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  1. Congratz! We have to start our awards somewhere. Cheers, Bitner
  2. Nice time to take the lead, for sure! Cheers, Bitner
  3. Bitner

    [FM19] Where Scholes goes...

    Exciting times ahead! Cheers, Bitner
  4. It's close, get this game in hand and go for the title. Cheers, Bitner
  5. Like that! Cheers, Bitner
  6. As long as you're not losing, you're well... Unless you're not winning, then i'd be worried :P Cheers, Bitner
  7. Bitner

    Training in FM19

    That's it, my Dergview is getting some results, i'm not caring about development at all, i just want some results and reputation. At Man Utd you need to do everything in style, speaking about other teams i'm managing :v Cheers, Bitner
  8. Bitner

    Training in FM19

    I'm still getting grip of the training, althoughAI does all the job for semi-pro teams i manage, i'm only managing the pracc for the PRO level teams, and it's all experimenting. I just hope some sort of guide appears to guide us through the learning process, which is the best part of FM. Cheers, Bitner
  9. I'm loving it. But i still waiting for some lights on how things are done to make your team get some cohesion quickly and don't compromise the individual development. If there's a way to do so, ofc. :P And i'm already loving that the TRAINING forum will be used to it too! Cheers, Bitner
  10. About the pre-match tactical advice screen, i'd just reflect on what they said if things go wrong, the game just helps you to play it a lil better, because some people were quite lost. If you're good enough, you can ignore all advice the game gives you. Cheers, Bitner
  11. At the moment i need a major strike of luck to get through the groupstage, yet again. Thanks <3 Cheers, Bitner
  12. Well, counter-strike is consuming me, grinding to get something on amateur leagues are hard. But i'm here, at least i want to, all season. Cheers, Bitner
  13. Gl mate, looking forward to you adventures! Cheers, Bitner
  14. Bitner

    [FM19] Where Scholes goes...

    I'm Sad David Scholes. Surely you'll get grip with this game soon. (yes, i'm kinda back, but the CS:GO amateur tournaments get all my time atm) Cheers, Bitner
  15. Bitner

    The 2018 FMCU Awards -Awards Night

    I gotta a feeling i missed the day Cheers, Bitner