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  1. I have created a new World Cup competition, working fine. But the Third Place Play-off winner doesn't appear in the World Cup records section, how can this be remedied?
  2. This file has combined various leagues, nations and competitions to create bigger and BETTER leagues, teams and competitions. Nations; Have merged a number of nations to take the number of nations in Europe down to 32. Former Soviet Nations = Soviet Union. Former Yugoslavian Nations = Yugoslavia. Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Finland/Iceland/Faroe Islands = United Nordic Team (including a newly created Shetland team). Czech Republic/Slovakia = Czechoslovakia. Ireland/Northern Ireland = United Ireland Team. Albania/Kosovo = United Albanian Team. International Competitions; Nations League - No longer just a European competition. It has expanded to include 192 nations in three tiers with four divisions in each, with promotion and relegation. It is played over 4 years and the winner of each of the four divisions in each tier play a semi-final and final tournament once the league games are finished. This has taken the place in the calendar of all international qualifiers. World Cup - No qualifying. All teams are entered into a larger world cup (192 teams). This sees two knockout rounds, followed by three group phases and finishes with knockout rounds. Olympics - No longer just for under 23s teams, full international competition. 192 teams. knockout tournament from start to finish. Contential Tournaments - These have all been moved to the same year (starting in Summer 2019), again no qualifiers. Each continent has a different tournament structure. Leagues; A number of leagues have been merged together to create one league; Former Soviet Nations. Former Yugoslav Nations. Nordic Nations. Ireland and Northern Ireland. Kosovo and Albania. The Czech Republic and Slovakia. There are also a number of Super Leagues. Eastern European Super League - Based in newly united Czechoslovakia, it takes the top teams from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Aegean Super League - Based in Turkey. It takes the top teams from Greece and Cyprus. Scotland - An Expanded number of teams in each team, going down to the Highland and Lowland Leagues. Includes new and non-active teams (Lewis & Harris, Orkney, Isle of Skye and Third Lanark. Cups; All the merged leagues above have their own cups in various forms. Nordic Cups - There is a United Nordic Cup, but as secondary cups there remains the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Faroese and Icelandic for the specific teams from that region. Regional Scottish Cups - There are several regional Scottish Cups for teams from these regions; Aberdeenshire Cup. Highland Cup (Including Shetland). East of Scotland Cup. South of Scotland Cup. West of Scotland Cup. Celtic Cup - Replaces the Scottish Challenge Cup. It takes all Scottish teams from League One and Below, combined with all Irish and Welsh (including the Isle of Mann) teams and Brittany from France. Home Nations Cup - A new cup competition. Straight knockout. That takes all teams from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales in one competition. Let leave me a comment if you encounter any issues. Download now - https://ufile.io/7y0ty Will be adding graphics soon... Please let me know of any issues that need changing.
  3. I have created a new competition in the editor. It works fine, all the teams qualify as they are supposed to, all the matches take place on the dates they're supposed too. However, when the competitions finishes, like other competitions, have holders and the team that win it is noted on their pages and on the competition page, this doesn't happen with this tournament. Why is that? Is there something that can be done to alter this?
  4. Hello, I have recreated international competitions in advanced rules. What I have done is got ridden of qualifiers, and made an expanded world cup, with a larger nations league competition in its place, this nation league uses all international sides, not just UEFA members and is broken into three different tiers. The expanded World Cup, therefore, relies upon two knockout stages at the start to whittle the number of teams down. The first round takes from the bottom two tiers of the nation’s league, with the highest tier teams entering in round 2. The problem, I have been having is some of the beaten sides in Round 1, are appearing again in Round 2, despite the fact they should be out. I have no idea why this happening, there should be the right number of teams that allow this not to take place. Anyone any suggestions on why this is occurring? And possible fixes????
  5. Hey, wanted to ask a few questions about changing graphics. Notice some of the graphics packs you get for club logos and nation flags you get a large image and an icon image. Which works fine. However notice on the game, there is also like a medium sized logo, for example if you added a nation mid game in the ‘add or remove leagues section’ the flags altered flags don’t come up there. This is also the case with Club logos in various situations. How can you rectify this? Also when I added nations logos, NOT the flags, but the association logos. They seem to replace the flags, it is possible to have both? Any help much appreciated.
  6. Hello, I am a bit stuck!! I have created an expanded nations league. Instead of just being a UEFA competition, I have expanded it include all world nations. It is broken down into three tiers (Gold, Silver and Bronze), all with four leagues each, with 4 teams being relegated and promoted between tiers. Also, like the real nation's league, there are finals competitions for each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues. The four winners of the four leagues in each tier will play off in a finals competition. The problem I am having, is this works fine for the Gold Tier, however, the moment I set the promotion rules for the Silver and Bronze leagues, they never qualify for the finals competition. It is that they have been promoted, so don’t qualify for anything else. Anyone know a way to fix this?
  7. Hello, I have edited the World Cup competition to include a preliminary knockout round (after scrapping all qualification). The problem I am having is that the first preliminary round requires lower seeded teams to play out a knockout with the higher (mainly European and South American teams) entering in the 2nd round. The issue is these higher seeded teams dont seem to be entering the competition, the second round is made up of the teams progressed from the preliminary round with some of the teams that lost. The competition worked perfectly in basic rules since I moved to advanced something seems to be going wrong, I have checked everything over but everything seems correct, I hardly altered anything (If anything at all) from basic rules. Anyone come across this problem and know how to fix it?
  8. legendof88

    dbc vs fmf file

    I noticed some files that you download of editor changes are .dbc instead of .fmf, what is the difference?
  9. I have a league I have edited and the game says there are 26 teams in the league when there should only be 16. When I go to look, however, in the teams and teams for next season there is only 16. Why would this happen? And is there an easy solution?
  10. legendof88

    Nations League PLEASE HELP

    Hey, Trying to create an expanded version of the new nations league. However, no idea how to do it in the editor. Put on International rules, but when you add the league of nations its not like a club league, where you can add the different tiers. So anyone know how to add this, specifically to allow promotion and relegation. As all I can see is International Finals, and the four groups have there own competions. So not quite sure how to go about this. Any ideas?
  11. Did you manage to get a chance to take a look at the file.
  12. There are two additional files which I have DM'd you. Also having an issue with the Contiential European Competitions specifically, mainly some teams such as Bayern going into more than European Competition at the start of the season. A look at that would also be of great help.
  13. okay sorry, misunderstood. Here are the files (1/2) Beast Game (Scotland)_934AB665-718F-4468-875A-E8078E52A41F.fmf Beast Game (Soviet)_F2896DC8-178C-4724-806D-AC4FB4E33A67.fmf Beast Game (Yugoslavia)_F3680785-95C7-4A47-821B-021717ED9843.fmf Beast Game (International Competitions)_AF062501-09C8-4BE2-B9E4-A7C9C742EC6A.fmf Beast Game (Nordic)_64BC8BB3-FF3D-466D-8802-93F7D31C9A53.fmf
  14. Hello, I have done an edit of the Continental rules (basic). I have reintroduced the Cup Winners Cup, however, on testing I noticed Bayern Munich someone qualifed for the Uefa Cup (Europa League) and the Champions League, they qualifed in both the first and season to both, why does this happen?
  15. What do you mean by upload your file? That mean it should be fine to play?