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  1. From my experience of over 70 hours of FM19 it is very easy to significantly reduce the number wins. It is only necessary to (not) use certain combinations of instructions. The assertion that any match can be easily won no matter how were these instructions used is only a myth.
  2. From my point of view, fm18 was too random. The FM19 beta is more playable (not necessarily perfectly balanced but playable). FM19 still has some problems with AI's ability to use some strategies and tools that a player knows and uses. Probably AI will be improved over time. An experienced player can indeed be frustrated if the game becomes too easy for his level and knowledges. However, only experienced players have the necessary knowledge to add to the game the additional difficulty they want. A beginner will not know how to optimize his game and a casual player will not have the time or the patience to learn all that is necessary to create a game with the difficulty he wants. Most beginners and casual gamers will use tactical aberrations completely unbalanced (3 strikers on attack duty combined with a very risky mentality) trying to achieve the desired satisfaction. I do not think the game should be too easy, but I do not think the less experienced players should be "pushed to the cheating area".
  3. How would be better to increase the difficulty level ? Making the game more random or making new tools available for AI ? Or both of them ?
  4. No. They are styles. Are not identical with real tactics. They are "average" configurations optimized so that they are balanced . People who have designed these styles know more about ME than 100 "gamebreaking-tactics" creators . Their purpose was not to create super tactics but to provide a starting point for less experienced users. More experienced users can create many other balanced configurations based on similar principles. Some real teams use tactical configurations very similar to those presented in the game as "styles". But no real team will use the same style irrespective of the opponent, the competition, the available players, the frequency of the matches.
  5. I can imagine ... let's say a newly promoted team (casual human player) would meet Liverpool (AI with fully implemented gegenpressing style). Final result ? 0-5. "Oh, but it's too hard, it's not normal, I'm sure ME is broken, maybe I should search for come downoadable Diablo tactics"
  6. If AI is not able (yet) to use (and change) new preset styles then these styles are a kind of downloaded tactics. But if these style will be fully implemented for AI use then "too easy" will become "too hard"
  7. Is it AI able to use these preset tactical styles ?
  8. Of course is not. AI can handle some configurations even if 3 strikers are used.
  9. I played over 100 hours (FM18) using different combinations of 523 wb narrow. And there is something strange about OP. West Ham is not a top team but not a relegation candidate. A very offensive 523 wb combination could generate at least 6 chances per game. But in OP there are generated below 5 chances per game. A good team playing 523 wb can score 10 goals for every 25 chances. A very good team (full of world class strikers) can score 10 goals for every 20-22 chances. But in OP are scored 10 goals at every 19 chances. Is West Ham team full of world class strikers ? I don't think. Their strikers are quality players but not world class players. There is any way to score a lot of goals from a low number of chances ? Yes. Having a lot of luck ... or using reloads. Even the fact that were generated a relative low number of chances is interesting. It means that ME can better cope with unrealistic tactical instructions and configurations.
  10. The problem is does not matter how new and over-intricated will be this "new ME" ... it will be still "exploited". These downloadable tactics are not created by "exploiting old code lines". These tactics are created by exploiting events with a high probability of occurrence. But these most-probable-events can not be avoided in a "new "ME" because they are essential elements in real football. Of course, it can be said that AI is not smart enough to adapt to an "extreme" event (unexpected). But there's no need for a new ME to make it smarter. The problem is that if AI it's too smart then it will suffer even players who play without exploits. However, it is difficult to create a smart AI but not exaggeratedly intelligent because the game allows thousands of "extreme" combinations and AI should be "taught" to deal with each combination but not to be impossible to defeat.
  11. "Shape" = "position & duty specific mentality" + "team creative freedom". We can presume there are other ways to change these two instructions.
  12. It is plausible. Some players can play a lot of matches without a high risk to be injured. But here are two problems. Natural fitness and stamina are in serbian league lower than in english or german or italian first leagues. This means is not recommended to use high training intensity for a long time or play high intensity tactical configurations for a long time. Can be used, but they increase the risk of injuries. On the other hand, your best players are playing in AMR - AMC - AML positions. So, 4-2-3-1 is a natural configuration for them.
  13. Overview, Player, Set Pieces, Captains, Match Plans, Opp Instruction and Analysis are old menus. But "Team" menu is new. Is does not exist in FM18. I can presume this menu includes all old TI's without any limitation. Maybe. Or maybe it includes something new.
  14. Of course. But my central defenders are not BPD. And 61 % of these passes are received from other players than goalkeeper or other central defender. There is a problem somewhere ? Yes, because they are not involved enough. But nobody can say they are "ignored by their teammates".
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