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  1. Thx for the swift response. We have some proper wheeling and dealing to look forward to in the next couple of seasons then!
  2. I completely understand. Are there any positions/areas where you think that you're "already there" and which position/areas are most in need of upgrading? Any exciting youth players that you hope will help you take the next step?
  3. Absolutely brilliant progress at Dundee! How far away are you from actually challenging for the Champions League, you think?
  4. Some great signings there! What are your dreams for the new season? Is top 4 the ceiling or can you win it all?
  5. This is what I call a good intake! Let's keep our fingers crossed that they develop well in the next few years as well!
  6. That's right! I totally forgot about that. Then things are looking really good!
  7. Oh wow! Great form. It looks like a tough task to catch Dortmund though!
  8. Vanheusden looks like one good signing as a FT! Well done! I'm also really excited to see if the next intake will live up to the hype!
  9. Mixed bag of results there. How are you enjoying the save so far?
  10. I'm finished with the experiment now. You can find the three part experiment here: https://dictatethegame.com/2020/08/24/playing-time-and-player-development-on-fm20-part-3/
  11. New episode: Ep 17: 3 season summary 2029-31 Back from vacation and it was time for another post! The 10 year anniversary post taught me two things. It seems to be awfully tough to create a player of the same caliber as Pelé or even Neymar on FM20. Therefore I need to speed things up. To give myself a chance to complete this challenge I’m playing a lot faster and I’ve decided to only release a new blog post every three seasons. It’s not fun for neither you nor me to write/read basically the same story every season. We win most of the trophies. The youth intake is underwhelming. We sign a couple of youngsters. We’re not really close to getting a player to 90 Ginga Rating. Repeat. No, that’s not the way I wanna go about this. These episodes will be fairly short, but of course I’ll look more in-depth if anything extraordinary or really interesting happens. So, I've written a 3 season review post: 2029 - A historical quintuple This year gave us the worst youth intake we've ever had. The single player we kept, a guy nicknamed "Karate" isn't even good enough to show you here. The team won everything worth winning in a historical quintuple! One of the biggest reasons for this historical feat was Kaká, a player we had signed just a year earlier from Corinthians. He developed into the world's best player at the club, which of course didn't go unnoticed. The unfortunate combination of a £43M release clause and him not wanting to sign a new contract saw him leave for Man City. He wasn't a part of the challenge to create the next Pelé since I signed him at a later age than 18, but I was still really sad to see him go. You can read about 2030 and 2031 here.
  12. I'm just back from a long vacation and I'm really pleased to see the progress you've had over the summer! It was good fun catching up on this!
  13. The entire thing is here: https://dictatethegame.com/2020/07/01/playing-time-and-player-development-on-fm20/
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