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  1. First up is Brazil D3 But almost every clubs can now be promoted to D3 Brazil Fix.fmf
  2. Hello, Since the release of 20.4 update,I discovered that some Glitches have been introduced into Tonao's and some of Timo's files,making them unplayable. Therefore,I will reboot my SemiRealistic Nations rules project. If you don't remember,My objective is to make unplayable nations playable,without having realistic rules(for example,Transfer windows from January to September,no league sorting,Genetic Reserves/U20 leagues and Cups). Other than the unplayable Nations,I will also make SemiReal rules for Norway and Romania,as they have Grayed out Divisions. Same goes to Ireland,as to introduce ProRel into D2 and D3. Expect the first few files to come in a few hours,as I am outside for now.
  3. D1:MLS D2: USL Championship D3:USL One D4: US Division 3 D5:NPSL D6:US Adult Soccer(Mostly Made of Extinct Teams) Bugs: D2 is without Playoffs An alternate for UncleSam's US Database while waiting for his 2030 update. USA.fmf
  4. why you changed your picture @Timo61 also what will be your next update? Japan with 47 Regional Cups for Japan cup Qualifying?
  5. My modified Back to the future file (Start from every Month from 1/2019 to 5/2020) could you include it in the megapack @Timo61 (Start on April or May 2020) Custom Start .fmf
  6. can you also add the 47 Regional Cups for Japan,for qualification of Japan Cup in Japan D4? explanation: In reality,the Japan cup was held in october to december of the season. beforehand, 47 Regional Cups of japan,one for Each Region,was held to decide which team should represent the region much like Germany. the winners of the Regional Cups, along with the teams of Japan D1 and D2 last Season and 1 random runner up in the 47 Regional Cups,will be the 88 teams that battle for the Japan Cup In October.
  7. Here's the picture,you can see a brazil D4 First Round 2nd leg Game is off schedule due to Marcillo Dias playing in Copa Santa Catarina...
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