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  1. Why? If he played well it seems like the perfect time to ask for more starts.
  2. I'd say so, especially in Europe. A couple of frustrating draws in the league, but only one league defeat looks impressive. Top 3 for Christmas?
  3. Welcome to the party! I thought Sunderland would be a top choice this season, but hasn't worked out that way. Hope you can turn them around.
  4. Fingers crossed! A pretty mixed bag of results, and a sickener against Blackburn to score 3 and come away with just a draw. Seems like you're still looking for the right balance between attack and defence. I'm sure you'll figure it out
  5. We all have our little foibles . In the 20-odd years I've been playing CM/FM, I've never once managed Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal (or Leeds, come to that). Some things just can't be countenanced
  6. Sure thing... tomorrow probably, given the rate at which I get through a season; I'm into season 2 with United and three seasons is about my limit.
  7. Was afraid that question was coming . Just wasn't feeling it, couldn't get a tactic working, Rudd in goal has a nasty habit of parrying everything - usually straight to the feet of an opponent - and I reckon he cost me at least one goal every single game. Enjoyment level was close to zero so I binned it. At the moment I'm enjoying my first save of the year with Man Utd so I'll run that for a bit. After that, I'm kinda sorta thinking I have unfinished business with Sheffield United... see if a back-three tactic might hold my interest for a while.
  8. Must admit I hadn't. Having done a bit of reading I can see why you're excited.
  9. An excellent read, as always . I've come close to signing Obafemi several times in recent saves but couldn't quite bring myself to pull the trigger - be interested see how he does for you. Good luck!
  10. Depends what you want, but the point that it comes with no fixed instructions is the attraction. Maybe you don't want him to roam, or maybe you don't want him to close down more, or to take more risky passes. The other, more specialised roles may have downsides in terms of your tactic - you can configure the CM to do pretty much what you want.
  11. Certainly suggests that @Jogo Bonito and I massively overachieved with Colchester
  12. @zlatanera Cheers, mate. I'll go back over the list. Scouts, eh?
  13. Advice needed. I'm playing a variant of a 442, so want four strikers for rotation. I'm happy with Lukaku and Rashford and I'm also happy to play Sanchez in rotation - prefer Martial as an IFL. Just won the PL but I need to bring in another striker - who do you recommend? Of the usual suspects, my scouts hate all of them... Jovic, Joveljic, Dolberg, Cutrone, Icardi. Arp is no longer available. I've been playing Greenwood and he's been OK but I think he's about a year away from being a starter.So who has worked for you up front?
  14. Yes, I have, if only to keep the board happy. Many of them are just poor - anyone with less than 16 for JCA gets terminated; anyone with less than 14 for JCA *and* 18 for JPA gets terminated. It's not as if you can't find decent players with an 18-strong scouting team.
  15. In the circumstances, I'd say that's a job well done! If it were me, I'd move all (!?!) of that transfer budget into wages, and look to reinforce through loan signings. If the board wants mid-table or top-half in the coming season, a manager of your calibre ought to be able to manage that . I have every confidence!
  16. Having loaned a few of them in recent saves, I'd go along with that! Connor Roberts, Matt Grimes, Tyler Reid and Matt Blake all did well for me (although usually in 2019 onwards). Based on my limited experience, I'd also recommend you get shot of Joel Asoro ASAP
  17. A worthy goal, but a sizeable one given the number of foreigners in the squad. Will be following your progress with interest!
  18. Well, if I knew that, I could probably fix it . It's not the lack of a holding midfielder - I'm happy to play 442/4411 and variants thereof. I think I've never really understood the balancing act between attack and defence, and setting up the midfield pair correctly. I had some success last year with the 4231dm system that Cleon outlined in his long thread, but I haven't been able to get it working this year, largely because I've never had a squad with more than one decent DM. There are also issues around the AMC, and how he works with the CF and the wide players - never managed to figure that out and so often the AMC feels like a luxury we can't afford; moving that player back to DM usually produces instant improvement. Even a flat midfield 3 is usually better for me. Your finances at Forest look remarkably similar to how Colchester looked during my Championship season; you should get a solidarity payment at the end of the season, I think around £5m.
  19. Looks like you've found your feet after a tough start. Serious Fraud Office wants a word about that Jevani Brown transfer business . Edit: Forgot to add, I'll be restarting my Preston save... played through the first few months of the season and demonstrated, yet again, that I can't get my head around a 4231. Will retry with a 442, occasionally switching to a 4411 to make use of Josh Harrop.
  20. Seems like the common standard, to be honest. Don't think I've had one different. The only catch in the lower leagues is the problem in loaning in players who don't meet the £8k wage rule. On the upside, the HGC rule seems to vanish after Brexit.
  21. Hope so! (I think Bobby was just too nice to be a manager.) Excellent prospect; a Forest save is still on my to-do list. Good luck!
  22. I'm not sure how it happened, but after just a few hours - a few hours!!! - I've decided my next save is going to be Preston North End. I was looking through the EFL teams and pondering the clubs I've never managed, and suddenly it hit me. Preston was the first - and I believe the only - club that the great gentleman of English football, Sir Bobby Charlton, ever managed. Some of you may have realised that Bobby is one of the primary inspirations for my FM alter ego Nobby Charlton, and he was my greatest football hero through my formative years. Just to add to the attraction, the Preston squad features two former Man Utd academy players in Ben Pearson and Josh Harrop. To clinch the deal, the squad is ideally suited to a 4231 which, I may have mentioned, I've never had much success with. Preston is perfect! So, I'm installed as manager, played through pre-season without defeat (for what that's worth), and we're ready to get a new era underway. Here we go...
  23. I remember that guy... didn't he used to play FM?
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