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  1. Georgia / 1st league / Kolkheti 1913 Poti / 2022 / Season 2 Season 1 Youth intake 2022 Indeed, it's an excellent group of players. The preview was 100% correct. It is not very clear how an Irishman (Gareth Campbell) arrived to Georgia, but it doesn't matter : he's a pretty good and useful player. The best four players we got at intake : ***** And now, the final table : yes, the team has relegated. It's not surprising because the best players in my team would be used (at most) as reserves by other teams in the first league. To be honest, the only surprising fact is the successful promotion in the previous season. I was probably very lucky. Other details : media prediction, players' stats, results. ***** Transfers : ***** Squad : The other two club's teams : Kolkheti 2 and Kolkheti U18 ***** The manager has developed a bit more : now he has a National B license. Club's finances are fine, although the available budget (wages + transfers) has been reduced from 1500000 (current season) to only 750000 (next season). In terms of facilities ... junior coaching is now "adequate".
  2. The agent who proposed this Happy to you probably has many other South African players in his portfolio. It's very likely that you have a good relationship. Annoy him with something and ... he won't give you "his" players anymore.
  3. Georgia / 2nd league / Kolkheti 1913 Poti / 2021 / Season 1 Preview Youth intake : Qualitatively speaking, it was a poor intake. In fact, I knew for a few months that it would be a poor intake (preview), but I hoped I would get at least one or two good players. Unfortunately, not even the best young player I got is not good enough. The final table. First place and a promotion to the first league : Details : results, player stats Transfers : The squad : The other squads : Kolkheti 2, Under18 Facilities have been slightly improved (junior coaching has increased from "fairly basic" to "average"). The manager also looks better now, because he has already got the National C license and is studying (day and night, of course) to get also the National B license. From a financial point of view, everything is perfect : the budget for the next season has increased from 950000 / year (last season) to over 1500000 / year. Of course, I can't bring in players, but I can improve the staff and also I can reduce the number of players tempted to go to other clubs.
  4. July 2040 ***** Transfers. We only brought 3 new players, all on loan. I would have needed more (and better) players, but we don't have enough money. Anyway, it's still good, we managed to strengthen the defense a little more. ***** We only have 19 players in the squad, which means that, occasionally, we'll have to use some players from the U20 squad. None of those young players are good enough to play in the best eleven, but there are 3-4 players out there who could play 15 to 45 minutes from time to time. *************** 3 points out of 6 (in the league) and a surprising (and lucky) win in the last (Cup) game. By the way, I forgot to mention : in the Cup we missed the direct qualification, because we only ranked second in our group. But we were one of the 3 teams ranked 2nd that had the highest number of points, which means we still got a lucky qualification for the round of 16. ***** ****************************** August 2040 ***** Wow ! 6 points out of 6 ! Good, job, guys ! ***** In the first two games (both being league games) we got exactly zero points. A draw got in the last match, the one against Patriotas, would have been really useful for us in the fight to avoid relegation. Bad luck. In the last game (the second match of the Cup round of 16) we only managed to defend desperately hoping for a miracle. We got to penalties ... but still lost the qualification. ***** Two consecutive draws (2-2). Pretty good, especially since in the second game we played badly and we didn't deserve to get any point. ***** We are on the 8th place, but in the relegation table we are not close enough to the two counter-candidates, Millionarios and Bogota FC. I have to remind : in order to avoid relegation we must get (at the end of the championship) either 3 points more than Millionaires or 13 points more than Bogota FC. For now, overall differences are - 8 points compared to Millionarios and - 4 points compared to Bogota. ***** We haven't won any of the last 5 games and, as a result, the atmosphere is not very good. We need (at least) a win in the next 2-3 games ... ****************************** September 2040 ***** 4 points from 9. It's very good, because the team's morale is now better. However, I would have preferred to win that game against Millionarios. We played better than them and the final result (0 - 0) was really frustrating. ***** 2 points out of 9. For unknown reasons, although the morale is good, the team plays pretty poorly. ***** We fell to the 11th place, but to be honest, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that, at this moment, we have in the relegation table the same number of points as Bogota FC. There are 6 more