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    Football Manager??? :p

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    Corinthians, Man Utd.

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  1. Bitner

    FM18: Memory Lane

    Sad to read it, but certainly there's no point to play a game to no enjoyment. I'm through something similar too, although is with cs:go. Wish you get your enjoyment back in whatever activity you choose. Cheers, Bitner
  2. Bitner

    This Saint Gonna Be Easy: Ch. V - Endgame

    Presunto do Oeste is a more accurate translation. Source: i'm Brazilian! Cheers, Bitner
  3. Bitner

    FM18: Memory Lane

    Good Luck mate! Cheers, Bitner
  4. Bitner

    FM18: Memory Lane

    You're dominating dude. Congratz! Cheers, Bitner
  5. Bitner

    FM18: Memory Lane

    Overpaying our 2nd option, how delightful! hahaha Cheers, Bitner
  6. Bitner

    FM18: Memory Lane

    Hey Rikulec! Hope there's more sucess to come mate! Cheers, Bitner
  7. Pointing that Rio ALWAYS played at Right center back, because Vidic played at Left Center Back to cover Scholes and Evra who were both bad defensive players. Cheers, Bitner
  8. Happened to me once. Cheers, Bitner
  9. Even if i don't like Leeds, i really do like careers with some specifical tactical approach Cheers, Bitner
  10. Bitner

    This Saint Gonna Be Easy: Ch. V - Endgame

    Tadic saving the manager, what a player! Cheers, Bitner
  11. Time to crack a gameplan which retreats a bit when you are 1-0 up? Maybe shout FOCUS? :v Cheers, Bitner
  12. Seems like your defence isn't very solid, given the amount of times you just crack under pressure :/ Cheers, Bitner