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  1. But,Diplomats did not have a League when they're involved in the 1988 Concacaf Cup...
  2. DC United and Seattle Sounders for Concacaf, since they corresponds to the 2 teams
  3. does that also means that only US Cup winners will qualify for Concacaf?
  4. so the Concacaf cup will split into Caribbean and not Carribbean?
  5. are you doing real emperor cup of Japan soon? It's just like DFB Pokal qualification,but with more qualification Cups and 88 teams in Competition proper
  6. Have your time Inform me if you found a Way to do so
  7. Hi, Is there any way to Promote a Specific team for a Specific advanced Rules competitions? Like if I was making a historical England Division One DB, Bristol City would be promoted from a Inactive Division Two to division one for 1906/1907? and also how to prevent duplicate teams in a League;Like 2 Bristol City playing together?
  8. Here's the Perfect Football Manager with CA 200,called "Football Manager" Remenber to add players of saint barthelemy to make him appear. Football Manager 2019.fmf
  9. How about Japan Fantasy DB with Extinct teams? Format: Keep J1-JFL along,but the division below JFL is 4 Groups of 15. Vise versa until D20 in reached/Not enough Teams. @Boofhead54
  10. How about AFC Revival,CAF Revival, and even CONCACAF Revival??
  11. Make something like this but in fm20: https://www.fmscout.com/a-around-the-world-leagues-megapack-fm17.html
  12. Macau D6 2019 http://www.macaufootballassociation.com/MatchInfo/2019/Macau_League/Tonglok/Marks.htm
  13. Macau D5 2019 http://www.macaufootballassociation.com/MatchInfo/2019/Macau_League/Senior/Marks.htm
  14. Also the Real Macau D4 http://www.macaufootballassociation.com/MatchInfo/2019/Macau_League/Junior/Marks.htm
  15. I saw your Macanese DB on Steam. Can you make the Penalty Takers closer to the Goal(9 Yards instead of Traditional 12)In D2 and below?
  16. Red Bull have taken over the Scottish club called Queen of the South(Scotland D2). Can you bring them to glory? Changes: Queen of the South Changed into Red Bull of the South. Sugar daddy become foreground, No other Changes. RB Scotland.fmf
  17. Will the game simulate the years between 2019 and the start date?
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