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  1. How to enter the International Champions Cup?
  2. Hi, I have another concept for FM21. I will be doing another type of Editor Data for FM21,concurrent with the Alternate Histories-- Fantasy historical Season Throwback. . . . In this Type of File,I'll be reverting the format of the nation's Leagues into a past season,but without Realistic Teams(Teams will be sorted by rep,but the format will be plausible for that nation if there's no information--otherwise real formats will be used.for the case of Extinct Nations,New teams will be created). That means,There will be multiple ZIP files,each of them contain
  3. 2nd(And Last)Sample:What if American Soccer League of the 1920s Survived ASL Survive.fmf
  4. And It's too tiring for me to make a backstory,but I'll try when the actual file come out in FM21
  5. Yes,that's the plan,except not all matches are played in So Kon Po
  6. Sample File:What if Hong Kong PL was Founded in 1985/86 Season Hong Kong AH.fmf
  7. Hi there,. It's Anita again. I'm going to do some editor Data of what would the footballing of the nation had been,if a Point of Divergence had happened,like: What if the Premier League never founded? The Hong Kong Premier League was founded in 14/15,but there had been talks of it as early as 85/86.What if it was realized? What if Original Grenta's investor never fell sick? What If the American Soccer League Survived? And More More More! My rules: The league and club history won't be changed It will be made by Basic Rules There will be no
  8. Hi there, can you add a 27 team group stage for CFU Shield?
  9. Here's the New York Cosmos team from an alternate Future of MLS,where them and Seattle are dominating the League. use in Versus mode. New York Cosmos 2022.tex
  10. Here's Ryan Ortiz,an American Midfielder playing for D.C. United,from the video game Captain Tsusbasa:Rise of the New Champions. He has a High Leadership and Teamwork,but the rest of his Ability are randomized with CA 149. Ryan Ortiz_DCF4DB5A-F4C3-44F5-B620-4F76A2E042C6.fmf
  11. The FFA cup didn't have the correct teams in the 2nd year,it has the same teams in the first year
  12. The top division of Spain with structure of 1929/30,but changes over time
  13. How about recommending us to pick fake players?
  14. How to make clubs from inactive division Playable without activating their division?
  15. I have already DM'd you of my Caribbean shield edit you can check it out
  16. What's the difference of Get teams from team pool and Get random teams from team pool??
  17. i added season update date for Concacaf League and Caribbean Shield A_CONCACAF_CONTINENTALCUP.fmf
  18. Can you add dynamic participants for the Caribbean club shield? for example,you can pick the best team from 8 random Caribbean nations that isn't participating the Caribbean championship,so that there will have variability.
  19. How about releasing the non-European Continental cups first? and also the Intercontinental Cup
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