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  1. Is there a way to view all the players in the loaded database in the "player search" screen? To eliminate the affect of scouting knowledge?
  2. Hey people, after a few years of playing the full game, I am giving FM touch a spin on the PC, mostly so I can move the save along faster... One thing I had noticed is that many of the players in the game database (~30K players) aren't view-able to via "player search" even with no filters (including transfer/loan interest) -- any idea if this is by design? One example of how this manifests - when I search for players based in Austria, only about ~10 players come up from the entire nation, but when I click on one of the Austrian teams (say Red Bull Salzburg), their squad is full of available players. In the full game the players view-able in "player search" are determined by my scouting package, which I think is not in FM Touch. One possible explanation was my club world knowledge, is this it? Thanks
  3. You could -- but: 1- Those things still take place in the game and take processing time and slow down the progression between matches. 2- You have to have an assistant who can do them effectively or pay a price... One example -- if press conferences were realistic, non-repetitive and a real challenge, I'd say "sure, it's part of my role as manager and I have to bear with it", but as they are right now in the game, they are just a waste of time. So, I'd ilke to be able to turn them off without having to think about it or "pay the price" for a poor assistant manager
  4. The point you're making about even some of the top leagues getting easy over time is valid. I've found France to fall in that category, not because PSG are easy to beat (they aren't) but because the mid to lower table sides are unable to sustain solid squads over time. What ends up happening is that you cruise for 34 matches and by the time you play Monaco or PSG you're already 15 points ahead ... So I think it's the depth of quality in the EPL that makes it the most challenging over a long save. I've found Spain a close second in that sense.
  5. I'd love to be able to speed up or slow down the pace of the save with simple custom configuration. For example, when I start a save game, I can choose: Press conferences - on/off Tactical briefings - on/off Player interactions - on/off Training - on/off Mentoring - on/off Medical Staff - on/off ... this might not be the right list of elements, but the gist is that you can turn off parts of the game to speed up the progression. The benefit to me is -- being able to dive super deep into elements I enjoy in the game (like squad management, scouting) and still play a long enough save to see the results (10+ seasons). Now, I know that speeding past certain things is already possible today by delegating to the assistant manager -- but I am looking here for a solution that (1) requires way less processing time and (2) does not penalize the manager for skipping the element (let's face it - our assistant manager is going to screw up team talks and press conferences). Also - I know that FM touch is a reduced version and allows for faster game play. However, it is (a) lacking in key elements of the full fat version, e.g., a proper youth intake and (b) rigid, as opposed to the 'custom configuration' that I am proposing. Thanks for listening!
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