rounds to play and, if we'll get 7-8 points in these 6 games ... we really have a good chance to avoid relegation. ****************************** October - November 2040 ***** Youth intake preview "A terrific group of players". Interesting. Even more interesting is the positional distribution of these possible very good players : a goalkeeper, three central defenders, two defensive midfielders. *************** What the ... ? We should not have lost either of these two games. Moreover, we should have gotten at least 4 points out of 6. We didn't get any points. The final conclusion? Goodbye, first league. We were pleased to meet you ... ***** It does not matter. ***** It does not matter anymore. ***** We ranked 16th in the second phase table and 16th in the overall table. For a newly promoted team it looks to be a reasonable performance. But we ranked 19th in the relegation (average) table, and that's the only thing that really matters now. ***** *************** Player's stats. *************** Teams' stats. We have been a "13th to 16th place team". Unfortunately, the Colombian relegation system is disadvantageous for small and relatively poor teams. In the first season a "survival approach" is not enough. A newly promoted team must play directly at the same level with a (better and richer) mid-table team in order to avoid relegation. *************** Surprisingly, our U20 team achieved an exceptional performance. Not only they won the regional group (there are 5 such groups) but even reached the top 4 nationally. *************** Wow ! The team relegated, so, from our board point of view, we met almost all our objectives. Should I expect a salary raise ? *************** My managerial skills after 20 years of career. As a personal opinion, I would say that they are way too high for a guy who, in 20 years, has not won even once an important competition. *************** Maybe it would have been interesting to play a few more seasons. But 20 years is enough. ****************************** The whole career (2020-2040) ... and the last 5 years (2036 - 2040) : END OF CAREER
  5. Hungary / 2nd league / III. Keruleti TVE / 2023-2024 / Season 3 Season 2 First of all, the ranking : Yes, the team relegated and I was fired. In other words, end of career (and end of this challenge). Of course, it's not important at all, but ... those were the results. In the first part of the season I tried to play more defensive, but it turned out to be almost impossible to avoid conceding 2, 3 or even more goals every match. After that I tried to play very offensive, the team scored a lot of goals ... but it wasn't enough to avoid relegation. Do I have reasons to be upset? No, but I regret I didn’t "survive" in the second league because this year’s youth intake was very good, really a “golden generation”. In my opinion, I received at this intake at least 4 players who could easily have become really good players in the first league. By the way : according to the preview, this should have been a pretty mediocre generation. In reality, I received a lot of of good or even very good players. A second reason for (a bit of) frustration : the best player of the previous year's youth intake was called Gyula Varga. So, during this season he was 16 years old. Who was the best striker in the whole team this season ? Gyula Varga. He scored no less than 18 goals. I really regret that I did not have the opportunity to continue this career to see how he could have been develop in the future. ****************************** The second attempt. So, it's time for a new challenge. I decided I would choose a nation that has a similar (but not higher) youth rating than that of Hungary. I had to choose between Iceland, Georgia and Albania. I chose Georgia, which means I now use a custom database. In the database just the first two leagues in Georgia are playable, and both competitions start in February-March and end in November. Only one team is relegated from the second league, and that means I'll not have anything to choose : I'll play with that team that, at the end of the 2020 season, will be promoted from the 3rd league. My new team : Kolkheti-1913 Poti. ***** Some details about Kolkheti. It's a professional club ... but its facilities are very limited : However, this is not a small club. Kolkheti played in the first league until 2018. That year he was relegated to the second league. In the next season (2019) not only did he fail to promote ... but it even relegated to the 3rd league. In 2020 it won the 3rd league and was promoted to the 2nd league. How important are these details? First of all, the club's national reputation is high. Secondly, in the team there are 7-8 players who a few years ago even played in the first league. This is not a team made up strictly of players lacking experience and individual value. Of course, I started my managerial career from scratch, that is, without any experience and badges. I forgot to change the manager's nationality that I used during my first attempt, so I will be a Hungarian which manages a club in Georgia. Other details : media prediction, finances.
