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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2321664384 Due to Covid-19,The Macau SAR Government had given Sugar Daddies and Big Yearly Income to Top Clubs,So that they can dominate AFC Club Football for Years to come. What you will Expect: Huge Yearly Sponsorship of Macanese First Division Club of game start Increased Reputation of Macanese Competitions Sugar Daddies for Macanese D1 Clubs Macanese Bailout.fmf
  2. What are the list of the manager included?? asking because I'd make Individual files on them
  3. Some teams are unable to participate in Emperor Cup Qualifiers due to being in Hokkaido League when they are not based on Hokkiado Any fix?
  4. Use this temporary file by me while waiting for @Dan BHTFC to make his file of fm21: England.fmf
  5. Macclesfield had ceased to exist for no particular reason It's still existing in the beta
  6. IT'S NOT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi,Anita here. Since nobody started a thread like this,i would start it,for the anticipation for FM21 Release. Here we go,let's see how wild this thread is going to be...
  8. Hello,Anita's here. I'll be only doing the activation of the Top Leagues (and Top 2 Japan Leagues)of the Unplayable leagues only,for this year... on next April,I'll be taking the Public Examination,so I simply won't have time for FM unfortunately. So,I will be making Anita's League Activator for FM21,no Alternate History,no Historical DB. . . . Here's the concept. . . (I discovered that the clubs playing at 2 or more division below the Lowest Playable Levels could still rise up or down in the Pyramid. like Rhyl 1879,playing at the
  9. Update: It seemed like that Even teams from the lowest levels could be promoted/relegated between unplayable levels,like when I tweaked Sheffield's Rep,it went to National N/S 2 seasons later
  10. Is there any possibility for any teams below the active division be promoted into a Playable Division,like england Div10 into National N/S?
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