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  1. Beginning of the end? 'Wear and tear' worries me the most. A big drop in bravery for Geilton as he loses 2 points but I'm hoping he can return from this...
  2. Milestone Still going strong...
  3. Worries At this rate, I won't even be making the Club World Cup...
  4. Cabral and Joao Fernando: Unplayable! The return of Cabral and the introduction of xG (and hopefully more) on FM21 sees me make a return to some radars - this time to show how incredible these two are! Joao Fernando is in yellow and Cabral in grey/black: Both have scored a ridiculous amount of goals and, whilst Cabral is the out and out striker, who plays little role in our defensive efforts (there haven't been many, yet) they seem to compliment each other amazing well. Fernando creates the passes into Cabral who has an absolutely unbelievable conversion rate of nearl
  5. Carioca State Champs A 3-1 final win over Flamengo sees us win our 10th title - some 33 off the amount won by Flamengo. We have also secured some really good records: --- I will genuinely miss the State Champs; such a good way to get playing time, built confidence, try tactics and enjoy some big wins! It's a shame literally no other country in the world employs this style of scheduling.
  6. Carioca State Turn Two Fifty five goals in the league stage see us break the record before even adding the five against Flamengo in the first final with another final coming up too...
  7. Finally... At least two games left to score two goals... We start with Serie D side Duque de Caxias in what should see us safely past it.
  8. Another record! It was a hatrick, too! I've not looked at Liberdatores records, to be fair - but there is definitely one I think I can break: My plan is to just find my youngest player and give him a run out next time!
  9. Carioca State Turn One Final Maybe I don't need the extra game?!
  10. Loan Deal I actually signed Luis earlier in the save on a Bosman, but a crash lost it so I'm happy to bring him in again, even if this time it is only a loan deal. If you remember - he actually was poached by Botafogo way back at the start of the game and, at that time, was by far the best player to come through my academy. He's aging and lost his way a bit over the past couple of years but is still elite and makes the triumvirate of Joao Fernando - Luis Claudio - Cabral even more scary at this level!
  11. Record breaker I stand corrected - it was smashed by £48.7m! I already held this record but I guess it's nice to actually give it a meaningful value - especially as my plan (and how I always end my saves) is to let the AI take over for a bit, meaning that they'll probably smash it immediately.
  12. Transfer I figured that my best chance to take on the world is to have the best group of players possible - therefore, I've broken my record (by £48.4m) to bring this man back! Cabral is clearly a class act and will reunite with Joao Fernando is my 'offset striking duo.' Despite playing well for Chelsea, he was listed, by request, for a little over his £47m value. I think that the previous club, enjoyable loan, favoured club, staff and manager were part of the reason that there was so little opposition (plus, the European transfer window is closed) and why his wages are just shy
  13. 2041 Carioca Turn One All going to plan, so far! We are scoring at an average of 5 goals/90, which would see us surpass the Flamengo record of 54 goals. I now face Flamengo in the Turn One final and, for record breaking purposes, could do with losing - as this would add a 'grand final' to the State if I was to then win the second turn final, adding another chance to score some more goals. However - that is a risky plan as, despite us winning the last seven in a row, we have proven (league wise anyway) that we aren't invincible! --- I've opted for a really strong set of
  14. Player Sale I didn't need to do this but felt like it as Guangzhou have paid way over the odds for Giovanni. --- More importantly - this is what it does to my tracker for academy exports: Amazingly, we have topped £500m of player sales! Incredible and much of the thanks must go towards the academy staff and hard work of developing youngsters.
  15. Jaja Arena Although the stadium is not named after me, I am really happy that it is in honour of Jaja, who really kick started the view on player personality development in this team. Some action shots:
  16. Tactical nuances This is certainly not a tactical post but merely a sharing of my plan for my last Carioca State. I want to break the record of 54 goals so I'm turning my pretty-balanced 4-2-3-1 to this monster: The wing backs move up to the DM strata leaving just two defenders (and one was originally an AMC anyway!) and the normally placid DM(s) duo become a SV(s)-Reg(s) duo to form that running/passing pair that can be deadly. Up front, we move to two Inside Forwards, with the right sided one moving from an AP(s) and the striker is now a pure finisher rather than being in
  17. Residential nationalities One thing I've just been looking at is those players who have been shipped abroad and haven't been able to make the grade for Brazil. There are a couple of nationalities in here who do not allow dual nationality and insist of relinquishing their Brazilian passport, which is not modelled in game (China and Ukraine), so I have added them manually. The three Belgian's have all just completed their five years to gain nationality so hopefully they will be able to represent their new country (should they wish) soon whereas Marinho has been in Ukraine for 8 ye
  18. 2040 End of season review In the end, this season has what can only be described as a disappointment. Our lowest finish since 2034 combined with a very goal-shy seasons leads me into, what looks like will be, my final hurrah with a squad who maybe aren't as good and in form as may be suggested based on recent history. --- I think that this is a very good example of why we've struggled. With the exception of strikers (Giovanni: 53(5), Antonio Jose: 19(33) and Helder 16(22)), there has been very little chance to rotate my squad. Take 32 year old Geilton, now a DM an
  19. Game week 37 We rescue a point but it's probably not enough. 10 shots to their four but a pretty timid offensively display (ratings: 6.4, 6.4, 6.4, 6.5 for forward four) shows how much we miss Joao Fernando. --- Bragantino have won two of their last five, whilst already relegated Bahia have won 60% of their recent games and Botafogo have won just once in that time. Our opponents have secured continental football whilst Botafogo cannot reach it and are also not mathematically safe. We need to win in the hope neither of the other two do. A draw for Sao Paulo co
  20. Game week 36 We've been pretty goal-shy this season, but a big win at Flamengo helps... --- Next? Internacional, of course. But we are at home. Internacional boast the 2nd best away record whilst we are only the sixth best team (10-6-2 with 25GF and 13GA) at home. Anything other than a win and surely this title is lost.
  21. 2040 run in - mini update: The announcement of 'Volta Redonda have qualified for the 2041 Liberdatores' isn't that amazing when the top 12 qualify! We've picked up some form of late and have closed the gap on the top two, despite a terrible performance at home to Sao Paulo. I have a feeling that this season hasn't seen it's last twist and turn yet though... EDIT: This is potentially it. Without my talismanic scorer for the remainder of the season:
  22. Who is to blame?! We are horribly out of form, but things like this really do not help: Add that to a long injury list and things don't look like they'll be improving any time soon...
  23. Compounded misery? If our league worries weren't enough, we've also been dumped out of the Liberdatores at the semi-final stage: --- Making me think that my last full season could be the biggest disappointment yet and therefore making me question whether it will be my last...
  24. Retaining? With 11 matches left, this little run leaves us in a precarious position if we want to win our fourth consecutive title...
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