  6. To be honest, I don't care what FIFA players think about their game. It's their right to like colorful light bulbs and fireworks. Personally, I got terribly bored after only a few hours of playing that game. But I know for sure : FM is much more versatile and realistic than any other football game. And this although in which, according to some, it would need some improvements. So, any improvement for FM does nothing but increase the quality difference between FM and other games. Under these conditions, to say that FM has to be cheaper than other games is like claiming that a player in the 3rd league should earn more money than Harry Kane.
  7. If for them £35 is a good value then for us £40 is a very good value. Remember : they get a simple and scripted game while we get a much more varied game.
  8. Well, I meant the price. FIFA is excessively expensive compared to what it offers. FIFA players appreciate the "Final Fantasy" game-style. It doesn't matter how unrealistic what they see is, the more unrealistic the game is, the more they like it. But these players are not and will never be FM fans, and that's because FM does not offer them the dose of unrealism they are looking for.
  9. Because the other games with a similar theme (football) are poor in quality. They are nicely packaged, but their content is completely unrealistic : "Christmas tree, balloons, tinsel, beautifully colored light bulbs, fireworks and Santa Claus coming down the chimney to bring presents to good children." Let's be serious. That's anything but not football.
  10. If that game can be bought for £35 then FM 22 should be bought for at least £150. Honestly, I wouldn't pay even £5 for that scripted game. As for the database ... the official one contains about 500,000 people. Those created by users contain a maximum of 15,000 additional people. As an idea, for 3 years I participated in supplementing the national database (over 5000 players and almost 1000 officials). Given the effort required to create a relatively small database, I think FM is really cheap.
  11. Hungary / 2nd league / III. Keruleti TVE / 2022-2023 / Season 2 Season 1 Youth intake (generation "C") : Preview Best player : Final table : 14th place. Transfers : Squads : Other details : Media prediction, finances, facilities ( for the time being they are the same as last season, but a youth facilities improvement has already been accepted), manager (no changes, I tried three times but my request to take the coaching course for the national C license was not accepted). One more thing: we have a new HOYD. And he's really good, maybe the best HOYD in the entire 2nd league. Results, player's stats. And a short review : it's a very difficult time for the team. I can't keep all important players I need and young players don't have needed skills or experience to play at a high level. This year’s intake was much better than last year’s, but it's clear : a 15-16 years old player can hardly cope with more experienced opponents.
  12. December 2039 ***** So, I got an interview offer from Atletico Nacional Medellin. A very strong club (2nd place two seasons ago and 5th place last season). But that's nothing. After a few days I received another offer, even more impressive, from Atletico Junior Barranquilla, the strongest Colombian team of the last two seasons. However, I decided: I will not attend any interviews and I will continue with my current club. The fact that we'll now play in the first league is a sufficiently interesting challenge ... at least for me. ***** I don't think we have a strong enough (for the first league) team, so some additional good players would be needed. The trouble is ... we don't have money. Our budget is so small that we can only attract mediocre players. ****************************** January 2040 ***** Our reputation has grown a lot in the last two years. When I was hired, Atletico Cali was the 30th club in the country. Now we have climbed to 19th place. ***** However, we are considered one of the weakest teams in the first league, which is why our board's expectations are not very ambitious: "be competitive", which could mean "try to avoid relegation". In fact, we aren't considered "one of the weakest teams" but even "by far the weakest team". It seems our squad is even weaker than I would have thought. ***** Thanks, but ... is there any extra money available? It seems not ... ***** I found a very good HOYD. Moreover, this man demanded only $ 1,400 (other HOYDs asked for at least $ 5,000). It would have been an exceptional deal for us. But we just couldn't find those $ 32,000 needed to complete the transfer .... ***** We didn't bring in any new players. The two "newcomers" already played for us (on loan) last season but now we were able to transfer them for free because their clubs no longer needed them. In terms of players we lost ... we have some big troubles : first, we lost the best central defender we had (Perreira, his club didn't agree to loan him again to us), then we lost the best right defender (Hinojoza, sold for only $ 9000 since his contract would have expired on June 30 anyway). I would have preferred to have Hinojoza in our team until the summer, but it was not possible because he really wanted to leave right now. The team report is not very encouraging. It seems (at least for this first season) our goal should be only to avoid relegation. And it won't be easy. We don't have many really good youngsters. Gonzales seems to be a very promising player. Torres, Navarro and Prado also look pretty good, but all of them will need at least one year (or even two) to reach a level that will allow them to play in the first