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  1. IRL there's also no promotion from Juniors in Scotland
  2. What is the puropse of East of Scotland Qualifying Cup???????
  3. Might be but they are too paper-thin in terms of league structure
  4. Thanks for >2000 views of this thread, That's my first Major project and I'd never expected that kind of popularity... Thank you all!
  5. In the editor Open my files In transfer rules change the dates and months if you want
  6. To let the teams have more time to buy/sell players OFC if you don't like it you can change it
  7. As a side project of my SemiReal nations rules,I'd like to make some historical season patches for Fm20. Definition of "Historical": . . Teams will be as same as the said seasons I made (Maybe)Realistic Promotion-Relegation All players and Managers in the nation invoved in the patches will be deleted(SO USE ADD PLAYERS TO PLAYABLE TEAMS) . . (Maybe)Real Cups and rounds . Transfer from January to September every year . . Continental Competition will be in a big league format including champions of the nations included Any suggestions for which Seasons should I make first,and which leagues should I include? (refer to Rsssf before making suggestions please,and at least 2 nations per continent) P.s. The seasons will be in Zip Format
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