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  1. In the following file contains my China league file down to division 3 (With full chinese fa cup). however,no teams above the lower division enters the competition,AND DEFEATED TEAMS ENTERS THE NEXT ROUND ALONG THE NEW ENTERING TEAMS! any fixes? thx China.fmf
  2. did the fa cup champions of Macau have spots at the fifa champions league?
  3. I mean in the champions league etc...
  4. how they work in the editor?
  5. this file contains the all 10 divisions of northern Ireland in a fantasy format.(for 19.3.0 database) Northern Ireland updated 19.3.0.fmf
  6. level 1: Ligue 1 level 2: ligue 2 level 3-5:national 1-3 level 6-17: french regional 1-12
  7. well... before tonao cancelled his French lv17, i have already made my own veraion. at first i am keen to keep it as my own but after tonao cancelled his work, i changed my mind... therefore,i present you... THE FRENCH LEV 17 PRYMAID!! PS. i am forced remove the reserves teams in order to avoid weird issues fo the french cup DL LINK:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yd-54B9nUqGkc39elRHrIdKxRNcvPyhR/view?usp=sharing
  8. How to let the game to Pick a random team in a division for the Continental Club Competition?
  9. I wanted to add some spice to the Selection of teams in the Unplayable leagues for the UEFA/AFC/OFC competitions. how to let the game to pick Random teams for the Unplayable nations?
  10. Use the editor file to play through the Mexico 70 World Cup as the 12 North american Nations. list: USA CANADA BERMUDA HAITI GUATEMALA TRINIDAD/TOBAGO HONDORAS COSTA RICA JAMAICA EL SALVADOR SURINAM CURACAO Mex1970Nam.fmf
  11. Here's my second project after HK 68-69 Season:Greater China League System. Lore: After China's failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, president Xi of China,wanting his country's National Team to be Strong,Disbanded the FAs of Hong Kong,Taiwan and Macau,and put the 10 HK Premier League Clubs,6 Liga de Elite Clubs,and 4 Intercity League Clubs to a New Group of the Chinese Second Division:The Autonomous Zone. the rest of the HK,Macau,and Taiwanese Teams are moved to the Champions League(Chinese 4th Tier,not to be confused with the UEFA Champions League). China.fmf
  12. Just recently got Fm13. One question:how are the qualification Booths allocated for the Asian Champions league,AFC Cup and President cup?
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