league. ***** We'll play in the Colombia Cup groups. The draw was pretty good for us, the only very difficult opponent being Valledupar FC, a good first league team. ***** Friendlies. We had time just for two friendly games. However, more games was not really needed because both cohesion and team morale were very good. *************** The first two games of this season. We only got one point out of 6 and, unfortunately, we lost the first game even though the team played very well. ****************************** February 2040 ***** As it is known, Columbia is full of young and very talented players. Unfortunately, I discovered the Big Truth : all good Colombian players do not want to play "for free". They want quite high salaries and we can't pay so much. We had 7 players on the list and we only managed to transfer only one. ***** Youth intake 2040 That was a really good intake. We received at least 4 players having a high potential and about 2-3 more player who, if we are lucky, could have a good enough potential. *************** 4 points out of 9. We lost - again - two points after a game (the second) that we should have won easily. ***** The first two games in the Colombia Cup groups. In the first game we played badly ... and we won. In the second game we played very well ... and we lost. In the future we'll probably have to play as badly as possible, as it seems that our chances of winning are higher if we'll play like this. ***** That was a bad idea. We tried to play very bad ... and we succeeded, yay !. But we didn't win a point in the next two games (both being league games). ***** A rather weak start. I hope we won't continue like this ... ****************************** March 2040 ***** We lost the first game (a league game), but we won the second (cup game). It's still good. ***** We met two very difficult opponents ... and clearly there is a huge qualitative difference between our team and their teams. We got a point, but only because we were very lucky. In fact, we got much more than "one point" : we also got a lot of money due to the second game, and that's because America de Cali have a huge number of fans. ***** Finally, two very good results : we defeated Millionarios (league game) and then we also clearly won the cup game played against Atletico Bucaramanga. We are first in the cup group ... but we'll play away the next (and last) two games. Valledupar FC continues to be the "number one" favorite, but if we'll be lucky enough we could even get the qualification. ***** It's pretty good for now. Surprisingly, our defensive game works pretty well (I knew we had a weak defense) ... but the offensive game is disappointing. We have enough chances to score but we can't score as much as we should do. ****************************** April 2040 ***** 5 points out of 9. That's better. ***** This is one of the most annoying situations in FM. Not the fact that "there are too many / too few injuries", but the fact that injuries are sometimes "grouped". All players who play in a certain position get injured at the same time, which in real life happens extremely rarely. ***** We lost the (first) game in the league (and our opponents scored two goals from only two shots on target) ... but we won the second game, the one in the Cup groups. ***** Unfortunately, our chances of qualifying for the next Cup round are low. Why ? Because we conceded a stupid goal in the 88th minute. If we hadn't conceded it, we would have had a 9-2 goal difference, which means a draw in the last game would have been enough to qualify. But because we're on the second place we have to win that decisive game (away, against Valledupar FC). ***** 4 points out of 6. Great ! ***** We climbed to 14th place. Overall, April was been a good month for us. ****************************** May 2040 ***** We didn't win any point, but I didn't expect to win either. Envigado FC and Atletico Nacional's teams are far too strong for our level. ***** The 6th game in the Colombia Cup groups. We lost this game, we lost the qualification. That's it. ***** We also lost the last game of the first phase of the championship. Unfortunately, we played extremely bad. The team's morale is low ... and the manager's morale is not much higher either. ***** A really sh**ty month ... We are in 18th place, which means we have significant "chances" to relegate. However, the situation does not seem very serious because there are still 20 games to play in the second phase of the competition. So, I would have plenty of time to get the team on the right track. But there is a big problem : in Europe will relegate those teams ranked on the last places in the final ranking of a season. In South America there is a different system : will relegate those teams ranked on the last places in a ranking based on the last 3 (three) seasons. However, that ranking is quite difficult to read as it involves those so-called "average points" : For this reason, I have compiled a simplified ranking that can show me much more clearly how many points I would need to avoid relegation. This is actually the ranking of the last two seasons : In short : Atletico Cali must get more points this season than two other teams in the group of 3 "gray" (Union Magdalena, Millionarios Bogota and Jaguares Cordoba). Since Union Magdalena is at a very long distance (it already has 31 points) it results that we have to collect more points than both Jaguares and Millionarios. Jaguares do not seem to be a threat for us, instead Millionarios already have 3 more points than us and one more game to play. In the second half of the season we will have to play better than "Millionaires". Otherwise, we'll relegate.
