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  1. My modified Back to the future file (Start from every Month from 1/2019 to 5/2020) could you include it in the megapack @Timo61 (Start on April or May 2020) Custom Start .fmf
  2. can you also add the 47 Regional Cups for Japan,for qualification of Japan Cup in Japan D4? explanation: In reality,the Japan cup was held in october to december of the season. beforehand, 47 Regional Cups of japan,one for Each Region,was held to decide which team should represent the region much like Germany. the winners of the Regional Cups, along with the teams of Japan D1 and D2 last Season and 1 random runner up in the 47 Regional Cups,will be the 88 teams that battle for the Japan Cup In October.
  3. Here's the picture,you can see a brazil D4 First Round 2nd leg Game is off schedule due to Marcillo Dias playing in Copa Santa Catarina...
  4. HUH https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1994147204&searchtext=BRAZIL
  5. How to promote specific teams from an inactive Divisionto an active Division? Example: I was making a Hong Kong Historical DB,and I want a specific team(IRL champions of Second Division) to get promoted alongside a randomly selected team,to replace the 2 teams that got relegated from the top.
  6. can you make a game setup that have all nations in this pack loaded?? @Timo61
  7. How transfers in inactive countries work??
  8. I Mean,a serie D 1st k-o round gane is not played until november Also why there's no relegation in Caribbean leagues?
  9. How to set a non-player to have random tendencies??(Like Tends to sign domestic players,etc)
  10. I fixed the problem of belgium D5 Teams not entering Belgian Cup Belgique (D8) - By @Timo@.fmf
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