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  1. how? I.e. Teams in league 1: a b c d Teams in League 2: e f g h At the end of season, Team A Swap league with Team E.
  2. How do you make comps without schedule and move teams between division?
  3. trying to make the Chinese FA Cup Qualifying to split into Regional Zones.but how??
  4. how they are decided? I saw something like 'AFC Competition Rankings' when I was managing in macau but I can't see the list...
  5. goggle chrome said the file in mediafire is harmful
  6. but my team have a assistant manager
  7. why quick pick is disabled at the new fm19 update?????
  8. how are the places in the afc club competitions decided?
  9. @claassen I made a South Korea league system with U-league and high school league for your reference. will be uploaded soon in this thread.
  10. I want to make the O-league to have different numbers of clubs per country each season.but how?
  11. i was making an 16 team Olympic games every 4 years with qualifying. the Olympic didn't make the schedule after the qualifying had concluded.why? olympic_2624796C-DA74-46BA-A756-5132DD691E69.fmf
  12. Hi,how to change the transfer perferrences of multiple nations at once? I want to make an editor file that makes Every nations to buy/sell players from any other nations.
  13. How to make a league season lasted longer than 11 months?
  14. trying to make a French league without prize money.i want to add the Regional division but without schedule(so that I could manage them to French Cup glory). but how?
  15. i was making a new FA Cup. i have selected pick 420 teams from the Non-league. but in the game no non-league teams enters the competitions. why? e18.fmf
  16. i have made a ai non-player manager but it doesn't shown in the game. why? Fm18 p.s. i have attached the manager file, His name is SEGA ai journeyman.fmf
  17. anyone have made database for historical World Cup Format?
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