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  1. Well, he rocked a 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow in 12/13, so i'm not sure about that... And Fairly Narrow helps Evra's Overlaps, so i think it's fairly accurate tbh. Cheers, Bitner
  2. This looks more familiar to me, because Scholes ALWAYS played center-left, never center right, because he and Ronaldo at the same side would mean suicide. That said, against Barcelona we looked like a 4-2-3-1 with Park as AMC sometimes... i guess 07/08 was hard to replicate because it had a lot of formations used to explot/stifle the opposition, not only the 4-4-2 to propose the game. Against Lyon per example we went in a 4-2-3-1 with Anderson as AMC, to get a little bit more solid donw the mid. Cheers, Bitner
  3. What a day! Cheers, Bitner
  4. Best wishes to you, too. Hope you cap this memorable career with the World Cup. For all that happened this year, you deserve this silver lining on this save. Cheers, Bitner
  5. Yes, the Champions League Final had ronaldo as a LW to exploit Essien. Cheers, Bitner
  6. Just read everything. What a career and i love the way you post your updates. And never feel like you're bothering us or letting us down. Hope you get better soon, bud! Cheers, Bitner
  7. It's ok, i had a backup and i'm still playing (lost literally one day of gametime, but whatever). Reported because it's important to you guys know that some random things like that might happen Cheers, Bitner
  8. Good Luck! Hope you get the promotion this season start's deserve! Cheers, Bitner
  9. Great december, nonetheless. Cheers, Bitner
  10. "Uploaded files Cant apply to new jobs.fm" Cheers, Bitner
  11. I can't apply to new jobs with any one of my 3 managers and i don't know why? Cheers, Bitner
  12. LEGEND! Bring Plymouth back and then turn down Arsenal! Cheers, Bitner
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