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  1. 2017, August 19. Burnley - WBA. Shots : 20 - 8. Shots on target : 0 - 1. Shots off target : 15-5. Shots blocked : 5 - 2. Goals : 0 -1 I think it's really difficult to replicate this
  2. And they really do that. They are playing what are asked for. But players are not machines. Each of them has their own abilities and personality. Some of them may be more disciplined, others less disciplined. Some of them focus better, others have trouble maintaining their concentration. Some make good decisions quickly, others need more time. In relation to these aspects would it be realistic to have a command "do not shoot / cross at all" or "always shoot / cross" ? I talked about an aggressive approach because only a team that plays very offensive will shoot 30 or 40 times per game.
  3. This is the problem. The poor guy is trying to listen to you. But if you give him contradictory instructions ... what can he do? "Play aggressively, attack 90 minutes ... but do not shoot or cross !".
  4. What about realism? H3nrique exemplified his opinion with a match in she Spanish league. But in another match in the Spanish league Real Madrid shoot 22 times to score a goal. And only 4 of these shots were on target (!). 10 shots were from outside the box, 12 from the box. Why so many shots and so few shots on target ? It was so simple for the manager to tell them "do not shoot until there is a clear chance to score" ...
  5. Your opinion My opinion, after a career of over 500 games : maybe this ME is not perfect but clearly is not "broken" From some points of view is even easier to "score" in FM than is IRL.
  6. This kind of tactics do not improve efficiency first but dramatically increase (+ 20-50%) the number of shots and significantly reduce the number of shots of the opposing teams (-10-30%). Of course, this means that these super tactics generate large spaces in attack and at the same time, create defensive configurations that the AI does not handle. By the way, Gegenpressing has a similar effect but with a lower efficiency.
  7. OK. How did you do that, exactly? Some details would be interesting to know
  8. Please try to count. You'll see something very interesting.
  9. Did you count shots on target from the penalty box for, let's say, 20 matches in a row ?
  10. Of course. But the first indication that something is wrong with chosen strategy is the large number of shots from outside the penalty box or the large number of blocked shots (including those from the penalty box).
  11. Forget about "clear cut chances" or "shots". There is only one important thing : shots from the penalty box. And, very important, blocked shots should not be considered.
  12. In real life there is no such thing as a "the right tactic". There is a succession of tactics adapted to the moment and a general conduct based on the characteristics of the available players. But if this were implemented in FM it would be necessary for the player to watch carefully at least half a match. And many casual players wouldn't do that.
  13. From my experience of over 70 hours of FM19 it is very easy to significantly reduce the number wins. It is only necessary to (not) use certain combinations of instructions. The assertion that any match can be easily won no matter how were these instructions used is only a myth.
  14. From my point of view, fm18 was too random. The FM19 beta is more playable (not necessarily perfectly balanced but playable). FM19 still has some problems with AI's ability to use some strategies and tools that a player knows and uses. Probably AI will be improved over time. An experienced player can indeed be frustrated if the game becomes too easy for his level and knowledges. However, only experienced players have the necessary knowledge to add to the game the additional difficulty they want. A beginner will not know how to optimize his game and a casual player will not have the time or the patience to learn all that is necessary to create a game with the difficulty he wants. Most beginners and casual gamers will use tactical aberrations completely unbalanced (3 strikers on attack duty combined with a very risky mentality) trying to achieve the desired satisfaction. I do not think the game should be too easy, but I do not think the less experienced players should be "pushed to the cheating area".
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