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  1. Here's my left-back by the way. He's relatively suited for attacking duties given his decent off the ball, anticipation, decisions, passing, work rate and the physicals. Crossing is just meh, but for his age and relative to most full backs he's solid. The left back is not my best player though. Not by a long shot. That would be the DM - Jason Beard - an Englishman (attached him as well).
  2. Looks very solid and I like the simplicity of the team instructions. The 4-3-3 DM systems you employ are quite similar to how I play (with an underdog in La Liga, Cordoba CF in season 6). I have built-in asymmetry but I don't quite rotate it as it suits the players I have quite rigidly (e.g., the left back can cross, so he's the wing-back or complete wing back, but the right back does not do much offensively so he's a full back on support). Lots of fun to follow you so far. Good luck with the rest of the season!
  3. Great progress and season so far! What's your current tactical set up? And are you fairly consistent or do you tinker?
  4. Would be good in defensive midfield as well.. Reminds me of a player I have, who is slightly shorter and worse in the air, but awesome physicals and mentals otherwise. I play him as a full back on support or Anchor Man...
  5. How's Anthony Rouault on your save? I just noticed him in your squad. He has been INCREDIBLE for me. Signed him for Cordoba CF in Spain (when I was in the second tier), and he was excellent for me for 2-3 seasons in La Liga and eventually got sold to Benfica in 2024 for 30 million EURO.
  6. Same issue happening to me in Spain since the last update - on FMT PC/Steam. Thanks for taking a look...
  7. I've been playing as Cordoba CF in the Spanish Segunda B. Going very well with a 4-2-3-1 possession tactic. One change I've noticed relative to prior Touch versions -- I got the youth intake mid-season on April 4th? Has that happened in your saves as well?
  8. I've been thinking Cordoba CF in the Spanish third tier. Should be a fun challenge... 2020-21 is a transitional season with 102 teams in that tier (Segunda B), a complicated structure with promotion groups, and relegation groups, and a complete realignment of the tiers after the season. So you could end in the La Liga 2 (Smartbank) - the second tier, or in the newly created third, fourth or fifth tiers (can suffer a double relegation).
  9. To my understanding, this is all about the knowledge level at the club. In the full game when you search players at the entire database that is loaded (and the knowledge levels manifest in whether you can see the exact attributes of a player and more), but on FM Touch as I understand it you can only see players within the club's scouting knowledge (I've had this issue once when I only saw 8 players from the Austrian Bundesliga available in search). The way around this is an unlockable that opens it up (and costs 1.99 or something like that).... I forgot which one though
  10. Hi All -- Does anyone know -- if I initially buy just FM touch and some time later in the cycle (say Feb or March) want to add the new version, do I need then need to pay "full price" for the full version, or is there a "pay the gap" price for users who already own FM Touch? Thanks!
  11. To be fair though, before the 10 seasons of poor intakes I had a 186 PA midfielder in season 1 and a 180 PA striker in season 2 ( I checked through the in game editor at the very end of the save)... So I probably should not complain
  12. Lots of brilliant careers and posts here. Kudos to everyone! Question -- has anyone here ever tried the challenge on FM20 Touch? Youth intakes have felt a little more substantial this year on Touch so I am wondering if anyone thought it was worth a shot (or maybe even tried on Touch and had some lessons to share... )
  13. I feel your pain :) I have not been this unlucky on any of my recent saves, but I will say that I've found the outcomes (anecdotally) quite erratic. Which I guess could very well happen IRL ... A couple of examples from me: Lille OSC - 13 year save, 3 HOYD over the course of the save (progressively better personalities and attributes). Best prospects came in the first 3 seasons, before the facilities became "top". Then I had 10 years of pretty dull prospects. Valencia - 10 year save, facilities got better over time and still the best prospects came in season 2 and di
  14. Is there a way to view all the players in the loaded database in the "player search" screen? To eliminate the affect of scouting knowledge?
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