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  1. I've really enjoyed following. Congrats on the success!
  2. Yeah I think you're right. I also get the "now what" sentiment as it does turn to creep in after a first title. There could still be a lot to play for -- (1) Can you actually become the best team in France (by reputation, dominance over a 3-5 year span etc)? (2) Can you turn any of your players into international super stars (e.g., Ballon d'or, national team glory etc)? and of course (3) Can you win in Europe? (Just spitballing ... I am definitely not pushing you one way or another... it'd be completely cool to end the save whenever you feel like it).
  3. Just caught up on this late season magic. Very excited for you. It's been a long time coming and you've done it. Great work!
  4. I should mention that the file names that I uploaded are: Ezequiel Halevi - Córdoba #3.fmt Ezequiel Halevi - Córdoba #7.fmt Ezequiel Halevi - Córdoba #4(v03).fmt
  5. Sure, Dan. I uploaded 3 versions. The most recent one from season 7 and two older ones from the end of season 3 (promotion to La Liga) and mid-season 4 (first in La Liga). Thank you for looking into this.
  6. I am on my 7th season on Touch for Windows. Took Cordoba CF in Spain from the third tier to La Liga, and in La Liga finished 4th (as newly promoted), 5th and 5th on my first 3 seasons there. My manager reputation in the profile screen has stayed minimal (2.5 stars) this entire time. Does this sound reasonable? A couple of additional things happening on this save that I don't quite understand: This entire time (7 seasons) I've also never been linked with any jobs and was not offered interviews. In the La Liga season preview, my manager personality appears as "unambitious" (th
  7. What you're going through this season resonates. I'm going through something similar myself with Cordoba CF. I'm on the 4th season in the top flight (7th season overall) and I feel like I am constantly improving the squad, but I am hitting a local ceiling that needs to be smashed so I can really compete for titles. My first 3 finishes in La Liga were 4th. 5th and 5th which were incredible and overachieving, but now in the fourth season I am sitting at 7th-8th and just don't feel like we're close to cracking the top 4. Another similarity to your Annecy story is that I've been making
  8. Very cool to see the whole squad. It's well balanced. My two favorites are Cristian Palma (19 Flair!) - the new transfer, and Pastoriza. I'd look to give them as many touches as possible so they can make the magic happen at the center of the park.
  9. Here's my left-back by the way. He's relatively suited for attacking duties given his decent off the ball, anticipation, decisions, passing, work rate and the physicals. Crossing is just meh, but for his age and relative to most full backs he's solid. The left back is not my best player though. Not by a long shot. That would be the DM - Jason Beard - an Englishman (attached him as well).
  10. Looks very solid and I like the simplicity of the team instructions. The 4-3-3 DM systems you employ are quite similar to how I play (with an underdog in La Liga, Cordoba CF in season 6). I have built-in asymmetry but I don't quite rotate it as it suits the players I have quite rigidly (e.g., the left back can cross, so he's the wing-back or complete wing back, but the right back does not do much offensively so he's a full back on support). Lots of fun to follow you so far. Good luck with the rest of the season!
  11. Great progress and season so far! What's your current tactical set up? And are you fairly consistent or do you tinker?
  12. Would be good in defensive midfield as well.. Reminds me of a player I have, who is slightly shorter and worse in the air, but awesome physicals and mentals otherwise. I play him as a full back on support or Anchor Man...
  13. How's Anthony Rouault on your save? I just noticed him in your squad. He has been INCREDIBLE for me. Signed him for Cordoba CF in Spain (when I was in the second tier), and he was excellent for me for 2-3 seasons in La Liga and eventually got sold to Benfica in 2024 for 30 million EURO.
  14. Same issue happening to me in Spain since the last update - on FMT PC/Steam. Thanks for taking a look...
  15. I've been playing as Cordoba CF in the Spanish Segunda B. Going very well with a 4-2-3-1 possession tactic. One change I've noticed relative to prior Touch versions -- I got the youth intake mid-season on April 4th? Has that happened in your saves as well?
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