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    Corinthians, Man Utd.

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  1. Tough Tough season. But we still believe in you. Cheers, Bitner
  2. Juan is a hell of a LB. And Bellingham is good, sad that he isn't scoring for you Cheers, Bitner
  3. A national team by now. And i think those blips on form are completely natural, your team isn't the best YET. Cheers, Bitner
  4. Great season e VAI CORINTHIANS! Finally a CWC win :P Cheers, Bitner
  5. Sold him to China, coz he wanted to be a first teamer, when he couldn't. Scored 16 goals for Shanghai SIPG hahaha. Cheers, Bitner
  6. That's why we play cup games. Cheers, Bitner
  7. Not the greatest of starts, but out of europe, you can focus solely on the league games. Hope to see more from the young guns. Cheers, Bitner
  8. He didn't lose the final :P But you're doing great bud. Hope Tiago Nunes emulates you Cheers, Bitner
  9. Sochan straight to the first team? Cheers, Bitner
  10. Boo!!! The first manager to ever lose a Club WC for Corinthians :P But great, great year, and foking psg dude Cheers, Bitner
  11. Amazing to see you in Europe, but we couldn't expect success so son, could we? Cheers, Bitner
  12. Mejibri scoring Freely... i can't quite believe... Cheers, Bitner
  13. I'm anxious to see YOUR intake haha Cheers, Bitner
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