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    São Paulo/SP


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    Football Manager??? :p

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    Corinthians, Man Utd.

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  1. Congratulations on you first title! Cheers, Bitner
  2. All day long. And congratz on the campaigns, but i bet Scholesy is livid and gutted to lose both cups to Citeh Cheers, Bitner
  3. Great Season, now you that you survived that cursed second season, onto high flies? Cheers, Bitner
  4. Well, hope you stay on top flight, you're in a good position. Cheers, Bitner
  5. Then congratulations on winning the league. Where are our intrepid heroes going next? Cheers, Bitner
  6. Well, good Luck, you'll need it. And congratz for the promotion! Cheers, Bitner
  7. Congratulations on UEL group Stage qualification... I think you can win 1 or 2 games, which would be great for finances! Cheers, Bitner
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