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  1. Here's Ryan Ortiz,an American Midfielder playing for D.C. United,from the video game Captain Tsusbasa:Rise of the New Champions. He has a High Leadership and Teamwork,but the rest of his Ability are randomized with CA 149. Ryan Ortiz_DCF4DB5A-F4C3-44F5-B620-4F76A2E042C6.fmf
  2. The FFA cup didn't have the correct teams in the 2nd year,it has the same teams in the first year
  3. The top division of Spain with structure of 1929/30,but changes over time
  4. How about recommending us to pick fake players?
  5. How to make clubs from inactive division Playable without activating their division?
  6. I have already DM'd you of my Caribbean shield edit you can check it out
  7. What's the difference of Get teams from team pool and Get random teams from team pool??
  8. Can you add dynamic participants for the Caribbean club shield? for example,you can pick the best team from 8 random Caribbean nations that isn't participating the Caribbean championship,so that there will have variability.
  9. How about releasing the non-European Continental cups first? and also the Intercontinental Cup
  10. why the game is not available in Hong Kong?????????
  11. i converted it into fm17 Anyone help me to check did it work? FIFA International Competitions_56579CE0-0A9C-4C0E-9D6D-878B5235D20F.fmf
  12. Hi, May I release a version of your db with NPSL and USASA teams playable? @Uncle_Sam I've made changes to the db so that you can play friendly as them also NCAA teams will sometimes join the Open cup starting 2020 in my version
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