faces they are certainly Laura's creations! I've been a Patreon since the first pack came out and I have 1000+ faces by now.
  10. I totally get you, but at age 16 at least he has the potential to surprise you!
  11. Lovely to see the results you're having. I'm lurking in the bushes, eagerly taking notes...
  12. Looks exciting! I have another season's data to add to this. I'll get on it once I get home tonight!
  13. Here's a working link: https://mikaelinhofm.com/2020/06/09/santastico-ep-15-2027-in-with-the-new-and-in-with-the-old/ I'll update you on the progress of Willian 2.0 when I get home tonight (SPOILER ALERT: He's a proper beast!)
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