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  1. January - February 2023 It hurts. Only 4 points out of 18. And we don't even deserve more. ************************************************** March 2023 Some people might ask : hey, man, how many times have you used the famous tactic called "reload" ? I really didn't use it. I did nothing but change some team instructions (tempo > standard, pressing intensity > more urgent, defensive line > standard, line of engagement > higher). By the way, I use gegenpress, a configuration that is known not to require special tactical skills. Of course, it would
  2. October 2022 We were extremely lucky in the first game ... but we didn't manage to end our poor run of form. However, those 3 points we won were still enough to qualify for the playoffs. Qualifying for playoffs is not in itself a great performance because 16 teams (half of the 2nd league) can get it. But Brasilia is a relatively small and poor club and the fact that we finished in the top half is encouraging for the moment. The dressing room atmosphere is not good at all but I don't have much to do yet. Because I have limited facilities and the quality of the
  3. August 2022 What can I say ? 13 points from 5 games. It can't be better. However ... there is a problem: the team played well but not as well as the results would suggest. XG describes much better the way the 5 matches were played: about 8 expected goals for and about 7 expected goals against. In other words, opponents let a lot of space in their defense and did not focus enough in our half. This does not mean that opposing teams will continue to play in the same way until the end of the season. ************************************************** We lost the best
  4. Something about the club's reputation. It's very low. From this point of view we are about the 40th club in the country. This, plus the fact that we are only a semi-professional club significantly restricts our chances to transfer good players. The table above is probably not very significant, which is why I tried to compare the reputation of our club with the reputations of some English clubs. It seems that our reputation is similar to that of some clubs which play in the 7th English league. The best clubs in the country would be at the EFL League One (3rd level) level. And the stro
  5. So I'm the new (virtual) manager in Río Lindo. Brief statement: Río Lindo is a small town where about 3,500 people live. "Brasilia" does not play its home games in Río Lindo, but in the neighboring city, Santa Cruz. The stadium is quite small (2400 places) and, since Santa Cruz is not a big city either (only 18000 inhabitants), attendances or gate receipts income will probably never be very big. The club is semi-professional and has minimal facilities. As there is not much money, obviously the chances to improve the facility in the coming years are not too high. Being a semi-pro clu
  6. It's not about reputation, it's about how competition changes. Season 2021: 7 teams / start feb 1 / end febr 11 (qualified from CONCACAF ; 1) Season 2022 : 24 teams / start june 15 / end jul 5 (qualified from CONCACAF : 3) Season 2025, 2029, 2033 and so on (every 4 years) : 24 teams / start june 15 / end jul 5 (qualified from CONCACAF ; 3) What is the problem ? The qualification system is hardcoded. The game does not take into account the newly created Concacaf Champions League. He may be forced to do so by specifying fate () ... but that specification cancels the automati
  7. January 2022 We managed to get 5 points even if both in the first game and third game the team played poorly. The atmosphere in the dressing room is very good and the managerial support has improved significantly in the last few weeks. It's normal because these two players which left in December were team leaders and they both had a rather bad opinion about their manager. ************************************************** February 2022 The first three games in February were frustrating. The team did not play badly but the results are not satisfactor
  8. Once Lobos squad : the best 13 players (or, at least, those 13 players who played well in the Apertura stage) : ************************************************** A brief assessment of how the team played in the Apertura stage. Surprisingly, it can be said that the team played very well both offensively and defensively . But ... why didn't the good play lead to some very good results? Of course, one of the causes was - in some games - bad luck. But the main cause was the manager's lack of experience. I made some mistakes and now it's important to learn and not repeat them.
  9. November 2021 (regular stage) The last two games of the regular season were quite easy, both opponents not having a very high quality level. We managed to qualify for the playoffs but there, of course, we'll meet much more difficult opponents. The atmosphere in the locker room is - for now - very good. Even managerial support is a little better, though not enough. ************************************************** November 2021 - playoffs Well, it was stressful. In the first match we received a goal in the first minute of the game (more precisely, in the
  10. September 2021 Not bad. 5 games, 4 wins. The defeat was to be expected (Atletico Marte played in the first league last season) but the fact that we conceded 4 goals is disappointing. ************************************************** October 2021 We have a problem. In fact, we have more problems. Some players are inconsistent and opposing teams play more compactly than at the beginning of the season. We also have some bad luck. Even if we didn't play like at the beginning of the season and we still deserved to win at least 4 points in the last 3 games. We onl
  11. The Uruguayan career ended in great failure. So, it's time for a new challenge ... but at a not so high level. For example, in Central America. Of course, there are some strong leagues in this area. The Mexican Premier League and the American MSL both have extremely high reputations. There are also other leagues that have a higher reputation than the Uruguayan second league. But as in my previous save I had not loaded the North and Central American leagues ... a new save (new game) was needed. Why did I load these nations? First of all, I loaded those North and Central American natio
  12. The Copa Presidente (Honduran cup) has not been played in the last two seasons and it is not known if and when it will be played in the future. Why should it be included in the file? The top teams in the Honduran league play up to 48 games each season ... and at least 2 (or more) games in the continental cups.
  13. It is possible to post screenshots with the reputation of the club compared to the main African clubs, respectively with the reputation of the Congolese league compared to the main African leagues ?
  14. They are not needed for the evolution of the game. European clubs receive at intake many young players with African nationality, and the game only needs them for national teams. How many internationals are needed for a country with a really low reputation? 40-50 every 10 years. European clubs can produce many more.
  15. All depending on the player's world (international) reputation. And the player's reputation depends on his quality ... but first of all on the performances obtained at the club where he plays. What club does he play for? Winner of the Continental Cup, runner-up in the African Champion League. At the moment, the club's reputation is similar to the reputation of a very good English League One club. And the player's reputation, of course, is much higher than it would have been a few years ago.
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