  13. There are a few more weeks until FM 22 will be available, so there would be enough time for a youth challenge. Chosen nation : Hungary, for two reasons. First of all, Hungary has a low youth rating, so it produces a quite low number of very good young players. Secondly, clubs in this country offer high salaries compared to those in neighboring countries (Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia or Slovenia), so a fairly large number of mid-level players who were generated in these countries will come to play for a Hungarian club. This means a more difficult challenge because all of these countries have a higher youth rating than Hungary. Of course, being selected only by the Hungarian leagues, the number of players generated in other countries will be small, but even so the Hungarian championship will "import" yearly at least 10-15 good foreign players, and this will create difficulties for any club that relies strictly on its own academy. So, Hungary. Which club was I going to play with ? From those three available options, I chose the first one : The main reason for this choice : the name seemed interesting and even a little funny, because at first glance "III. Kerulet" looks like an email address. In fact, in Hungarian "III. Keruleti" means "District III", and the full name of the club (III. Keruleti TVE) means "District III Gymnastics and Fencing Association". In fact, Budapest (the city where the club is located) is divided into 27 districts, this club being founded in district 3. Club facilities : The club's facilities level is surprisingly high. Only 4 other clubs in the 2nd league have better facilities, and facilities of 5 other clubs are similar to those owned by III. Kerulet. As a first impression, it seems that the next youth intakes will be promising. Manager's qualifications and badges : Squads : Indeed, I have 21 players, but two of them (Czvitkovics and Rajczi) have announced their retirement at the end of the month, and the third (Bori) doesn't want to extend his contract. So, I'll have only 18 players for a competition involving 38 rounds (plus one or more Cup games) Other details : club's reputation, media prediction, finances. *************** I've already finished the first season : Youth intake Preview Best players : Final table : 15th place. It could have been better. Transfers : At the beginning of the season I lost 3 players (retired or released). Now I lost the 4th player (Remili). Next season I'll be forced to use many players received at youth intake regardless of whether or not they are really able to play for the first team. Towards the end of the current season there were some games in which I had only 2 players on the bench, the others being suspended or injured. Squads : I tried to use numbers to designate players received at youth intake, but those numbers bothered me. So, I chose another option : between every name and surname I introduced the letter "A" for all existing players at the beginning of the season and the letter "B" for all new players, those received at youth intake. Other details : players' stats, results, finances. Facilities have been improved a little (only "junior coaching", from adequate to average). As for my coaching qualifications ... there are no changes yet. The board did not accept my requests to go on a course. The objective for next season ? Avoiding relegation or, at best, a position on the 9th - 12th places. I need at least 2-3 more years (and some really good youth intakes) to set out a more ambitious goal.
  14. If I want "real life" then ... it's simple : I go to the stadium. But FM it's a game called "manager". I wouldn't have bought it if it had been called "football spectator" or "TV simulator". I know where the stadium is and I have a TV, lol. By the way, I bought a game that has very good graphics, I played for a few hours, I got terribly bored and I decided that I would never spend money for something like that again. That game is way too simple and scripted. Of course, the game (FM) is not always complicated, but if I consider that I have no reason to focus too much then ... in any case I will not be interested in the color of the grass and the aesthetics of the stadium. I increase the speed of graphical representation, I finish the match and I start to prepare the next game.
  15. I play a game called "football manager". If I want to play the game called "football spectator" then I go to the stadium or watch TV. For most managers results are very important. This is their "job." That's why they were "hired." If they had been hired to admire the landscape, they would no longer have been called managers. I myself use extended or comprehensive view, but I'm not interested to look at the landscape. There are enough variables in the game and I don't think I can handle them better if I'm ecstatic about the color of the grass or about shadows. In case is happen to have an "easy" match, all I am interested in is to end the game and start preparations for the next match as soon as possible.
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