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  1. Remember my nations rules files in FM19? in fact I have many more made but I can't release them all due to fm20 releasing. but this time,I would release my homebrew files in this forum. Definition of semi-realistic: Matches will be televised Cup structure will be fictional Made in Basic rules League structure will be the deepest allowed in the nation(E.G. "Lower divisions" in the game)(if possible) With genetic U20/Reserves Leagues Almost no Selection Rules Transfer window from January to September
  2. How to make Matches to become televised in basic rules?
  3. Nope ISL is at the Secondary Leagues,so it is not Playable
  4. This file includes I League and its 2nd division,as well as Indian Lower Division. Also Includes Indian Super League. india.fmf
  5. and my previous files which used lower division works perfectly
  6. But I had 333 teams,9 groups and a promotion playoff in my file
  7. I have made a basic comp file which adds Danish Series and the lower division,but the Danish Lower Division would not start. FIX??? Denmark.fmf
  8. no because it has complications with the game code
  9. This is a file containing every Hong Kong divisions in the game,and I have also added Junior FA Cup for more competitions in the lower divisions. hong kong.fmf
  10. (fm18) Anyone helps to port this database(link below) from fm17 to fm18? https://www.fmscout.com/a-around-the-world-leagues-megapack-fm17.html
  11. I was making a fantasy germany league(6th division and down),with 16 venderspokal for each in game local regions of germany. But how to make sure that the teams from the Bundesligas will not enter them like IRL?
  12. All teams in the level in a single division, And also Not real rules in cup
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