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  1. I applied for a few jobs. Some clubs on the list immediately told me they aren't interested to hire me ... but a few others accepted my application. List of jobs available in early July ***** ... and, after a few days, there were two clubs that even offered me a job interview : ***** After another 3 days I signed a contract : ****************************** So, Oman. A relatively large country (as large as Italy) but which, of course, is not very populated because a large part of the country's territory means desert. In Oman there is oil
  2. A brief review of some national and international competitions : ***** National competitions - Central America, 2032 - 2034. National Competitions - Caribbean Area, 2032 - 2034. National Competitions - North America, 2032 - 2034. International competitions - CONCACAF (clubs and national teams), 2032 - 2034. ***** International competitions - South America (clubs), 2020 - 2033. International competitions - South America (national teams), 2020 - 2033. National competitions - South America, 2033 - 2034 (for now only 4
  3. July 2034 ***** First games of July were ... so and so. 4 points out of 6 in the league, plus a defeat (1 - 3) in the cup game played against another 2nd league team, Orense Machala. ***** 3 points out of 6. In the first game we played mediocre. We didn’t deserve more. ***** Wow ! 5 - 0 in the cup game, plus a spectacular qualification for quarter-finals. Unfortunately, in the league match we only got a draw, although the team played very well. ***** We continue to keep our top 4 position, that is, on one of places that bring the qua
  4. Thanks. ***** So ... Nepal. First, some details about this country. It's located between China and India and the map suggests it is a relatively small country but this impression is caused by the fact that it borders with two very large countries. However, Nepal it's not a small country. Its area is exactly as large as cumulated area of England + Wales and its population is quite large (almost 30 million inhabitants). Of course, the best known aspect about Nepal refers to extremely high mountains that are located in this country. 8 of the highest mountains on earth are in Nepal, and
  5. February (and early March) 2021 ***** Youth intake preview. For now, this review it's a irrelevant. After all, who is FC Nagarjo? An amateur club whose reputation is similar to that of a club that plays in the 10th English League. Moreover, East Timor's national youth rating is 4 times lower than England's, which means that a club in the English 10th league will produce better youngsters than a club in East Timor having the same reputation. (by the way, I use Daveincid's megapack, and the national rating is lower than that default in the game). So ... what will the next intake
  6. Hmm ... do we need a Stalin or not? It's a difficult question ... Stalin ************************************************* Youth intake 2034 Surprise ! I didn't even get to know players from our senior squad well and I found we already have received an youth intake. Which isn't bad at all, we need these players. This intake looks to be even better than I would have expected, given the quality of club's facilities. We received three very promising youngsters (Burbano, Arce and Carabali) and the last of them seems to be a potential future first league player.
  7. Thanks. Only two of them (Jorje Alves and Marcos Gusmao) are real players. In fact, most East Timor clubs have only 1, 2 or 3 real players. Only the strongest 3 clubs (Boavista, Assalam and Lanelok United) have 15 or more real players in their squads.
  8. I've been playing FM for many years, but so far I have never tried a career in Asia. I played in Europe (of course), South America, North America, Africa ... but not in Asia. However, I had the opportunity to read on this forum about some exceptional careers that have taken place in this region of the world. Unfortunately, I'm not a good FM player, but that can't stop me from trying such a career. What are the objectives of this career ? As I said, I'm not a good FM player, so I only aim to play as much as possible and have some fun. Will I happen to win a competition ? Great ! Will I not achi
  9. I didn’t feel like waiting for their decision, so I applied for a job at no less than 9 clubs in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Why these countries ? Because I wanted to avoid clubs that have a high reputation. My previous experience in Costa Rica convinced me that it would be very difficult for me to manage at a club with a high reputation. Since the first Panamanian league had a reputation valued at "one and a half stars", I decided to apply only at clubs from leagues that do not have a reputation higher than "two stars" : Reputation - North and Central American leagues
  10. June and July 2033 ***** Well, I was offered a new contract. And I signed it. Does it mean I'll be manager at Alianza until 2035? I'm not sure at all. The main issue is this club is not able to develop. It doesn't have enough money for that. A brief analysis of the financial situation may explain this: In the last two years the club's revenues have increased (from 2 million in 2032 to 2.5 million in 2033). But why did they grow up? Because the board has invested more. The turnover (which does not include transfer fees or board's investments) remained the same, about 1
  11. December 2032 ***** Youth intake preview : "don't expect much from this intake". All right, I won't expect miracles. After all, we don't even have a HOYD. And our facilities aren't very good either. ***** Finances. We are not in a very good situation, the club has debts of over $ 700,000. The board has already invested half a million, but this money will have to be returned in the future. As a result, there is no question of higher expenses. I'll have to improve the team without exceeding the $ 75,000 monthly wages limit. ************************************
  12. Indeed, but xG is less relevant for just a few shots. There are random elements that appear both IRL and in FM. A player is tired, injured or over-excited or discouraged, for example. There is also the element called "luck" or "bad luck". The difference between a shot that misses the goal and an exceptional goal is only 3-4 inches. Also 3-4 inches are enough for a goalkeeper to miss or to touch and deflect a ball. xG is very useful if considered for 5 games or more.
  13. At the European Championship Croatia scored 3 goals against Scotland with only 0.7 xG. Belgium beat Portugal with only 0.2 xG. Sweden scored 3 goals against Poland with 1.0 xG. Even England needed 1.0 xG to eliminate Germany. xG is a very useful indicator ... but it is especially relevant for a larger number of games (at least 5, but preferably 10 or more). There is a very simple method by which you can use xG : on average, your team should not need more than 9 shots to "achieve" 1 xG. If they need 10 or more, it means you have a problem or, in other words, your team cannot create enough clear
  14. A short overview of the recently finished season (2031-32) in some domestic competitions from the CONCACAF zone : ************************************************* One of the board's requests when I signed the contract was "developing the best youth system in the country." Term : two years. Unfortunately, this will not be possible. Developing a better system than the one owned by Tauro or Universitario requires at least a million dollars ... money that we don't have and we'll not have even in the future. Could we earn enough money by selling some players ?
  15. March and April 2032 I am waiting for the end of the regular season ... ************************************************* May 2032 At the moment I have only one option : Alianza FC Panama. I applied. If until the beginning of July I'll not be hired by a first league club then I'll also apply to clubs in the second league. (By the way, my former club - Municipal Grecia - fired also the manager (AI) who took over of the club after I left). ************************************************* June 2032 I'm waiting. After 5 weeks Alianza has not yet
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